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Yet another shell (yash) is a POSIX-compliant command line shell, featuring more strict POSIX compliance than those of other shells, as well as powerful command line editing.

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Liberado: 2012-06-24 22:37
yash 2.31 (2 files Esconder)

Release Notes

Yet another shell, version 2.31.

Some completion scripts have been updated.
Configuration scripts have been updated so that yash can be built on some old systems.

Yet another shell (yash) バージョン 2.31 です。



Yash 2.31

+ Completion of directory stack indices in extended tilde
+ New option for the "complete" built-in: --dirstack-index
+ Completion for "svn" version 1.7.
* Fixes in "git", "tar" and "su" completion scripts.

+: new feature
*: bug fix

Yash 2.31

+ 拡張チルダ展開でディレクトリスタックのインデックスの補完に対応
+ "complete" 組込みに --dirstack-index オプション追加
+ "svn" バージョン 1.7 の補完に対応
* "git", "tar", "su" の補完の修正

+: 新機能
*: バグ修正