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rachel(freshmeat) Rachel Rachel is a resource loading toolkit for Java W... DOWNLOAD
mockdoclet(freshmeat) MockDoclet MockDoclet is a tool for generating mock objec... DOWNLOAD
4stattack(freshmeat) 4st Attack 4st Attack is a good looking connect-four game ... DOWNLOAD
cchatd(freshmeat) cchatd cchatd is a webchat designed to handle high aud... DOWNLOAD
sf16-fmrdriverforlinux(freshmeat) SF16-FMR driver for Linux SF16-FMR is a Video4Linux driver for the Typhoo... DOWNLOAD
umatrix(freshmeat) umatrix umatrix is a matrix unit for Free Pascal, which... DOWNLOAD
jaune(freshmeat) Jaune Jaune is a compiler and set of libraries that c... DOWNLOAD
omnibiff(freshmeat) OmniBiff OmniBiff will alert you when you have new email... DOWNLOAD
xpyre(freshmeat) xpyre xpyre is a nifty flame effect visualization plu... DOWNLOAD
lcdsensors(freshmeat) LCDsensors LCDsensors is a Perl script that will output so... DOWNLOAD
txt2xml(freshmeat) txt2xml txt2xml is a simple Java library for parsing ar... DOWNLOAD
netftpserver(freshmeat) Net::FTPServer Net::FTPServer is a full-featured, secure, exte... DOWNLOAD
xmud(freshmeat) eXtensible MUD XMud is an extensible MUD, inspired by LambdaMO... DOWNLOAD
phpresolver(freshmeat) PHPresolver PHPresolver is a DNS resolver library written i... DOWNLOAD
cg(freshmeat) cg cg is a semi-automatic newsgroup binary downloa... DOWNLOAD
packattack(freshmeat) PackAttack PackAttack is a game which is a little bit like... DOWNLOAD
pigale(freshmeat) PIGALE PIGALE is a graph editor and an algorithm libra... DOWNLOAD
perl-rpm(freshmeat) Perl-RPM The Perl-RPM package is an attempt at native bi... DOWNLOAD
gpkg(freshmeat) gpkg gpkg is the command-line GNUpdate package mana... DOWNLOAD
agqt(freshmeat) 6's Spiffy AudioGalaxy Query Tool 6's Spiffy AudioGalaxy Query Tool is a package ... DOWNLOAD
libgnurdf(freshmeat) libgnurdf The libgnurdf library makes it easy to create, ... DOWNLOAD
rascal(freshmeat) Rascal Rascal, the Advanced Scientific CALculator, is ... DOWNLOAD
j-chkmail(freshmeat) j-chkmail j-chkmail is a complete and integrated mail fil... DOWNLOAD
iroffertng(freshmeat) irofferTNG irofferTNG is a new, more active branch of the ... DOWNLOAD
belgian-howto(freshmeat) Belgian-HOWTO The Belgian-HOWTO describes how to tweak Linux ... DOWNLOAD
glaunch(freshmeat) Game Launcher Game Launcher is a cross platform, universal fr... DOWNLOAD
bp(freshmeat) Bouvard & Pécuchet Bouvard & Pécuchet is a Java code documenta... DOWNLOAD
lvsmon(freshmeat) LVSmon LVSmon is a cluster monitoring daemon originall... DOWNLOAD
junglemonkey(freshmeat) Jungle Monkey Jungle Monkey (JM) is a distributed file-sharin... DOWNLOAD
sis(freshmeat) System Installation Suite System Installation Suite is an image-based ins... DOWNLOAD
speedstep(freshmeat) speedstep speedstep is an Intel Mobile Pentium III Speeds... DOWNLOAD
dvbtools(freshmeat) DVBTools DVBTools is a collection of tools for DVB cards... DOWNLOAD
niftynerds(freshmeat) Nifty Nerds Web Authentication Nifty Nerds Web Authentication is a set of PHP ... DOWNLOAD
sloppy(freshmeat) Sloppy Sloppy deliberately slows the transfer of data ... DOWNLOAD
