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Yet another shell (yash) is a POSIX-compliant command line shell, featuring more strict POSIX compliance than those of other shells, as well as powerful command line editing.

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Liberado: 2008-12-07 18:39
yash 2.3 (1 files Esconder)

Release Notes

This is "yet another shell" version 2.3.

This version includes some bug fixes and spec changes,
but no major changes.

Yet another shell バージョン 2.3 です。



Yash 2.3

= Now changing LC_CTYPE immediately takes effect if the shell is
interactive and not in the posixly-correct mode.
* Fixed parameter expansion: empty words are now expanded properly.
* Fixed a race condition, which was causing some signals ignored.
* Assignments using the typeset/readonly/export builtins failed to
update the shell's internal data. This caused the shell to keep
using the old PATH after the PATH has been changed.

Yash 2.3

= 対話的かつ非 POSIX 準拠モードで動作時、LC_CTYPE の変更が直ちに
* パラメータ展開で空文字列を正しく展開できていなかった
* 稀にシグナルが無視される競合状態を修正
* typeset/readonly/export 組込みで代入を行うとシェル内部のデータが
正しく更新されていなかった。これにより、PATH を変更した後も古い
PATH を使い続けてしまうなどの問題があった。