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lsmi(freshmeat) Linux Systems Management Interface The Linux Systems Management Interface (LSMI) s... DOWNLOAD
phpfiglet(freshmeat) phpFiglet phpFiglet is a PHP class file that can be calle... DOWNLOAD
mplinuxman(freshmeat) Mplinuxman Mplinuxman is a file manager program for the M... DOWNLOAD
yabasic(freshmeat) Yabasic Yabasic implements the most common and simple e... DOWNLOAD
ssum(freshmeat) ssum ssum generates md5 sums for every segment of a ... DOWNLOAD
phplinks(freshmeat) phpLinks phpLinks is a free PHP script which allows you ... DOWNLOAD
fortuneliddy(freshmeat) FortuneLiddy FortuneLiddy is a MySQL-driven, object-oriented... DOWNLOAD
phplib2smarty(freshmeat) phplib2Smarty phplib2Smarty is a drop-in replacement extensio... DOWNLOAD
colloquy(freshmeat) Colloquy Colloquy is an intriguing, lightweight Internet... DOWNLOAD
ljkit(freshmeat) LJKit LJKit is a framework of Objective-C classes tha... DOWNLOAD
perlfectsearch(freshmeat) Perlfect Search Perlfect Search is a Web site indexing and sear... DOWNLOAD
spirit(freshmeat) Spirit Parser library Spirit is an object-oriented, recursive descent... DOWNLOAD
fresco(freshmeat) Fresco Fresco (formerly Berlin) is an experimental win... DOWNLOAD
smartconnectionpool(freshmeat) SmartPool SmartPool is a connection pooling component th... DOWNLOAD
menugen(freshmeat) MenuGen MenuGen generates hierarchical Web site menus o... DOWNLOAD
sqltoolkit(freshmeat) PHP SQL Toolkit The PHP SQL Toolkit is a PHP class system for a... DOWNLOAD
createccdb(freshmeat) createcddb Createcddb is a utility that creates CDDB entry... DOWNLOAD
gnopstree(freshmeat) Gnome Process Tree Gnopstree is a GNOME application that dynamical... DOWNLOAD
hlan(freshmeat) Hrk's LAN Connection daemon & client hLan (Hrk's LAN Connection daemon and client) p... DOWNLOAD
gnetmd(freshmeat) gnetmd gnetmd is a suite of NetMD-related programs and... DOWNLOAD
jscroll(freshmeat) Jscroll The JScrollDesktopPane Swing component for Java... DOWNLOAD
lanoche(freshmeat) lanoche 'lanoche' makes writing reports about Linux on ... DOWNLOAD
kpilot(freshmeat) KPilot KPilot is an attempt to replace 3Com's Windows ... DOWNLOAD
iag(freshmeat) IP-Accounting Grapher IP-Accounting Grapher is a PHP script that outp... DOWNLOAD
kfte(freshmeat) KFTE KFTE is a KDE/Qt port of the multi-platform Fol... DOWNLOAD
superproxysystem(freshmeat) Super Proxy System Super Proxy System (SPS) is a proxy server that... DOWNLOAD
euchre(freshmeat) Euchre Euchre is a spades or bridge-like card game pla... DOWNLOAD
miscellaneousunixscripts(freshmeat) Miscellaneous Unix scripts This is a collection of (mostly) Unix scripts f... DOWNLOAD
gpasman(freshmeat) Gpasman Gpasman is a password manager. People working w... DOWNLOAD
slmon(freshmeat) slmon SLmon is a tool for monitoring a system's perfo... DOWNLOAD
kgi(freshmeat) Kernel Graphic Interface KGI (Kernel Graphic Interface) has three main g... DOWNLOAD
uav(freshmeat) Autopilot UAV autopilot is a command and control system for ... DOWNLOAD
icewmmenuconfig(freshmeat) IceWM Menu Config IceWM Menu Config is a GUI menu configuration p... DOWNLOAD
