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pyircserver(freshmeat) pyIrcServer pyIrcServer is a powerful and very customizable... DOWNLOAD
imlib2-ruby(freshmeat) Imlib2-Ruby Imlib2-Ruby provides Imlib2 bindings for Ruby. DOWNLOAD
vmail-pl(freshmeat) is a simple interactive command line s... DOWNLOAD
erismud(freshmeat) ErisMUD ErisMUD is a MUD/MOO server/engine written in P... DOWNLOAD
newsd(freshmeat) Newsd Newsd is a standalone local NNTP news server fo... DOWNLOAD
sidenet(freshmeat) Sidenet Sidenet helps you set up a Wine environment. It... DOWNLOAD
mupen(freshmeat) mupen64 Mupen64 is a Nintendo64 emulator desgined to be... DOWNLOAD
scriptix(freshmeat) Scriptix Scriptix is a light-weight scripting language d... DOWNLOAD
jcinc(freshmeat) jcinc jcinc is an emulator for the Bell Lab's CARDIAC... DOWNLOAD
uwikicms(freshmeat) UWiKiCMS UWiKiCMS is a Web content manager which feature... DOWNLOAD
lseos(freshmeat) LSE/OS LSE/OS is a nanokernel based operating system r... DOWNLOAD
pigalle(freshmeat) Pigalle Pigalle (PIcture GALLEry) is a slick Web based ... DOWNLOAD
simpleweb(freshmeat) Simple Framework Simple is a truly embeddable open source applic... DOWNLOAD
tk-10(freshmeat) TK-10 TK10 is a GUI for the Bottlerocket program. It ... DOWNLOAD
zoidberg(freshmeat) Zoidberg Zoidberg (a.k.a. zoid) provides a modular Perl ... DOWNLOAD
cvsclone(freshmeat) cvsclone cvsclone is a utility to clone CVS repositories... DOWNLOAD
blockit(freshmeat) BlockIt BlockIt monitors the Snort alert file and creat... DOWNLOAD
hessianphp(freshmeat) HessianPHP HessianPHP is a PHP implementation of the Hessi... DOWNLOAD
musound(freshmeat) MuSound MuSound provides better audio capabilities to J... DOWNLOAD
slogcxx(freshmeat) slogcxx slogcxx is a simple C++ logging library for deb... DOWNLOAD
sdl_net(freshmeat) SDL_net SDL_net is a thin API layer over sockets which ... DOWNLOAD
opn(freshmeat) OpenPHPNuke OpenPHPNuke is a Web Content Management System ... DOWNLOAD
hftp(freshmeat) hftp hftp is an extended FTP client supporting stand... DOWNLOAD
configppp(freshmeat) configppp configppp is a very simple script to setup all ... DOWNLOAD
jawflow(freshmeat) Jawflow JawFlow is a workflow engine that partially con... DOWNLOAD
ircz(freshmeat) IRC Z Z is a modular security service for IRC network... DOWNLOAD
triceps(freshmeat) Triceps Triceps is an innovative embeddable Complex Eve... DOWNLOAD
stratagus(freshmeat) Stratagus Stratagus is a cross-platform real-time strateg... DOWNLOAD
clu(freshmeat) Community Linux Updater CLU is an installation, removal, and upgrade ma... DOWNLOAD
fuse1pl(freshmeat) is a nontrivial demonstration of Fuse.... DOWNLOAD
movemetafs(freshmeat) movemetafs movemetafs is a searchable filesystem metadata ... DOWNLOAD
ruby-fltk(freshmeat) Ruby/FLTK Ruby/FLTK is a Ruby binding for the FLTK (Fast ... DOWNLOAD
tonic-chess(freshmeat) Tonic Chess Tonic is a graphical interface for playing onli... DOWNLOAD
visprint(freshmeat) visprint Visprint makes cool fractal fingerprint PNG ima... DOWNLOAD
libutempter(freshmeat) libutempter libutempter provides a library interface for te... DOWNLOAD
karra(freshmeat) Karra Karra is a flexible, Web-based, multi-lingual s... DOWNLOAD
krickscore(freshmeat) krickscore krickscore is a simple score ticker for KDE tha... DOWNLOAD
asciipacman(freshmeat) ASCII Pacman ASCII Pacman is a simple clone of the Pacman ga... DOWNLOAD
livejournalparser(freshmeat) LiveJournal parser LiveJournal parser is a simple parser of the XM... DOWNLOAD
virt-factory(freshmeat) virt-factory Virt-Factory is a framework for managing a larg... DOWNLOAD
libh(freshmeat) LIBH LIBH is a general purpose C library consisting ... DOWNLOAD
gnuski(freshmeat) GNUSki GNUSki is a clone of Skifree, the old Windows g... DOWNLOAD
nvbase(freshmeat) NVBase NVBase is an information retrieval system that ... DOWNLOAD
sortdir(freshmeat) sortdir Sortdir is an LD_PRELOAD library which sorts di... DOWNLOAD
guikachu(freshmeat) Guikachu Guikachu is a GNOME application for graphical e... DOWNLOAD
john-mpi(freshmeat) John The Ripper MPI John The Ripper MPI is an updated version of Ry... DOWNLOAD
freemat(freshmeat) FreeMat Freemat is an intepereted, matrix-oriented dev... DOWNLOAD
tvtime-web(freshmeat) tvtime-web tvtime-web is a simple Web interface for contro... DOWNLOAD
cwbot(freshmeat) CWBot CWBot is an IRC bot to provide online services ... DOWNLOAD
