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It is the O / R mapper simple, lightweight written in PureJava 100%.
using an API-based interface / XML-based iBatis CRUD and DDL-like operations to the relational database
You will be able to command such as. It also describes the XML file is SQL specific to be issued.

The format of SQL have been prepared with reference to the function of 2WaySQL of S2JDBC, by writing in the XML query through as well as the
I makes it easy to verify the validity of the query.

It is designed to work by adding special annotations in Java interface, just to create an XML file is SorMap
For interfacing with an XML file and automatically analyzes the interface structure, there is no need to implement the user interface.

 In the configuration file of the number 1. Minimum  Corresponding to 2. Flexible query

The is is selling SorMap.

SorMap will not be as S2DAO and Hibernate, to assemble the query in the API-based.
Because it is designed to work as a bridge and an XML file Java interface only, SorMap describes the "raw SQL" in the XML file.

Because it was designed the versatility of the library, query assembly of API-based, such as S2DAO Hibernate and is very effective with respect to CRUD of master maintenance system experience, but this,
Those who have written a raw SQL also will be better prospects if you want to run the query and analysis system.
(Also S2DAO/S2JDAB and Hibernate, you will be able to issue queries directly raw.)

Therefore, we incorporated the specific features of the bridge and XML files Java interface, auto-binding query parameters in SorMap.

※ SorMap you: is a derivative of the project repserv RepServ.


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SorMap(Simple O/R Mapper For Java)
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SorMap(Simple O/R Mapper For Java)
SorMap(Simple O/R Mapper For Java)
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