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washerdryer(freshmeat) washerDryer washerDryer is a WindowMaker dockapp that keeps... DOWNLOAD
golix(freshmeat) Golix Golix is a tool to read the memory of an OLITEC... DOWNLOAD
dvbackup(freshmeat) dvbackup dvbackup encapsulates arbitrary files into a ra... DOWNLOAD
tkradio(freshmeat) TkRadio TkRadio is a Perl/Tk GUI for controlling a Vide... DOWNLOAD
libstdc++(freshmeat) libstdc++ The Standard C Library is an ongoing project to... DOWNLOAD
setimgr(freshmeat) setimgr setimgr is a fairly basic SETI@home management ... DOWNLOAD
upsilon(freshmeat) Upsilon Upsilon is a distributed, flexible, and extensi... DOWNLOAD
mod_auth_cache(freshmeat) mod_auth_cache mod_auth_cache transparently caches an authenti... DOWNLOAD
pxsql(freshmeat) Perl XSQL Perl XSQL is a simple creator of XML data from ... DOWNLOAD
clementine(freshmeat) Clementine Clementine is a window manager for X, based on ... DOWNLOAD
theflasher(freshmeat) The Flasher Flasher monitors changes to one or more files, ... DOWNLOAD
kylie(freshmeat) Kylie Kylie is a lightweight Web browser for X. DOWNLOAD
tkpar(freshmeat) TkPar TkPar is a simple Perl/Tk frontend for the comm... DOWNLOAD
orbit(freshmeat) ORBit ORBit is an Object Request Broker aiming for fu... DOWNLOAD
befs(freshmeat) BeFS-driver for Linux BeFS-driver for Linux is a read-only Linux 2.4 ... DOWNLOAD
phptbox(freshmeat) PHP/Toolbox PHP/Toolbox is designed to make the process of... DOWNLOAD
dbixeasy(freshmeat) DBIx::Easy DBIx::Easy is an easy to use DBI interface whic... DOWNLOAD
govrec(freshmeat) GoVRec GoVRec is software for recording Go games on a ... DOWNLOAD
xmlcode(freshmeat) XMLCoDe XMLCoDe is a Java implementation of an XML Code... DOWNLOAD
kpumpe(freshmeat) KPumpe KPumpe is a diabetes diary application with sup... DOWNLOAD
multipipe(freshmeat) Multipipe splitter Multipipe splitter splits the standard output o... DOWNLOAD
ftprider(freshmeat) FTP Rider FTP Rider is a collection of Python scripts tha... DOWNLOAD
epgrec2(freshmeat) EpgRec2 EpgRec2 gets a channel list from a DVB card, ... DOWNLOAD
load(freshmeat) Load Load is a utility for Web application and SOAP-... DOWNLOAD
outlinexml(freshmeat) Simple Outline XML SOX (Simple Outline XML) is XML with an easier ... DOWNLOAD
gshieldconf(freshmeat) gShieldConf gShieldConf is a tool to edit firewall configur... DOWNLOAD
pythonxlibrary(freshmeat) Python X Library The Python X Library is an object-oriented libr... DOWNLOAD
malloc_checker(freshmeat) malloc_checker malloc_checker is a heap debugging utility that... DOWNLOAD
iptqlog(freshmeat) iptqlog Iptqlog is the IPTables Queue LOGger. It produc... DOWNLOAD
jemailfetch(freshmeat) JEmailFetch JEmailFetch retrieves mail from a POP3 mail ser... DOWNLOAD
xmms-a52dec(freshmeat) xmms-a52dec xmms-a52dec is a plugin that allows xmms to pla... DOWNLOAD
nomadii(freshmeat) Nomad II Driver/Utilities This driver supports the Creative Nomad II, IIc... DOWNLOAD
vphotoalb(freshmeat) vphotoalb vphotoalb is a PHP-based Web application to dis... DOWNLOAD
