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guideparser(freshmeat) GuideParser GuideParser gets TV listings data from two publ... DOWNLOAD
maes(freshmeat) MAES MÆS (an MP3 Audio Entertainment System) is a se... DOWNLOAD
emlog(freshmeat) emlog emlog is a Linux kernel module that makes it ea... DOWNLOAD
superzoom(freshmeat) superzoom superzoom zooms your pictures in very high qual... DOWNLOAD
proxy-report_pl(freshmeat) generates a list of requested s... DOWNLOAD
popy(freshmeat) PoPy PoPy is a Python driver for PostgreSQL 7.0. It ... DOWNLOAD
ibaccess(freshmeat) IBAccess Interbase administration tool IBAccess is an Interbase client application tha... DOWNLOAD
grubinvaders(freshmeat) GRUB Invaders GRUB Invaders is a game that runs directly on a... DOWNLOAD
jtop(freshmeat) J/Top J/Top is a desktop application, written in Java... DOWNLOAD
etc(freshmeat) ETC ETC is a tiny Linux distro and software for tur... DOWNLOAD
searchage(freshmeat) Searchage Chinese Morphological Analyzer SearchAge Chinese Morphological Analyzer is one... DOWNLOAD
jettalk(freshmeat) jettalk With jettalk multiple users can edit in a text ... DOWNLOAD
wadext2(freshmeat) wadext2 wadext2 extracts all the lumps of a wad to sep... DOWNLOAD
sdlmm(freshmeat) SDLmm SDLmm is a C++ glue library for SDL, or the Sim... DOWNLOAD
phpeinaus(freshmeat) PHP-EinnahmenAusgaben PHP-EinnahmenAusgaben is a PHP finance manager ... DOWNLOAD
irspider(freshmeat) irspider irspider is a Linux-based IRC smartbot. It is v... DOWNLOAD
mpsidl(freshmeat) MPSIDL MPS is a Message Passing System, similar to, bu... DOWNLOAD
dialog(freshmeat) Dialog Dialog lets you to present a variety of questio... DOWNLOAD
ensembl(freshmeat) Ensembl Ensembl is an open source project to create and... DOWNLOAD
sersniff(freshmeat) sersniff sersniff is a program for tunnelling/sniffing f... DOWNLOAD
nightingale(freshmeat) nightingale Nightingale allows you to cut a large WAV file ... DOWNLOAD
discdb(freshmeat) DiscDB DiscDB is a little program that will use MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
tkdvi(freshmeat) TkDVI TkDVI is a DVI previewer built with the Tcl/Tk ... DOWNLOAD
eglade(freshmeat) eglade eglade is an Eiffel code generator that parses ... DOWNLOAD
fsync(freshmeat) fsync Fsync is a Perl script which allows for file sy... DOWNLOAD
pykstat(freshmeat) PyKstat PyKstat is a Python interface to the Solaris ks... DOWNLOAD
procinfo(freshmeat) procinfo Procinfo is a package to allow you to get usefu... DOWNLOAD
cgiwrap(freshmeat) CGIWrap CGIWrap is a setuid wrapper that allows users t... DOWNLOAD
saprfc(freshmeat) SAP::Rfc This package is intended to facilitate RFC call... DOWNLOAD
dlh(freshmeat) dlh dlh is a fast LaTeX-to-HTML translator written ... DOWNLOAD
html2latex(freshmeat) html2latex html2latex is a Perl script to convert HTML to ... DOWNLOAD
tclads(freshmeat) Tcl Ad Banner System The Tcl Ad Banner System is a Web-based ad bann... DOWNLOAD
emperor(freshmeat) Emperor Emperor is a Commander-style (“orthodox”) file ... DOWNLOAD
planetfinder(freshmeat) Planet Finder Planet Finder is an applet that shows a map of ... DOWNLOAD
yaps(freshmeat) Yet another Pager Software YaPS (Yet anothewr Paging Software) is primaril... DOWNLOAD
phasiuodate(freshmeat) phasi - PHP Another System Info Phasi is another tool for system info written i... DOWNLOAD
bttvgrab(freshmeat) bttvgrab bttvgrab is a program for grabbing video sequen... DOWNLOAD
netview(freshmeat) netview netview lets you browse, mount, and unmount SMB... DOWNLOAD
jslib(freshmeat) JSLib JSlib is intended to reduce the current amount ... DOWNLOAD
ircu2(freshmeat) Universal ircd The Universal ircd (based originally on underne... DOWNLOAD
pmtolatex(freshmeat) pmtolatex Pmtolatex converts Adobe PageMaker documents t... DOWNLOAD
linuxvacation(freshmeat) Linux Vacation vacation is a port of the 386BSD vacation progr... DOWNLOAD
vptk(freshmeat) VP Toolkit The VP Toolkit is an Internet client/server C++... DOWNLOAD
install-log(freshmeat) install-log Simply run install-log immediately after doing ... DOWNLOAD
tidarque(freshmeat) Tidarque Tidarque is an open source VRML browser for Uni... DOWNLOAD
phpslice(freshmeat) PHPSlice PHPSlice is a fast, simple, and powerful dynami... DOWNLOAD
vsw(freshmeat) VSW The VSW test suites are tests for the X Window ... DOWNLOAD
uox3(freshmeat) Ultima Offline Experiment 3 Ultima Offline Experiment 3 (UOX3) is an Ultima... DOWNLOAD
libraftp(freshmeat) Libra FTP daemon Libra FTP daemon is an anonymous FTP server fo... DOWNLOAD
luafltk(freshmeat) Lua FLTK Lua FLTK is a binding of the FLTK widget set ... DOWNLOAD
perlantispamesmtpdsmtp(freshmeat) perl-esmtpd perl-esmtpd is an antispam, antivirus, and aut... DOWNLOAD
