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settrans(freshmeat) settrans This program will allow you to view ANSI images... DOWNLOAD
sldraw(freshmeat) Slidedraw Slidedraw is a presentation graphics program fo... DOWNLOAD
titano(freshmeat) Titano Titano is an IDE for GNOME. DOWNLOAD
topdrop(freshmeat) Topdrop Topdrop is a mail delivery agent for maildir wh... DOWNLOAD
utcpdump(freshmeat) utcpdump utcpdump is a stripped-down version of tcpdump ... DOWNLOAD
yarec(freshmeat) yarec Yarec is yet another sample recorder/player. It... DOWNLOAD
gcdb(freshmeat) gcdb gcdb is an aesthetically pleasing MySQL/PHP bil... DOWNLOAD
lamesocks(freshmeat) LameSocks LameSocks connects people to an IP you choose. ... DOWNLOAD
ecstazy(freshmeat) Ecstazy Ecstazy is a CLI-based tool (with some ncurses)... DOWNLOAD
xexweb1_0(freshmeat) A Web Scanner A Web Scanner is a scanner for known Exploits, ... DOWNLOAD
pruby(freshmeat) pRuby pRuby is the ultimate glue code between PHP and... DOWNLOAD
gexpr(freshmeat) Gexpr Gexpr is a shell calculator with floating point... DOWNLOAD
jonas_opentool(freshmeat) Kelly Kelly is a JBuilder 4 & 5 plugin that makes... DOWNLOAD
yapbb(freshmeat) Yet Another PHP Bulletin Board Yet Another PHP Bulletin Board (YapBB) allows y... DOWNLOAD
mugu(freshmeat) The MUGU Project The MUGU Project is creating an multiplayer gra... DOWNLOAD
startany(freshmeat) Start Anything Start Anything attempts to open files, programs... DOWNLOAD
3dpong(freshmeat) 3D Pong 3D Pong is is a very small and fast ping-pong o... DOWNLOAD
ksmp3play(freshmeat) ksmp3play Ksmp3play is an ncurses-based MP3 player with f... DOWNLOAD
sdl_sif(freshmeat) SDL_sif SDL_sif is a simple addon library for SDL for d... DOWNLOAD
pdamaze(freshmeat) PDA Maze PDA Maze is a first-person 3D maze game written... DOWNLOAD
soap2corba(freshmeat) SOAP to CORBA bridge The SOAP to CORBA bridge/translator is written ... DOWNLOAD
kzoom(freshmeat) KZoom KZoom is a KDE graphical application that can b... DOWNLOAD
tojo(freshmeat) Tojo Tojo (formerly 31Journal) is a Web-based colla... DOWNLOAD
javel(freshmeat) Javel Javel is an open-source, multi-platform Java cl... DOWNLOAD
openbook(freshmeat) OpenBook OpenBook is a fast and simple PHP and MySQL- ba... DOWNLOAD
jxmail(freshmeat) Java XMail Java XMail is a simple API for sending email fr... DOWNLOAD
phpdir(freshmeat) PHPdir PHPdir is a PHP/MySQL based telephone directory... DOWNLOAD
ticker_app(freshmeat) is just like a ticker, and is design... DOWNLOAD
dox(freshmeat) Dox Dox is an extensible browser for manpages and H... DOWNLOAD
anthem(freshmeat) Anthem Anthem is an advanced open source MIDI sequence... DOWNLOAD
butterx(freshmeat) butterx butterx is a gaim plugin that allows one to cal... DOWNLOAD
phpreactor(freshmeat) php(Reactor) php(Reactor) is a set of Web applications which... DOWNLOAD
abcdp(freshmeat) Aurelius Bruzas CD Player Aurelius Bruzas CD Player is yet another CD Pla... DOWNLOAD
gnupoc(freshmeat) GnuPoc GnuPoc enables the development EPOC application... DOWNLOAD
procmon(freshmeat) Process Monitor for Linux Process Monitor for Linux is a small kernel mod... DOWNLOAD
ircu(freshmeat) ircu ircu is Undernet's own version of the standard ... DOWNLOAD
mim(freshmeat) MIM MIM (MIM is not MTV) is a tool which provides S... DOWNLOAD
tlock(freshmeat) Remote Terminal Lock Remote Terminal Lock is a simple program which ... DOWNLOAD
tbt(freshmeat) Tow Bowl Tactics Tow Bowl Tactics is a game based on Games Work... DOWNLOAD
ppplog(freshmeat) ppplog ppplog keeps track of your PPP online sessions.... DOWNLOAD
womp(freshmeat) WOMP! WOMP! is a micro Linux distribution on a bootab... DOWNLOAD
hidefile(freshmeat) hidefile Hidefile is an LD_PRELOAD library which hides s... DOWNLOAD
pu6e(freshmeat) pu6e pu6e is an editor for Ultima 6 and the Worlds o... DOWNLOAD
rrbe(freshmeat) RoboRally Board Editor RoboRally Board editor is a Java utility for cr... DOWNLOAD
tcpwatch(freshmeat) TCPWatch tcpwatch is a simple Python script that lets yo... DOWNLOAD
perpojo(freshmeat) PerPOJO PerPOJO combines a caching and a simple persis... DOWNLOAD
gsbench(freshmeat) GSBench GSBench is a GNUstep and PS benchmark application. DOWNLOAD
cgiblast(freshmeat) CgiBlast CgiBlast is a CGI interface to NCBI's Basic Lo... DOWNLOAD
cpscan(freshmeat) Console Portscanner Cpscan is a simple portscanner. DOWNLOAD
textureops(freshmeat) TextureOps TextureOps is a set of plug-ins for the GIMP re... DOWNLOAD
