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spaminator(freshmeat) Spaminator Spaminator is a combination of a MySQL and Perl... DOWNLOAD
standardtaglib(freshmeat) Standard Taglib (JSTL) The Standard Taglib from the Jakarta Apache pro... DOWNLOAD
sonomap(freshmeat) Sonoma Portal The Sonoma Portal is a Java/XML-based content ... DOWNLOAD
fonmon(freshmeat) fonmon fonmon is a remote phone monitor for isdn4linux... DOWNLOAD
coinflip(freshmeat) coinflip coinflip is a cryptographically secure program/... DOWNLOAD
rc5pipe(freshmeat) rc5pipe rc5pipe is a security program for encrypting an... DOWNLOAD
perlnuke(freshmeat) PerlNuke PerlNuke is a Content Management System like ph... DOWNLOAD
dama(freshmeat) Dama Dama lets you play Turkish draughts, which is r... DOWNLOAD
coreserver(freshmeat) C.O.R.E. server C.O.R.E. server is a small, robust, and fast fr... DOWNLOAD
irssibot(freshmeat) IrssiBot the IRC bot IrssiBot is an IRC bot written in pure Java. It... DOWNLOAD
dc395x_trm(freshmeat) Tekram DC395/DC315 (TRM-S1040) SCSI driver The Tekram DC395/DC315 (TRM-S1040) SCSI driver ... DOWNLOAD
bar(freshmeat) Bar BAR is a full reservations system intended for ... DOWNLOAD
friends(freshmeat) friends friends is a console tool that manages your con... DOWNLOAD
gcgi(freshmeat) GCGI GCGI implements NCSA's Common Gateway Interfac... DOWNLOAD
ftpmap(freshmeat) FTP Map Ftpmap scans remote FTP servers to identify wha... DOWNLOAD
reauth(freshmeat) reauth reauth is a utility which gets and maintains AF... DOWNLOAD
freefactor(freshmeat) Freefactor Freefactor is a Java refactoring framework. It ... DOWNLOAD
staff(freshmeat) ST@FF - Support Tool and Forum Frameset ST@FF is a forum frameset based on topic notes... DOWNLOAD
dudusdl(freshmeat) Duzzle Duddle DuduSDL is a clone of the well-known arcade gam... DOWNLOAD
gscanbus(freshmeat) gscanbus gscanbus is a little tool for testing and visua... DOWNLOAD
uclibclinux(freshmeat) uClibcLinux uClibcLinux is a purely uClibc-based Linux dist... DOWNLOAD
phpprofiler(freshmeat) PHP Profiler Class PHP Profiler Class performs code profiling and ... DOWNLOAD
mod_ifenv(freshmeat) mod_ifenv mod_ifenv is an Apache module that provides the... DOWNLOAD
texi2db(freshmeat) texi2db texi2db is a Perl script that converts a Texinf... DOWNLOAD
wt2db(freshmeat) wt2db wt2db converts WikiText files, or files in the ... DOWNLOAD
fwup(freshmeat) fwup Firewall is a set of scripts (firewall, fwup, a... DOWNLOAD
maki(freshmeat) maki maki is a Web-serving framework built on Python... DOWNLOAD
jcomm(freshmeat) J/CoMM J/CoMM is an OS independent RS232 remote contro... DOWNLOAD
nupop(freshmeat) Nupop nupop is a GPLd POP3 server designed for high-p... DOWNLOAD
openzz(freshmeat) OpenZz OpenZz is an interpreted dynamic parser which i... DOWNLOAD
datalang(freshmeat) Datalang Datalang (DL) was designed to be a pure data l... DOWNLOAD
fish(freshmeat) FISH FISH simplifies the installation of RPM packag... DOWNLOAD
sqlworksheet(freshmeat) SQLWeb Worksheet 3000 SQLWeb Worksheet is a Web-based SQL worksheet ... DOWNLOAD
amavis-n-parser(freshmeat) amavis-notify-parser amavis-notify-parser analyzes hostmaster notifi... DOWNLOAD
sacphp(freshmeat) SAC.php SACphp is a fully-featured, modular, multilingu... DOWNLOAD
jump(freshmeat) JUMP JUMP (The JUMP Ultimate Math Package) is a Java... DOWNLOAD
javadoxml(freshmeat) JavadoXML JavadoXML is a Doclet that produces XML as outp... DOWNLOAD
dir2xml(freshmeat) Dir2XML Dir2xml is a library for generating an XML file... DOWNLOAD
yerba(freshmeat) Yerba Yerba is a portal system created with PHP and S... DOWNLOAD
image2wav(freshmeat) is a simple python program to crea... DOWNLOAD
hafiye(freshmeat) EnderUNIX Hafiye Hafiye is a POSIX-compliant, customizable TCP/I... DOWNLOAD
sms-meny(freshmeat) Sms-meny Sms-menu (sms-meny in Norwegian) is a set of s... DOWNLOAD
orbit-mt(freshmeat) ORBit-mt ORBit-mt is an extended ORBit, which allows you... DOWNLOAD
pydime(freshmeat) PyDIME Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME) is... DOWNLOAD
dimepp(freshmeat) DIME++ Direct Internet Message Encapsulation (DIME) is... DOWNLOAD
mlurlslave(freshmeat) ed2k://urlslave for mldonkey ed2k://urlslave for mldonkey eases the process ... DOWNLOAD
woproject(freshmeat) WOProject WOProject provides a set of tools to work with ... DOWNLOAD
dixie(freshmeat) Dixie DNS & DHCP Config Tool Dixie DNS & DHCP Config Tool is a Web inte... DOWNLOAD
gpoll(freshmeat) gpoll gpoll is an online voting program, written in P... DOWNLOAD
knoga(freshmeat) KnoGa KnoGa is a dice game, similar to "Yahtzee&... DOWNLOAD