ext3(freshmeat) ext3 ext3 adds journaling filesystem capabilities to... DOWNLOAD
phpmyinventory(freshmeat) phpMyInventory phpMyInventory is a Web-based hardware and soft... DOWNLOAD
olex(freshmeat) olex Olex generates parses for generic grammars in C... DOWNLOAD
bootstrapper(freshmeat) Autotools Bootstrapper Autotools Bootstrapper scans a package's Makefi... DOWNLOAD
ltc(freshmeat) Louis HTML Template Class Louis HTML Template Class is an easy-to-use HTM... DOWNLOAD
gnochive(freshmeat) gnochive gnochive is a GNOME frontend for all common arc... DOWNLOAD
guam(freshmeat) GUAM GUAM (Graphical User Administrator for MySQL) i... DOWNLOAD
cg_cascade_filter_pl(freshmeat) provides a content filter ... DOWNLOAD
fatundel(freshmeat) fatundel fatundel is a Linux application for restoring d... DOWNLOAD
alsaplayer-python(freshmeat) AlsaPlayer-Python AlsaPlayer-Python is a set of python bindings. ... DOWNLOAD
tts(freshmeat) Tourney Team Stats for Quake 2 Tourney Team Stats (tts) is a Python script th... DOWNLOAD
davis(freshmeat) DAVIS DAVIS (DJ's and Volker's IRC-Script) is an easy... DOWNLOAD
lightlab(freshmeat) Light Lab Light Lab is a hybrid GTK/OpenGL program for ex... DOWNLOAD
vimacs(freshmeat) Vimacs Vimacs (Vim-Improved eMACS) is a plugin for Vim... DOWNLOAD
chkwww(freshmeat) chkwww and pychkwww chkwww and pychkww are two small console applic... DOWNLOAD
dmattocg(freshmeat) Deadman's AudioTron TOC Generator Deadman's AudioTron TOC Generator is a Perl scr... DOWNLOAD
wthrmkr(freshmeat) WeatherMaker WeatherMaker is a commandline utility to genera... DOWNLOAD
netcast(freshmeat) Netcast Netcast is a tool for single-source, multiple- ... DOWNLOAD
taper(freshmeat) Taper Taper is a tape backup and restore program that... DOWNLOAD
aopclsuite-tracing(freshmeat) TracingClassLoader TracingClassLoader is a ClassLoader that adds t... DOWNLOAD
miniboot(freshmeat) miniboot miniboot scans the flash ROM for an image to st... DOWNLOAD
xriofe(freshmeat) XRio FrontEnd XRio FrontEnd is a graphical frontend for the R... DOWNLOAD
simplecodes(freshmeat) Simplecodes 2x Simplecodes 2x (SC2x) is a content management s... DOWNLOAD
fsbackup_project(freshmeat) fsbackup fsbackup is an incremental backup creation util... DOWNLOAD
xspp(freshmeat) XSL Preprocessor XSPP (XSL Preprocessor) offers alternative synt... DOWNLOAD
jws(freshmeat) Jabber Web Steward The Jabber Web Steward allows users to submit ... DOWNLOAD
dcvs(freshmeat) DCVS DCVS is a Perl/MySQL CVS server supporting the ... DOWNLOAD
cpg(freshmeat) COMU Privacy Guard CPG (COMU Privacy Guard) is a Web-based shell f... DOWNLOAD
servred(freshmeat) Servicios de Red Servicios de Red is a Spanish front-end for m... DOWNLOAD
paus(freshmeat) PAUS - Perl AUtomation System PAUS is a system for controlling stuff with si... DOWNLOAD
bsp-initrd(freshmeat) Brain-Damaged Script Processor The Brain-Damaged Script Processor is the only ... DOWNLOAD
x2divx(freshmeat) avi2divx and mpeg2divx avi2divx and mpeg2divx are able to convert AVI ... DOWNLOAD
a340gc(freshmeat) Airbus A340 Glass Cockpit The Airbus A340 Glass Cockpit project is an int... DOWNLOAD
