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mmusbaudio(freshmeat) MMUSBAUDIO MMUSBAUDIO is a Linux kernel module device driv... DOWNLOAD
web-gallery(freshmeat) web-gallery web-gallery is a Perl script that builds web ve... DOWNLOAD
enloop(freshmeat) Enhanced Linux Loopback Driver Enhanced Linux Loopback Driver is a version of ... DOWNLOAD
jzbd(freshmeat) jzbd jzbd is a Java implementation of the Zebedee se... DOWNLOAD
tclex(freshmeat) tcLex tcLex is a lexer (lexical analyzer) generator ... DOWNLOAD
tik(freshmeat) TiK TiK is a pure TCL/Tk implementation of AOL Inst... DOWNLOAD
sqlbrowser(freshmeat) SqlBrowser SqlBrowser is a python-wx Windows GUI to browse... DOWNLOAD
useripacct(freshmeat) UserIPAcct UserIPacct introduces a new policy mechanism th... DOWNLOAD
phnntp(freshmeat) phNNTP phNNTP is a web-based NNTP web portal, built wi... DOWNLOAD
maehan(freshmeat) Maehan Maehan is a small, fast, offline templating sys... DOWNLOAD
wm2kde(freshmeat) wm2kde wm2kde converts the menu from Window Maker to K... DOWNLOAD
jellybean(freshmeat) Jellybean Jellybean is a Perl Object server that allows p... DOWNLOAD
xbase(freshmeat) Xbase Xbase (formerly known as xdb) is an XBase compa... DOWNLOAD
openkickoff(freshmeat) OpenKickOff OpenKickOff is a project to develop a free, Ope... DOWNLOAD
thumbnail(freshmeat) thumbnail thumbnail creates thumbnail images with 10,000 ... DOWNLOAD
rssbot(freshmeat) RSSbot RSSbot uses SandStorm and the SandStorm::RSS c... DOWNLOAD
cplant(freshmeat) Cplant Cplant (tm) is a collection of code designed wi... DOWNLOAD
pvm++(freshmeat) PVM++ The PVM++ library provides an easy way to progr... DOWNLOAD
sce(freshmeat) Scalable Cluster Environment These software tools, called SCE (Scalable Comp... DOWNLOAD
kcrypto(freshmeat) KCrypto KCrypto is a KDE2 file encryptor. It uses the R... DOWNLOAD
impress(freshmeat) ImPress ImPress allows you to create good quality docum... DOWNLOAD
soappy(freshmeat) is an implementation of SOAP (Simple Ob... DOWNLOAD
twutils(freshmeat) twutils twutils is a collection of small utilities for ... DOWNLOAD
vpmopen(freshmeat) VPMOpen VPMOpen is an open circuit scuba decompression ... DOWNLOAD
trace_java(freshmeat) is a package used by Java programmer... DOWNLOAD
totalrecall(freshmeat) Total Recall Total Recall is a crash recovery and session hi... DOWNLOAD
glfract(freshmeat) GLfract GLfract uses the file format conventions of Eye... DOWNLOAD
rpms4java(freshmeat) RPMs for Java Development The RPMs for Java Development package helps you... DOWNLOAD
cpkg(freshmeat) CoolPackager CoolPackager is a program for developers which ... DOWNLOAD
icdprog(freshmeat) icdprog ICDPROG is a simple command line programmer for... DOWNLOAD
datareel(freshmeat) DataReel DataReel is a free, cross-platform database and... DOWNLOAD
fmd2ctl(freshmeat) SF16-FMD2 radio control program Fmd2ctl is a command line utility used to contr... DOWNLOAD
cdenc(freshmeat) cdenc cdenc lets you encode whole audio CDs in a spec... DOWNLOAD
urck(freshmeat) Ulric's Router Construction Kit Ulric's Router Construction Kit helps you creat... DOWNLOAD
escrambler(freshmeat) EScrambler - Email Address HTML Code Scrambler EScrambler - Email Address HTML Code Scrambler,... DOWNLOAD
postnet(freshmeat) POSTNET Hi! The past months I've been working on an id... DOWNLOAD
gtk-perl(freshmeat) Gtk-Perl Gtk-Perl is a collection of Perl modules that p... DOWNLOAD
kpf(freshmeat) KDE public fileserver The KDE Public Fileserver is an HTTP/1.1-compli... DOWNLOAD
gplaboutdialog_java(freshmeat) GPLAboutDialog is an extension of AbstractActio... DOWNLOAD
cinfo(freshmeat) cinfo With cinfo you can find out how much of a file ... DOWNLOAD
libgdome-ruby(freshmeat) libgdome-ruby libgdome-ruby is a Ruby extension that provides... DOWNLOAD
temperature_app(freshmeat) is a Window Maker applet which ... DOWNLOAD
chip(freshmeat) CHIP CHIP is a simple virtual machine that includes ... DOWNLOAD
sajberjukebox(freshmeat) The Sajber Jukebox Sajber Jukebox is a mpeg layer 3 player with a ... DOWNLOAD
mmake(freshmeat) mmake mmake will generate a Makefile for Java program... DOWNLOAD
libgdome-cpp(freshmeat) libgdome-cpp libgdome-cpp is a C++ library that provides the... DOWNLOAD
sciddebug(freshmeat) The SCID C Debugger The SCID debugger is a tool designed to help yo... DOWNLOAD
xpand(freshmeat) Xpand Xpand is a simple Python script with Glade GUI ... DOWNLOAD
widi(freshmeat) Who Is Doing It? Widi (Who Is Doing It?) is a Web-based system f... DOWNLOAD
opmixer(freshmeat) opMixer opMixer is a small program used to change the s... DOWNLOAD
