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unofficial prebuild binary packages of apache hadoop for windows, apache hive for windows, apache spark for windows, apache drill for windows and azkaban for windows.

Windows で動作する Apache Hadoop の非公式のビルド済...

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Liberado: 2015-02-22 15:45
win-hadoop win-hadoop 2.6.0 (10 files Esconder)

Release Notes

Pre-build binary package of Apache Hadoop 2.6.0, Hive 0.12.0, Spark 1.2.0, Drill 0.7.0, Sqoop 1.4.5 and Flink 0.8.0.

Also Azkaban 2.6.4 which help to manage tasks but it is not hosted in Apache.

MSYS/MinGW is required to run the application except Hadoop 2.6.0.
Zlib1.dll is required to install separately to use compress option.


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