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smblogin(freshmeat) Samba Login Script Management Module for Webmin smblogin is a module for webmin. It allows the ... DOWNLOAD
sambaconfig(freshmeat) Sambaconfig Sambaconfig is a collection of cgi scripts, whi... DOWNLOAD
samsung_dump(freshmeat) Samsung DigiMax 800k Image Grabber The Samsung DigiMax 800k Image Grabber is is a ... DOWNLOAD
ml85p(freshmeat) Samsung ML-85G Printer driver This Samsung ML-85G printer driver can print at... DOWNLOAD
sansaaiff(freshmeat) sansa:AIFF sansa:AIFF is a Java package for reading and wr... DOWNLOAD
sapphire(freshmeat) Sapphire Sapphire is a small X window manager. It's mini... DOWNLOAD
sary(freshmeat) Sary Sary is a suffix array library and tools. It pr... DOWNLOAD
sauce(freshmeat) SAUCE SAUCE (Software Against Unsolicited Commercial ... DOWNLOAD
savebuddy(freshmeat) SaveBuddy SaveBuddy is a GAIM plugin that saves your budd... DOWNLOAD
sawfish_el(freshmeat) sawfish.el sawfish.el is a GNU Emacs programming mode for ... DOWNLOAD
sblive(freshmeat) sblive sblive is a Linux Driver for the Creative Labs ... DOWNLOAD
scandetect(freshmeat) Scan Detect Scan Detect listens on a given TCP port. If a h... DOWNLOAD
scandns_pl(freshmeat) is a command line script which will ... DOWNLOAD
scarse(freshmeat) Scanner CAlibration ReaSonably Easy Scarse is a color calibration and management so... DOWNLOAD
score_time(freshmeat) score_time Given a set of time spans, score_time will prod... DOWNLOAD
screen-shooter(freshmeat) Screen-Shooter Screen-shooter is a Gnome applet which sits on ... DOWNLOAD
scripteditor(freshmeat) Script Editor The Script Editor is a Mozilla-based applicatio... DOWNLOAD
scriptwriter(freshmeat) ScriptWriter ScriptWriter is a cross-platform Open Source wo... DOWNLOAD
scroller(freshmeat) scroller Scroller is a replacement for the command "... DOWNLOAD
scrudgeware(freshmeat) ScrudgeWare ScrudgeWare is a 100% GPL (or other freely lice... DOWNLOAD
searchforms(freshmeat) SearchForms SearchForms is a modular system for creating HT... DOWNLOAD
seatris(freshmeat) seatris seatris is a tetris clone. It features colour, ... DOWNLOAD
seattlefirewall(freshmeat) Seattle Firewall The Seattle Firewall is an ipchains firewall th... DOWNLOAD
secureremotepasswordprotocol(freshmeat) Secure Remote Password Protocol Secure Remote Password (SRP) is a password-base... DOWNLOAD
sendmail-tls(freshmeat) sendmail-tls Sendmail-TLS is a wrapper for Sendmail which al... DOWNLOAD
sense(freshmeat) SENSE SENSE is a highly portable, all software DSM sy... DOWNLOAD
serproxy(freshmeat) serproxy Serproxy is a multi-threaded proxy program for ... DOWNLOAD
setimonitor(freshmeat) SETI@home plugin for GKrellM This is a SETI@home monitor plugin for GKrellM.... DOWNLOAD
setiherder(freshmeat) setiherder setiherder is a GTK+ interface to monitor and c... DOWNLOAD
setmyip(freshmeat) setMyip setMyip is a perl client for the '' ser... DOWNLOAD
loki_setup(freshmeat) Loki Setup Loki Setup is a graphical installer for Unix ap... DOWNLOAD
setv4l(freshmeat) setv4l setv4l is a simple command line tool for changi... DOWNLOAD
seyon(freshmeat) seyon Seyon is a complete full-featured telecommunica... DOWNLOAD
sfidirector(freshmeat) SFI Director SFI Director is a tool for managing distributed... DOWNLOAD
sgalaalive(freshmeat) sgalaAlive sgalaAlive checks the correct running of a pool... DOWNLOAD
sgalapop3(freshmeat) sgalaPOP3 sgalaPOP3 fetches the number of messages on a c... DOWNLOAD
sh-httpd(freshmeat) sh-httpd sh-httpd is a shell script-based Web server tha... DOWNLOAD
sharesecret(freshmeat) sharesecret Given a threshold t, sharesecret splits a secre... DOWNLOAD
sharewatch(freshmeat) ShareWatch ShareWatch is a client/server utility that keep... DOWNLOAD
sharity-light(freshmeat) Sharity-Light Sharity-Light for Linux is derived from smbfs, ... DOWNLOAD
shasum(freshmeat) shasum shasum generates file hashes using the Secure H... DOWNLOAD
shepherd(freshmeat) Shepherd Shepherd daemon uses SNMP to periodically get a... DOWNLOAD
shohei(freshmeat) Shohei Mail Shohei is a multi-language, multi-function, mul... DOWNLOAD
siden(freshmeat) SIDEN SIDEN is a distributed network discovery tool u... DOWNLOAD
sifi(freshmeat) sifi The SINUS Firewall is a TCP/IP packet filter fo... DOWNLOAD
signature(freshmeat) signature signature produces dynamic signatures for liven... DOWNLOAD
sii_printpbm(freshmeat) sii_printpbm sii_printpbm allows you to print PBM files to t... DOWNLOAD
sdms(freshmeat) Simple Document Management System SDMS uses PHP to provide you with a pretty inte... DOWNLOAD
simpleproxy(freshmeat) simpleproxy Simpleproxy program acts as simple TCP proxy. I... DOWNLOAD
