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2006-12-29 20:13
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Takuro Ashie
tomoe-0.5.0 - Change Log
2006-12-29  Takuro Ashie  <>

	* Version-0.5.0.

2006-12-28  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* spec/turbo-linux/,
	spec/miracle-linux/ added README to doc.

2006-12-27  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* test/dict_spec.rb: added tests for auto inserting to PUA.

	* lib/tomoe-module-impl.h, lib/tomoe-module.c,
	lib/tomoe-recognizer.[ch], lib/tomoe-dict.[ch],
	module/recognizer/tomoe-recognizer-*.c: exported G_LOG_DOMAINS.
	* ext/ruby/: set LOG_DOMAIN.

2006-12-26  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* lib/ cleanup stamp related built system.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-ruby.c (TOMOE_MODULE_IMPL_INIT): added
	initialization check.

	* module/dict/ (EXTRA_DIST): added missing Unihan.stamp.

	* lib/, module/dict/,
	module/recognizer/ cleanup G_LOG_DOMAIN.

	* module/dict/ cleanup build dependencies.

	* (Name),, data/handwriting.xml,
	doc/reference/tomoe-docs.sgml: Tomoe is not TOMOE.

2006-12-25  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* spec/: updated.

	*,, utils/, data/:
	- moved xml2est.rb to data/ from utils/.
	- removed utils/.

	* spec/: updated.

	*,, utils/ added utils/.

	* test/ (EXTRA_DIST): added a missing file.

	*,, db/: added db/ to distributed files.

	* db/search.rb: removed needless file.

	* lib/glib-compat-file-utilities.h: used g_strdup () for
	g_filename_display_name() alternate.

	* lib/, lib/glib-utils.h,
	lib/glib-compat-key-file.[ch]: added GKeyFile implementation to
	work on GLib 2.4.x environment.

	* lib/glib-compat-file-utilities.h: included headers for mkdir().

	* lib/ removed needless dependencies.

	* removed needless code.

	* lib/, lib/glib-compat-file-utilities.[ch]: split from

	*,, spec/: moved to
	* doc/: updated.

2006-12-22  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c:
	- supported UTF8 search.
	- cleanup.

	* test/dict_spec.rb: added tests for searching by UTF8.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: supported variant search.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-ptr-array.c: supported variant search and
	utf8 search.

	* data/dict.dtd: added variant.
	* test/char_spec.rb: added tests for load/dump XML with variant.
	* lib/tomoe-xml-parser.c: supported parsing variant.
	* lib/tomoe-char.c: supported outputting variant to XML.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c: supported variant search.

	* test/dict_spec.rb: added tests for variant search.
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-query.c: added Tomoe::Query#set_variant.
	* lib/tomoe-query.[ch]: fixed variant type to gchar * from
	TomoeChar *.

	* data/dict.dtd: added radicals.
	* test/char_spec.rb: added tests for load/dump XML with radicals.
	* lib/tomoe-xml-parser.c: supported parsing radicals.
	* lib/tomoe-char.c: supported outputting radicals to XML.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: supported radical search.

	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb: removed patch for interrupt because
	the patch was applied to RSpec.

	* test/dict_spec.rb: used numeric reference to sanzui.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-ptr-array.c: supported radical search.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.c (tomoe_dict_xml_save): fixed DTD

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c: supported radical search.

2006-12-21  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* lib/tomoe-query.[ch]: made radical as utf8 strings instead of
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-query.c: supported add_radical.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c: fixed typo.

	* test/dict_spec.rb:
	- added tests for reading search.
	- added tests for n_strokes search.
	- added tests for radical search. But not implemented yet.

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-reading.c: removed Tomoe::READING_*.
	* test/context_spec.rb: followed the change.

	* test/dict_spec.rb: MySQL backend doesn't support writing yet.

	* test/dict_spec.rb: added tests for meta data.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c: supported meta data.
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-char.c: supported meta data related methods.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c: sorted alphabetical order.

	* utils/xml2est.rb: followed the current API.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: fixed a reference count bug.

	* test/dict_spec.rb: added more strict tests.
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.c: added
	* db/migrate/001_create_chars.rb: added code_point.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c, module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c:
	fixed to pass the tests.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c:
	- do ROLLBACK if failed.
	- fixed a search bug that result set doesn't have all information.
	- 30%~50% speed up.
	- used to check duplication.

