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usenetbinaryharvesterubh(freshmeat) Usenet Binary Harvester The Usenet Binary Harvester (ubh) is a Perl con... DOWNLOAD
pcity(freshmeat) Pocket City Pocket City is a clone of Sim City for PalmOS d... DOWNLOAD
knmap(freshmeat) KNmap KNmap is a graphical frontend for the popular n... DOWNLOAD
libman(freshmeat) Library Manager Library Manager is a library automation program... DOWNLOAD
posixaclsforlinux(freshmeat) Extended Attributes and ACLs for Linux Linux, in the tradition of UNIX-like operating ... DOWNLOAD
visualoberon(freshmeat) Visual Oberon Visual Oberon is an object-oriented library for... DOWNLOAD
botsnscouts(freshmeat) Bots 'n' Scouts Bots 'n' Scouts is an addictive multiplayer gam... DOWNLOAD
portsupgradepl(freshmeat) is a small Perl script that mak... DOWNLOAD
beware(freshmeat) beware beware is a small DNS server that can have name... DOWNLOAD
tsunami-ab(freshmeat) Tsunami Bench Tsunami Bench is a GNOME/GTK+ frontend to Apach... DOWNLOAD
macperl(freshmeat) MacPerl MacPerl is an application and a command-line to... DOWNLOAD
nola(freshmeat) NOLA NOLA is a PHP-based program for business-class ... DOWNLOAD
template-mode(freshmeat) emacs template-mode template-mode.el is an emacs minor mode that le... DOWNLOAD
iwg(freshmeat) Interface Wrapper Generator IWG (Interface Wrapper Generator) is a tool for... DOWNLOAD
sodans(freshmeat) SODA News System SODA is another Slash site system, including a ... DOWNLOAD
evbu(freshmeat) EVBU EVBU simulates the execution of a 68HC11 microc... DOWNLOAD
cvs-nserver(freshmeat) cvs-nserver cvs-nserver is the almost complete rewrite of n... DOWNLOAD
phpftp(freshmeat) phpftp phpftp is a simple Web-based FTP client written... DOWNLOAD
yamub(freshmeat) Yet Another Music Browser YAMuB is another entry in the already-crowed ar... DOWNLOAD
supergrub(freshmeat) Super Grub Disk Super Grub Disk is a bootable floppy or CDROM t... DOWNLOAD
gemu(freshmeat) Gemu Gemu is a Gnome application designed to configu... DOWNLOAD
dynamo(freshmeat) DynaMo DynaMo is a software library providing classes ... DOWNLOAD
ruby-gnome(freshmeat) Ruby-GNOME Ruby-GNOME is a set of Ruby language bindings f... DOWNLOAD
solid(freshmeat) SOLID SOLID (Software Library for Interference Detect... DOWNLOAD
networkandservicemonitoringsys(freshmeat) Network And Service Monitoring System Network and Service Monitoring System is a tool... DOWNLOAD
cgvg(freshmeat) cgvg cgvg is a pair of Perl scripts ("cg" ... DOWNLOAD
thewall(freshmeat) theWall theWall is a single floppy firewall and NAT box... DOWNLOAD
moleskine(freshmeat) Gnome Moleskine Gnome Moleskine is a source code editor for the... DOWNLOAD
jlense(freshmeat) JLense The goal of the JLense project is to provide an... DOWNLOAD
cablecounter(freshmeat) Cable Modem Counter Cable Modem Counter is a cable modem (or any Et... DOWNLOAD
mesgui(freshmeat) The mesgui Library mesgui is a C++ library to make a simple GUI us... DOWNLOAD
ahd(freshmeat) AHD AHD is a small, fast, secure, single-tasking We... DOWNLOAD
webpim(freshmeat) Web-based Personal Information Manager The Web-based Personal Information Manager is a... DOWNLOAD
