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nis-utilsandpam_keylogin(freshmeat) nis-utils and pam_keylogin This package's NIS+ implementation is based on ... DOWNLOAD
nmix(freshmeat) nmix nmix is an ncurses mixer with device detection ... DOWNLOAD
nosh(freshmeat) NO SHell NOSH is a program that logs to a file, or sends... DOWNLOAD
nodupmail(freshmeat) nodupmail nodupmail is a procmail-based filtering system ... DOWNLOAD
noink(freshmeat) Noink Noink was designed as a Web-based image server ... DOWNLOAD
nokialogoeditor(freshmeat) Nokia Logo Editor Nokia Logo Editor allows you to edit nol and ng... DOWNLOAD
nope(freshmeat) Nope Nope is an Open Source, lightweight alternative... DOWNLOAD
nopvec(freshmeat) Noptec Vector Noptec Vector is an implementation of a bitmap ... DOWNLOAD
notify(freshmeat) notify Notify lets you notify the visitors of your web... DOWNLOAD
notifyme(freshmeat) NotifyMe NotifyMe is a small and simple console utility ... DOWNLOAD
notwhoami(freshmeat) notwhoami notwhoami generates a random name, address, pho... DOWNLOAD
nscache(freshmeat) nscache nscache is a simple program to browse the Netsc... DOWNLOAD
nsite(freshmeat) nSite nSite generates site maps for a given WWW site.... DOWNLOAD
nslisten(freshmeat) nsListen nsListen turns a click on a shoutcast or icecas... DOWNLOAD
nstopine(freshmeat) NStoPine NStoPine converts files that are in Netscape's ... DOWNLOAD
nstreams(freshmeat) nstreams nstreams is a program that analyzes the network... DOWNLOAD
nubellclient(freshmeat) Nubell Client Nubell Client is a Novell Netware Client for Un... DOWNLOAD
nuclinux(freshmeat) Nuclinux Nuclinux is a single-floppy Linux mini-distribu... DOWNLOAD
nuitarispromisance(freshmeat) Nuitari's Promisance Promisance is a Web-based strategy game, based ... DOWNLOAD
ntbc(freshmeat) Number Theoretic bc Number Theoretic bc is a fast prototyping scrip... DOWNLOAD
nunenewsscript(freshmeat) NUNE News Script NUNE is a powerful news script which features c... DOWNLOAD
nwd(freshmeat) NWD NWD implements a network block device. Unlike N... DOWNLOAD
nwfiir(freshmeat) nwfiir nwfiir and its accompanying software wfird allo... DOWNLOAD
nycd(freshmeat) nycd nycd is a Linux port of a Thaumaturge demo for ... DOWNLOAD
o2x(freshmeat) o2x o2x converts emacs outline mode files to XML. DOWNLOAD
obsidian(freshmeat) Obsidian Obsidian is an extensible virtual world system ... DOWNLOAD
oci8py(freshmeat) oci8py The Oracle 8 Python Interface (oci8py) is a Pyt... DOWNLOAD
oddas-linux(freshmeat) ODDAS-Linux Open Distributed Data Acquisition System Linux ... DOWNLOAD
ods(freshmeat) ODS ODS (Open Digital Support) is a library and uti... DOWNLOAD
oolaboola(freshmeat) oolaboola This cyber-shamanic noise-maker allows you to m... DOWNLOAD
opaldircommand(freshmeat) OpaL dir command The OpaL dir command a Perl script that is simi... DOWNLOAD
omlcs(freshmeat) OpaL Markup Language Content System OpaL Markup Language Content System is a system... DOWNLOAD
opalmirrortool(freshmeat) OpaL Mirror Tool OMT is a simple script for mirroring Web pages ... DOWNLOAD
openaureal(freshmeat) Open Aureal Linux Driver This is a fork of Aureal's own soundcard driver... DOWNLOAD