smartupdate(freshmeat) Smart (MAME) Update Smart (MAME) Update will compare the checksums ... DOWNLOAD
gale(freshmeat) Gale Gale is an open-source messaging system. It pro... DOWNLOAD
dpcl(freshmeat) Dynamic Probe Class Library Dynamic Probe Class Library (DPCL) is an object... DOWNLOAD
omapper(freshmeat) OMapper OMapper provides a simple library to ease the p... DOWNLOAD
pong(freshmeat) PonG PonG is a library and a GUI tool for creating G... DOWNLOAD
phpdaymanage(freshmeat) PHPDayManage PHPDayManage lets you manage your day (tasks, p... DOWNLOAD
toshibapdr(freshmeat) toshibapdr toshibapdr is a command line client for communi... DOWNLOAD
mailadmin(freshmeat) Email Administration Utility The Email Administration Utilities package can ... DOWNLOAD
facile(freshmeat) FaCiLe FaCiLe is a constraint programming library over... DOWNLOAD
parcittox(freshmeat) Parcittox Parcittox is a clipboard manager with network s... DOWNLOAD
libvm68k(freshmeat) libvm68k libvm68k is an M68000 virtual machine library w... DOWNLOAD
auth_ldap(freshmeat) auth_ldap auth_ldap is an LDAP authentication module for ... DOWNLOAD
xirc(freshmeat) xIrc xIrc is a QT based IRC client featuring individ... DOWNLOAD
mod_python(freshmeat) mod_python Mod_python is an Apache module that embeds the ... DOWNLOAD
xtl(freshmeat) XTL The XTL (Externalization Template Library) is a... DOWNLOAD
yahp(freshmeat) Yahp Yahp is an HTML pre-processor. It's largely bas... DOWNLOAD
logn(freshmeat) login-notifier logn (login-notifier) notifies you about logins... DOWNLOAD
kapptemplate(freshmeat) KAppTemplate KAppTemplate is a set of modular shell scripts ... DOWNLOAD
econtrol(freshmeat) EggControl EggControl is a TCL\TK Graphical User Interface... DOWNLOAD
dissocstudio(freshmeat) Dissociated Studio Dissociated Studio plays through a piece of mus... DOWNLOAD
gkvoice(freshmeat) gvoice gvoice enables other GKrellM plugins to use the... DOWNLOAD
gvacm(freshmeat) gvacm gvacm is a VACM plugin for GKrellM that allows ... DOWNLOAD
glogwatch(freshmeat) glogwatch glogwatch is a GKrellM plugin that alllows the ... DOWNLOAD
rebot3_pl(freshmeat) renames MP3 files that you have grabb... DOWNLOAD
kdc2tiff(freshmeat) kdc2tiff kdc2tiff is software to convert .kdc images fro... DOWNLOAD
toon(freshmeat) TooN TooN is a very efficient numerics library for C... DOWNLOAD
licen(freshmeat) Licen Licen is a multi platform permission backup too... DOWNLOAD
simplecdr(freshmeat) SimpleCDR SimpleCDR is a console-based, menu-driven front... DOWNLOAD
gaby(freshmeat) Gaby Gaby is a small personal database manager using... DOWNLOAD
tkweather(freshmeat) TkWeather TkWeather is a compact Tcl/Tk GUI that will acc... DOWNLOAD
seek42(freshmeat) Seek42 Seek42 is a fully featured search engine for SM... DOWNLOAD
dirwatch(freshmeat) Directory Watcher Directory Watcher was written to aid in the di... DOWNLOAD
sysinfophp(freshmeat) PHP System Information PHP System Information (pseudo class) is a col... DOWNLOAD
phpjournaler(freshmeat) PHPjournaler PHPjournaler is a PHP frontend and MySQL datab... DOWNLOAD
tt-news(freshmeat) TT-News TT-News (Tick Tick-News) is a news-ticker, writ... DOWNLOAD
recall(freshmeat) Recall Recall is a framework for writing distributed, ... DOWNLOAD
jrmpdownload(freshmeat) RMP Download for Java The RMP Downloader for Java is a library to do ... DOWNLOAD
queue_repair(freshmeat) queue_repair queue_repair can be used to check or correct mo... DOWNLOAD
vfp(freshmeat) vfp vfp (video for Pascal) is a Freepascal interfac... DOWNLOAD
xetoxe2(freshmeat) xetoxe2 xetoxe2 is a tool to convert the old XEphem xe ... DOWNLOAD
rubyx11(freshmeat) Ruby X11 Client Library The Ruby X11 Client Library is an object-orient... DOWNLOAD
jacksorbetter(freshmeat) JacksOrBetter JacksOrBetter is a simple video poker simulator... DOWNLOAD
gametimer(freshmeat) Game Timer Game Timer takes the place of a mechanical game... DOWNLOAD
pygs(freshmeat) PyGS PyGS (the Python Gopher Server) is an asynchron... DOWNLOAD
ps2tiffs(freshmeat) ps2tiffs ps2tiffs extracts the sampled images from a Pos... DOWNLOAD
scribbler(freshmeat) scribbler Scribbler is a quick, easy, minimalistic diary ... DOWNLOAD
mifit(freshmeat) Micro fitter Micro fitter searches the best approximation to... DOWNLOAD
netbiff(freshmeat) NetBiff Netbiff is an advanced version of the tradition... DOWNLOAD
s3dxml(freshmeat) s3dxml s3d is an XML schema for 3d scenes, objects, an... DOWNLOAD
gda-perl(freshmeat) GDA Perl Bindings The GDA Perl Module Library is a set of Perl bi... DOWNLOAD

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