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archserv(freshmeat) Archive Webserver The Archive Webserver will redirect all Web cl... DOWNLOAD
openaether(freshmeat) OpenAether OpenAether is a collection of libraries and pr... DOWNLOAD
sastragraph(freshmeat) SAS's traffic grapher Sastragraph is an IP accounting package used fo... DOWNLOAD
kio_sieve(freshmeat) kio_sieve kio_sieve lets you manage mail filtering Sieve ... DOWNLOAD
scanerrlog(freshmeat) ScanErrLog ScanErrLog is a Python module that allows you t... DOWNLOAD
gpprog(freshmeat) gpprog gpprog is a software programmer for the Microch... DOWNLOAD
libpackman(freshmeat) libpackman libpackman, the GNUpdate Package Management lib... DOWNLOAD
xawdeinterlace(freshmeat) xaw-deinterlace xaw-deinterlace is a collection of plugins for ... DOWNLOAD
debpromise(freshmeat) Debian Promise FastTrak RAID HOWTO The Debian Promise FastTrak RAID HOWTO explains... DOWNLOAD
juked(freshmeat) juked juked is a daemon that turns a server into a mu... DOWNLOAD
jacol(freshmeat) JACOL JACOL is a framework that allows bidirectional ... DOWNLOAD
flap(freshmeat) flap mail user agent flap is a mail user agent written in pure Java.... DOWNLOAD
xpcm(freshmeat) XPcm XPcm is a flexible PHP based content management... DOWNLOAD
openpgpwebmail(freshmeat) OpenPGP Webmail OpenPGP Webmail is a set of PHP scripts which a... DOWNLOAD
angkor(freshmeat) Angkor Web Framework Angkor Web Framework is an easy-to-use compone... DOWNLOAD
docserv(freshmeat) DocServ DocServ is a small tool this is designed for i... DOWNLOAD
pinepgp(freshmeat) PinePGP PinePGP provides PGP and GnuPG filters for pine... DOWNLOAD
sneakyman(freshmeat) SneakyMan SneakyMan is an easy GTK+/GNOME-based snort rul... DOWNLOAD
hla3dsimviewer(freshmeat) Higher Level Architecture 3D Simulation Viewer Higher Level Architecture 3D Simulation Viewer ... DOWNLOAD
gozer(freshmeat) gozer gozer is a commandline text rendering utility f... DOWNLOAD
rustem(freshmeat) RuStem RuStem is a fast Ruby module with the the Porte... DOWNLOAD
xkobo(freshmeat) XKobo XKobo is a fastpaced multiway scrolling shoot-e... DOWNLOAD
pyxdialog(freshmeat) pyxdialog pyxdialog eases the use of the dialogs provided... DOWNLOAD
mod_trace_output(freshmeat) mod_trace_output Mod_trace_output is an Apache module that is de... DOWNLOAD
raytraccio(freshmeat) RayTraccio RayTraccio uses a fully object-oriented design ... DOWNLOAD
wmmclient(freshmeat) wmmclient wmmclient is a small Window Maker dock applet t... DOWNLOAD
wmmenu(freshmeat) wmmenu wmmenu is a "dock application" for Wi... DOWNLOAD
voxpak(freshmeat) Voxpak Voxpak is a GUI for playing, editing, renaming,... DOWNLOAD
trophy(freshmeat) Trophy Trophy is an action car racing game for Linux. ... DOWNLOAD
exb(freshmeat) ExB Xenophobic Bot ExB Xenophobic Bot is a fast and fully extensib... DOWNLOAD
alfj(freshmeat) Automated Logging Framework for Java ALF is a native logging framework for Java with... DOWNLOAD
claraocr(freshmeat) Clara OCR Clara OCR is an Optical Character Recognition p... DOWNLOAD
kcommander3(freshmeat) KCommander3 KCommander3 is a file manager like MC or the Wi... DOWNLOAD
