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updrem(freshmeat) Update Reminder (Mandrake KDE) Update Reminder (Mandrake KDE) is a little prog... DOWNLOAD
joap-perl(freshmeat) joap-perl The Jabber Object Access Protocol (JOAP) allows... DOWNLOAD
cheops-ng(freshmeat) cheops-ng Cheops-ng is a network management tool for mapp... DOWNLOAD
spconfig(freshmeat) spConfig spConfig is a C library for parsing configurat... DOWNLOAD
grubconfig(freshmeat) grubconfig grubconfig is a script that helps you install t... DOWNLOAD
teledatusb(freshmeat) TeleDat USB 2 a/b Driver A 2.4.x kernel module to run the TeleDat USB 2 ... DOWNLOAD
props(freshmeat) PROPS PROPS is an open, extensible Internet publishin... DOWNLOAD
rit(freshmeat) Ruby IMAP Tool rit can be used to manipulate mailboxes over IM... DOWNLOAD
trailscout(freshmeat) TrailScout TrailScout is a cookie-based PHP script that di... DOWNLOAD
thp(freshmeat) Tiny Honeypot Tiny Honeypot (thp) is a simple honey pot prog... DOWNLOAD
biaroza(freshmeat) Biaroza Biaroza is a multi-dictionary system for human ... DOWNLOAD
ndl(freshmeat) No Direct Links! No Direct Links! is a class which gives you con... DOWNLOAD
elfpgp(freshmeat) elfpgp elfpgp signs an ELF binary (executable or libra... DOWNLOAD
quill(freshmeat) quill quill is a program for designing gestures for p... DOWNLOAD
backup2l(freshmeat) backup2l backup2l is a command line tool for generating,... DOWNLOAD
maaate(freshmeat) MPEG Maaate MPEG Maaate (MPEG audio analysis toolkit) is a ... DOWNLOAD
gabber(freshmeat) Gabber Gabber is a Jabber client for GNOME. Jabber is ... DOWNLOAD
objectstatus(freshmeat) objectStatus objectStatus is a PHP class for observing and ... DOWNLOAD
tclog(freshmeat) Tclog Tclog is a desktop Weblog application written i... DOWNLOAD
molman(freshmeat) Molecule Man Molecule Man is a port of a 3D isometric maze g... DOWNLOAD
anvil(freshmeat) Project: Anvil Project: Anvil is a C++ Library to provide acce... DOWNLOAD
guinstaller(freshmeat) guinstaller guinstaller simplifies the process of installin... DOWNLOAD
shweby(freshmeat) Shweby Shweby is an ICAP-enabled proxy server. It pass... DOWNLOAD
gtksubtitler(freshmeat) GTKsubtitler GTKsubtitler is a tool for editing and converti... DOWNLOAD
newfile(freshmeat) newfile newfile generates "starting-out" file... DOWNLOAD
maxcpu(freshmeat) maxcpu maxcpu is a Perl script that executes a queue o... DOWNLOAD
httpcapture(freshmeat) HTTPCapture HttpCapture is a core wrapper around the packet... DOWNLOAD
upclient(freshmeat) Uptime Client Uptime Client is a little program that keeps tr... DOWNLOAD
install-sendmail(freshmeat) Install-Sendmail Install-Sendmail will configure Sendmail and Fe... DOWNLOAD
checkraid(freshmeat) checkraid checkraid is a very simple Perl script for moni... DOWNLOAD
thetraverser(freshmeat) The Traverser The Traverser is a free software package that c... DOWNLOAD
jtetrisplugin(freshmeat) JTetrisPlugin JTetrisPlugin is a Tetris plugin for the Eclips... DOWNLOAD
phpmycatalog(freshmeat) phpMyCatalog phpMyCatalog is a program to catalog the conten... DOWNLOAD
denature(freshmeat) denature denature uses several Perl modules and the fop... DOWNLOAD
tilefoundry(freshmeat) tileFoundry tileFoundry is an isometric map editor that is ... DOWNLOAD
kggs(freshmeat) kggs kggs is a KDE interface for playing reversi. It... DOWNLOAD
editsource(freshmeat) Edit Source Edit Source is a script that allows files on a ... DOWNLOAD
gmemo(freshmeat) Gmemo Gmemo is an applet which reminds you of birthda... DOWNLOAD
rhems(freshmeat) RH Email Server The RH Email Server uses OpenLDAP authenticatio... DOWNLOAD
dhcpusestats(freshmeat) DHCP Usage Statistics DHCP Usage Statistics is a Perl script that ana... DOWNLOAD
sbam(freshmeat) SBAM SBAM (Software Based Abled Mixer) is a new appr... DOWNLOAD
ctcs(freshmeat) Cerberus Test Control System CTCS (Cerberus Test Control System) consists of... DOWNLOAD
libposition(freshmeat) libposition libposition provides a set of functions for ca... DOWNLOAD
palm-sv203(freshmeat) Palm SV203 Serial Control Library Palm SV203 Serial Control Library was designed ... DOWNLOAD
formmail-trap(freshmeat) Formmail-trap Formmail-trap is a CGI program that automatical... DOWNLOAD
poplimitd(freshmeat) poplimitd poplimitd is a daemon process that monitors a s... DOWNLOAD
libmodbus(freshmeat) LibModbus LibModbus is a simple modbus toolbox for Linux.... DOWNLOAD
libmplot(freshmeat) libmplot libmplot is a library for drawing graphics prim... DOWNLOAD
naina(freshmeat) Naina Naina is a library to handle Secure Electronic ... DOWNLOAD
webeater(freshmeat) WebEater WebEater is a program for Web site retrieval an... DOWNLOAD
