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jayray(freshmeat) JayRay JayRay is raycast engine (as used in Doom) impl... DOWNLOAD
http-recorder(freshmeat) HTTP::TestEngine HTTP::TestEngine "records" an HTTP se... DOWNLOAD
aes-rb(freshmeat) AES for Ruby The AES for Ruby module provides compact and fa... DOWNLOAD
mp32ogg(freshmeat) mp32ogg mp32ogg is a Perl script to convert MP3 files i... DOWNLOAD
pricingnexus(freshmeat) PricingNexus PricingNexus is a Java-based framework that col... DOWNLOAD
squid2mysql(freshmeat) Squid2MySQL Squid2MySQL is an accounting system for squid. ... DOWNLOAD
phpdigicamdatabase(freshmeat) PHP Digicam Database PHP Digicam Database is a suite of scripts that... DOWNLOAD
brandy(freshmeat) Brandy Brandy is an interpreter for BBC Basic (the dia... DOWNLOAD
pedoober(freshmeat) People & Events Doober People & Events Doober is a simple communit... DOWNLOAD
setibatch(freshmeat) SetiBatch SetiBatch is a shell utility for the Seti@Home ... DOWNLOAD
wccpd(freshmeat) WCCP Server Daemon WCCPd is a Web Cache Coordination Protocol daem... DOWNLOAD
rsm(freshmeat) Richy's Site Map Richy's Site Map implements a site map. All a... DOWNLOAD
yqpim(freshmeat) yq personal information manager yq personal information manager allows you to m... DOWNLOAD
free(freshmeat) GNU.FREE GNU.FREE (Free Referenda & Elections Electr... DOWNLOAD
mrtg-irc-stats(freshmeat) mrtg-irc-stats mrtg-irc-stats is an mrtg plugin to grab all av... DOWNLOAD
opendcd(freshmeat) Open Direct Connect Daemon Open Direct Connect Daemon is an open source Di... DOWNLOAD
gdc3-play(freshmeat) gDC3-Play gDC3-Play is digital camera software for camera... DOWNLOAD
sel(freshmeat) Simple DirectMedia Layer Extension Library SEL is a C++ library that extends and wraps the... DOWNLOAD
compierelooks(freshmeat) Compiere Looks Compiere Looks is a color 3D extension to the J... DOWNLOAD
websize(freshmeat) Websize Websize (formerly Ionax) is a complete URL sizi... DOWNLOAD
dmassage(freshmeat) dmassage dmassage uses the information in a BSD system's... DOWNLOAD
kaiview(freshmeat) KaiView GUI toolkit KaiView is a GUI toolkit/framework for writing ... DOWNLOAD
libpal(freshmeat) libpal libpal allows you to create your own forged IP,... DOWNLOAD
opencrm(freshmeat) OpenCRM OpenCRM is a CRM and support system. It can be ... DOWNLOAD
crocsdb(freshmeat) Crocsdb Crocsdb is a frontend to Jade and a variety of ... DOWNLOAD
mp3mover(freshmeat) is a Perl script which attempts to ... DOWNLOAD
heroes(freshmeat) Heroes Heroes is similar to the "Tron" and &... DOWNLOAD
solar_empire(freshmeat) Solar Empire Solar Empire is a browser-based strategy game (... DOWNLOAD
jtreeprofiler(freshmeat) JTreeProfiler JTreeProfiler is a multithreaded Java Profiler ... DOWNLOAD
oneworld(freshmeat) is a system architecture for pervasiv... DOWNLOAD
ora_mail(freshmeat) ora_mail ora_mail is a tool for those of us who do not w... DOWNLOAD
dbsgmltoolbox(freshmeat) DocBook SGML Toolbox DocBook SGML Toolbox makes installing and using... DOWNLOAD
hostserv(freshmeat) HostServ HostServ provides dynamic user- and hostname se... DOWNLOAD
phphitman(freshmeat) PHP HitMan PHP HitMan is a Webpage hit counter/manager. I... DOWNLOAD
libemf(freshmeat) libemf libEMF is a library for generating ECMA-234 en... DOWNLOAD
alsanyser(freshmeat) ALSA-Nyser ALSA-Nyser attempts to show audio information a... DOWNLOAD
dots(freshmeat) Database Opensource Test Suite The Database Opensource Test Suite (DOTS) is a ... DOWNLOAD
tagmanager(freshmeat) Tag Manager Tag Manager is a library and a set of utility ... DOWNLOAD
aranger(freshmeat) aRanger aRanger is a one-file Perl script that aims at ... DOWNLOAD
kapcha(freshmeat) kapcha kapcha is a toolkit to build IT operations mana... DOWNLOAD
dsp(freshmeat) DSP DSP implements several low-level digital signal... DOWNLOAD
pcd(freshmeat) pcd pcd is a very simple command-line CD player. DOWNLOAD
gwatch(freshmeat) Gwatch Gwatch is mail spool monitor similar to the wat... DOWNLOAD
mrtgfe(freshmeat) MRTGFE MRTGFE is primarily a frontend for MRTG. It cr... DOWNLOAD
genepi(freshmeat) Genepi Genepi is a PHP library to build editors, with ... DOWNLOAD
gsysinfo(freshmeat) gsysinfo gsysinfo is a GNOME panel applet, modeled after... DOWNLOAD
sieve-php(freshmeat) sieve-php sieve-php is a PHP class which provides an inte... DOWNLOAD
vigor(freshmeat) vigor vigor is an X11-based vi editor with a friendly... DOWNLOAD
makeng(freshmeat) MakeNG: The Superior Build System MakeNG is a system of makefiles that, in conj... DOWNLOAD
labrador(freshmeat) Project Labrador Labrador is an open source modular Web Services... DOWNLOAD
