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cfl3(freshmeat) Compressed File Library CFL (Compressed File Library) is meant for the ... DOWNLOAD
version(freshmeat) Version Version is used to port changes between differe... DOWNLOAD
backupit(freshmeat) backupIT backupIT is a script to backup local and remote... DOWNLOAD
keurochange(freshmeat) Keurochange Keurochange is a simple currency converter with... DOWNLOAD
ucron(freshmeat) Ucron Ucron is a cron daemon which allows crontabs to... DOWNLOAD
idebug(freshmeat) IDebug IDebug is an advanced debugging framework for J... DOWNLOAD
kindftp(freshmeat) KindFTP KindFTP is meant to be a complete implementatio... DOWNLOAD
transconnect(freshmeat) TransConnect TransConnect is an implementation of function i... DOWNLOAD
hotsheet(freshmeat) HotSheet HotSheet is an RSS news reader built on top of ... DOWNLOAD
rccg(freshmeat) Realtor-Client Communication Gateway The Realtor-Client Communication Gateway (RCCG)... DOWNLOAD
edencrm(freshmeat) EdenCRM EdenCRM is a Customer Relationship Management ... DOWNLOAD
webmagick(freshmeat) WebMagick WebMagick makes image collections available on ... DOWNLOAD
stamos(freshmeat) STAMOS Some Things About My Own Server (STAMOS) is a p... DOWNLOAD
fbgetty(freshmeat) fbgetty fbgetty is a console getty like mingetty, which... DOWNLOAD
banjo(freshmeat) Banjo Banjo is non-GUI javabean that provides consume... DOWNLOAD
apsfilter(freshmeat) apsfilter Apsfilter is a magic printfilter, allowing you ... DOWNLOAD
newsleech(freshmeat) newsleech Newsleech is an NNTP client that automatically ... DOWNLOAD
linkcont(freshmeat) Link Controller LinkController is a software package designed t... DOWNLOAD
gscommander(freshmeat) GSCommander GSCommander is a simple Unix command monitor fo... DOWNLOAD
powerjournal(freshmeat) PowerJournal PowerJournal is an easy-to-use journal/diary ap... DOWNLOAD
aaquake2(freshmeat) aaquake2 - Text Mode Quake II aaquake2 - Text Mode Quake II is simply Quake I... DOWNLOAD
valiases(freshmeat) valiases valiases mimics the sendmail behavior of evalua... DOWNLOAD
pack-age(freshmeat) Slackware Package Usage Checker Slackware Package Usage Checker checks if any o... DOWNLOAD
spurtg(freshmeat) spurtg spurtg is an opensource (GPL) software package ... DOWNLOAD
mail2thread(freshmeat) mail2thread mail2thread finds threads in a bunch of mail me... DOWNLOAD
yac(freshmeat) YAC YAC (Yet Another Counter) is a Web counter and ... DOWNLOAD
dia2code(freshmeat) Dia2Code Dia2Code is a small utility to make code from a... DOWNLOAD
civreplay(freshmeat) civreplay civreplay reads a series of freeciv saved game ... DOWNLOAD
safari(freshmeat) SAFARI IssueWorks SAFARI IssueWorks is an easy to use, powerful c... DOWNLOAD
ngreplib(freshmeat) ngrep-lib ngrep-lib is a packet filtering library based o... DOWNLOAD
dutnux(freshmeat) DutNux DutNux is a mini Linux distribution that suppor... DOWNLOAD
reed-solomon(freshmeat) Reed-Solomon Codec This library implements a general-purpose encod... DOWNLOAD
gphoenix(freshmeat) gPhoenix gPhoenix is a Linux clone of WinPhoenix. Using ... DOWNLOAD
cpuid(freshmeat) cpuid cpuid executes the CPUID instruction on x86-fam... DOWNLOAD
dicelib(freshmeat) DICElib DICElib is an effort to ease the use of cluster... DOWNLOAD
monolingual(freshmeat) Monolingual Monolingual removes unwanted language resources... DOWNLOAD
bwmonitor(freshmeat) Subnet Bandwidth Monitor The BWMonitor project provides a set of applica... DOWNLOAD
lhcs(freshmeat) Linux Hotplug CPU Support This is a Linux 2.4 kernel patch which adds CPU... DOWNLOAD
phpiptables(freshmeat) phpIPtables phpIPtables is a PHP interface for iptables con... DOWNLOAD
sastk(freshmeat) Slackware Administrators Security Toolkit SAStk (Slackware Administrators Security tool k... DOWNLOAD
docpp(freshmeat) DOC++ DOC++ is a documentation system for C, C++, IDL... DOWNLOAD
dapd(freshmeat) The DAP daemon The DAP daemon runs entirely as a non-privilege... DOWNLOAD
libdbms(freshmeat) libDBMS libDBMS is an abstraction made for PHP to use v... DOWNLOAD
floppygate(freshmeat) FloppyGate FloppyGate is a full Linux distribution on a fl... DOWNLOAD
ironbug(sfnet) Iron Bug DOWNLOAD
gmailwatch(freshmeat) GMailWatch GMailWatch is a GNOME Panel Applet that display... DOWNLOAD
sqladmin(freshmeat) SQLAdmin SQLAdmin is a lightweight Java/Swing tool for s... DOWNLOAD
oimage(freshmeat) OImage OImage is an image render/manipulate library fo... DOWNLOAD
phormation(freshmeat) Phormation Phormation is a set of PHP functions which prov... DOWNLOAD
webbind(freshmeat) WeBBind WeBBind is a Web interface for admin BIND DNS s... DOWNLOAD
