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pptp_gui(freshmeat) PPTP_GUI PPTP_GUI is a graphical interface to the existi... DOWNLOAD
linuxwirelesslanproject(freshmeat) Linux Wireless LAN Project The goal of the Linux WLAN project is to develo... DOWNLOAD
apache-centipaid(freshmeat) Apache::Centipaid Apache::Centipaid is an Apache add-on module th... DOWNLOAD
simpledi(freshmeat) SimPlEdi SimPlEdi is a Web-based editor for MP3 playlist... DOWNLOAD
mod_auth_ldap(freshmeat) mod_auth_ldap The mod_auth_ldap module allows Apache to authe... DOWNLOAD
privateradio(freshmeat) PrivateRadio PrivateRadio is a network jukebox player, coll... DOWNLOAD
hdl2html(freshmeat) HDL to HTML conversion script The HDL to HTML conversion script converts eith... DOWNLOAD
xmmsstatusplugin(freshmeat) XMMS status plugin The XMMS status plugin provides a monitor for t... DOWNLOAD
osxcontrol(freshmeat) OSX Control OSXControl allows you to shut down, reset or pu... DOWNLOAD
waif(freshmeat) Waif Waif is a console audio unfrontend. That means ... DOWNLOAD
mailfront(freshmeat) mailfront mailfront is a set of customizeable network pro... DOWNLOAD
twoftpd(freshmeat) TwoFTPd Twoftpd is an FTP server that strives to be sec... DOWNLOAD
jmame(freshmeat) jmame jmame is a Java-based frontend to XMAME. It use... DOWNLOAD
dnsmoduleforaolserver(freshmeat) DNS Module for AOLserver DNS Module for AOLserver is a module that imple... DOWNLOAD
arccc(freshmeat) Arc Consistency Crossword Compiler The Arc Consistency Crossword Compiler uses con... DOWNLOAD
ptommi(freshmeat) PTOMMI PTOMMI is a package of Python scripts and modul... DOWNLOAD
crisoftricette(freshmeat) CrisoftRicette CrisoftRicette is a simple PHP application to b... DOWNLOAD
ftpsync(freshmeat) ftpsync ftpsync is a tool that allows updates to be in... DOWNLOAD
xlab(freshmeat) xlab Xlab is a tool to automate any X application, b... DOWNLOAD
osd_mail(freshmeat) OSD Mail osd_mail watches a defined set of mail boxes fo... DOWNLOAD
gkaraoke(freshmeat) GKaraoke GKaraoke is a Karaoke simulator for GNOME that ... DOWNLOAD
omsview(freshmeat) omsview omsview is a GTK+ turn viewer for a play-by-ema... DOWNLOAD
schweasel(freshmeat) Schweasel Schweasel is a platform-independent text shell ... DOWNLOAD
xmlrpcpp(freshmeat) XmlRpc++ XmlRpc++ is an implementation of the XML-RPC pr... DOWNLOAD
sinstall(freshmeat) Source INSTALLer Sinstall (Source INSTALLer) is a flexible sourc... DOWNLOAD
ifoinfo(freshmeat) ifoinfo ifoinfo is a small tool that uses libdvdread to... DOWNLOAD
looperdb(freshmeat) LooperDB LooperDB is a secure, multithreaded alert datab... DOWNLOAD
mrxramdisk(freshmeat) MRX Ramdisk MRX Ramdisk is a simple ramdisk creation tool. ... DOWNLOAD
kmc(freshmeat) kmc Kmc aims to be a MUD client that is easy to use... DOWNLOAD
jphoneinfo(freshmeat) j phone info jphoneinfo is a simple J2ME-compliant utility t... DOWNLOAD
launch_app(freshmeat) is a small program for executing app... DOWNLOAD
packetexcalibur(freshmeat) Packet Excalibur Packet Excalibur is a multi-platform graphical ... DOWNLOAD
lacy(freshmeat) lacy lacy is a conversion tool that changes Latin le... DOWNLOAD