mpdist(freshmeat) mpdist The mp program will pretty print various files ... DOWNLOAD
jpegextractor(freshmeat) jpegextractor jpegextractor extracts JPEG streams that are em... DOWNLOAD
ghettobox(freshmeat) Ghettobox Ghettobox is a minimalistic script that can tur... DOWNLOAD
radioactive(freshmeat) RadioActive RadioActive is a radio tuner program for X (usi... DOWNLOAD
bmd(freshmeat) Jester/BMD Jester/BMD (BookMark Database) is a system for ... DOWNLOAD
smlserver(freshmeat) SMLserver SMLserver is a Web server plugin for AOLserver,... DOWNLOAD
liblookdb(freshmeat) liblookdb liblookdb is a C++ library that provides an int... DOWNLOAD
signtool(freshmeat) SignWriting Animation Tool The SignWriting Animation Tool creates a 3D ava... DOWNLOAD
jobjar(freshmeat) Jobjar Jobjar is a small but useful utility to manage ... DOWNLOAD
dirget(freshmeat) Tk::DirGet Tk::DirGet is a win32-like function to prompt a... DOWNLOAD
jhbci(freshmeat) JHBCI JHBCI is JCA/JCE cryptographic service provider... DOWNLOAD
challengeos(freshmeat) ChallengeOS The goal of ChallengeOS is to provide an operat... DOWNLOAD
autotunnel(freshmeat) autotunnel AUTOTUNNEL is a daemon which sets up an IPIP tu... DOWNLOAD
projectmanager(freshmeat) Project Manager Project Manager is a small, multi-project manag... DOWNLOAD
seticontainer(freshmeat) SetiContainer SetiContainer is a C++ class that allows conven... DOWNLOAD
nullibbs(freshmeat) Null iBBS Null iBBS is a Web-based Bulletin Board System ... DOWNLOAD
chainsaw(freshmeat) Chainsaw Chainsaw is a GUI log viewer and filter for the... DOWNLOAD
pinepg(freshmeat) Pine Privacy Guard Pine Privacy Guard is a small Perl script used ... DOWNLOAD
uzix(freshmeat) UZIX UZIX is a UNIX Implementation for MSX machines,... DOWNLOAD
kexx2(freshmeat) Kexx 2 Kexx 2 is a top down scrolling shoot 'em up gam... DOWNLOAD
slxt(freshmeat) SLXT A self-contained package which allows use of a ... DOWNLOAD
edge(freshmeat) Edge community engine The Edge Community Engine was created in 2000 f... DOWNLOAD
arara(freshmeat) Arara Web Organizer Arara Web Organizer is an organizer written in ... DOWNLOAD
libyahoo(freshmeat) libyahoo libyahoo is the Yahoo! Messenger client library... DOWNLOAD
mbackup(freshmeat) mbackup mbackup is a framework for building backup appl... DOWNLOAD
rx_saturno(freshmeat) RX/Saturno RX/Saturno is an emulator for the popular Yamah... DOWNLOAD
pcscperl(freshmeat) PCSC/Perl PCSC/Perl allows the use of the PCSC/lite libra... DOWNLOAD
reps(freshmeat) rePS rePS is a Perl script which filters EPS and nor... DOWNLOAD
threads(freshmeat) threads Threads is a library designed to make threading... DOWNLOAD
argus(freshmeat) Argus The Argus Open Project is focused on developing... DOWNLOAD
interverse(freshmeat) Interverse The Interverse is the evolution and combination... DOWNLOAD
html-xml-utils(freshmeat) HTML-XML-utils HTML-XML-utils consists of a set of small C pro... DOWNLOAD
vaxbb(freshmeat) VAXbb VAXbb is a fast, text-only, Perl-based Web bull... DOWNLOAD
yamdager(freshmeat) YAMDAGER YAMDAGER (Yet Another MiniDisc manAGER) featur... DOWNLOAD
jproxy(freshmeat) jproxy jproxy is a threading port-forwarder written in... DOWNLOAD
ml-kit(freshmeat) ML Kit ML Kit is a compiler for the programming langua... DOWNLOAD
np3(freshmeat) NP3 Music Player NP3 Music Player is a standalone music player, ... DOWNLOAD
yavipin(freshmeat) yavipin Yavipind is a secure tunnel (2 peers securely f... DOWNLOAD
splack(freshmeat) Splack Linux Splack is a distribution for the SPARC (and Ult... DOWNLOAD
popauthd(freshmeat) POPauthd POPauthd is a Perl-based daemon that uses POP t... DOWNLOAD
spiderd(freshmeat) spiderd spiderd is a multi-threading telescope motion c... DOWNLOAD
dhcptool(freshmeat) dhcptool dhcptool manages and configures a DHCP server. DOWNLOAD
localsql(freshmeat) LocalSQL LocalSQL provides a library and command line to... DOWNLOAD
gogo(freshmeat) GOGO GOGO is a patch against LAME which makes it enc... DOWNLOAD
irk(freshmeat) IRK Tcl IRC Client Library IRK is a Tcl IRC client library. IRK is intende... DOWNLOAD
e2key(freshmeat) E2Key Linux user mode driver The E2Key Linux user mode driver provides suppo... DOWNLOAD
cmus(freshmeat) cmus — C* Music Player cmus is a small, fast, and powerful console mus... DOWNLOAD
napro(freshmeat) Netautor Professional Netautor Professional is an application server ... DOWNLOAD
acecad(freshmeat) Acecad Flair Driver for Xfree4 This is an Acecad Flair serial/USB and A-series... DOWNLOAD
zwm(freshmeat) ZWM ZWM is an SDL-based window manager and widget l... DOWNLOAD

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