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a_l_i_c_e_andaiml(freshmeat) A.L.I.C.E. and AIML The ALICE software implements AIML (Artificial ... DOWNLOAD
ravempgui(freshmeat) raveMPGui raveMP (portable mp3 player) support utilities ... DOWNLOAD
phone(freshmeat) Phone Linux internet phone and matching service. The ... DOWNLOAD
a_dbc(freshmeat) a_dbc Abstract Database Connector is a C/C++ library ... DOWNLOAD
netscapemailsynchroniser(freshmeat) Netscape Mail Synchroniser Netscape Mail Synchroniser synchronises the mai... DOWNLOAD
matwrap(freshmeat) Matwrap Matwrap is a SWIG-like tool for interfacing C++... DOWNLOAD
webtodo(freshmeat) WebTodo WebTodo is a Web-based todolist system that han... DOWNLOAD
fsql(freshmeat) fsql fsql is a GNU readline-enabled interface to Ora... DOWNLOAD
replicator(freshmeat) Replicator Replicator is a set of scripts to automate the ... DOWNLOAD
hexcolorgenerator(freshmeat) Hex Color Generator The Hex Color Generator uses a GTK+ Color Dialo... DOWNLOAD
cut2(freshmeat) cut2 cut2 writes to standard output selected parts o... DOWNLOAD
dpkg-sn(freshmeat) dpkg-sn dpkg-sn is a textual navigator for Debian/GNU L... DOWNLOAD
xgrc(freshmeat) xgrc GreatCircle (xgrc) plots the shortest path betw... DOWNLOAD
gtk-figlet(freshmeat) GTK-Figlet GTK-Figlet is a front end for figlet. DOWNLOAD
cronolog(freshmeat) cronolog cronolog reads log messages from its input and ... DOWNLOAD
pgppublickeyserver(freshmeat) PGP Public Key Server The PGP Public Key Server is an attempt to effi... DOWNLOAD
fweb(freshmeat) Fweb Literate-programming tool supporting C, C , For... DOWNLOAD
inapster(freshmeat) iNapster iNapster is a Web interface to the Napster netw... DOWNLOAD
jshell(freshmeat) JShell JShell is a UNIX-like shell written in Java, an... DOWNLOAD
epsutils(freshmeat) EpsUtils EpsUtils is a status monitor for Epson inkjet p... DOWNLOAD
nfs-server(freshmeat) nfs-server This package contains all the necessary program... DOWNLOAD
ttt_cgi(freshmeat) ttt.cgi ttt.cgi is a Perl/CGI version of Tic Tac Toe. Y... DOWNLOAD
rtld(freshmeat) rtld rtld is a server for the Remote Translation Ser... DOWNLOAD
wolx(freshmeat) WolX WolX is a KDE graphical client for the Remote T... DOWNLOAD
rheinturm(freshmeat) RheinTurm RheinTurm provides virtual copy of the tower in... DOWNLOAD
mpcut(freshmeat) mpcut This program allows you to visualise the power ... DOWNLOAD
rt_com(freshmeat) rt_com rt_com provides an easy interface to the serial... DOWNLOAD
httpf(freshmeat) httpf httpf is a WWW security proxy. It filters the c... DOWNLOAD
pixir-remoteproject(freshmeat) pix IR-remote project pix IR remote project allows you to remotely co... DOWNLOAD
icq7com(freshmeat) icq7com icq7com is a utility for the Icom IC-Q7 mini ha... DOWNLOAD
spectemu(freshmeat) spectemu Spectemu is a fast and nearly perfect emulation... DOWNLOAD
bluetile(freshmeat) bluetile bluetile is a board game that runs on X. The ob... DOWNLOAD
fnsam(freshmeat) fnsam fnsam is a Ghostscript font browser that create... DOWNLOAD
genps(freshmeat) genps genps uses PostScript in a genetic algorithm to... DOWNLOAD
for2latex(freshmeat) for2latex for2latex is a Perl script that translates FORT... DOWNLOAD
tklogspy(freshmeat) TkLogSpy TkLogSpy is a simple and light graphical tile w... DOWNLOAD
slackman(freshmeat) SlackMan SlackMan is a GNOME-based package manager for S... DOWNLOAD
sauronlinuxbbs(freshmeat) Sauron Linux BBS Sauron Linux BBS is a telnet-based, multi-user,... DOWNLOAD
mynewssiteconfigurator(freshmeat) myNewsSite Configurator myNewsSite Configurator is a GNOME program that... DOWNLOAD
sportwireanpaxmlparser(freshmeat) Sportwire ANPA/XML Parser Sportwire contains the essential components to ... DOWNLOAD
frazierwall(freshmeat) FrazierWall FrazierWall Linux is a single floppy distributi... DOWNLOAD
enbug(freshmeat) EnBug EnBug is useful for when you have to fix a DOS ... DOWNLOAD
junkfilter(freshmeat) junkfilter junkfilter is a procmail-based spam filtering s... DOWNLOAD
gulog(freshmeat) gulog gulog is a GTK UUCP log and traffic monitor. It... DOWNLOAD
multidialnet(freshmeat) Multidialnet Multidialnet is a curses-based tool that runs o... DOWNLOAD
pygtksshtunnelmanager(freshmeat) Tunnel Manager Tunnel Manager is a program that manages regula... DOWNLOAD
agora(freshmeat) Agora Agora is a Web-based, threaded discussion tool,... DOWNLOAD
filecache(freshmeat) File::Cache File::Cache is a Perl module that enables the s... DOWNLOAD
matlisp(freshmeat) MatLisp MatLisp is a set of CLOS classes for handling m... DOWNLOAD
webcorbascript(freshmeat) Web CorbaScript Web CorbaScript is a CGI processor for CorbaScr... DOWNLOAD