connect(freshmeat) Connect Connect is a GNUstep frontend to pppd. DOWNLOAD
katie(freshmeat) Katie Katie is a revision control system, somewhat li... DOWNLOAD
rythmaidgui(freshmeat) Ryth(M)Aid + GUI Ryth(M)Aid + GUI generates a drum, bass, and pi... DOWNLOAD
coin_soqt(freshmeat) SoQt SoQt is a GUI toolkit for using Coin/Open Inven... DOWNLOAD
dctviewer(freshmeat) DCTViewer DCTViewer is a robust Web-based solution for di... DOWNLOAD
airfart(freshmeat) Airfart AirFart is a wireless tool created to detect wi... DOWNLOAD
libcomprex(freshmeat) libcomprex The libcomprex library transparently handles au... DOWNLOAD
mini-pub(freshmeat) mini-pub mini-Pub is a Web publisher that does not acces... DOWNLOAD
reattore(freshmeat) Reattore HTTP Server Reattore is an HTTP server that uses the NIO fe... DOWNLOAD
tse3(freshmeat) TSE3 TSE3 (Trax Sequencer Engine v3) is a powerful o... DOWNLOAD
wmcpuload(freshmeat) WMCPULoad WMCPULoad is a program to monitor CPU usage. It... DOWNLOAD
libjxml2sql(freshmeat) libjxml2sql libjxml2sql is a library, written entirely in J... DOWNLOAD
gnomeseti_applet(freshmeat) gnome seti_applet gnome seti_applet displays the status of any ru... DOWNLOAD
boon(freshmeat) BOON BOON is a tool for automatically finding buffer... DOWNLOAD
kamevoice(freshmeat) KameVoice KameVoice is a Program to utilize the Microsoft... DOWNLOAD
passguardframework(freshmeat) PassGuard Framework PassGuard Framework is a library for the PassG... DOWNLOAD
recipeconverter(freshmeat) Recipe Converter Recipe Converter is a program to convert recipe... DOWNLOAD
fdlinux(freshmeat) Fd Linux Fd Linux is a mini floppy distribution of Linux... DOWNLOAD
grav(freshmeat) X-grav X-grav is a simple physics simulation for a lar... DOWNLOAD
gpasmanrc2plugin(freshmeat) PassGuard gpasman plugin The PassGuard suite is a set of software that m... DOWNLOAD
gpassguard(freshmeat) GPassGuard GPassguard is a GTK+ frontend to the *PassGuard... DOWNLOAD
fpmblowfishplugin(freshmeat) PassGuard Figaro's Password Manager plugin The PassGuard suite is a set of software that m... DOWNLOAD
xmlconfig(freshmeat) XmlConfig XmlConfig is a library for instantiating and co... DOWNLOAD
pcdio48-linux(freshmeat) pcdio48-linux pcdio48-linux is a client module for pcmcia-cs ... DOWNLOAD
lphtydirindexer(freshmeat) Lophty Directory Indexer Lophty Directory indexer is a PHP class that al... DOWNLOAD
qiomega(freshmeat) Qiomega Qiomega is a frontend for iomegaware (iomega) t... DOWNLOAD
iip(freshmeat) Invisible IRC Project IIP (Invisible IRC Project) is Internet Relay C... DOWNLOAD
liblatin1(freshmeat) libLatin1 libLatin1 is a small library that converts a nu... DOWNLOAD
php-auth(freshmeat) PHP-Authentication PHP-Authentication works like the Tomcat authen... DOWNLOAD
peari18n(freshmeat) PEAR::I18N The PEAR::I18N class allows PHP applications t... DOWNLOAD
php-treeclass(freshmeat) PHP-Tree Class The PHP-Tree Class offers methods that make it ... DOWNLOAD
libdvdplay(freshmeat) libdvdplay libdvdplay is a cross-platform layer over libdv... DOWNLOAD
tmon(freshmeat) TMon System TMon System is a room temperature monitoring s... DOWNLOAD
kgoodstuff(freshmeat) KGoodStuff KGoodStuff is a KDE application that provides a... DOWNLOAD