kmatplot(freshmeat) KMatplot KMatplot is an Origin-like tool for plotting da... DOWNLOAD
hg_regexp(freshmeat) hg_regexp hg_regexp is a regular expressions package with... DOWNLOAD
ri(freshmeat) Recipe Indexer Recipe Indexer is a program designed for the co... DOWNLOAD
ldap2nis(freshmeat) ldap2nis ldap2nis is a utility for generating arbitrary ... DOWNLOAD
toska(freshmeat) Toolkit for OpenSSH Key Administration TOSKA (Toolkit for OpenSSH Key Administration) ... DOWNLOAD
nfmca(freshmeat) NFMCA NFMCA is a MUD client with basic features in th... DOWNLOAD
libtrace(freshmeat) libtrace libtrace is a small library to help programmers... DOWNLOAD
soapanywhere(freshmeat) SOAPAnywhere SOAP Anywhere is a SOAP 1.2 implementation writ... DOWNLOAD
pysnort(freshmeat) pysnort pysnort is a set of libraries that provide Pyth... DOWNLOAD
gturing(freshmeat) gTuring gTuring is a Turing Machine simulator developed... DOWNLOAD
leakbug(freshmeat) leakbug leakbug is a small, simple library intended to ... DOWNLOAD
radeontool(freshmeat) RadeonTool RadeonTool allows you to manipulate an ATI Rad... DOWNLOAD
rspell(freshmeat) RSpell RSpell is a set of library functions that allow... DOWNLOAD
oprpm(freshmeat) RPM-Manager OPRPM is an easy-to-use RPM management system f... DOWNLOAD
xineo-oax(freshmeat) Xineo OAX Xineo OAX (Object-oriented API for XML) offers ... DOWNLOAD
earcandy(freshmeat) EarCandy EarCandy is a non-Web based music jukebox. It ... DOWNLOAD
bsed(freshmeat) bsed bsed does simple edits of binary files from the... DOWNLOAD
vgb-gui(freshmeat) VGB-GUI VGB-GUI is a program for launching and configur... DOWNLOAD
eyebrowse(freshmeat) Eyebrowse Eyebrowse is a Web-based mailing list archive b... DOWNLOAD
ktail(freshmeat) ktail Ktail is a KDE application that monitors multip... DOWNLOAD
csv2txt(freshmeat) csv2txt csv2txt is a Perl converter from the CSV format... DOWNLOAD
phpaypal(freshmeat) PHPayPal PHPayPal integrates a MySQL products database w... DOWNLOAD
fastcm(freshmeat) Fastcm Fastcm is a simple Web content management syste... DOWNLOAD
copper(freshmeat) Copper Copper is the feature-wise Linux port of the Wi... DOWNLOAD
pacgen(freshmeat) pacgen PacGen is an Ethernet IP TCP/UDP packet generat... DOWNLOAD
yatunnel(freshmeat) YATunnel YATunnel is a simple tunneling program to bypas... DOWNLOAD
gladepyc(freshmeat) gladepyc gladepyc generates a Python module from a Glade... DOWNLOAD
prioutil(freshmeat) Prioutil Prioutil is a graphical frontend to the Unix Ri... DOWNLOAD
cl(freshmeat) Code Librarian Code Librarian is a Web frontend to CVS reposit... DOWNLOAD
pong_curses(freshmeat) pong_curses pong_curses is an implementation of the timeles... DOWNLOAD
jtag(freshmeat) jtag arm7tdmi jtag arm7tdmi is a jtag emulator for ARM7TDMI c... DOWNLOAD
authlocal(freshmeat) authlocal authlocal is a simple, self-contained program m... DOWNLOAD
gwx(freshmeat) gwx gwx is a GTK+ client for the wx200d(8) weather ... DOWNLOAD
phpmycms(freshmeat) phpMyCms phpMyCMS lets you manage your content for intra... DOWNLOAD
drsync(freshmeat) drsync drsync is a Perl wrapper for rsync which keeps ... DOWNLOAD
cack(freshmeat) Cack Cack constructs sentences using random words, b... DOWNLOAD
webresolve(freshmeat) Webresolve Webresolve is used in conjunction with a log an... DOWNLOAD
bday(freshmeat) BDAY BDAY is a set of Perl scripts to remind you of ... DOWNLOAD
toootchart(freshmeat) Baby Tooth Chart The Baby Tooth chart is a PHP script which show... DOWNLOAD
xmake(freshmeat) Xmake Xmake is a console application for building C/C... DOWNLOAD
relay-bot(freshmeat) IRC Channel Relay Bot IRC Channel Relay Bot allows you to have an IRC... DOWNLOAD
coldspot(freshmeat) ColdSpot ColdSpot is a simple screen locker for X. When ... DOWNLOAD
kmmail(freshmeat) kmMail kmMail is a PHP-based mail program, based on th... DOWNLOAD
phphomework(freshmeat) PHPHomework PHPHomework lets users login and get their new ... DOWNLOAD
pop3despam(freshmeat) pop3despam pop3despam (renamed from Spamhammer) looks at a... DOWNLOAD
gaaargumentanalyser(freshmeat) GAA Argument Analyser The GAA Argument Analyser helps programmers to ... DOWNLOAD
mftpindex(freshmeat) mFTP-Index mFTP-Index is a shell script which generates an... DOWNLOAD
shiloshos(freshmeat) Shilosh OS Shilosh OS provides a secure and stable operati... DOWNLOAD
wmab(freshmeat) WMab WMab is a Window Maker dockable application tha... DOWNLOAD
asel(freshmeat) Apache::SearchEngineLog Apache::SearchEngineLog is a Perl module, writt... DOWNLOAD

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