sirofront(freshmeat) Sirofront Sirofront is a GTK frontend for, a P... DOWNLOAD
sitesize(freshmeat) Site Size Site Size is a simple Perl script which calcula... DOWNLOAD
sitedev(freshmeat) SiteDev SiteDev allows webmasters and other authorized ... DOWNLOAD
sitegrab(freshmeat) Sitegrab Sitegrab is a URL grabber that parses IRC logs ... DOWNLOAD
site_foundation(freshmeat) site_foundation site_foundation is a "post-your-story-here... DOWNLOAD
sixpack(freshmeat) sixpack Sixpack is a graphical and command-line biblio... DOWNLOAD
sked(freshmeat) Sked Sked is a small curses based calendar and sched... DOWNLOAD
skysound(freshmeat) SkySOUND SkySOUND is a free audio library built on top o... DOWNLOAD
sleezeball(freshmeat) SleezeBall SleezeBall is a redirector for Squid2 that repl... DOWNLOAD
slider(freshmeat) slider slider is a slide show generation program. DOWNLOAD
smalllinux(freshmeat) Small Linux Small Linux is is a micro distribution of Linux... DOWNLOAD
smartagger(freshmeat) SmarTagger SmarTagger tags and rename all the MP3 files of... DOWNLOAD
smartplay(freshmeat) SmartPlay SmartPlay is a Perl/GTK-based mpg123 frontend w... DOWNLOAD
smit(freshmeat) Smit Smit is an ARP-level transproxy/sniffer, capabl... DOWNLOAD
smixer(freshmeat) smixer smixer is a command-line and scriptable program... DOWNLOAD
smjpeg(freshmeat) SMJPEG SMJPEG, the SDL Motion JPEG Library, is able to... DOWNLOAD
smos(freshmeat) SMoS smos (send messages over SMS) can be used in co... DOWNLOAD
sms-mail(freshmeat) sms-mail Sms-mail reads SMS messages from a GSM modem an... DOWNLOAD
snac(freshmeat) SNAC SNAC's a Neat Algebraic Calculator for the GNOM... DOWNLOAD
snapper(freshmeat) Snapper Snapper is an XML-based application builder and... DOWNLOAD
snarf(freshmeat) snarf Snarf is a simple utility that is similar to wg... DOWNLOAD
snmp_monitor(freshmeat) snmp-monitor snmp-monitor provides a GUI display of routers ... DOWNLOAD
snoweb(freshmeat) Snoweb Snoweb lets you interactively edit noweb litera... DOWNLOAD
socksd(freshmeat) Socksd Socksd is a SOCKS 4/5 server. At this point, it... DOWNLOAD
solingerjavacracklib(freshmeat) SoLinger Java CrackLib Solinger Java Cracklib is the initial Java port... DOWNLOAD
somenews(freshmeat) SomeNEWS SomeNEWS fetches articles (all of them) from ho... DOWNLOAD
songprint(freshmeat) Songprint Songprint is a library that can identify any pi... DOWNLOAD
sonypcg-c1xspicturebookcamerac(freshmeat) Sony PCG-C1XS Picturebook Camera Capture The Sony PCG-C1XS Picturebook Camera Capture pr... DOWNLOAD
soppasswd(freshmeat) Sort-of-pronounceable-password generator Sort-of-pronounceable-password generator is a P... DOWNLOAD
soth(freshmeat) Soth DPE Soth is a distributed processing environment ru... DOWNLOAD
sourceforge(freshmeat) SourceForge SourceForge is an online Web application to ass... DOWNLOAD
spaceracer(freshmeat) Space Racer Space Racer is a 3D car racing game. The circui... DOWNLOAD
spamfilter(freshmeat) Spamfilter Spamfilter is meant to be used via the .qmail f... DOWNLOAD
spazz(freshmeat) Spazz Spazz is a simple and fast image viewer with an... DOWNLOAD
speechd(freshmeat) speechd speechd implements a /dev/speech device using e... DOWNLOAD
speyes(freshmeat) speyes South Park Eyes is a completely useless xeyes c... DOWNLOAD
spindex(freshmeat) SPINdex SPINdex is a Perl application designed to allow... DOWNLOAD
spiprog(freshmeat) spiprog SpiProg is a programmer for SPI (Serial Periphe... DOWNLOAD
spiralsynth(freshmeat) SpiralSynth Spiral Synth is a physically modelled polyphoni... DOWNLOAD
splash(freshmeat) SPLASH SPLASH, written in Common Lisp, provides a simp... DOWNLOAD
splitfire(freshmeat) SplitFire SplitFire is a very complete IRC script for EPI... DOWNLOAD
splitpea(freshmeat) splitpea splitpea is a command-line tool written in Pyth... DOWNLOAD
spmail(freshmeat) Spmail Spmail is a Web-based email client that allows ... DOWNLOAD
sportal(freshmeat) Sportal Sportal is made for people that need to know wh... DOWNLOAD
spruce(freshmeat) Spruce Spruce is an X11 email client written in GTK+. ... DOWNLOAD
sqlabstractionlayer(freshmeat) SQL Abstraction Layer The SQL Abstraction Layer (SAL) provides a set ... DOWNLOAD
sqlcounter(freshmeat) SQL Counter SQL Counter is a Roxen module that can be used ... DOWNLOAD
squidguard(freshmeat) squidGuard squidGuard is a free (GPL), flexible and ultra ... DOWNLOAD
squij(freshmeat) Squij Squij is a Python script to analyse and help tu... DOWNLOAD
ss5136dn(freshmeat) ss5136dn ss5136dn is a device driver and set of usefull ... DOWNLOAD
ssct(freshmeat) ssct ssct is a command-line utility, humble of inten... DOWNLOAD

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