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jscoverage(freshmeat) JSCoverage JSCoverage is a tool that generates code covera... DOWNLOAD
rtems(freshmeat) RTEMS RTEMS (Real-Time Executive for Multiprocessor S... DOWNLOAD
convmv(freshmeat) convmv convmv converts filenames (not file content), ... DOWNLOAD
wordgenerator(freshmeat) WordGenerator WordGenerator generates hypothetical words from... DOWNLOAD
otrance(freshmeat) oTranCe oTranCe offers a ready to go and entirely Web-b... DOWNLOAD
la4j(freshmeat) la4j la4j is a single threaded pure Java library whi... DOWNLOAD
zonecd(freshmeat) ZoneCD The Public IP ZoneCD has been created to help i... DOWNLOAD
q7z(freshmeat) J7Z J7Z is an alternative 7-Zip GUI. 7-Zip is a hig... DOWNLOAD
fastcgipp(freshmeat) fastcgi++ fastcgi++ is a C++ library for developing Web a... DOWNLOAD
pyisbn(freshmeat) pyisbn pyisbn is a module for working with various boo... DOWNLOAD
geekigeeki(freshmeat) Geeki Geeki Geeki Geeki is a minimalistic wiki with a Git b... DOWNLOAD
atutor(freshmeat) ATutor ATutor is a standards-compliant Web-based Learn... DOWNLOAD
ldapdiff(freshmeat) ldapdiff ldapdiff compares ldif files with a running LDA... DOWNLOAD
pywebgraph(freshmeat) Python Web Graph Generator Python Web Graph Generator is a threaded Web gr... DOWNLOAD
awffull(freshmeat) AWFFull AWFFull is a Web server log analysis program, f... DOWNLOAD
minibug(freshmeat) minibug minibug is a simple two-window debugger for ass... DOWNLOAD
copy(freshmeat) copy copy is general copy program with features not ... DOWNLOAD
mobile(freshmeat) Mobile Web Proxy The Mobile Web Proxy is a (CGI) tool to make mo... DOWNLOAD
recordmydesktop(freshmeat) recordMyDesktop recordMyDesktop is a program that captures audi... DOWNLOAD
spip(freshmeat) SPIP SPIP is an open-source, free publication system... DOWNLOAD
asteroidbelt(freshmeat) Asteroid Belt Asteroid belt is a clone of the arcade classic ... DOWNLOAD
rdw(freshmeat) Remote Desktop Web Remote Desktop Web is a Java AWT application th... DOWNLOAD
mp3fs(freshmeat) mp3fs transcoding FUSE filesystem MP3FS is a read-only FUSE filesystem that trans... DOWNLOAD
sndbite(freshmeat) SndBite SndBite is a specialized audio editor designed ... DOWNLOAD
g3data(freshmeat) g3data g3data is a program for extracting data from gr... DOWNLOAD
arrow_brushes(freshmeat) GIMP arrow brushes GIMP arrow brushes consists of 22 sets of arrow... DOWNLOAD
smallsql(freshmeat) SmallSQL SmallSQL is a pure Java DBMS, a relational data... DOWNLOAD
wiki2xhtml(freshmeat) wiki2xhtml wiki2xhtml can create complete Web pages and us... DOWNLOAD
jssha256-light(freshmeat) JavaScript SHA-256 A lightweight implementation of SHA-256 in Java... DOWNLOAD
slbjsmin(freshmeat) SLB-jsMin SLB-jsMin is a JavaScript minification utility ... DOWNLOAD
zibu(freshmeat) Zibu Zibu is a small tool that allows you to cyclica... DOWNLOAD
clue(freshmeat) Clue Clue is an experimental ANSI C compiler that ta... DOWNLOAD
lsycnd(freshmeat) lsyncd Lsyncd watches a local directory tree's event m... DOWNLOAD
megatunix(freshmeat) MegaTunix MegaTunix is a tuning application for the MegaS... DOWNLOAD
configlib(freshmeat) ConfigLib ConfigLib is a C++ library for reading and writ... DOWNLOAD
isola(freshmeat) Isola Framework Isola Framework is an abstraction layer built u... DOWNLOAD
roll(freshmeat) roll roll is a command-line program that rolls a use... DOWNLOAD
simplegal(freshmeat) Simple Gal Simple Gal is a very simple gallery script. It ... DOWNLOAD
netsmpp(freshmeat) Net::SMPP Net::SMPP is a Perl module that implements vers... DOWNLOAD
openmashups(freshmeat) Open Mashups Open Mashups is a unique solution that empowers... DOWNLOAD
hypersrc(freshmeat) hypersrc hypersrc is a GTK+/GNOME program for browsing s... DOWNLOAD
utscrollbar(freshmeat) UvumiTools Scrollbar While it's ok to have a blue/gray scrollbar on ... DOWNLOAD
plosxom(freshmeat) plosxom Plosxom is software for running a blog. It is a... DOWNLOAD
ccaudio2(freshmeat) GNU ccAudio2 ccaudio2 is a simple, highly portable, stand-al... DOWNLOAD
list-my-apps(freshmeat) List My Apps List My Apps scans your Android device to compi... DOWNLOAD
dabba(freshmeat) dabba dabba is a set of distributed network monitorin... DOWNLOAD
shjs(freshmeat) Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript SHJS (Syntax Highlighting in JavaScript) is a J... DOWNLOAD
preadmin(freshmeat) PreAdmin PreAdmin is a program to manage the prevention ... DOWNLOAD
vtoo(freshmeat) vtoo vtoo is a terminal input, output, and control l... DOWNLOAD
ikog(freshmeat) iKog iKog is a very simple utility designed to make ... DOWNLOAD