jags(freshmeat) Jags Jags (just another GTK+ Samba client) and Jagsm... DOWNLOAD
phpwebdesk(freshmeat) phpWebDesk phpWebDesk aims to provide a transparent conver... DOWNLOAD
plusxauth(freshmeat) autodetects the current X11 enviro... DOWNLOAD
mp3ocd(freshmeat) MP3OCD MP3OCD is an MP3 categorization program written... DOWNLOAD
modama(freshmeat) Modama Modama is a software project for processing and... DOWNLOAD
larrymessenger(freshmeat) LarryMessenger LarryMessenger is a simple to install and easy ... DOWNLOAD
html2wml(freshmeat) Html2Wml Html2Wml converts HTML pages to WML pages, suit... DOWNLOAD
webx(freshmeat) webX webX is both an HTML component generation tool ... DOWNLOAD
linksysd(freshmeat) Linksys Syslog Linksys Syslog captures the snmptrap messages f... DOWNLOAD
java-gnome(freshmeat) Java-GNOME Java-GNOME is a Java binding for the GTK and G... DOWNLOAD
lrucache(freshmeat) Python LRU cache module This package provides a simple but efficient le... DOWNLOAD
libase(freshmeat) libASE LibASE is a library for parsing ASE files -- th... DOWNLOAD
gpppoe-conf(freshmeat) GPPPoE-Conf GPPPoE-Conf is a graphical application made wit... DOWNLOAD
wbmtrustees(freshmeat) wbmtrustees wbmtrustees is a Webmin module that can be used... DOWNLOAD
roomba(freshmeat) Roomba Roomba aims to provide a complete PMS (Property... DOWNLOAD
arm0nia(freshmeat) arm0nia arm0nia (harmony) is a group of projects that i... DOWNLOAD
idlebeep(freshmeat) idlebeep idlebeep monitors the activity of your CPU and/... DOWNLOAD
semwalker(freshmeat) SemWalker SemWalker is a server-side Semantic Web browser... DOWNLOAD
sn(freshmeat) sn sn is a small news system for sites which serve... DOWNLOAD
purplewiki(freshmeat) PurpleWiki PurpleWiki is a WikiWikiWeb implementation der... DOWNLOAD
itracker(freshmeat) itracker ITracker is a Java J2EE issue/bug tracking syst... DOWNLOAD
sarab(freshmeat) SaraB SaraB works with DAR (Disk ARchive) to schedule... DOWNLOAD
pictureviewer(freshmeat) Picture Viewer PV is a tool to view pictures. It features supp... DOWNLOAD
wtp(freshmeat) WTP WTP is a Web-based FTP client that features boo... DOWNLOAD
freefile(freshmeat) freefile Freefile is a clone of the file(1) program that... DOWNLOAD
modutils(freshmeat) modutils The modutils package contains utilities that ar... DOWNLOAD
bif(freshmeat) Build it Fast Build it Fast (BIF) is a PHP framework. It cont... DOWNLOAD
asptemplate(freshmeat) ASPTemplate ASP Template is a template engine for ASP and A... DOWNLOAD
addns_pl(freshmeat) is a self-contained DynDNS update clie... DOWNLOAD
font2svg(freshmeat) font2svg font2svg can convert any font that GhostScript ... DOWNLOAD
frox(freshmeat) frox Frox is a transparent FTP proxy that runs under... DOWNLOAD
txsig(freshmeat) TxSig TxSig is a random signature rotator. It can ra... DOWNLOAD
kboxes!(freshmeat) KBoxes! kboxes! is a little mind game that you can play... DOWNLOAD
libcvs-perl(freshmeat) CVS Perl library CVS Perl library is a Perl module which is is a... DOWNLOAD
mpnt(freshmeat) MpNT MpNT is a multi-precision number theory library... DOWNLOAD
junkycook(freshmeat) JunkyCook JunkyCook is a manager for recipes (consultatio... DOWNLOAD
rntrack(freshmeat) RNtrack RNtrack is a mail tracker/router for FidoNet-li... DOWNLOAD
bin2iso(freshmeat) Bin2Iso Bin2Iso is a conversion utility from bin to ISO... DOWNLOAD
envgenie(freshmeat) EnvGenie EnvGenie is an easy-to-use multi-platform envir... DOWNLOAD
edsadmin(freshmeat) EDSAdmin EDSAdmin is a graphical user, group, and comput... DOWNLOAD
pavuk(freshmeat) pavuk Pavuk is a Web grabber with an optional GTK GUI... DOWNLOAD
linuxconf(freshmeat) Linuxconf Linuxconf is a sophisticated administrative too... DOWNLOAD
libgenome(freshmeat) libGenome libGenome is a development library designed to ... DOWNLOAD
murk(freshmeat) murk murk is an rsync-friendly encryption that runs ... DOWNLOAD
ktagebuch(freshmeat) KTagebuch KTagebuch is a diary program for KDE 3. It has ... DOWNLOAD
pymml(freshmeat) PyMML PyMML is a Python package for the statistical ... DOWNLOAD
myotis(freshmeat) Myotis Myotis is a CMS based on Cocoon and PostreSQL. ... DOWNLOAD
tof(freshmeat) tof Tof is a Web-based photo album. It is based on ... DOWNLOAD
ksubtitleripper(freshmeat) KSubtitleRipper KSubtitleRipper is a GUI for KDE to rip DVD sub... DOWNLOAD
guc(freshmeat) GUC GUC is a unit converter that was ported from sc... DOWNLOAD

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