	* lib/tomoe-config.c (tomoe_config_load): fixed memory leak.
	* lib/tomoe-config.c, data/config, test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb,
	test/context_spec.rb: used "-" instead of "_" for key name to work
	with GLib 2.12.5.

2006-12-18  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	- added.
	- updated dependencies.

	* lib/tomoe-config.c (_tomoe_config_load_system_dictionaries):
	added error check.

	* data/dict.dtd: renamed from tomoe-dict.dtd.
	* data/, data/kanjidic2-original.xsl,
	data/handwriting.xml, lib/tomoe-context.c: followed the changes.

	- 0.4.0 -> 0.5.0.
	- enabled static library.
	- don't expand configure time.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c:
	- cleanup if can't connect to server.
	- check connection before action.
	- retry if charset can't be specified.

	* lib/tomoe-context.c (ensure_user_dict_file_content),
	  module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.c (tomoe_dict_xml_save): used

	* lib/glib-utils.[ch] (g_file_set_contents): copied from GLib.

	* lib/tomoe-writing.c (tomoe_point_get_type): don't use
	g_intern_static_string() if not available.

	* module/dict/ remove Unihan.stamp when 'make clean'.

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb.h: fixed a typo.

2006-12-15  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb:
	- patched RSpec to show results even if	interrupted.
	- removed a patch that was merged into RSpec.

	* test/: supported tests for each dictionary module.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-ptr-array.c: used tomoe_query_is_empty().

	* lib/tomoe-dict.c (tomoe_dict_get_available_private_utf8): added
	warning message.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c (get_char): should return
	TomoeChar not TomoeCandidate.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c (get_available_private_utf8):
	supported PUA.

	* lib/tomoe-query.[ch] (tomoe_query_is_empty): added.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-ptr-array.c,
	module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: used tomoe_query_is_empty().

	* utils/, db/, test/, benchmark/: followed TomoeSpecUtils changes.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.c (tomoe_dict_xml_save): show more
	useful error message.
	(tomoe_dict_xml_load): don't load if the filename doesn't exist.

	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb:
	- test target dictionary can be	specified by TOMOE_DICT_MODULE
	environment variable.
	- split path related methods to Path from Config.
	* test/context_spec.rb, test/dict_spec.rb: followed the changes.
	* db/config.yml.example: supported temporary database.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-unihan.c: load chars on demand.

2006-12-14  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* lib/tomoe-module.c (tomoe_module_unload): fixed a typo.

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb.c: defined dynamic loaded types in
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.c, ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-recognizer.c,
	ext/ruby/tomoe-rb.h: exported function which defines classes from
	load types.

	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb: used environment variables to specify
	module directory.

	* lib/tomoe-dict.c: check TOMOE_DICT_MODULE_DIR
	environemnet variable as default dictionary module directory.
	* lib/tomoe-recognizer.c: check TOMOE_RECOGNIZER_MODULE_DIR
	environemnet variable as default recognizer module directory.

2006-12-12  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* ext/ruby/: hid internal Init_* functions.

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.c, ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-recognizer.c,
	ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-module.c, ext/ruby/tomoe-rb.h: followed
	Ruby-GNOME2 project's naming rules:
	- Tomoe::Dict::XXX -> Tomoe::DictXXX.
	- Tomoe::Recognizer::XXX -> Tomoe::RecognizerXXX.
	* module/dict/unihan-compiler.rb, benchmark/, db/, test/: followed
	the changes.

	* lib/tomoe-context.c (ensure_user_dict_file):
	- fixed typo. We should use octal form not hex form.
	- g_mkdir() returns 0 if success.

	* module/dict/ override Unihan.txt every time.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: changed property name:
	"database_name" -> "database".
	* test/, benchmark/, utils/, lib/tomoe-config.c: followed the

	* module/dict/ added dependencies on

	* lib/tomoe-recognizer.[ch],
	ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-recognizer.c: supported dynamic class
	definition for recognizer module.
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-recognizer.c, ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.c,
	ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-module.c, ext/ruby/tomoe-rb.h,
	ext/ruby/ unified duplicated codes.
	* test/, benchmark/: followed the changes.