cueact(freshmeat) CueAct CueAct is a utility that uses the CueCat driver... DOWNLOAD
qgfe(freshmeat) Qgfe Qgfe is a graphical interface to the gnuplot pr... DOWNLOAD
kiwa(freshmeat) Kiwa Kiwa is a Web-based, object-oriented developmen... DOWNLOAD
j4rcs(freshmeat) j4RCS j4RCS is a simple Java Swing frontend for the R... DOWNLOAD
ecawave(freshmeat) ecawave Ecawave is a simple graphical audio file editor... DOWNLOAD
xscreensaverapp(freshmeat) XScreenSaver.App XScreenSaver.App is a Window Maker dockapp cont... DOWNLOAD
plush(freshmeat) Plush Plush is a portable renderer that can render 3D... DOWNLOAD
acdesigner(freshmeat) Access Control Designer Access Control Designer is a universal modular ... DOWNLOAD
usr_sure_connect_linux_driver(freshmeat) USRobotics Sure connect USB Modem Linux Driver This is the Linux driver for the USRobotics Sur... DOWNLOAD
satan(freshmeat) Signal Applications To Audio Networks Signal Applications To Audio Networks is a prog... DOWNLOAD
sphpell(freshmeat) sPHPell sPHPell is a PHP spell checker that takes the t... DOWNLOAD
jabacats(freshmeat) JaBaCATs JaBaCATs is a set of basic Java tools for devel... DOWNLOAD
snapshot(freshmeat) snapshot snapshot is a set of Perl scripts for creating,... DOWNLOAD
headerbrowser(freshmeat) Header Browser Header Browser helps you to create documentatio... DOWNLOAD
cream-pts(freshmeat) Cream Cream is a simple but solid cross-language, cro... DOWNLOAD
geneweb(freshmeat) GeneWeb GeneWeb is a system for people who want to publ... DOWNLOAD
gpppwrap(freshmeat) gpppwrap gpppwrap is a graphical user interface to conve... DOWNLOAD
jao(freshmeat) Jacob Oberon-2 Compiler Jacob is a stand-alone Oberon-2 compiler. It co... DOWNLOAD
dustbowl(freshmeat) Dustbowl Clan Tools Dustbowl Clan Tools is a community system for e... DOWNLOAD
calendrian(freshmeat) Calendrian Calendrian is an enhanced calendar application ... DOWNLOAD
splint(freshmeat) Splint Splint is a tool for statically checking C prog... DOWNLOAD
exilist(freshmeat) exilist Exilist is a mailing list manager for Exim. It ... DOWNLOAD
lancer(freshmeat) Lancer Lancer is a Web server for POSIX-based systems.... DOWNLOAD
kcdlabel(freshmeat) KCDLabel KCDLabel is a program to create labels, covers,... DOWNLOAD
xdirectfb(freshmeat) XDirectFB XDirectFB is a rootless X Server using DirectFB... DOWNLOAD
accessserver(freshmeat) iiitAccessServer The iiitAccessServer is a rule-based enterprise... DOWNLOAD
whichman(freshmeat) whichman This is a set of fault tolerant search utilitie... DOWNLOAD
quiche(freshmeat) Quiche Music Player Quiche is an open source, cross-platform MP3 pl... DOWNLOAD
mpro(freshmeat) MakeProcessor MakeProcessor is a platform-independant Perl sc... DOWNLOAD
microcode(freshmeat) microCODE PHP encoder microCODE allows you to encode your PHP script ... DOWNLOAD
at76c503(freshmeat) at76c503 linux driver at76c503 is a Linux driver for the wlan USB ada... DOWNLOAD
polipo(freshmeat) Polipo Polipo is a lightweight caching Web proxy that ... DOWNLOAD
xplot(freshmeat) XPlot XPlot is a Mathematics function plotting progra... DOWNLOAD
libsigcx(freshmeat) libSigC++ Extras libSigC++ Extras is a library consisting of new... DOWNLOAD
airctl(freshmeat) Airport Control Airport Control is a Unix command-line utility ... DOWNLOAD
serveez(freshmeat) Serveez Serveez is a server framework which provides ro... DOWNLOAD
gsoko(freshmeat) gSoko gSoko is GTK+ clone of Sokoban, a puzzle game w... DOWNLOAD
itps(freshmeat) Interactive Television Publishing System The Interactive Television Publishing System (I... DOWNLOAD
fontedit(freshmeat) Font Editor Font Editor is a Java font editor that is targ... DOWNLOAD
qmwedit(freshmeat) Qt Multi Window Editor (qmwedit) QMWEdit stands for Qt Multi Window Editor. It i... DOWNLOAD
quake2-opensource(freshmeat) Quake II Open Source Quake II Open Source is the open source version... DOWNLOAD
boxmenu(freshmeat) boxmenu boxmenu is a Python module for reading, writing... DOWNLOAD
mycsv(freshmeat) MyCSV MyCSV is a PHP library that provides a fast and... DOWNLOAD
looplinux(freshmeat) LoopLinux LoopLinux (a.k.a. loopslak) is a way to install... DOWNLOAD
blojsom(freshmeat) blojsom blojsom is a lightweight blog package written ... DOWNLOAD
trickle(freshmeat) trickle trickle is a lightweight, portable, per-applica... DOWNLOAD
php-kadm5(freshmeat) php-kadm5 php-kadm5 is a PHP extension (PECL module) whic... DOWNLOAD
squideral(freshmeat) SquiDeral SquiDeral is an easy to use, configurable Web-b... DOWNLOAD
svgl(freshmeat) svgl svgl is a library that displays SVG documents u... DOWNLOAD
db4obrowser(freshmeat) db4oBrowser With db4oBrowser, you can browse through a db4o... DOWNLOAD

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