imprison(freshmeat) imprison imprison imprisons processes to jail. This can ... DOWNLOAD
cmatrix(freshmeat) CMatrix CMatrix is an ncurses program that simulates th... DOWNLOAD
rth(freshmeat) Russian tea HOWTO Ever wondered what keeps those Russian hackers ... DOWNLOAD
gtkmsn(freshmeat) gtkmsn gtkmsn is a chat client that is compatible with... DOWNLOAD
paimbot(freshmeat) paimbot paimbot is an automated AOL Instant Messenger ... DOWNLOAD
numexp(freshmeat) NumExp NumExp is a GNOME program that implements numer... DOWNLOAD
liburl(freshmeat) liburl Liburl is a small C++ library with classes for ... DOWNLOAD
romance(freshmeat) Romance Romance is a light, easy, and dynamic object sh... DOWNLOAD
mleditor(freshmeat) ML Tk Editor The ML text editor program is designed for edit... DOWNLOAD
palmwac(freshmeat) PalmWac PalmWac is PalmOS software which will turn your... DOWNLOAD
gnobb(freshmeat) Gnobb-Cal Gnobb-Cal is a simple scheduling application wr... DOWNLOAD
slan(freshmeat) SLAN The SLAN project is focused on developing a fle... DOWNLOAD
mijava(freshmeat) MIJava MIJava (Multiple Inheritance for Java) is a sou... DOWNLOAD
sitecompiler(freshmeat) Site Compiler Site Compiler is designed to facilitate easy an... DOWNLOAD
ipfc(freshmeat) IPFC IPFC is software and a framework to monitor mul... DOWNLOAD
gmaze(freshmeat) GNOME Maze GNOME Maze is a maze board game. The objective... DOWNLOAD
mnogosearch-perl(freshmeat) mnogosearch-perl mnogosearch-perl is a Perl frontend for the mno... DOWNLOAD
brickacct(freshmeat) ISPAcct ISPacct (formerly Brickacct) accounts the logfi... DOWNLOAD
bbrb(freshmeat) bbrb bbrb is a GUI background manager for Blackbox. ... DOWNLOAD
libtext(freshmeat) Libtext Libtext is a C library for creating, reading, a... DOWNLOAD
ziploc(freshmeat) phpZipLocator phpZipLocator is a simple PHP class for finding... DOWNLOAD
zfirebirdda(freshmeat) zFireBirdDA zFireBirdDA is a database adapter for Zope that... DOWNLOAD
apt-proxy(freshmeat) apt-proxy apt-proxy is a simple script to build up a Debi... DOWNLOAD
l-forum(freshmeat) L-Forum L-Forum is universal Web forum written in PHP. ... DOWNLOAD
cd-romcontrolforlinux(freshmeat) CD-ROM Control for Linux CD-Rom Control is an X control panel for mounti... DOWNLOAD
rspp(freshmeat) Remote SPeaker Protocol The Remote SPeaker Protocol (rspp) enables you ... DOWNLOAD
jcvs(freshmeat) jCVS jCVS is a Java based CVS Client. CVS is a sourc... DOWNLOAD
gopher(freshmeat) Internet Gopher Client The Internet Gopher Client is based on the UMN ... DOWNLOAD
dlife(freshmeat) Distributed Artificial Life DLIFE is a distributed version of Tom S. Ray's ... DOWNLOAD
softbeep(freshmeat) softbeep softbeep is a utility for redirecting beeps of ... DOWNLOAD
clstable100_inc(freshmeat) is a PHP class which builds HTML t... DOWNLOAD
wx200d(freshmeat) wx200d wx200d is a weather station data collector and ... DOWNLOAD
ruby-tmpl(freshmeat) ruby-tmpl ruby-tmpl is used for the online and offline cr... DOWNLOAD
wad2svg(freshmeat) wad2svg wad2svg takes a level file for the computer gam... DOWNLOAD
cp2fwb(freshmeat) cp2fwbuilder cp2fwbuilder (Checkpoint Firewall 1 to FwBuilde... DOWNLOAD