mailidx(freshmeat) mailidx mailidx contains a perl script that can read a ... DOWNLOAD
iproxy(freshmeat) Iproxy Iproxy comprises a client-side proxy and a serv... DOWNLOAD
jogmouse(freshmeat) Vaio JogMouse JogMouse enables mapping of the jogdial found o... DOWNLOAD
monkeygraph(freshmeat) The Monkey Boy Graph The Monkey Boy Graph is a Java class that accep... DOWNLOAD
kxicq(freshmeat) KXicq2 KXicq2 is the KDE2 ICQ client. KXicq2 supports ... DOWNLOAD
snake3d(freshmeat) Snake3D Snake3D is a Nibbles game wrapped around an Ope... DOWNLOAD
owidgets(freshmeat) OWidgets OWidgets is a set of extended widgets for FLTK2... DOWNLOAD
linuxvpnmasquerade(freshmeat) Linux VPN Masquerade Linux VPN Masquerade allows you to use an IPSec... DOWNLOAD
dbix-fetchloop(freshmeat) DBIx::FetchLoop DBIx::FetchLoop is a supplemental approach to ... DOWNLOAD
eqemu(freshmeat) EQEMu EverQuest Server Emulation Project EQEMu EverQuest Server Emulation Project is a ... DOWNLOAD
dbuffer(freshmeat) dbuffer dbuffer (short for "disk buffer") is ... DOWNLOAD
s2000(freshmeat) S2000 S2000 is a Linux driver for the OceanOptics Spe... DOWNLOAD
axspawnpam(freshmeat) axspawn-pam axspawn-pam is the result of trying to build a ... DOWNLOAD
rheed(freshmeat) RHEED for Linux RHEED for Linux is designed to aquire data from... DOWNLOAD
sua(freshmeat) SUA SUA is a Qt/KDE-based sip user agent. DOWNLOAD
dimnum(freshmeat) dimnum The dimnum C++ library provides templated class... DOWNLOAD
qwikmail(freshmeat) QwikMail QwikMail is a mail server solution that include... DOWNLOAD
gimpgallery(freshmeat) Gimp Gallery Gimp Gallery is a program to create static HTML... DOWNLOAD
pypasax(freshmeat) PyPaSax PyPaSax is a Python module that uses the Python... DOWNLOAD
gblnk(freshmeat) gblnk gblnk lets you use a MadCatz cable to download ... DOWNLOAD
usbcryptformat(freshmeat) UsbCryptFormat UsbCryptFormat is a graphical user interface (G... DOWNLOAD
reptilews(freshmeat) Reptile Web Server Reptile is a Web server made in Python. It supp... DOWNLOAD
lazysync(freshmeat) LazySync LazySync is a file-synchronization program wri... DOWNLOAD
ltsp(freshmeat) LTSP Linux makes a great platform for deploying disk... DOWNLOAD
kwintv(freshmeat) kwintv kwintv is a KDE 2.x application for watching te... DOWNLOAD
odsupdateclient(freshmeat) Open Domain Server Update Client Open Domain Server Update Client is a client in... DOWNLOAD
columbus(freshmeat) Columbus columbus is useful when you use your machine in... DOWNLOAD
courier_patch(freshmeat) Courier IMAP/POP3 maildir creation patch The Courier IMAP/POP3 maildir creation patch ad... DOWNLOAD
smartpainter(freshmeat) SmartPainter SmartPainter generates images and prompts the u... DOWNLOAD
programe(freshmeat) Program E Program E is a natural language chat bot that u... DOWNLOAD
hanterm(freshmeat) hanterm Hanterm is an xterm improvement for Hangul (Kor... DOWNLOAD
glbcc(freshmeat) GNU/Liberty Basic Compiler Collection GNU/Liberty Basic Compiler Collection (GLBCC) i... DOWNLOAD
bakasub(freshmeat) BakaSub BakaSub is a video subtitling program that supp... DOWNLOAD
3dfile(freshmeat) 3dfile 3dfile is a simple OpenGL-based file browser. N... DOWNLOAD
hcftpd(freshmeat) hc-ftpd hc-ftpd is a full-featured FTP daemon written f... DOWNLOAD
cvschk(freshmeat) cvschk cvschk is a Perl program which checks the statu... DOWNLOAD
nsbd(freshmeat) NSBD NSBD (Not-So-Bad Distribution) is an automated ... DOWNLOAD
geheimnis(freshmeat) Geheimnis Geheimnis is a KDE application that "wraps... DOWNLOAD
lcdlcdmatrixorbital(freshmeat) LCD / LCD::MatrixOrbital LCD is a Perl Module that allows a developer to... DOWNLOAD
vmail-sql(freshmeat) vmail-sql vmail-sql is a complete virtual domains email s... DOWNLOAD
dnbackup(freshmeat) dnbackup dnbackup is yet another client-server backup so... DOWNLOAD
breloc(freshmeat) breloc breloc does binary edits on files to relocate c... DOWNLOAD
shaperd(freshmeat) Shaperd Shaperd is a user-mode program that can shape t... DOWNLOAD
imsptool(freshmeat) imsptool imsptool is a command line tool to communicate ... DOWNLOAD
monkeycricket(freshmeat) Monkey Cricket Monkey Cricket is a small game of cricket in GTK+. DOWNLOAD
modules(freshmeat) Environment Modules The Modules package allows you to dynamically m... DOWNLOAD
nift(freshmeat) Nift Nift (Network Intrusion Footprinting Tool) is g... DOWNLOAD
mg3(freshmeat) METAGRAF-3D METAGRAF is a graphical editor for creating fig... DOWNLOAD
spthread(freshmeat) spThread spThread is a simple thread management control ... DOWNLOAD
landialler(freshmeat) LANdialler LANdialler allows any computer (Windows, Linux,... DOWNLOAD

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