openinventor(freshmeat) Open Inventor Open Inventor is a 3D graphics toolkit for deve... DOWNLOAD
openjavaextensions-infobus(freshmeat) Open Java Extensions - InfoBus Open Java Extensions (OJE) provides clean-room ... DOWNLOAD
openjavaextensions-jaf(freshmeat) Open Java Extensions - JAF Open Java Extensions(OJE) provides clean-room i... DOWNLOAD
opencd(freshmeat) OpenCD OpenCD is a directory changer. It will change y... DOWNLOAD
openglclasslibrary(freshmeat) OpenGL Class Library The OpenGL Class Library is intented to be a se... DOWNLOAD
opentab(freshmeat) OpenTab OpenTab is a client/server model used for searc... DOWNLOAD
openuniverse(freshmeat) OpenUniverse OpenUnivers creates a visual simulation of the ... DOWNLOAD
orac(freshmeat) Orac Orac is a GUI tool for Database Administrators ... DOWNLOAD
oracledump(freshmeat) oracledump oracledump is a command-line tool that dumps Or... DOWNLOAD
orbitcpp(freshmeat) ORBit C++ ORBit-C++ is an implementation of the Corba C++... DOWNLOAD
orbitviewer(freshmeat) OrbitViewer OrbitViewer is an interactive applet that displ... DOWNLOAD
oskit(freshmeat) OSKit OSKit is a development kit lets you easily buil... DOWNLOAD
outman(freshmeat) OutMan Outman manages output from command line tools (... DOWNLOAD
overflow-thegame(freshmeat) Overflow - The Game Overflow is a board game for two players or one... DOWNLOAD
pabxmon(freshmeat) PABX Monitoring System PABX Monitoring System is a utility that monito... DOWNLOAD
packprint(freshmeat) PackPrint PackPrint is a program to parse and print out e... DOWNLOAD
paddle3d(freshmeat) Paddle Bounce 3D Paddle Bounce 3D is a simple Pong clone, but in... DOWNLOAD
paddress(freshmeat) PAddress PAddress is a simple address book application. DOWNLOAD
pagecast(freshmeat) Pagecast Pagecast submits lists of URLs to various searc... DOWNLOAD
pail(freshmeat) Pail Pail is an email client written in Perl. DOWNLOAD
painlinuxloader(freshmeat) PAiN Linux Loader PAiN is a diskmag related to the Swiss Demoscen... DOWNLOAD
palmosemulatorhowto(freshmeat) Palm OS Emulator Howto The Palm OS Emulator HOWTO guides users through... DOWNLOAD
palm-ldap(freshmeat) Palm-LDAP Palm-Ldap is an attempt to create a link betwee... DOWNLOAD
palmampforxmms(freshmeat) palmamp for XMMS palmamp for XMMS is an XMMS plugin to allow it ... DOWNLOAD
palmdoc(freshmeat) palmdoc Palmdoc, inspired by javadoc, is a Perl program... DOWNLOAD
palmimage(freshmeat) PalmImage PalmImage is a Java GUI/CLI application to conv... DOWNLOAD
palmlib(freshmeat) palmlib PalmLib is a set of functions that allow you to... DOWNLOAD
palm-db-tools(freshmeat) PalmOS Flat-File Database Utilities The PalmOS Flat-File Database Utilities allow y... DOWNLOAD
pasmon(freshmeat) pasmon pasmon is a graphical passive network monitor. ... DOWNLOAD
pat2pdf(freshmeat) pat2pdf pat2pdf automatically fetches patent TIFF image... DOWNLOAD
paula(freshmeat) PaulA PaulA intends to be a (lib)CIM-based administra... DOWNLOAD
pcscresourcemanager(freshmeat) PC/SC Resource Manager PC/SC Resource Manager allows users to write sm... DOWNLOAD