maverick(freshmeat) Maverick Maverick is a Java-based MVC framework for Web ... DOWNLOAD
ipm(freshmeat) Incyte Project Manager IPM is a simple project management solution bui... DOWNLOAD
jvmdicover(freshmeat) Java JVMDI Coverage Analyzer The Java JVMDI Coverage Analyzer is a shared li... DOWNLOAD
joram(freshmeat) JORAM JORAM is an Open Source JMS provider. It fully... DOWNLOAD
libpfrng(freshmeat) libpfrng libpfrng is a userspace library which provides ... DOWNLOAD
tomsrtbt(freshmeat) tomsrtbt tomsrtbt is the most Linux on one floppy disk f... DOWNLOAD
tilkirclog(freshmeat) tilkIRClog TilkIRClog is a program designed for logging ch... DOWNLOAD
netcomics(freshmeat) netcomics netcomics is a Perl script that can retrieve co... DOWNLOAD
ypost(freshmeat) YPost Ypost is a command line usenet binary file post... DOWNLOAD
condb(freshmeat) ConDB ConDB is the public release of a Convention Dat... DOWNLOAD
freemoney(freshmeat) Freemoney Freemoney is an Open Source financial applicati... DOWNLOAD
ajcalc(freshmeat) Aardvark Calculator Aardvark Calculator is a simplistic RPN calcula... DOWNLOAD
katrina(freshmeat) Katrina Katrina (previously known as Instant Web Mail) ... DOWNLOAD
vortex(freshmeat) Vortex IRC Vortex IRC is an IRC component for Delphi/Kylix. DOWNLOAD
hliconlib(freshmeat) Free HL Iconlib Free HL Iconlib is a Java library that allows y... DOWNLOAD
easyforum(freshmeat) Easy Forum Easy Forum is a PERL/Javascript forum designed ... DOWNLOAD
tinydns-rrd(freshmeat) tinydns-rrd tinydns-rrd generates realtime graphs from your... DOWNLOAD
rdpconsole(freshmeat) rdesktop Console rdesktop Console is a Perl/Tk based utility for... DOWNLOAD
kpopper(freshmeat) KDE Popper Popper is a small, neat solution to messaging b... DOWNLOAD
struct_compare(freshmeat) Struct::Compare Struct::Compare is a Perl module that compares ... DOWNLOAD
xmms-audiofile(freshmeat) XMMS Audio File Library Plug-in The XMMS Audio File Library Plug-in allows user... DOWNLOAD
maplebot(freshmeat) maplebot Maplebot is an IRC bot written in C. It has bui... DOWNLOAD
ats(freshmeat) AFS Tool Suite AFS Tool Suite is a set of scripts (mostly Pyth... DOWNLOAD
rolodap(freshmeat) Rolodap Rolodap is a multiuser contacts management syst... DOWNLOAD
bwbar(freshmeat) Bandwidth Utilization Bar bwbar is a small program that generates a text ... DOWNLOAD
contenthandler(freshmeat) Apache::ContentHandler Apache::ContentHandler is a generic object-orie... DOWNLOAD
fss(freshmeat) File System Saint File System Saint (fss) is a poor man's Tripwir... DOWNLOAD
butterflycode(freshmeat) Butterfly Code Generator Butterfly is a simple Code Generator using XMI ... DOWNLOAD
ksetisaver(freshmeat) KSetiSaver KSetiSaver acts as a normal screensaver for KDE... DOWNLOAD
wingman(freshmeat) WingMan Adressbook WingMan is an interface to a MySQL-powered addr... DOWNLOAD
pixelize(freshmeat) pixelize Pixelize is a program that will use many scaled... DOWNLOAD
ftp_lookup(freshmeat) ftp_lookup ftp_lookup is an indexer for FTP servers at LAN... DOWNLOAD

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