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The weewx weather system is written in Python and runs on Linux, including the Raspberry Pi. It generates plots, HTML pages, and monthly and yearly summary reports, which can be uploaded to a web server. Thousands of users worldwide!

Supported online services:

* The Weather Underground
* PWSweather

Support for over 30 types of hardware including, but not limited to:

* Davis Vantage series;
* Oregon Scientific WMR100, WMR200, WMR9x8, and other variants;
* Fine Offset WH10xx, WH20xx, and WH30xx series (including Ambient, Elecsa, Maplin, Tycon, Watson);
* LaCrosse WS-23XX and WS-28XX (including TFA);
* Hideki TE923 (including Cresta, Honeywell, and others);
* One-wire.

See for a complete list of supported stations and for pictures to help identify yours!

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