recover(freshmeat) recover recover automates some steps as described in th... DOWNLOAD
myalertmanager(freshmeat) MyAM MyAM is an alert manager. Send an alert to MyAM... DOWNLOAD
ikeyd(freshmeat) ikeyd ikeyd is a simple daemon which sets the volume ... DOWNLOAD
ossp-sugar(freshmeat) OSSP sugar OSSP sugar is a markup language and correspondi... DOWNLOAD
biojava(freshmeat) BioJava BioJava aims to provide a comprehensive set of ... DOWNLOAD
mo-bitmaps(freshmeat) Matrix Orbital bitmap utilities The Matrix Orbital bitmap utilities consist of ... DOWNLOAD
reptile(freshmeat) Reptile Reptile is an Open Source/Free Software, Peer-t... DOWNLOAD
termcap(freshmeat) GNU termcap GNU termcap is a library of C functions that en... DOWNLOAD
boxxnews(freshmeat) Boxx News Pro Boxx News Pro is a PHP/MySQL-based application ... DOWNLOAD
sandkit(freshmeat) Sand Kit Sand Kit contains libraries designed for neural... DOWNLOAD
defrag(freshmeat) defrag defrag is a filesystem defragmenter for Linux f... DOWNLOAD
mozcalc(freshmeat) mozCalc mozCalc is a localized desktop calculator for M... DOWNLOAD
random_tools(freshmeat) Random Tools Random Tools is a collection of tools you can u... DOWNLOAD
xmmstcl(freshmeat) xmmstcl xmmstcl lets you control XMMS playback, skip, p... DOWNLOAD
wmseti(freshmeat) wmseti wmseti is a dockapp for WindowMaker that displa... DOWNLOAD
gvbox(freshmeat) Gvbox Gvbox is a grahical frontend for vbox, the isdn... DOWNLOAD
tinygl(freshmeat) TinyGL TinyGL is a very small implementation of a subs... DOWNLOAD
lookuplet(freshmeat) lookuplet lookuplet is a GNOME utility that allows you to... DOWNLOAD
krpmbuilder(freshmeat) KRPMBuilder KRPMBuilder is a KDE2 application that makes t... DOWNLOAD
osdl(freshmeat) Objective Simple Direct Media Layer Objective Simple Direct Media Layer (oSDL) is a... DOWNLOAD
deadftp(freshmeat) DeadFTP DeadFTP is a graphical FTP client for GNOME fea... DOWNLOAD
ipacutil(freshmeat) ipacutil ipacutil is a commandline tool for programming ... DOWNLOAD
proxy(freshmeat) proxy Proxy is a C application that when run on a mul... DOWNLOAD
kaudiocreator(freshmeat) KAudioCreator KAudioCreator is an audio file creation solutio... DOWNLOAD
irc2msn(freshmeat) IRC to MSN gateway irc2msn is a daemon that emulates an IRC server... DOWNLOAD
ucon64gui(freshmeat) uCON64gui uCON64gui is a GUI frontend for uCON64. DOWNLOAD
ghttrack(freshmeat) gHTTrack gHTTrack is a Linux frontend for Xavier Roche's... DOWNLOAD
xclasses(freshmeat) Xclasses Xclasses is a C layout library for the X Window... DOWNLOAD
yash(freshmeat) Yet Another SHell YaSH (Yet Another SHell) is a small, secure, po... DOWNLOAD
tinyupsd(freshmeat) TinyUPS Daemon TinyUPS Daemon is a simple UPS daemon for FreeB... DOWNLOAD
cracklib-ruby(freshmeat) cracklib-ruby cracklib-ruby is a ruby interface to libcrack ... DOWNLOAD
linuxcompressed(freshmeat) Linux Compressed Cache Compressed caching is the introduction of a new... DOWNLOAD
popfinder(freshmeat) popfinder popfinder listens to the network, registering t... DOWNLOAD
smbsniffer(freshmeat) smbsniffer smbsniffer is an NMB sniffer. DOWNLOAD