tbasm(freshmeat) Tom Bombem in Assembly Fight to save the Earth in this text-based scro... DOWNLOAD
vitalebay(freshmeat) VitaleBay VitaleBay assists eBay sellers with managing th... DOWNLOAD
phpappl(freshmeat) PHP Application Server PHP Application Server simplifies the developme... DOWNLOAD
arkrpg(freshmeat) The Ark Roleplaying Kernel The Ark Roleplaying Kernel is a roleplaying eng... DOWNLOAD
my-swatch(freshmeat) my-swatch my-swatch pretends to be an implementation of m... DOWNLOAD
t1utils(freshmeat) t1utils The t1utils package contains six programs that ... DOWNLOAD
jpop(freshmeat) jpop Jpop is a Java replacement for Winpopup. It all... DOWNLOAD
catch_the_furball(freshmeat) Catch the Furball Catch the Furball is an icebreaker board game i... DOWNLOAD
localis(freshmeat) Localis Localis is a phpmapscript implementation (using... DOWNLOAD
gkrellfah(freshmeat) GKrellF@H GKrellF@H is a GKrellM 1.2.x plugin to monitor ... DOWNLOAD
libpartedpp(freshmeat) libparted++ libparted++ (libpartedpp) is a C++ wrapper for ... DOWNLOAD
suxserv(freshmeat) Sux Services Sux Services are new-generation IRC services wh... DOWNLOAD
liquidmaya(freshmeat) Liquid for Maya LiquidMaya is a Maya to Renderman plug-in that ... DOWNLOAD
cpp2latex(freshmeat) cpp2latex cpp2latex converts C++ into LaTeX either for in... DOWNLOAD
openbottle-webmail(freshmeat) OpenBottle-webmail OpenBottle-webmail is a Webmail and end-user in... DOWNLOAD
manauton(freshmeat) Manauton Manauton is a manual and autonomous sound reco... DOWNLOAD
javasignalslot(freshmeat) Signal and Slot for Java Signal and Slot for Java implements Qt's Signal... DOWNLOAD
timetrack(freshmeat) TimeTrack TimeTrack is a program to track time in a modul... DOWNLOAD
paulos(freshmeat) PaulOS PaulOS is a reference implementation of an emb... DOWNLOAD
xrsf(freshmeat) Xrsf Xrsf is a "really simple fractal-generator... DOWNLOAD
grabc(freshmeat) grabc grabc determines the color string in hex of a p... DOWNLOAD
phprapiddev(freshmeat) phpRapidDev phpRapidDev provides easy and fast PHP applica... DOWNLOAD
cweb(freshmeat) cweb CWEB is a software system that facilitates the ... DOWNLOAD
tinydyn(freshmeat) TinyDYN TinyDYN is a package of client and server softw... DOWNLOAD
unicodefontinfo(freshmeat) Unicode Font Info Unicode Font Info is a font inspection tool des... DOWNLOAD
cppsocket(freshmeat) CPP Socket library CPPSocket is a small Classlibrary for C++ that... DOWNLOAD
gnurushi(freshmeat) gnurushi gnurushi is a clone of Intelligent Qube (a.k.a.... DOWNLOAD
as_asm(freshmeat) AS Macroassembler AS is a portable macro cross-assembler for a va... DOWNLOAD
collink(freshmeat) Collink Collink is a link extractor/collector based on ... DOWNLOAD
topicengine(freshmeat) TopicEngine The TopicEngine is an advanced TCL script for e... DOWNLOAD
alived(freshmeat) alived alived is a simple daemon and client for sendin... DOWNLOAD
salias(freshmeat) salias salias is a wrapper for programs that allows ar... DOWNLOAD
ngetcgi(freshmeat) ngetcgi ngetcgi is a CGI front end for nget that makes ... DOWNLOAD
guanxcrm(freshmeat) guanxiCRM guanxiCRM is a comprehensive customer relation... DOWNLOAD
