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omms(freshmeat) Open Modular Message System OMMS is the Open Modular Message System. It use... DOWNLOAD
poppwd(freshmeat) poppwd poppwd implements the Eudora password changing ... DOWNLOAD
navsquare(freshmeat) navsquare Navsquare is a web tool to generate navigation ... DOWNLOAD
newmail(freshmeat) newmail newmail looks at mailboxes and determines if an... DOWNLOAD
luci(freshmeat) LUCI LUCI, written in Python, is a Universal Configu... DOWNLOAD
bounce_it(freshmeat) bOUNCE iT! bOUNCE iT! is a small oldschool demoscene intro... DOWNLOAD
websearcher(freshmeat) Web Searcher Web Searcher is an applet for GNOME that allows... DOWNLOAD
phpwebedit(freshmeat) PHPWebEdit PHPWebEdit is an applet text editor and file ma... DOWNLOAD
magicstats(freshmeat) MagicStats MagicStats is a Web server log analysis tool th... DOWNLOAD
perlcomposer(freshmeat) Perl Composer PerlComposer (formerly known as VisualPerl) is ... DOWNLOAD
pygresql(freshmeat) PyGreSQL PyGreSQL is a Python module that interfaces to ... DOWNLOAD
stripmime-alt(freshmeat) Stripmime-alt Stripmime removes non-MIME sections from email.... DOWNLOAD
winie(freshmeat) Winie Winie is a W3C network utility (implemented in ... DOWNLOAD
nc100em(freshmeat) nc100em nc100em is an Amstrad NC100/NC200 emulator; the... DOWNLOAD
dldialog(freshmeat) DLDialog DLDialog offers the capability to draw a variet... DOWNLOAD
signaturedb(freshmeat) SignatureDB SignatureDB is actually two components, an Inte... DOWNLOAD
kdao(freshmeat) KDisk-At-Once kdao (KDisk-At-Once) edits tables of content (T... DOWNLOAD
lilo-colors(freshmeat) Lilo-Colors Lilo-Colors is a patch to LILO 21 that enables ... DOWNLOAD
unrm(freshmeat) unrm unrm is a small shell utility which can, under ... DOWNLOAD
koog(freshmeat) Koog Epsilon Koog Epsilon is an integrated Napster client us... DOWNLOAD
stellashell(freshmeat) Stella Shell Stella Shell is a shell/GUI to allow easy selec... DOWNLOAD
efingerd(freshmeat) efingerd efingerd is a finger daemon which executes prog... DOWNLOAD
kbmon(freshmeat) KBMon KBMon is a bandwidth-monitor for local network ... DOWNLOAD
plauncher(freshmeat) pLauncher pLauncher allows you to centralize all of your ... DOWNLOAD
phpsched(freshmeat) phpSched phpSched is an application for the creation and... DOWNLOAD
khrono(freshmeat) khrono Khrono is a simple timer for KDE. It features a... DOWNLOAD
revava(freshmeat) revava revava is a single-pass disassembler that reads... DOWNLOAD
xmlrpctcl(freshmeat) XML-RPC for Tcl XML-RPC for Tcl is a Tcl implementation of XML-... DOWNLOAD
mod_dns(freshmeat) mod_dns mod_dns is an Apache module that provides effic... DOWNLOAD
autorun(freshmeat) autorun autorun automagically recognizes all available ... DOWNLOAD
regexx(freshmeat) Regexx Regexx is a complete regular expressions C++ so... DOWNLOAD
gnuoleo(freshmeat) GNU Oleo GNU Oleo is a lightweight spreadsheet applicati... DOWNLOAD
aee(freshmeat) aee aee is a text editor that is intended to be usa... DOWNLOAD
gradient-fu(freshmeat) gradient-fu gradient-fu is a patch for the GIMP that expose... DOWNLOAD
peepdb(freshmeat) PeepDB PeepDB is a Python module for working with PDB ... DOWNLOAD
surfd(freshmeat) Surfboard HTTPd Surfboard is a simple HTTP server. It supports ... DOWNLOAD
bc(freshmeat) bc bc' is an arbitrary precision calculator langua... DOWNLOAD
quotation-tools(freshmeat) quotation-tools quotation-tools contains Python code for parsin... DOWNLOAD
winux(freshmeat) Winux Winux is a graphical configuration interface fo... DOWNLOAD
irclog2html_pl(freshmeat) converts your IRC log files into... DOWNLOAD
smart(freshmeat) SMArT SMArT is a webconfig tool for MARS_NWE (a Novel... DOWNLOAD
dateit(freshmeat) PHP DateIt PHP DateIt is a calender where you can add appo... DOWNLOAD
plhtml(freshmeat) plhtml plhtml is a preprocessor for html documents. It... DOWNLOAD
razip(freshmeat) RAZip The RAZip bitstream format was designed to prov... DOWNLOAD
figurine(freshmeat) Figurine Figurine is an X11 editor for xfig FIG3.2-forma... DOWNLOAD
dancer(freshmeat) Dancer Dancer is a stable, low-profile, channel defend... DOWNLOAD
barque(freshmeat) Barque Barque is a Web Browser for GNOME. It is based ... DOWNLOAD
met(freshmeat) Matrix Expression Templates MET is a C++ matrix class library dealing with ... DOWNLOAD
flash5iolib(freshmeat) Flash 5 ioLib ioLib is a suite of tested, documented, open-so... DOWNLOAD
isdnpy(freshmeat) ISDN Py/GTK Dialer aims to be a simple, no-frills ISDN dia... DOWNLOAD
exch2mutt(freshmeat) exch2mutt exch2mutt converts the exported file of an MS E... DOWNLOAD
