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tortoisesvn: List of commits

Rev. Hora Autor
r26 2003-05-06 02:06:48 stefankueng

changes for release 0.10

r25 2003-05-03 16:37:12 stefankueng

exchanged position of ok and cancel button

r24 2003-05-03 16:25:56 stefankueng

the submenu "create repository here" now has
an icon too

r23 2003-05-03 16:17:33 stefankueng

the subversion properties weren't shown correctly

r22 2003-05-02 05:32:31 stefankueng

some file changes

r21 2003-05-02 05:28:37 stefankueng

- Pathnames weren't correctly converted for checkouts
- new icons from Lübbe

r20 2003-04-29 02:13:59 stefankueng

- changed position of ok and cancel buttons
- resizable dialogs now have a minimum size

r19 2003-04-27 02:46:16 stefankueng

added two new column providers: one for
the URL of subversion files/folders and the
other for a short URL without the server
and file part.

r18 2003-04-27 00:07:27 stefankueng

changed some hardcoded colors to system colors

r17 2003-04-26 18:02:55 stefankueng

The disk drive now shouldn't be scanned
anymore if (in the settings) the icon
overlays for removable drives is turned off.

r16 2003-04-26 17:29:57 stefankueng

the focus is now set to edit control where the
user enters the log message (for commits)

r15 2003-04-26 03:04:36 stefankueng

- BUG: import with "use foldername as modulename"
didn't work, the modulename was some random
- BUG: The check for temporary files when doing an
import wasn't able to delete those.
- ADD: the add dialog now shows the files with
the relative path so the user can better
check if a file needs to be added or not.
This is especially usefull if folders
are added.

r14 2003-04-25 04:48:49 stefankueng

before obtaining the subversion status of a file/folder we now check first if a ".svn" directory exists - this should speed things up a little

r13 2003-04-25 04:38:46 stefankueng

fixed the following bugs:
- if an error occured while reading the config file it wasn't reported
- the settings page crashed if not all pages were selected before hitting "ok"
- copy/paste and drag'n'drop of unversioned files could crash explorer.

Also added an option in the settings page where the user can choose if (s)he wants to have unversioned files shown to add before a commit

r12 2003-04-23 02:12:24 stefankueng

if a folder was renamed in a working copy
with a system rename (not a 'svn rename')
then explorer crashed. Issue 39.

r11 2003-04-23 01:28:11 stefankueng

fixed bug: if an unversioned or just added
file was selected for commit together with versioned
ones then TortoiseSVN crashed.

r10 2003-04-21 20:37:21 stefankueng

Website changes for the 0.9.2 release

r9 2003-04-21 19:33:17 stefankueng

(mensagem de log vazia)

r8 2003-04-21 19:32:16 stefankueng

Instead of a wc->url copy for the branch/tag command we now use again the url->url copy command.
This because a 'svn copy workingcopy url' doesn't work if the workingcopy path is the working copy root.
/me is writing a mail to the subversion mailing list about that.

r7 2003-04-21 18:36:34 stefankueng

prevent the hint dialog after a copy operation if an error occurred.

r6 2003-04-21 18:24:44 stefankueng

fixed bug in the copy command

r5 2003-04-21 18:17:52 stefankueng

changes for 0.9.2 release

r4 2003-04-21 18:17:13 stefankueng

fixed resizing problem in the LogPrompt dialog

r3 2003-04-21 18:08:43 stefankueng

changed priorities of icon overlays

r2 2003-04-21 16:40:10 stefankueng

initial import

r1 2003-04-18 16:02:15 stefankueng

directory structure

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