mod_epp(freshmeat) mod_epp mod_epp is an Apache 2.0 module that implements... DOWNLOAD
phpbalancesheet(freshmeat) PHPBalanceSheet PHPBalanceSheet is an effort to implement a Web... DOWNLOAD
lsid(freshmeat) LSID Resolution Stacks A Life Science Identifier (LSID) Resolver is a ... DOWNLOAD
libbpfl(freshmeat) Bayesian Pattern Filtering Library Bayesian Pattern Filtering Library is a general... DOWNLOAD
jeffnotary(freshmeat) Jeff's Digital Notary Jeff's Digital Notary is a Web-based digital no... DOWNLOAD
mwspeaker(freshmeat) MW Speaker MW Speaker is the worst speech synthesis softwa... DOWNLOAD
apb(freshmeat) Active PHP Bookmarks Active PHP Bookmarks (APB) is a web-based progr... DOWNLOAD
twhttpd(freshmeat) TrustWall HTTP Proxy TrustWall HTTP Proxy protects your internal Web... DOWNLOAD
gvi(freshmeat) Graphical Voter Interface GVI is a voting GUI. It can potentially be used... DOWNLOAD
eazel_extensions_lib(freshmeat) Eazel Extensions Library The Eazel Extensions Library is a collection of... DOWNLOAD
infview(freshmeat) InfView InfView is an easy-to-use info files viewer wit... DOWNLOAD
handylib(freshmeat) Handyboard C Library The Handyboard C Library can be used with the g... DOWNLOAD
frowns(freshmeat) frowns frowns is a chemoinformatics toolkit geared tow... DOWNLOAD
aplogrot(freshmeat) rotates and packs the logfil... DOWNLOAD
autospec(freshmeat) Autospec Autospec is a program which creates Red Hat Pac... DOWNLOAD
audiostar(freshmeat) Audio* Music Synthesis Project The Audio* Music Synthesis Project is music cre... DOWNLOAD
bz2gnats(freshmeat) bz2gnats bz2gnats is responsible for getting bugs from t... DOWNLOAD
gibcounter(freshmeat) GibCounter GibCounter is an application that parses QuakeW... DOWNLOAD
wdialog-framework(freshmeat) WDialog WDialog is a system to make dialog-centric Web ... DOWNLOAD
lbg_spell_check(freshmeat) Linux-BG Spell Checker Package Linux-BG Spell Checker is a Web front-end to th... DOWNLOAD
phpcdlabel(freshmeat) phpCDLabelPS phpCDLabelPS creates labels for your CDs. It is... DOWNLOAD
gspeakfreely(freshmeat) gspeakfreely Gspeakfreely is a VoIP system with a flexible c... DOWNLOAD
whale(freshmeat) Whale Whale is a GNOME 2 application which provides a... DOWNLOAD
tkman(freshmeat) TkMan TkMan is a graphical, hypertext manual page and... DOWNLOAD
furies(freshmeat) Furies Furies is a Java-based Web site testing tool wh... DOWNLOAD
csbuddy(freshmeat) CSBuddy CSBuddy is a tool designed to help Counter-Stri... DOWNLOAD
ktamaga(freshmeat) KTamaga KTamaga is a KDE-based emulator for a tamagotch... DOWNLOAD
foobillard(freshmeat) FooBillard FooBillard is a billiards (pool) simulation und... DOWNLOAD
sugarplum(freshmeat) sugarplum Sugarplum is an automated spam-poisoner. Its pu... DOWNLOAD
fan(freshmeat) Fan Control for Dell Laptops Fan Control for Dell Laptops is a little tool f... DOWNLOAD
tffc(freshmeat) TFFC TFCC is a collection of functions that make it ... DOWNLOAD
myphpmoney(freshmeat) MyPhpMoney MyPhpMoney is a tool written in PHP to manage b... DOWNLOAD
gdpm(freshmeat) GNOME Debian Package Manager GDPM is GNOME-based graphical manager for Debia... DOWNLOAD

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