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Simphone is a secure and private open source Instant Messenger.

* 256-bit end-to-end encryption for voice audio calls, file transfer and chat
* completely decentralized: no need to register anywhere
* zero-configuration, portable, fast, small and reliable
* can optionally work together with TOR to anonymize your IP address

No third party can look into your communication or block your access.


On Windows (XP or version 7 or later), please extract simphone.exe by dragging it out of the downloaded .zip file and dropping it to your "Desktop" or any other convenient location and then click t... Show How to Install


Please read our short  User Manual. Mostrar Uso


win32 Windows (Data: 2023-12-31, Tamanho: 5.73 MB)
macosx Mac (Data: 2023-12-31, Tamanho: 6.55 MB)
linux Linux (Data: 2023-12-31, Tamanho: 6.90 MB)
unix_unknown UNIX simphone_installer.shar.gz (Data: 2023-12-31, Tamanho: 19.95 MB)
source Source Code (Data: 2023-12-31, Tamanho: 18.07 MB)

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