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Zenoss Core is today's premier, open-source IT monitoring solution. Using a single, web-based console and agentless technology, you can monitor and manage the performance and availability of all devices in your IT infrastructure (network, server, storage, applications, converged infrastructure, virtualization/cloud).

The power of Zenoss Core begins with its in-depth IT inventory and configuration database. Zenoss creates this database by discovering managed resources -- networks, servers, storage, and other devices -- in your IT environment.

Once Zenoss Core discovers the IT infrastructure, it automatically begins monitoring the performance of each device and provides event and fault management capabilities. These capabilities help drive IT operational efficiency and productivity by automating many of the monitoring, notification, alert, escalation, and remediation tasks you perform each day.

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Sistema Operacional: MacOSX, POSIX (Linux,BSD,Solaris etc..), BSD, Linux, Windows XP, VMware

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Nome Tamanho Data Download count 621.7 MB 2019-11-07 08:17 36 373.5 MB 2019-11-07 08:07 11 373.5 MB 2019-11-07 07:30 13
zenoss-core-service-6.3.2-1.noarch.rpm 116.9 KB 2019-11-07 07:24 11
zenup- 4.0 MB 2019-01-05 01:19 19
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Community Edition v6 (latest)
install-zenoss-core_6.3_6.3.2_1.run621.7 MB2019-11-07 08:1736
install-zenoss-opentsdb_24.0.8.run373.5 MB2019-11-07 08:0711
install-zenoss-hbase_24.0.8.run373.5 MB2019-11-07 07:3013
zenoss-core-service-6.3.2-1.noarch.rpm116.9 KB2019-11-07 07:2411
Community Edition v4 (final)
zenup- MB2019-01-05 01:192
zenup- MB2019-01-05 01:1919
zenoss_core-4.2.5-SP743-zenup11.zup28.3 MB2019-01-05 01:0410
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el5-pristine-SP743.tgz103.0 MB2019-01-05 01:048
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el6-pristine-SP743.tgz102.1 MB2019-01-05 01:0412
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el5.src.rpm149.6 MB2018-12-07 05:181
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el5.x86_64.rpm129.1 MB2018-12-07 05:176
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el5.src.rpm.md50.1 KB2018-12-07 05:150
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el5.src.rpm.sha10.1 KB2018-12-07 05:150
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el5.x86_64.rpm.md50.1 KB2018-12-07 05:152
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el5.x86_64.rpm.sha10.1 KB2018-12-07 05:151
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el6.src.rpm.md50.1 KB2018-12-07 05:150
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el6.src.rpm.sha10.1 KB2018-12-07 05:150
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el6.x86_64.rpm.md50.1 KB2018-12-07 05:151
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el6.src.rpm149.7 MB2018-12-07 05:151
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el6.x86_64.rpm.sha10.1 KB2018-12-07 05:154
zenoss_core-4.2.5-2108.el6.x86_64.rpm120.2 MB2018-12-07 05:1566
latest0 B2013-09-05 04:2645