wd1100(freshmeat) SC1100 Watchdog Driver The SC1100 Watchdog Driver provides support for... DOWNLOAD
mid(freshmeat) MID The Machine Inventory Database (MID) is a Perl-... DOWNLOAD
musicqueue(freshmeat) Musicqueue Musicqueue is a CGI music jukebox using externa... DOWNLOAD
pixflow(freshmeat) piXflow piXflow allow you to browse your image librarie... DOWNLOAD
wafer582x_io_wdt(freshmeat) IPC WAFER 582x I/O and wdt drivers This project provides Watchdog and I/O port dri... DOWNLOAD
northstar(freshmeat) NorthStar NorthStar is a system to track IP allocations a... DOWNLOAD
3dfxtvtool(freshmeat) 3dfx TV Out Tool The 3dfx TV Out Tool tries to be the well-known... DOWNLOAD
nesgui(freshmeat) NEsGUI NEsGUI is a peer-to-peer file sharing applicati... DOWNLOAD
golem(freshmeat) Golem Golem is an X11 Window Manager. Design goals ar... DOWNLOAD
aurigadoc(freshmeat) AurigaDoc AurigaDoc is a java-xml-xsl based documentation... DOWNLOAD
phpclass-strings(freshmeat) PHP::Class->Strings PHP::Class->Strings is a PHP Class that con... DOWNLOAD
streamripperx(freshmeat) StreamRipperX StreamRipperX is an application for Mac OS X th... DOWNLOAD
whatbugs(freshmeat) What Bugs? What Bugs? is a simple bug tracking system. It ... DOWNLOAD
mnwclient(freshmeat) myNetWatchman Perl Agent myNetWatchman Perl Agent is a client for myNet... DOWNLOAD
cphone(freshmeat) CPhone CPhone is a cross-platform GUI for the OpenH323... DOWNLOAD
kmousetool(freshmeat) KMouseTool KMouseTool is a KDE program that clicks the mou... DOWNLOAD
phprpc(freshmeat) phpRPC phpRPC is meant to be an easy to use XMLRPC lib... DOWNLOAD
labelnation(freshmeat) Label Nation Label Nation provides a command-line interface ... DOWNLOAD
irogue(freshmeat) iRogue iRogue is a port of Rogue, a classic game. It r... DOWNLOAD
biggles(freshmeat) Biggles Biggles is a Python module for the creation of ... DOWNLOAD
easymaths(freshmeat) EasyMaths EasyMaths is a mathematics program for Linux. E... DOWNLOAD
quickhp(freshmeat) QuickHP QuickHP is an easy to use tool to keep your hom... DOWNLOAD
knocker(freshmeat) knocker Knocker is a simple, versatile, and easy-to-use... DOWNLOAD
ng_fwdswitch(freshmeat) ng_fwdswitch ng_fwdswitch is a FreeBSD kernel module based o... DOWNLOAD
riesamp(freshmeat) riesamp riesamp is a simple car MP3 player using the fm... DOWNLOAD
espere(freshmeat) Espere Espere is an IRC bot written in Java, designed ... DOWNLOAD
wmlj(freshmeat) wmlj wmlj is a Window Maker dock application that mo... DOWNLOAD
objex(freshmeat) The Objex Project The Objex Project (like the GNU Project) aims t... DOWNLOAD
whatpix(freshmeat) whatpix whatpix is a Perl console application which fin... DOWNLOAD
unitsconversionlibrary(freshmeat) Units Conversion Library The Units Conversion Library provides a facili... DOWNLOAD
prevayler(freshmeat) Prevayler - Transparent Persistence for Java Prevayler - Transparent Persistence for Java i... DOWNLOAD
mst(freshmeat) MST MST is a very simple Java application for calcu... DOWNLOAD
gtkthemeswitch(freshmeat) Gtk Theme Switch GTK Theme Switch is a small and fast command li... DOWNLOAD

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