i810fb(freshmeat) i810 Console Framebuffer The i810 console framebuffer driver supporting ... DOWNLOAD
kfontinst(freshmeat) KFontinst KFontinst is a KDE-based TrueType and Type1 fon... DOWNLOAD
rplinterpreter(freshmeat) RPL interpreter RPL is a Perl module for parsing and executing ... DOWNLOAD
snakeme(freshmeat) SnakeMe SnakeMe is a beautiful and funny snake game. Yo... DOWNLOAD
phpicradius(freshmeat) phpicradius phpicradius is a direct port to PHP of radius.c... DOWNLOAD
gctb(freshmeat) GCTB GCTB is a basic accounting system developed wit... DOWNLOAD
uae(freshmeat) UAE UAE is a mostly complete software emulation of ... DOWNLOAD
blitz(freshmeat) Blitz++ library Blitz++ library moves high-level optimizations ... DOWNLOAD
kalich(freshmeat) Kalich Kalich is a complete set of TCL scripts for an ... DOWNLOAD
rmc2(freshmeat) Remote Methode Call Remote Methode Call is a project to enable call... DOWNLOAD
cdmt(freshmeat) CD-ROM Mastering Tool C.D.M.T. (CD-ROM Mastering Tool) is a bash scri... DOWNLOAD
kissme-classpath(freshmeat) kissme-classpath kissme-classpath is a package of the GNU Class... DOWNLOAD
openadapter(freshmeat) OpenAdapter Openadaptor is Java/XML-based EAI (Enterprise ... DOWNLOAD
judge(freshmeat) Judge Scrabble Adjudication System Judge Scrabble Adjudication System is a search ... DOWNLOAD
stickerbook(freshmeat) Sticker Book Sticker Book is a children's program which lets... DOWNLOAD
db_browser(freshmeat) DB_Browser DB_Browser is a CGI tool for developers working... DOWNLOAD
xmmix(freshmeat) Xmmix Xmmix is an audio mixer utility for the X windo... DOWNLOAD
isdnwatch(freshmeat) isdnwatch isdnwatch runs as daemon and monitors your ISDN... DOWNLOAD
gempire(freshmeat) Generic Empire for the Masses GEMpire is a simple turn based multiplayer stra... DOWNLOAD
pyginac(freshmeat) PyGiNaC PyGiNaC is a Python package for symbolic mathem... DOWNLOAD
airsnort(freshmeat) AirSnort AirSnort is a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool that re... DOWNLOAD
javascour(freshmeat) JavaScour JavaScour is a program that interfaces with the... DOWNLOAD
msearch(freshmeat) msearch msearch (Mail SEARCHer) can search through emai... DOWNLOAD
ip-packetgenerator(freshmeat) IP-packetgenerator IP-packetgenerator is a (ICMP/UDP/TCP)/IP packe... DOWNLOAD
pcl2up(freshmeat) pcl2up pcl2up formats text files for 2-up printing on ... DOWNLOAD
webrun(freshmeat) WebRun WebRun is a single Java class file that impleme... DOWNLOAD
tuxkart(freshmeat) TuxKart TuxKart is a 3D GoKart racing game with several... DOWNLOAD
pricemail(freshmeat) PriceMail PriceMail is a very tiny mailing list system. DOWNLOAD
ldrawflg(freshmeat) Fractal Landscape Generator Fractal Landscape Generator is a toolbox for ge... DOWNLOAD
easycalc(freshmeat) EasyCalc Easycalc is a scientific/engineering calculator. DOWNLOAD
shash(freshmeat) shash shash is a program which produces message diges... DOWNLOAD
hp48cc(freshmeat) hp48cc hp48cc is a C-like compiler that translates inp... DOWNLOAD
l2t(freshmeat) L2T L2T extracts excerpts of Lisp (Scheme), C, or P... DOWNLOAD
configuration(freshmeat) Configuration Configuration enhances the java.util.Properties... DOWNLOAD
zpopyda(freshmeat) ZPoPyDA ZPoPyDA is a PostgreSQL database adapter for Zo... DOWNLOAD
countrycodes(freshmeat) Country Codes Country codes is an ISO 3166 country code finde... DOWNLOAD
perro(freshmeat) Perro Perro (The Internet Protocols logger) is a set ... DOWNLOAD
gtkgamma(freshmeat) GtkGamma GtkGamma is a simple program that allows the us... DOWNLOAD
cutthecrap(freshmeat) Cut The Crap CTC (Cut The Crap) is a proxy-like daemon that ... DOWNLOAD
sv(freshmeat) OpenCA PKCS#7 Tool The OpenCA PKCS#7 Tool (also known as SV or Sig... DOWNLOAD
mnogosearch-cat_ed-perl(freshmeat) mnoGoSearch-cat_ed-perl Cat_ed-Perl is a nested categories editor for m... DOWNLOAD
http_filter(freshmeat) http_filter http_filter is an HTTP tunnel with filtering an... DOWNLOAD
echelonsig(freshmeat) echelonSig echelonSig is a simple Perl script which can be... DOWNLOAD
gtkmail(freshmeat) gtkmail gtkmail is a GUI email client for GNOME. It fea... DOWNLOAD
asforza4(freshmeat) asforza4 asforza4 is a 4-in-a-row (or 4-in-line) game. Y... DOWNLOAD
ming(freshmeat) Ming Ming is a library for writing SWF (Flash) forma... DOWNLOAD
screentest(freshmeat) screentest Screentest is a testing utility for evaluating ... DOWNLOAD
crank(freshmeat) crank Crank is a project to provide a GUI toolkit to ... DOWNLOAD
lotrmap(freshmeat) Lord of the Rings Map Lotrmap displays a map and allows the user to e... DOWNLOAD

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