python-gammu(freshmeat) python-gammu python-gammu is a set of Python bindings for Ga... DOWNLOAD
qutecom(freshmeat) QuteCom QuteCom (formerly WengoPhone) is a multi-platfo... DOWNLOAD
libtermui(freshmeat) Libtermui Libtermui is a terminal driver library. It is f... DOWNLOAD
ccod(freshmeat) C Cod C Cod is an application that allows for a C/C++... DOWNLOAD
libdvbcsa(freshmeat) libdvbcsa libdvbcsa is a free implementation of the DVB C... DOWNLOAD
mirage-programming-language(freshmeat) Mirage programming language Mirage is an esoteric programming language for ... DOWNLOAD
psinfo(freshmeat) psinfo psinfo shows process information and statistics... DOWNLOAD
tigase(freshmeat) Tigase Server Tigase Server is a lightweight and scalable Jab... DOWNLOAD
wmgoban(freshmeat) wmgoban wmgoban is an interface for GNU Go in the form ... DOWNLOAD
dysii(freshmeat) dysii dysii is a C++ library for distributed probabil... DOWNLOAD
holodeck10(freshmeat) holodeck10 Holodeck10 is a Java-based application that run... DOWNLOAD
genigma(freshmeat) GNOME Enigma GNOME Enigma (Genigma) emulates an Enigma, a Ge... DOWNLOAD
simon(freshmeat) simon Simon is a 2D shooter game. It features eight d... DOWNLOAD
apub(freshmeat) apub apub is a tool to simplify uploading documents ... DOWNLOAD
sql2xml(freshmeat) SQL2XML Sql2xml is a CGI program that lets you request ... DOWNLOAD
sitracker(freshmeat) Support Incident Tracker Support Incident Tracker (or SiT!) is a Web-bas... DOWNLOAD
ccrtp(freshmeat) Common C++ RTP Common C++ RTP is an experimental threadsafe RT... DOWNLOAD
dietsniff(freshmeat) dietsniff dietsniff is a tiny tool for analyzing traffic ... DOWNLOAD
resistors-calculator(freshmeat) Resistors Resistors is a program to calculate the most su... DOWNLOAD
l1j-en(freshmeat) Lineage One Private Server l1j-en is an english language, open source priv... DOWNLOAD
openorbiter(freshmeat) OpenOrbiter OpenOrbiter is a multiplayer game for up to 8 p... DOWNLOAD
shrip(freshmeat) shrip shrip is an application for ripping and encodin... DOWNLOAD
radius(freshmeat) GNU Radius GNU Radius is a RADIUS server and an accompanyi... DOWNLOAD
httcld(freshmeat) httcld httcld provides a very small HTTP server with a... DOWNLOAD
webjob(freshmeat) WebJob WebJob downloads a program over HTTP/HTTPS and ... DOWNLOAD
coinche(freshmeat) Coinche Coinche is a French card game similar to the Be... DOWNLOAD
sylpheed(freshmeat) Sylpheed Sylpheed is a simple, lightweight but featurefu... DOWNLOAD
zimplit(freshmeat) Zimplit CMS Zimplit CMS is a Web-based content management s... DOWNLOAD
openotp-authentication-plugin-(freshmeat) OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal OpenOTP Authentication Plugin Drupal is a Drupa... DOWNLOAD
kadu(freshmeat) Kadu Kadu is a QT-based client for Gadu-Gadu, a Poli... DOWNLOAD
trixer(freshmeat) TRIXER TRIXER creates catalogs of transparent file ind... DOWNLOAD
lfm(freshmeat) Last File Manager Lfm is a curses-based file manager for the Unix... DOWNLOAD
lurc(freshmeat) LURC LURC (Light ULM/Reactive library for C) is a li... DOWNLOAD
statethreads(freshmeat) State Threads The State Threads is a small application librar... DOWNLOAD
phpbb1_4(freshmeat) phpBB1.4 for PostNuke phpBB1.4 for PostNuke is a heavily rewritten po... DOWNLOAD
pwlib(freshmeat) Portable Windows Library PWLib is a moderately large class library that ... DOWNLOAD
pyslsk(freshmeat) SoulSeek for Linux Soulseek ( is a communic... DOWNLOAD
mico(freshmeat) MICO The acronym MICO expands to MICO Is CORBA. The ... DOWNLOAD
rts2(freshmeat) Remote Telescope System Remote Telescope System (RTS2) is an integrated... DOWNLOAD
smartpm(freshmeat) Smart Package Manager Smart is a package manager (like APT or Yum) th... DOWNLOAD
jpdfcalendar(freshmeat) jPdfCalendar jPdfCalendar is a tool which allows you to crea... DOWNLOAD
plasmidb(freshmeat) Plasmidb Plasmidb is a database management system for m... DOWNLOAD
anubis(freshmeat) GNU Anubis GNU Anubis is an SMTP message submission daemon... DOWNLOAD
rsstail(freshmeat) rsstail RSSTail is more or less an RSS reader. It monit... DOWNLOAD
scms(freshmeat) SCMS SCMS is an MVC based secure content management ... DOWNLOAD
patat(freshmeat) Patricia Attack Patricia Attack is a side scrolling game based ... DOWNLOAD
soswebpages(freshmeat) SOS Webpages SOS Webpages is an easy to learn Web site manag... DOWNLOAD
dreambox-tv(freshmeat) Dreambox TV Dreambox TV is a control and stream viewing app... DOWNLOAD
eeetray(freshmeat) eeetray eeetray is a small tool for the Asus/Xandros Li... DOWNLOAD
corn(freshmeat) corn Corn is a small command-line-friendly and progr... DOWNLOAD

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