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gcombust(freshmeat) gcombust gcombust is a CD burner GUI. It works as a GTK+... DOWNLOAD
pubcrawler(freshmeat) PubCrawler PubCrawler is a script for an "alerting&qu... DOWNLOAD
xenofarm(freshmeat) Xenofarm Xenofarm is a distributed build script similar ... DOWNLOAD
gnu6(freshmeat) GNU6 GNU6 provides an environment for the rapid deve... DOWNLOAD
budget-addon(freshmeat) Finance management module for PHPRojekt budget-addon is a finance management module for... DOWNLOAD
popasm(freshmeat) PopAsm PopAsm is an assembler (an assembly language c... DOWNLOAD
dal_units(freshmeat) Java Units of Measure This is a Java package with abstract data types... DOWNLOAD
revert(freshmeat) revert Revert sets back timestamps on files if they ha... DOWNLOAD
bossman(freshmeat) Bossman Bossman is an end-user server management tool f... DOWNLOAD
airstrike(freshmeat) AirStrike Airstrike is a 2D dogfight game in the traditio... DOWNLOAD
watgfx(freshmeat) watgfx watgfx is a source-compatible, partial implemen... DOWNLOAD
oldrus-ispell(freshmeat) Old-Russian Ispell Set Old-Russian Ispell is a superset of A.I. Lebede... DOWNLOAD
msn2mail(freshmeat) msn2mail msn2mail is a gateway from MSN to email. It log... DOWNLOAD
ezmanage(freshmeat) EzManage Ezmanage provides a simple WWW interface to man... DOWNLOAD
linuxssn(freshmeat) LinuxSSN LinuxSSN is a naval combat simulation. It is ba... DOWNLOAD
tabulizer(freshmeat) Tabulizer Tabulizer provides an easy-to-use interface for... DOWNLOAD
gtkdictionary(freshmeat) GTK+ Dictionary GTK+ dictionary is a frontend to dictionaries s... DOWNLOAD
phpay(freshmeat) phPay phPay is a shopping cart system using a combina... DOWNLOAD
libsmtppp(freshmeat) libsmtp++ libsmtp++ is a library that implements the cli... DOWNLOAD
phpinv(freshmeat) phpInv phpInv is a small yet highly configurable inven... DOWNLOAD
xmerlin(freshmeat) XMerlin XMerlin is a simple character recognition engin... DOWNLOAD
gnuxhippo(freshmeat) GNU xhippo GNU xhippo is a simple GTK-based playlist manag... DOWNLOAD
wordtrans(freshmeat) wordtrans Wordtrans is a frontend for several dictionarie... DOWNLOAD
patentmailer(freshmeat) PatentMailer patentmailer is an easy-to-use CGI and command-... DOWNLOAD
gcm(freshmeat) GNOME Clipboard Manager GNOME Clipboard Manager (GCM) makes copying and... DOWNLOAD
tammi(freshmeat) Tammi Tammi is a Java component based development fra... DOWNLOAD
mother(freshmeat) mother The mother modular generic compiler is designed... DOWNLOAD
vvftp(freshmeat) vvftp vvFTP is a simple, console-based FTP client wri... DOWNLOAD
archangel(freshmeat) Archangel Archangel is a Mozilla Firebird extension which... DOWNLOAD
myobjectivetcl(freshmeat) myObjectiveTcl This is a free implementation of an object-orie... DOWNLOAD
openbechede(freshmeat) openbechede openbechede is a fast and simple way to install... DOWNLOAD
xcruiser(freshmeat) XCruiser XCruiser (formerly known as XCruise) is a files... DOWNLOAD
phpstylesheetviewer(freshmeat) phpStyleSheetViewer phpStyleSheetViewer allows you to preview CSS ... DOWNLOAD
pwc-config(freshmeat) PWC-Config PWC-Config is a graphical user interface for c... DOWNLOAD
taskware(freshmeat) Taskware Taskware is a groupware to-do/task application,... DOWNLOAD
kcurses(freshmeat) kcurses kcurses is a set of simple widgets and UI abstr... DOWNLOAD
jetty(freshmeat) Jetty Jetty is an Open Source HTTP Servlet Server wri... DOWNLOAD
w3d(freshmeat) WorldSpace 3D The main focus of the WorldSpace 3D Project is ... DOWNLOAD
pim(freshmeat) Pluggable Identification Modules PIM is a library which aims at enabling the sys... DOWNLOAD
ktris(freshmeat) KTris KTris is a tris game for KDE. It allows you to ... DOWNLOAD
alertmanager(freshmeat) Alert Manager Alert Manager allows you to monitor the output ... DOWNLOAD
tif22pnm(freshmeat) tif22pnm tif22pnm is a command line utility that convert... DOWNLOAD
s3(freshmeat) Solar System Simulator s3 (solar system simulator) is an OpenGL/Glut b... DOWNLOAD
lock-keys-applet(freshmeat) lock-keys-applet Lock Keys Applet (formerly Led_applet) is a GNO... DOWNLOAD
libl3d(freshmeat) libL3D OpenGL 3D Library L3D is a 3D library for developing OpenGL appli... DOWNLOAD
syscalltrack(freshmeat) system call tracker The system call tracker is a Linux kernel modul... DOWNLOAD
ppm2html(freshmeat) ppm2html ppm2html is a small Linux tool that converts an... DOWNLOAD
runlaunch(freshmeat) RunLaunch Run Launch is a GNOME program execution utilit... DOWNLOAD
spike(freshmeat) SPIKE SPIKE is an attempt to write an API that helps ... DOWNLOAD
radeox(freshmeat) Radeox Radeox is a Wiki markup rendering engine writte... DOWNLOAD