webbot(freshmeat) WebBot WebBot is a flexible IRC bot written in C that ... DOWNLOAD
ipap(freshmeat) ipap Audio Software Utility ipap is a utility designed to implement most of... DOWNLOAD
xindice(freshmeat) Apache Xindice Xindice is an open source Native XML Database. ... DOWNLOAD
dht(freshmeat) Document Hide and Track Document Hide and Track lets you "hide&quo... DOWNLOAD
dxr2(freshmeat) Dxr2 Resource Center Dxr2 Resource Center is a community focus point... DOWNLOAD
pollcentral(freshmeat) Poll Central Poll Central is a database-driven, web-based po... DOWNLOAD
python-bz2(freshmeat) python-bz2 The python-bz2 module provides a comprehensive ... DOWNLOAD
db-front-end(freshmeat) Zaval Database Front-end Zaval Database Front-end is a light and functio... DOWNLOAD
phpassertunit(freshmeat) PHP Assertion Unit Framework The PHP Assertion Unit Framework (phpAssertUnit... DOWNLOAD
jsassertunit(freshmeat) JavaScript Assertion Unit Framework The JavaScript Assertion Unit Framework (jsAsse... DOWNLOAD
pwee(freshmeat) Pwee Pwee is a PHP extension that gives Web develope... DOWNLOAD
sftimesheet(freshmeat) Sourceforge Timesheet Sourceforge Timesheet is a simple Sourceforge a... DOWNLOAD
lib3df(freshmeat) lib3df lib3df is a library for loading 3D worlds. It r... DOWNLOAD
cdadb(freshmeat) CDAdb CDAdb is a PHP/MySQL Web frontend for collectin... DOWNLOAD
bgplot(freshmeat) bgplot bgplot is an Octave package for producing print... DOWNLOAD
hornet(freshmeat) Hornet Hornet is a GUI frontend to MySQL. DOWNLOAD
yencode(freshmeat) yencode yencode is an encoder, decoder, and posting pac... DOWNLOAD
ssh-with-keys-howto(freshmeat) SSH with Keys HOWTO This is a HOWTO that explains some of the more ... DOWNLOAD
corbatrace(freshmeat) CorbaTrace CorbaTrace is a helpful tool for tracing commun... DOWNLOAD
unearth(freshmeat) Unearth PHP Cache Engine The Unearth PHP Cache Engine is a flexible, eas... DOWNLOAD
strip_html(freshmeat) strip_html strip_html is a simple Perl filter that reads a... DOWNLOAD
ucronadm(freshmeat) Ucronadm Ucronadm is a collection of tools to manage the... DOWNLOAD
setirotate(freshmeat) setirotate setirotate automatically spawns the SETI@Home c... DOWNLOAD
aftetris(freshmeat) af-tetris af-tetris is a simple Tetris game for X. DOWNLOAD
carboncopy(freshmeat) CarbonCopy CarbonCopy is a tool for installing and configu... DOWNLOAD
tesly(freshmeat) Tesly Tesly is a Web application written in PHP that ... DOWNLOAD
flexbisonmodules(freshmeat) FlexModule and BisonModule This package consists of FlexModule.h, BisonMod... DOWNLOAD
cmdline(freshmeat) The C++ Cmdline Library cmdl is a C++ library that parses options and a... DOWNLOAD
reoback(freshmeat) REOBack Backup Solution REOBack Backup Solution (pronounced "Ray-o... DOWNLOAD
jabberfox(freshmeat) JabberFoX JabberFoX is a Jabber client for Mac OS X. It i... DOWNLOAD
washerdryer(freshmeat) washerDryer washerDryer is a WindowMaker dockapp that keeps... DOWNLOAD
golix(freshmeat) Golix Golix is a tool to read the memory of an OLITEC... DOWNLOAD
dvbackup(freshmeat) dvbackup dvbackup encapsulates arbitrary files into a ra... DOWNLOAD

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