	* lib/tomoe-dict.[ch], lib/tomoe-module.[ch],
	module/recognizer/tomoe-recognizer-*.c, ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.rb:
	supported dynamic class definition for dictionary module.
	* db/, test/, benchmark/: followed the changes.

2006-12-12  Takuro Ashie <>

	* module/dict/ Don't replace tomoe-unihan-data.h.
	Check return value of ruby and zip command.

2006-12-12  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c (generate_sql): split into small
	functions which generate conditions.

	* db/xml2db.rb: used Tomoe::DictMySQL#register.
	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb (TomoeSpecUtils::Config::db_config):
	used ENV["TOMOE_ENV"] as default value.

	* db/migrate/004_create_meta_data.rb: renamed to "name" from "key"
	because "key" is one of the reserved words in MySQL.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c: followed the change.

	* module/dict/ ensure make before
	unihan-compiler.rb is run.

	* db/migrate/001_create_chars.rb: utf8 field must be unique.

	* don't enable Ruby dictionary module when Ruby
	isn't available.

2006-12-12  Takuro Ashie <>

	* module/dict/ Fix typo.

2006-12-11  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c (get_name): returned default value.

	* lib/tomoe-config.c: supported MySQL backend in config file but
	not tested.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c: supported PUA register.
	* test/dict_spec.rb: added tests for the function.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c (register_char, unregister_char):
	clean up.

	* test/dict_spec.rb: added tests for MySQL backend.

	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb, test/config.yaml.example: supported
	* test/, benchmark/: followed the changes.

	*, module/dict/tomoe-dict-mysql.c,
	module/dict/, ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.rb,
	benchmark/search-by-dict.rb: supported MySQL.

	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb: added DB related configurations.
	* db/: updated schemas.

2006-12-10  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: fixed a bug for caching. I want to
	remove caching mechanism.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: fixed a bug for empty query.

	* benchmark/search-by-dict.rb: checked results.

	* benchmark/convert-char.rb: added more information.

	* module/dict/ unihan-schemer.rb -> unihan-compiler.rb.

2006-12-08  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* module/dict/unihan-compiler.rb: re-renamed from
	unihan-schemer.rb. We don't need to adjust external constraints, now!

	* db/: added SQL database related directory.
	* db/migrate/: for updating database schema.
	* db/migrate.rb: administrate schema.
	* db/xml2db.rb: convert XML dictionary data to SQL database.
	* db/search.rb: a script for searching to research SQL database
	backend design.

	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb: added Unicode related utility methods.
	* module/dict/unihan-schemer.rb: used the utility methods.

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-reading.c: define a class for TomoeReadingType.

	*, module/dict/ --enable-ruby-dict ->

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-ruby.c: fixed a bug for Ruby
	cleanup. Now, Ruby based dictionary is work at least.

2006-12-07  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* test/context_spec.rb: added missing == true.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-svn.c (get_available_private_utf8):
	update always.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-svn.c: don't always update.

	* benchmark/search-by-dict.rb: supported TomoeDictSvn.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-svn.c: ensure flush all changes.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-svn.c: don't initialize working copy.

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.c: followed the change.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.[ch], module/dict/
	reverted. merged tomoe-dict-xml.c with tomoe-dict-xml.h.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-svn.c, module/dict/ used
	delegate instead of inheritance.
	* test/dict_spec.rb: added tests for TomoeDictSvn.

	*, module/dict/tomoe-dict-svn.c: added Subversion

	* lib/tomoe-module.c: don't load module until it's needed.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.h: fixed a typo.

	* NEWS: updated.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: fixed a reference count related

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.[ch]: split definitions of
	TomoeDictXML to tomoe-dict-xml.h from tomoe-dict-xml.c.
	* module/dict/ followed the change.

2006-12-06  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* module/dict/unihan-schemer.rb: renamed from unihan-compiler.rb.
	* module/dict/ followed the change.

	* TODO: updated.

	* lib/tomoe-config.c: made name parameter optional for Unihan
	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb: used Unihan backend by default.

	* module/dict/unihan-compiler.rb, module/dict/tomoe-unihan.c,
	module/dict/ supported merging kanjidic2.xml to
	* data/ don't install kanjidic2.xml to dictionary data
	directory. We don't need it on runtime!