tftpgrab(freshmeat) TFTPgrab TFTPgrab is a TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Proto... DOWNLOAD
kmush(freshmeat) KMush KMush is a simple MU* client for the K Desktop ... DOWNLOAD
jackal(freshmeat) Jackal Jackal is a debugger for client-side JavaScript... DOWNLOAD
tf(freshmeat) Thick Fighter Thick Fighter is a game in which you play a sma... DOWNLOAD
mediatomb(freshmeat) MediaTomb MediaTomb is a UPnP media server with a nice We... DOWNLOAD
epm(freshmeat) EPM The ESP Package Manager (EPM) is a simple tool ... DOWNLOAD
libhtp(freshmeat) LibHTP LibHTP is a security-aware parser for the HTTP ... DOWNLOAD
nethorus(freshmeat) NetHorus NetHorus is an Network Management System writte... DOWNLOAD
dbengine(freshmeat) DBengine DBengine allows administrators to administer Po... DOWNLOAD
minisfv(freshmeat) minisfv minisfv is a graphical file checksum manager fo... DOWNLOAD
scheme-asteroid(freshmeat) scheme-asteroid scheme-asteroid is a real-time asteroid-like ga... DOWNLOAD
umit(freshmeat) UMIT UMIT is a network scanning frontend meant to be... DOWNLOAD
xmlb(freshmeat) XML Construction Kit The XML Construction Kit is a library for gener... DOWNLOAD
libgsf(freshmeat) GNOME Structured File Library The GNOME Structured File Library is a utility ... DOWNLOAD
tomboy(freshmeat) tomboy Tomboy is a desktop note-taking application for... DOWNLOAD
raidmon(freshmeat) raidmon Raidmon is a shell script which runs as a daemo... DOWNLOAD
nxtvepg(freshmeat) nxtvepg nxtvepg is a decoder and browser for Nextview, ... DOWNLOAD
gail(freshmeat) GAIL GAIL is a GTK+ module that provides accessibili... DOWNLOAD
xzgv(freshmeat) xzgv xzgv is a GTK+/Imlib-based picture viewer for X... DOWNLOAD
cv8me(freshmeat) CV Aid Me cv8me creates a Web site to host any number of ... DOWNLOAD
visual-db(freshmeat) visual-db visual-db is a tool for the visualization of a ... DOWNLOAD
sharkie(freshmeat) sharkie sharkie provides command line and GUI interface... DOWNLOAD
geoctool(freshmeat) geoCtool geoCtools manipulates geo-data in CSV or KML fi... DOWNLOAD
nemesi(freshmeat) NeMeSI NeMeSI is a streaming client that allows user t... DOWNLOAD
bost(freshmeat) bost bost is a DNS diagnostic tool for resolving IPs... DOWNLOAD
selador(freshmeat) Selador Selador is a browser-based fantasy game. The ga... DOWNLOAD
log4bash(freshmeat) log4bash log4bash facilitates creating easy to read and ... DOWNLOAD
webkbd(freshmeat) WebKBD WebKBD is a browser-based keyboard layout switc... DOWNLOAD
skd(freshmeat) skd skd is a small daemon which binds to a UDP, TCP... DOWNLOAD
fv(freshmeat) Fv Fv is a general-purpose graphical FITS file edi... DOWNLOAD
automa-bot(freshmeat) Automa Bot Automa Bot is a modular bot written in Python. DOWNLOAD
qpimd(freshmeat) qpimd qpimd aims to implement a PIM (Protocol Indepen... DOWNLOAD
alchitect(freshmeat) Alchitect Alchitect helps you build Web sites and Web app... DOWNLOAD
gemvt(freshmeat) GemVT GemVt is the GNU Emulator of a Virtual Terminal... DOWNLOAD
qtk(freshmeat) Qtk Qtk is an attempt to create a Qt-like API that ... DOWNLOAD
dbf2pos(freshmeat) dbf2pos Dbf2pos converts database DBF files into SQL co... DOWNLOAD
mpr(freshmeat) mpr mpr finds malloc/realloc memory leaks and memor... DOWNLOAD
cavalry(freshmeat) Cavalry Cavalry is a Just-In-Time translator (compiler)... DOWNLOAD
freefem(freshmeat) freefem Freefem provides a language and a solver for th... DOWNLOAD
easy-backup(freshmeat) easy-Backup Easy Backup is a shell script for doing increme... DOWNLOAD
ccte(freshmeat) CCTE CCTE is a small utility to provide a way to run... DOWNLOAD
ctm_pl(freshmeat) is a Perl script which generates Apache ... DOWNLOAD
gbrctl(freshmeat) gbrctl gbrctl is a GNOME utility to configure the Linu... DOWNLOAD
lcalc(freshmeat) Lcalc A simple 4-operation calculator for Linux. DOWNLOAD
mr(freshmeat) mr mr is a colorful mailreader. It supports MIME, ... DOWNLOAD
nannie(freshmeat) Nannie Nannie's basic purpose is to watch system files... DOWNLOAD
nitfol(freshmeat) nitfol Nitfol is a portable interpreter for Z-machine ... DOWNLOAD
nuni(freshmeat) nuni nuni is a boot loader for Linux that uses the e... DOWNLOAD
paw(freshmeat) Paw Paw (Perl ASCII Widgets) is a widgetset for gen... DOWNLOAD
ptkdb(freshmeat) ptkdb ptkdb is a debugger for Perl with a Tk GUI. Fea... DOWNLOAD
qui-ne-faut(freshmeat) Qui-ne-faut This is the first alpha release of Qui-ne-faut,... DOWNLOAD

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