views(freshmeat) views views (View Images Exclusive With SDL) is a fas... DOWNLOAD
trafcalc(freshmeat) trafcalc Trafcalc calculates the size of the TCP-payload... DOWNLOAD
maxpi(freshmeat) MaXPI MaXPI is a Plug-in for Jakarta Turbine Maven th... DOWNLOAD
tk120(freshmeat) tk120 tk120 is a multiplatform programming and cloni... DOWNLOAD
kio_z3950r(freshmeat) kio_z3950r kio_z3950r is a KIOSlave for the z39.50 protoco... DOWNLOAD
ulim(freshmeat) ulim Ulim is a Linux kernel module which enforces re... DOWNLOAD
genericmakefiles(freshmeat) Generic Makefiles Generic Makefiles is a collection of ready-to-u... DOWNLOAD
porque(freshmeat) Porque Porque uses an XML-defined data-schema to produ... DOWNLOAD
xcerpt(freshmeat) Xcerpt Xcerpt is a declarative, rule-based query and ... DOWNLOAD
sterminal(freshmeat) S-terminal S-terminal lets you create a secure X terminal.... DOWNLOAD
xmms-cdcover(freshmeat) CDcover XMMS Plugin The CDcover XMMS Plugin allows images to be dis... DOWNLOAD
dhtmltreemenu(freshmeat) DHTML TreeMenu DHTML TreeMenu is a PHP class that generates D... DOWNLOAD
openmosixloaf(freshmeat) openMosixLOAF openMosixLOAF (openMosix Linux-On-A-Floppy) is ... DOWNLOAD
openbottle-core(freshmeat) OpenBottle-core OpenBottle-core is a per-user anti-spam email s... DOWNLOAD
yngvi(freshmeat) Yngvi Yngvi allows Apache Webmasters to determine fil... DOWNLOAD
sharkcgi(freshmeat) Shark CGI Function The Shark CGI Function simplifies programming C... DOWNLOAD
captcha(freshmeat) Session Captcha Session Captcha is a system that generates an o... DOWNLOAD
newsfighter(freshmeat) Newsfighter Newsfighter is an OpenSource content management... DOWNLOAD
select(freshmeat) Select text classifier Select is a text classification program. It use... DOWNLOAD
xppubwizphp(freshmeat) XPPubWiz.php XPPubWiz.php is a standalone PHP script acting ... DOWNLOAD
ncpfs(freshmeat) ncpfs ncpfs allows you to mount volumes of NetWare se... DOWNLOAD
libgtkhtml(freshmeat) GtkHTML Library GtkHTML is a HTML rendering/editing library. It... DOWNLOAD
gnome-system-monitor(freshmeat) Gnome System Monitor Gnome System Monitor is a GNOME process viewer ... DOWNLOAD
logengine(freshmeat) C++ Log Engine LogEngine is a C++ library for easy and flexibl... DOWNLOAD
proc_reliable(freshmeat) Proc::Reliable Proc::Reliable is a Perl module for simple, rel... DOWNLOAD
rmm(freshmeat) Remote MySQL Manager Remote MySQL Manager is PHP code to manage a M... DOWNLOAD
virtuadesk(freshmeat) VirtuaDesk VirtuaDesk is a 3d file manager written in Java... DOWNLOAD
php-ensim(freshmeat) Ensim PHP tools Ensim PHP tools is actually a collection of di... DOWNLOAD
templatepower(freshmeat) TemplatePower TemplatePower is a fast, easy to use, and power... DOWNLOAD
orbitcpp2(freshmeat) orbitcpp orbitcpp is a C++ mapping for ORBit2. DOWNLOAD
rubypod(freshmeat) RubyPod rubyPod is a graphical frontend for managing an... DOWNLOAD
hashman(freshmeat) Hash Database Manager Hash Database Manager provides a commandline in... DOWNLOAD
yacdplayer(freshmeat) Yet Another CD Player YACD Player is an ncurses-based CD player. DOWNLOAD

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