mdvi(freshmeat) MDVI MDVI is a library and a previewer for DVI files... DOWNLOAD
pibs(freshmeat) Personal Internet Broadcasting Script The Personal Internet Broadcasting Script (PIBS... DOWNLOAD
surfboard(freshmeat) Surfboard Surfboard is a filtering HTTP 1.1 proxy. It fea... DOWNLOAD
pygarmin(freshmeat) PyGarmin PyGarmin is a set of Python classes which imple... DOWNLOAD
rimiradio(freshmeat) RIMiRadio RIMiRadio is a floppy disk distro of Linux and ... DOWNLOAD
planhand(freshmeat) .plan Handler .plan Handler is a utility to facilitate time-s... DOWNLOAD
freebios(freshmeat) FreeBIOS freeBIOS is designed to be a generic open sourc... DOWNLOAD
quef(freshmeat) QUEF - QT Universal Emulator Frontend QUEF is a universal emulator frontend written i... DOWNLOAD
gnome-linuxconf(freshmeat) gnome-linuxconf gnome-linuxconf is a nice GTK-based graphical f... DOWNLOAD
dogdataorganizer(freshmeat) DOG Data Organizer DOG is a personal knowledge manager based on to... DOWNLOAD
romeo(freshmeat) Romeo Romeo is a tool for constructing customized Pal... DOWNLOAD
kphonecenter(freshmeat) Kphonecenter This is an application based on Rapidcom Voice ... DOWNLOAD
replex(freshmeat) Replex Replex is an administrative tool for managing e... DOWNLOAD
vagrant(freshmeat) VAGRANT - VA Graphing/Analysis Toolkit A graphing class that has one core graphing cla... DOWNLOAD
fdupes(freshmeat) fdupes FDUPES is a program for identifying or deleting... DOWNLOAD
desk0(freshmeat) desk0 desk0 allows you to remotely view any X display... DOWNLOAD
cliserv(freshmeat) CliServ Web Community CliServ is a modular Web-based community to all... DOWNLOAD
gut(freshmeat) Grand Unified Toolkit The "Grand Unified Toolkit" is a port... DOWNLOAD
rtf2latex2e(freshmeat) rtf2latex2e rtf2latex2e is an utility to convert RTF files ... DOWNLOAD
log2mail(freshmeat) log2mail log2mail sends an email to a specified address ... DOWNLOAD
tradeclient(freshmeat) TradeClient TradeClient is a UNIX mail client and personal ... DOWNLOAD
multidb(freshmeat) Multiple Database Factory Class Multidb is a factory class that generates objec... DOWNLOAD
darkcodex(freshmeat) DarkCodex DarkCodex is a direct translation of WWWThreads... DOWNLOAD
decision_tree_hierarchy(freshmeat) decision tree hierarchy decision_tree_hierarchy produces a decision tre... DOWNLOAD
pdamirror(freshmeat) PDA Mirror PDA Mirror turns the entire screen on your PDA ... DOWNLOAD
kaweth(freshmeat) kaweth Kaweth is a driver for Kawasaki KL5KUSB101 base... DOWNLOAD
crack-attack(freshmeat) Crack Attack! A puzzle/action game in which you rush to elimi... DOWNLOAD
syntex(freshmeat) SyNTeX - Syntactic tree drawing program SyNTeX is a LaTeX preprocessor that draws synta... DOWNLOAD
dim(freshmeat) dim - directory image "dim," short for "directory imag... DOWNLOAD
chatlet(freshmeat) Chatlet IRC Gateway Chatlet is an applet / servlet gateway to IRC. ... DOWNLOAD
joint(freshmeat) Joint Middleware Server Joint is a competent middleware server that sup... DOWNLOAD
qdj(freshmeat) qdj A Qt-based application to control the GlobeCom ... DOWNLOAD
trace2perl(freshmeat) trace2perl trace2perl is a Perl utility which takes Oracle... DOWNLOAD
tinypopupdb(freshmeat) tinypopupdb Tinypopupdb is a plugin for X-Chat that generat... DOWNLOAD
ithought(freshmeat) ithought ithought is a personal thought manager, allowin... DOWNLOAD
cryptixsasl(freshmeat) Cryptix SASL The Cryptix SASL Library is an implementation o... DOWNLOAD
photoshelf(freshmeat) PhotoShelf PhotoShelf is a complete Web-based system for a... DOWNLOAD
boardstatus(freshmeat) BoardStatus Boardstatus is a Web-CGI/PostgreSQL database to... DOWNLOAD
mozmp(freshmeat) Mozilla Media Player The Mozilla Media Player is an audio and video ... DOWNLOAD
xtemplate(freshmeat) XTemplate XTemplate is a template engine for PHP which al... DOWNLOAD
palm-bookmarks(freshmeat) palm-bookmarks palm-bookmarks parses the bookmarks file of Net... DOWNLOAD
pam_smbpass(freshmeat) pam_smbpass pam_smbpass is a stackable PAM module for Linux... DOWNLOAD
seecommerce(freshmeat) See-Commerce See-Commerce is a completely modular solution f... DOWNLOAD
amf(freshmeat) amf amf is an mpg123 frontend that mixes tunes and ... DOWNLOAD
sdlroids(freshmeat) SDLRoids SDLRoids is essentially an Asteroids clone, but... DOWNLOAD
wmlpq(freshmeat) wmlpq wmlpq is an WindowMaker docking utility which g... DOWNLOAD
mailmgr(freshmeat) mailmgr Sendmail analisys report generator parses the ... DOWNLOAD
hlmaps(freshmeat) HLmaps HLmaps is a pair of Perl/CGI scripts for Half-L... DOWNLOAD
libfreenet(freshmeat) libfreenet libfreenet is a Freenet library written in C. DOWNLOAD

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