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-char.c: added Tomoe::Char#each.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: supported is_editable.

	* benchmark/search-by-recognizer.rb: supported est backend.

	* lib/tomoe-context.[ch] (tomoe_context_get_char): added.
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-context.c: added Tomoe::Context#[].
	* test/context_spec.rb: added tests for tomoe_context_get_char().

	* ext/ruby/: fixed memory leaks.

	* lib/tomoe-context.c (ensure_user_dict): added user dictionary to

	* module/dict/tomoe-unihan.c, module/dict/unihan-compiler.rb:
	fixed a bug that readings and variants aren't set.

	* lib/tomoe-dict.c (tomoe_dict_load): fixed a typo.

	* lib/tomoe-context.c: fixed a bug related user dictionary.

2006-12-06  Hiroyuki Ikezoe  <>

	* module/recognizer/tomoe-recognizer-simple.c: Use g_build_filename()
	for constructing the path name of dictionary.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: Plugged memory leaks.

2006-12-06  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* lib/tomoe-dict.[ch] (tomoe_dict_is_editable,
	tomoe_dict_get_available_private_utf8): added.
	* lib/tomoe-dict.c (tomoe_dict_register_char): supported
	registering GAIJI.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-ptr-array.[ch]
	(_tomoe_dict_ptr_array_get_available_private_utf8): added.
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-unihan.c, module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.c:
	supported is_editable and get_available_private_utf8 interfaces.

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-char.c (Tomoe::Char::PRIVATE_USE_AREA_START,
	Tomoe::Char::PRIVATE_USE_AREA_END): added.

	* test/context_spec.rb: added tests for registering character
	without UTF8 value.
	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb: added Unicode related utils.

2006-12-05  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-ptr-array.[ch]: added.
	* module/dict/, module/dict/tomoe-dict-unihan.c,
	module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.c: used tomoe-dict-ptr-array.[ch].

	* lib/tomoe-context.[ch]: added tomoe_context_{,un}register().
	* test/context_spec.rb: added tests for

	* lib/glib-utils.c: fixed a boundary value related bug.
	* test/data/ followed the fixing.

	* lib/tomoe-context.c, lib/tomoe-config.[ch]: supported user

	* lib/tomoe-shelf.[ch]: renamed tomoe_shelf_add_dict() to
	tomoe_shelf_register_dict() and tomoe_shelf_remove_dict() to

	*, data/ install handwriting.xml to
	$(datadir)/recognizer/ and all.xml to $(datadir)/dict/.
	* lib/tomoe-recognizer.c, lib/tomoe-config.c, lib/tomoe-dict.c,
	module/recognizer/tomoe-recognizer-simple.c: followed the changes.

	*, **/ moved directory configuration from
	* module/recognizer/tomoe-recognizer-simple.c: used DICTDIR
	instead of DATADIR.

	* lib/tomoe-config.c: used DICTDIR and CONFDIR instead of
	* lib/tomoe-recognizer.c: used RECOGNIZER_MODULEDIR instead of

	* module/recognizer/tomoe-recognizer-simple.c: loaded handwriting
	dictionary by recognizer-simple.
	* lib/tomoe-context.c: followed the changes.

	* data/all.xml: renamed to ...
	* data/handwriting.xml: ... this.
	* benchmark/, test/: followed the changes.

	* lib/tomoe-config.c: hid tomoe_config_load().
	* lib/tomoe-context.c: removed config.

	* module/dict/unihan-compiler.rb: converted romaji -> hiragana
	for JA_KUN and romaji -> katakana for JA_ON.

2006-12-04  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* module/recognizer/tomoe-recognizer-simple.c: had stroke list
	* lib/tomoe-recognizer.[ch] (tomoe_recognizer_search): removed
	TomoeDict argument.

	* lib/tomoe-context.c: supported recognizer parameter.
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-recognizer.c: supported dictionary parameter.
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.c: removed unused parameter for making
	Unihan dictionary.

	* test/context_spec.rb, benchmark/search-by-recognizer.rb:
	followed the changes.

	* lib/tomoe-config.c: added Unihan dictionary backend to system

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-unihan.c: set default name is NULL.