pcom-phpcommander(freshmeat) Pcom - php commander Pcom is a PHP-driven webtelnet, that is, a web ... DOWNLOAD
pcp-puzzle(freshmeat) PCP-Puzzle PCP-Puzzle is a theoretical puzzle game based o... DOWNLOAD
pctail(freshmeat) pctail Python Colorized Tail is a script that tails an... DOWNLOAD
pdq(freshmeat) pdq pdq is a direct replacement of lpr. Adding and ... DOWNLOAD
peachpit(freshmeat) peachpit Peachpit is an automated "tarpit" uti... DOWNLOAD
peagnut(freshmeat) PeaGnut PeaGnut is a Gnutella client which allows rewri... DOWNLOAD
pentiumgcc(freshmeat) PentiumGCC PentiumGCC is a branch of GCC (the GNU Compiler... DOWNLOAD
birthdays_pl(freshmeat) PERL Birthday Reminder Birthday Reminder is a Perl script that reads t... DOWNLOAD
perlchat(freshmeat) Perl Chat Perl Chat consists of a client and a server, bo... DOWNLOAD
perlwebutilities(freshmeat) Perl Web Utilities PLUtils is a set of Perl scripts and modules de... DOWNLOAD
perl-gps(freshmeat) perl-GPS Perl-GPS is a Perl module that gives access to ... DOWNLOAD
vfs(freshmeat) VFS VFS is a Virtual FileSystem written in PHP. It ... DOWNLOAD
perlbeans(freshmeat) PerlBeans Perl Beans is an implementation of the Java Bea... DOWNLOAD
perldap(freshmeat) perldap PerLDAP is a set of modules written in Perl and... DOWNLOAD
perldbgui(freshmeat) perldbgui perldbgui is a GUI for the standard Perl debugg... DOWNLOAD
perledialout(freshmeat) Perle dialout Perle dialout allows you to dialout from one of... DOWNLOAD
perlseti(freshmeat) PerlSETI PerlSETI is a GUI front end for the SETI@home c... DOWNLOAD
perlwebserver(freshmeat) PerlWebServer PerlWebServer is very simple to use and configu... DOWNLOAD
permute(freshmeat) permute Permute is a simple program to read lines from ... DOWNLOAD
petey(freshmeat) Petey Petey is similar to fortune but with different ... DOWNLOAD
pgpforwarder(freshmeat) pgpforwarder pgpforwarder is a Perl server that accepts plai... DOWNLOAD
pgpgpg(freshmeat) pgpgpg Pgpgpg is a wrapper which takes PGP 2.6 command... DOWNLOAD
pgppipe(freshmeat) pgppipe PGP Pipe allows encrypting a data stream of arb... DOWNLOAD
phluid(freshmeat) Phluid Window Manager Phluid is a window manager that emphasizes effi... DOWNLOAD
phonebook_php3(freshmeat) Phonebook.php Phonebook.php is designed for large companies w... DOWNLOAD
photo(freshmeat) Photo Collection Photo Collection is a Web-based picture organiz... DOWNLOAD
photoarchive(freshmeat) photoarchive photoarchive allows you to organize your person... DOWNLOAD
phpbind(freshmeat) PHP Bind PHP Bind is a fully self-contained PHP class fo... DOWNLOAD
firstpost(freshmeat) PHP FirstPost PHP FirstPost is yet another PHP weblog. It is ... DOWNLOAD
phppicturevotingbooth(freshmeat) PHP Picture Voting Booth The PHP picture voting booth allows your websit... DOWNLOAD
phpsubmit(freshmeat) PHP Submit PHP Submit is a script which can be used for in... DOWNLOAD
php-stream(freshmeat) php-stream php-stream is a front end for the stream-db ice... DOWNLOAD
php-x10(freshmeat) PHP-x10 PHP-x10 is a PHP interface to the BottleRocket ... DOWNLOAD
phpcal(freshmeat) PHPCal PHPCal is a configurable library for generating... DOWNLOAD

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