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Liberado: 2006-12-25 13:44
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Release Notes

This is the beta version so that it may have some bugs. Please use this version for evaluation purpose. We appreciate your feedbacks and bug reports of the beta.

For features of the XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 beta version, please refer to this article;

The followings are the changelog from the Beta3.

* Module Installer improvement
-- Resolov SQL Parsing Comatiblity issue
Reactivate XOOPS2 comatible SQL parser and make new SQL parser with $modversion['cube_style'] = true;
-- Smart Mpdule Update
-- Added $modversion['disable_legacy_2nd_installer'] option.
-- Leagcy got to check a dirname of modules before it calls the specified call-back function in the installation.
-- Made the convention of xoops_version strict.

* TextFilter
-- Legacy MyTextSanitizer function is moved into Legacy_TextFilter
-- Smarty modifire xoops_escape is added.

* Theme handling improvement
-- Enable to change current render-system by themes with legacy module.
-- The theme management got to show the licence of themes.
-- Legacy got to emulate X2's behavior to uniform user's theme when an administrator changes the current theme and selectable themes.

* Performance issue
-- Add two executing mode constats.(_LEGACY_PREVENT_LOAD_CORE_ & _LEGACY_PREVENT_EXEC_COMMON_) for light weight processing.
-- CSS loading in Administrators screen will be improved.

* Standard Modules improvement
-- PM & User module won't be appeared in MainMenu

* Module compatibility improvement.
-- Followin X2 module comatibility is improved.
(weblog, News, myalbum-P, XOOPS Headline, XOOPS Poll, XOOPS Partner, contact)
-- Smarty Template variable compatibility improvement.

* Help function.
-- Added some new CSS classes for help display.
-- Removed help japanese edition from Legacy.

* For module development
-- Added a new naming convention to xoops_getmodulehandler for class base programming.
-- Adjusted xoops_getrequest() by Request-Object.

* Other
-- Added some delegate objects to default Legacy modules.
-- XUpgrade module is added to the repository (/etc).

[Bug Fix]
* Theme changer block got to stop form display in the case of POST request, to prevent troubles.
* Theme changer block was not able to display screenshots, if a screenshot file name in the manifesto is not "screenshot.png".
* Fix the bug that Legacy had been loading Module Preload specified as primary preload two times.
* Fix the bug that Legacy had been loading Preload files of inactive modules.
* Lostpass could not work perfectly.
* ModuleInfo could not work in some cases.
* Mainmenu block did not emulate X2 perfectly.
* Many TYPO Fixed.

These Wiki articles are good for you. They were written for RC, but you can reference them to upgrade to Beta4.

Coming release
We are planning to release RC version on 21st of January. Official version of XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 is coming in the February, some week after RC release. Thank you for your understanding.

This is beta release which may include some serious bugs. Please use it at your own risk.

We appreciate your experiments use and feedbacks. At this time, your comments and report really help us for future development.


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