vaclustermanager(freshmeat) VA Cluster Manager VA Cluster Manager, or VACM (pronounced Va-cuum... DOWNLOAD
classmemory(freshmeat) Class Memory Class Memory is a C++ class that greatly simpli... DOWNLOAD
gtodo(freshmeat) gtodo gtodo manages your list(s) of things to do. Bes... DOWNLOAD
similarreceiver(freshmeat) SimilarReceiver SimilarReceiver sets up your mailer so that all... DOWNLOAD
pstree(freshmeat) pstree pstree is a utility which displays running proc... DOWNLOAD
oophplib(freshmeat) OOPHPLib OOPHPLib is an object oriented library, written... DOWNLOAD
pnidentd(freshmeat) pnidentd pnidentd (paranoia ident daemon) is another ide... DOWNLOAD
eftp(freshmeat) EFTP EFTP is a backwards-compatible server and clien... DOWNLOAD
xtetris(freshmeat) xtetris XTetris is the oldest implementation of Tetris ... DOWNLOAD
autorip(freshmeat) AutoRip Autorip is a non-interactive front end for mp3 ... DOWNLOAD
pygss(freshmeat) PyGSS PyGSS is a Python wrapper interface over MIT's ... DOWNLOAD
web(freshmeat) WEB WEB is an HTML preprocessor. It puts together w... DOWNLOAD
dina(freshmeat) Dina Dina lets you put any commands and languages in... DOWNLOAD
homac(freshmeat) HoMaC HMC manages hundred of hosting sites with a sin... DOWNLOAD
weather(freshmeat) weather Weather is a PHP tool to display the weather of... DOWNLOAD
loadsharing-failover(freshmeat) loadsharing-failover Loadsharing-failover is a BIND8/DNS based loads... DOWNLOAD
qscan(freshmeat) qscan qscan is a Perl script which enables Sendmail t... DOWNLOAD
kpgpcrypt(freshmeat) KPGPCrypt A PGP 5.xx, PGP 6.xx and GPG 1.xx graphic shell... DOWNLOAD
xwchoice(freshmeat) xwChoice xwChoice is a little libXaw program to write sh... DOWNLOAD
slash2mail(freshmeat) slash2mail slash2mail is a slashdot-to-email gateway that ... DOWNLOAD
htmelt(freshmeat) HTMelt htmelt is a program that 'melts' multiple htmls... DOWNLOAD
kwav2cd(freshmeat) KWav2CD Kwav2cd is a CDRDao frontend to create audio CD... DOWNLOAD
kwc(freshmeat) KWC KWC (Key Width Calculator) calculates the bit c... DOWNLOAD
kwoodhammer(freshmeat) KWoodhammer KWoodhammer encrypts messages in the enigma cyp... DOWNLOAD
kxmms(freshmeat) Kxmms KXMMS is a small dock app for XMMS. It sits in ... DOWNLOAD
ky(freshmeat) Ky Ky is a KDE version of the useful unix utility ... DOWNLOAD
lada(freshmeat) LaDa LaDa is a program to make it easier to play dar... DOWNLOAD
lando(freshmeat) lando lando is a command execution system for UNIX. I... DOWNLOAD
langtonsant(freshmeat) Langton's Ant Langton's Ant is an example of a finite-state c... DOWNLOAD
lanlord(freshmeat) Lanlord Lanlord is a CGI-generated dhcpd lease reportin... DOWNLOAD
latencytest(freshmeat) latencytest latencytest allows one to benchmark scheduling ... DOWNLOAD
launcher(freshmeat) Launcher Launcher is an all-in-one file handling solutio... DOWNLOAD
lbpool(freshmeat) LBPool LBPool (Load Balanced Pool) is a Java database ... DOWNLOAD
lcccd14(freshmeat) lcccd14 lcccd14 is a kernel driver that gives normal us... DOWNLOAD
seti-lcd(freshmeat) LCDproc-Client for SETI@home This LCDproc client displays SETI@home status d... DOWNLOAD
ldapclassforphp(freshmeat) LDAP Class for PHP The LDAP class for PHP is an easy way to interf... DOWNLOAD
ldap-abook(freshmeat) ldap-abook ldap-abook is an LDAP-based addressbook applica... DOWNLOAD
ldapconf(freshmeat) ldapconf Ldapconf is a linuxconf module providing dialog... DOWNLOAD
lde(freshmeat) LDE LDE allows you to view some Linux filesystems (... DOWNLOAD
lesursis(freshmeat) Le Sursis Le Sursis is a set of Common Lisp packages to f... DOWNLOAD
leanweb(freshmeat) LeanWeb LeanWeb is a tool for removing user-defined par... DOWNLOAD
ledsm(freshmeat) Ledsm Ledsm is a command line program that displays c... DOWNLOAD
leetnux(freshmeat) Leetnux Leetnux is a Linux distribution specifically de... DOWNLOAD
lemon(freshmeat) Lemon The Lemon program is an LALR(1) parser generato... DOWNLOAD
leocad(freshmeat) LeoCAD LeoCAD is a CAD application that uses plastic b... DOWNLOAD
lexiwordprocessor(freshmeat) Lexi Word Processor Lexi is a Java 2-based MDI word processor. It s... DOWNLOAD
c2050(freshmeat) Lexmark 2050 Color Linux Driver The Lexmark 2050 Color Linux Driver is a 300dpi... DOWNLOAD
lexmark3200driver(freshmeat) Lexmark 3200 driver This is a Ghostscript driver for the Lexmark 32... DOWNLOAD
lhinv(freshmeat) lhinv Lhinv 1.1 is a version of IRIX hinv for linux s... DOWNLOAD
libastronomy(freshmeat) libAstronomy libAstronomy provides a set of astronomical rou... DOWNLOAD

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