mod_roaming(freshmeat) mod_roaming With mod_roaming you can use your Apache webser... DOWNLOAD
kmandel(freshmeat) KMandel KMandel is a powerful fractal generator. DOWNLOAD
expatxbel(freshmeat) expatXBEL expatXBEL is a PHP class that provides a simple... DOWNLOAD
quickanddirtypacketforwarder(freshmeat) Quick and Dirty Packet Forwarder QDPF was written to solve the problem of exposi... DOWNLOAD
darkroom(freshmeat) darkroom darkroom is a little bash script which can help... DOWNLOAD
groundhog(freshmeat) Groundhog Groundhog is a small logic game written in C++.... DOWNLOAD
vasc(freshmeat) Very Advanced Samba Configuration VASC is a configuration fileset for Samba, the ... DOWNLOAD
sig2dot(freshmeat) sig2dot can be used to generate a graph of a... DOWNLOAD
xcounter(freshmeat) XCounter XCounter is an X11-based traffic monitoring pro... DOWNLOAD
myphp4mysql(freshmeat) MyPHP for MySQL MyPHP is a UDF for MySQL that embeds PHP4 in My... DOWNLOAD
gnmm(freshmeat) GNMM GNMM is an implementation of the game "Nin... DOWNLOAD
weeblefm(freshmeat) Weeble File Manager Weeble File Manager (WeebleFM) is a PHP file ma... DOWNLOAD
deal_ii(freshmeat) deal.II finite element library deal.II is a C++ library supporting the generat... DOWNLOAD
agemail(freshmeat) Agemail Agemail is a Tcl utilty which removes old messa... DOWNLOAD
rpmproc(freshmeat) rpmproc rpmproc is a simple Perl program to help manage... DOWNLOAD
jteg(freshmeat) JTEG JTEG contains a Java client/server for the TEG ... DOWNLOAD
theclans(freshmeat) The Clans BBS Door Game The Clans was a game written for BBSes back in ... DOWNLOAD
mod_log_sqlite(freshmeat) mod_log_sqlite mod_log_sqlite is an Apache logging module whic... DOWNLOAD
asaplate(freshmeat) ASAPlate ASAPlate separates PHP source code from templat... DOWNLOAD
stoical(freshmeat) STOICAL STOICAL is a modern re-implementation of the cl... DOWNLOAD
ffes(freshmeat) Freehand Formula Entry System The Freehand Formula Entry System is a research... DOWNLOAD
xwrits(freshmeat) Xwrits Xwrits reminds you to take wrist breaks, which ... DOWNLOAD
evos(freshmeat) EV-OS EV-OS is an operating system which runs in real... DOWNLOAD
arcem(freshmeat) arcem ArcEm is a register level emulator of the Acorn... DOWNLOAD
jttui(freshmeat) JTTui JTTui is a Ruby library for text mode user inte... DOWNLOAD
danican(freshmeat) Danican Danican lets you play international draughts. T... DOWNLOAD
gsmlib(freshmeat) gsmlib GSMLIB is a library to access GSM mobile phones... DOWNLOAD
gfr(freshmeat) gFR gFR is a GTK text file reader capable of readin... DOWNLOAD
xgsmlib(freshmeat) xgsmlib xgsm is a GNOME-based GUI for the gsmlib librar... DOWNLOAD
xvolume(freshmeat) XVolume XVolume is a simple Xlib volume control that mi... DOWNLOAD
pengswim(freshmeat) PengSwim PengSwim is a game of swimming and eating, a pe... DOWNLOAD
glitternewsreader(freshmeat) Glitter Newsreader Glitter is an interactive GUI program for extra... DOWNLOAD
dlhp(freshmeat) Deutsches Linux HOWTO Projekt The "Deutsches Linux HOWTO Projekt" (... DOWNLOAD