mightycal(freshmeat) MightyCal MightyCal is a powerful calendar/schedule build... DOWNLOAD
mod_injection(freshmeat) mod_injection mod_injection is an Apache 2.0.X filter module.... DOWNLOAD
snibbles(freshmeat) sNibbles sNibbles is a platform independent Snake/Nibble... DOWNLOAD
struts-wml(freshmeat) struts-wml struts-wml is a JSP taglib used for developing ... DOWNLOAD
monkeyircd(freshmeat) Chunky Monkey IRCD Chunky Monkey IRCD is an Internet Relay Chat da... DOWNLOAD
kingofthehill(freshmeat) King of the Hill King of the Hill (KOTH) is an artillery game in... DOWNLOAD
perlctapi(freshmeat) Chipcard::CTAPI Chipcard::CTAPI is a Perl module for accessing ... DOWNLOAD
glubs(freshmeat) Glubs Glubs is a clubbing system similar to Yahoo! or... DOWNLOAD
xtux(freshmeat) XTux In XTux, you can play as Tux the Linux penguin,... DOWNLOAD
webpublisher(freshmeat) WebPublisher for PHProjekt WebPublisher is a PHProjekt module which allows... DOWNLOAD
wget_img_pl(freshmeat) is a Perl script that examines HTML... DOWNLOAD
xmlpcbrender(freshmeat) XML PCB Render The XML PCB Renderer takes an XML definition o... DOWNLOAD
apache-filemanager(freshmeat) Apache File Manager The Apache::FileManager module is a simple HTML... DOWNLOAD
hopp(freshmeat) Hird Of PHP Parts HOPP is a function-oriented, programmer-friendl... DOWNLOAD
penggy(freshmeat) Penggy Penggy is a project that aims to provide connec... DOWNLOAD
lithobiusforficatus(freshmeat) lithobiusforficatus lithobiusforficatus is a port forwarding tool t... DOWNLOAD
xerver(freshmeat) Xerver Xerver is a fast, tiny Web server which allows ... DOWNLOAD
kportage(freshmeat) KPortage KPortage a graphical frontend for the Gentoo Li... DOWNLOAD
idms-firewall(freshmeat) IDMS Firewall IDMS is a very powerfull firewall configuration... DOWNLOAD
dwnl(freshmeat) Dwnl Dwnl is a download manager for the console to m... DOWNLOAD
camail(freshmeat) CaMail CaMail is a free modular Webmail system that us... DOWNLOAD
dadadodo(freshmeat) DadaDodo DadaDodo is a program that analyses texts for w... DOWNLOAD
planetaryhoppers(freshmeat) Planetary Hoppers Planetary Hoppers is a Java-based, multiplayer,... DOWNLOAD
kisdndial(freshmeat) Kisdndial Kisdndial is a applet for the KDE 2.x Kicker. I... DOWNLOAD
dumpgdbm(freshmeat) Dumpgdbm Dumpgdbm in a batch or interactive tool which c... DOWNLOAD
sowas(freshmeat) SOWAS SOWAS is a general-purpose multi-user financia... DOWNLOAD
c2lib(freshmeat) c2lib c2lib is a library of basic structures and memo... DOWNLOAD
pthrlib(freshmeat) pthrlib pthrlib is a comprehensive library and toolkit ... DOWNLOAD
monolith(freshmeat) Monolith Monolith is an application framework for Web ap... DOWNLOAD
dacode(freshmeat) daCode daCode is a news engine written in PHP. It has ... DOWNLOAD
bayani(freshmeat) Bayani Bayani aims to be a scientific quality graph pl... DOWNLOAD
pyxine(freshmeat) Pyxine Pyxine allows developers to play movies using x... DOWNLOAD
progress(freshmeat) progress progress is a utility used in a pipe to report ... DOWNLOAD
spamgourmet(freshmeat) spamgourmet Spamgourmet provides automatic creation and exp... DOWNLOAD
jigs(freshmeat) JIGS JIGS (Java Interface for GnuStep) allows Java p... DOWNLOAD
postgresqlsessionhandlerforphp(freshmeat) PostgreSQL Session Handler for PHP PostgreSQL Session Handler for PHP is a custom ... DOWNLOAD
geektalkd(freshmeat) geektalkd geektalkd is a simple chat server designed for ... DOWNLOAD
dame(freshmeat) DAME DAME (Database Access Made Easy) is a tool that... DOWNLOAD
rdflib(freshmeat) RDFLib is a Python library containing an RDF tr... DOWNLOAD
maitretarot(freshmeat) maitretarot MaitreTarot is a French Tarot card game. It is ... DOWNLOAD
posixtest(freshmeat) Open POSIX Test Suite The Open POSIX Test Suite is a test suite with ... DOWNLOAD
qleuren(freshmeat) Qleuren Qleuren is a Qt-based MasterMind clone with a u... DOWNLOAD
lportal(freshmeat) Liferay Enterprise Portal Liferay Enterprise Portal is a Java/J2EE portal... DOWNLOAD
fungimol(freshmeat) Fungimol Fungimol is an extensible system for designing ... DOWNLOAD
hackerscoloringbook(freshmeat) Hacker's Coloring Book The Hacker's Coloring book lets you change 11 i... DOWNLOAD
mailpopup(freshmeat) mailpopup mailpopup checks one or more email accounts and... DOWNLOAD
poink(freshmeat) poink poink is a TCP/IP-based ping implementation th... DOWNLOAD
libgmuvision(freshmeat) libGMUVision libGMUVision is framework for realtime compute... DOWNLOAD
phpnewsfork(freshmeat) phpNewsfork phpNewsfork is a lightweight, browser-based ne... DOWNLOAD
stat-upg-sap(freshmeat) Statistics about SAP upgrades Statistics about SAP upgrades is a simple and ... DOWNLOAD

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