	* module/dict/, module/dict/unihan-compiler.rb:
	improved strange Unihan compiling.

2006-12-04  Hiroyuki Ikezoe  <>

	*, module/dict/ Add --enable-ruby-dict option.

2006-12-04  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* module/dict/, module/dict/tomoe-dict-ruby.c: added
	Ruby backend. (not worked)
	* ext/ruby/rbtomoe.h (RVAL2TCND): added.

	* search unzip.
	* module/dict/ fixed typo and clean-upped.

	* module/dict/ fixed dependencies.

	* module/dict/unihan-compiler.rb, module/dict/tomoe-dict-unihan.c,
	module/dict/, supported Unihan database.
	* lib/tomoe-config.c, benchmark/load-dict.rb,
	ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.c, test/dict_spec.rb, tomoe-spec-utils.rb:
	followed the changes.

2006-12-01  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* data/kanjidic2-original.xsl: supported number-of-strokes.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: editable can be set when
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.c: supported name.
	* benchmark/search-by-dict.rb: added est support. Hyper Estraier's
	attribute search is too slow...

	* lib/tomoe-query.c: supported properties.
	* lib/tomoe-query.[ch]: added tomoe_query_(set|get)_utf8().

	* benchmark/search-by-dict.rb, benchmark/ added a
	benchmark for searching by dictionary.

	* benchmark/load-dict.rb: decremented number of loading from 10 to

	* benchmark/convert-char.rb, benchmark/ added
	a benchmark for converting TomoeChar to/from XML.

	* lib/tomoe-xml-parser.c: added warning message.

	* NEWS, TODO: updated.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: added cache mechanism but still

2006-11-30  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* utils/xml2est.rb: added converter for Hyper Estraier backend.

	* utils/dictionary.rb, utils/gtk2dictview.rb,
	utils/makexmldict.rb: removed needless files.

	* lib/tomoe-reading.[ch]: added tomoe_reading_to_xml().
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-reading.c: added Tomoe::Reading#to_xml.
	* lib/tomoe-char.c (tomoe_char_to_xml_readings),
	module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c: used tomoe_reading_to_xml().

	* test/context_spec.rb: sort result.

	* lib/tomoe-config.c, test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb: supported Hyper
	Estraier backend.

	* lib/tomoe-candidate.c: renamed property name to "char" from
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-candidate.rb, test/context_spec.rb: followed
	the changes.
	* benchmark/search-by-recognizer.rb: followed the changes.

	* benchmark/load-dict.rb: followed the changes.

	* lib/tomoe-dict.[ch], module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c,
	module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.c, ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.rb:
	implemented tomoe_dict_flush().

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.rb: removed _char suffix.

	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-est.c, module/dict/, added Hyper Estraier dictionary backend.
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-dict.c: supported Hyper Estraier dictionary.

	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb, test/dict_spec.rb: added test for
	Hyper Estraier backend.

	* module/dict-tomoe-dict-xml.c,
	module/recognizer/tomoe-recognizer-simple.c: cleanup.

	* lib/tomoe-module.c: checked whether mod_path exists or not.

	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-char.c: added Tomoe::Char#<=> and made
	Tomoe::Char comparable.
	* test/char_spec.rb: added tests for comparing Tomoe::Char.

	* lib/tomoe-char.[ch]: represented radical and variant as gchar *
	instead of TomoeChar *.
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-char.c, test/char_spec.rb: followed the
	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb: added utility for making backtraces
	more Emacs-style.

	* lib/tomoe-xml-parser.[ch], lib/ split XML parsing
	related functions from tomoe-dict-xml.[ch].
	* module/dict/tomoe-dict-xml.c: used
	* lib/tomoe-char.[ch]: added tomoe_char_new_from_xml_data().
	* ext/ruby/tomoe-rb-char.c: followed the changes.
	* test/char_spec.rb: added test for dumping to XML and loading
	from XML.

2006-11-29  Kouhei Sutou  <>

	* lib/tomoe-context.h: removed needless function.

	* test/tomoe-spec-utils.rb: followed the previous changes.

2006-11-29  Takuro Ashie  <>

	* recognizer, dict: Moved into module sub directory.
	*, Follow the changes.

2006-11-29  Hiroyuki Ikezoe  <>

	* Requirement glib-2.0.