inetrd(freshmeat) inetrd inetrd is a super server like inetd (i.e., it l... DOWNLOAD
dnsjava(freshmeat) dnsjava dnsjava is an implementation of the DNS protoco... DOWNLOAD
puf(freshmeat) Parallel URL fetcher puf is a tool that can be used to download sing... DOWNLOAD
diaweblog(freshmeat) DiaWebLog DiaWebLog is a weblog system with an IRC interf... DOWNLOAD
phpmole(freshmeat) Phpmole Phpmole grew out of a port of Moleskine, since ... DOWNLOAD
rachel(freshmeat) Rachel Rachel is a resource loading toolkit for Java W... DOWNLOAD
mockdoclet(freshmeat) MockDoclet MockDoclet is a tool for generating mock objec... DOWNLOAD
4stattack(freshmeat) 4st Attack 4st Attack is a good looking connect-four game ... DOWNLOAD
cchatd(freshmeat) cchatd cchatd is a webchat designed to handle high aud... DOWNLOAD
sf16-fmrdriverforlinux(freshmeat) SF16-FMR driver for Linux SF16-FMR is a Video4Linux driver for the Typhoo... DOWNLOAD
umatrix(freshmeat) umatrix umatrix is a matrix unit for Free Pascal, which... DOWNLOAD
jaune(freshmeat) Jaune Jaune is a compiler and set of libraries that c... DOWNLOAD
omnibiff(freshmeat) OmniBiff OmniBiff will alert you when you have new email... DOWNLOAD
xpyre(freshmeat) xpyre xpyre is a nifty flame effect visualization plu... DOWNLOAD
lcdsensors(freshmeat) LCDsensors LCDsensors is a Perl script that will output so... DOWNLOAD
txt2xml(freshmeat) txt2xml txt2xml is a simple Java library for parsing ar... DOWNLOAD
netftpserver(freshmeat) Net::FTPServer Net::FTPServer is a full-featured, secure, exte... DOWNLOAD
xmud(freshmeat) eXtensible MUD XMud is an extensible MUD, inspired by LambdaMO... DOWNLOAD
phpresolver(freshmeat) PHPresolver PHPresolver is a DNS resolver library written i... DOWNLOAD
cg(freshmeat) cg cg is a semi-automatic newsgroup binary downloa... DOWNLOAD
packattack(freshmeat) PackAttack PackAttack is a game which is a little bit like... DOWNLOAD
pigale(freshmeat) PIGALE PIGALE is a graph editor and an algorithm libra... DOWNLOAD
perl-rpm(freshmeat) Perl-RPM The Perl-RPM package is an attempt at native bi... DOWNLOAD
gpkg(freshmeat) gpkg gpkg is the command-line GNUpdate package mana... DOWNLOAD
agqt(freshmeat) 6's Spiffy AudioGalaxy Query Tool 6's Spiffy AudioGalaxy Query Tool is a package ... DOWNLOAD
libgnurdf(freshmeat) libgnurdf The libgnurdf library makes it easy to create, ... DOWNLOAD
rascal(freshmeat) Rascal Rascal, the Advanced Scientific CALculator, is ... DOWNLOAD
j-chkmail(freshmeat) j-chkmail j-chkmail is a complete and integrated mail fil... DOWNLOAD
iroffertng(freshmeat) irofferTNG irofferTNG is a new, more active branch of the ... DOWNLOAD
belgian-howto(freshmeat) Belgian-HOWTO The Belgian-HOWTO describes how to tweak Linux ... DOWNLOAD
glaunch(freshmeat) Game Launcher Game Launcher is a cross platform, universal fr... DOWNLOAD
bp(freshmeat) Bouvard & Pécuchet Bouvard & Pécuchet is a Java code documenta... DOWNLOAD
lvsmon(freshmeat) LVSmon LVSmon is a cluster monitoring daemon originall... DOWNLOAD
junglemonkey(freshmeat) Jungle Monkey Jungle Monkey (JM) is a distributed file-sharin... DOWNLOAD

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