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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
webtester(freshmeat) webtester Webtester is an application which is intended t... DOWNLOAD
mystats(freshmeat) myStats myStats is a full statistics system for Web sit... DOWNLOAD
stonesthrow(freshmeat) Stone's Throw Stone's Throw is a clone of the arcade classic ... DOWNLOAD
ro-client(freshmeat) Ragnarok Online Client Ragnarok Online Client is a client to the Ragna... DOWNLOAD
imagearchive(freshmeat) ImageArchive ImageArchive is a PHP class for browsing images... DOWNLOAD
tmip(freshmeat) Transparent Mobile IP Transparent Mobile IP (TMip) aims to provide IP... DOWNLOAD
myperl(freshmeat) myperl myperl allows you to execute Perl from inside o... DOWNLOAD
ircbotnet(freshmeat) IRC BotNET BotNET is an IRC bot that has two modes: stand-... DOWNLOAD
parasite(freshmeat) Parasite Parasite is a PHP PEAR::DB-based blogger with s... DOWNLOAD
alcolix(freshmeat) alcolix alcolix is a minimal Linux rescue distribution ... DOWNLOAD
mmsdiary(freshmeat) MMS Diary MMS Diary is a mobile phone weblog/diary for us... DOWNLOAD
cage(freshmeat) cage cage is a replacement for the chroot(8) utility... DOWNLOAD
mimic(freshmeat) mimic mimic is a server that mimics Internet servers.... DOWNLOAD
favorintime(freshmeat) Favorin Time Favorin Time is a client-server group calendar ... DOWNLOAD
wyform(freshmeat) WyForm WyForm is a Web interface to generate HTML form... DOWNLOAD
dsh(freshmeat) dsh dsh (the distributed shell) is a program which ... DOWNLOAD
zonemaster(freshmeat) ZoneMaster ZoneMaster is a tool for zone file and name ser... DOWNLOAD
tepatche(freshmeat) Tepatche Tepatche is a patch management system for OpenB... DOWNLOAD
pypov(freshmeat) PyPov PyPov is a relatively simple Python framework f... DOWNLOAD
jcalc(freshmeat) JCalc JCalc is a Java applet that functions as an exp... DOWNLOAD
serialsnoop(freshmeat) serialsnoop serialsnoop is a simple command-line tool for L... DOWNLOAD
hbc(freshmeat) The Chalmers Haskell-B Compiler The Chalmers Haskell-B compiler implements full... DOWNLOAD
dsurvey(freshmeat) Doug's Impromptu Survey dsurvey (Doug's Impromptu Survey) is a quick, d... DOWNLOAD
efes(freshmeat) Efes The Efes hardware recognition and certification... DOWNLOAD
uplog(freshmeat) UDP Ping Logger Uplog is an UDP-based ping program that gives a... DOWNLOAD
xmlrpccs(freshmeat) XmlRpcCS XmlRpcCS is a simple XML-RPC client and server ... DOWNLOAD
p-run(freshmeat) p-run p-run is a utility that runs a program, script,... DOWNLOAD
php_tree(freshmeat) php_tree php_tree is a class that supplies raw functions... DOWNLOAD
phptasks(freshmeat) phpTasks phpTasks is a multiuser task and ticket managem... DOWNLOAD
db4ointerface(freshmeat) db4oInterface With this library users can easily develop GUIs... DOWNLOAD
gigsaw(freshmeat) Gigsaw Gigsaw is a jigsaw puzzle game in Gtk+. DOWNLOAD
quickalbum(freshmeat) Quick Album Quick Album is a Kylix-based Wizard which takes... DOWNLOAD
cwtext(freshmeat) cwtext cwtext converts ASCII streams in stdin to ASCII... DOWNLOAD
sherlog(freshmeat) Sherlog Sherlog analyzes the logs of your Website, and ... DOWNLOAD
libflog(freshmeat) libflog libflog is a simple file-based event logging li... DOWNLOAD
vcr(freshmeat) vcr VCR enables you to record TV programs using a v... DOWNLOAD
mobilerpc(freshmeat) MobileRPC MobileRPC is a tool that generates all of the ... DOWNLOAD
ffrenzy(freshmeat) Feeding Frenzy! Feeding Frenzy! is a distributed network game f... DOWNLOAD
mail2nntp(freshmeat) mail2nntp mail2nntp is a bridge from the email realm to t... DOWNLOAD
traffic-vis(freshmeat) traffic-vis traffic-vis is a suite of tools to help determi... DOWNLOAD
jpatch(freshmeat) JPatch JPatch is an amazing 3D Modeling/Animation tool... DOWNLOAD
dtd2xs(freshmeat) DTD to XML Schema translator DTD to XML Schema translator lets you translate... DOWNLOAD
mapagi(freshmeat) Mapagi Mapagi is a pagination utility that prints your... DOWNLOAD
im2avi(freshmeat) im2avi im2avi is a small program for making AVIs from ... DOWNLOAD
lvs-kiss(freshmeat) lvs-kiss lvs-kiss is designed to make load-balancing wit... DOWNLOAD
gfaimg(freshmeat) GFA Fractal Imager Generalized Finite Automata (GFA) Imager is a s... DOWNLOAD
lucas(freshmeat) LUCAS LUCAS provides means for configuring network se... DOWNLOAD
picsuperoprimizer(freshmeat) PIC Microcontroller SuperOptimizer The PIC Microcontroller SuperOptimizer is a pro... DOWNLOAD
openssh-ickp(freshmeat) OpenSSH Initial Cleartext Keyword Patch OpenSSH Initial Cleartext Keyword Patch allows ... DOWNLOAD
openssh-gssapi(freshmeat) OpenSSH and GSSAPI Mechglue OpenSSH and GSSAPI Mechglue is a patch to OpenS... DOWNLOAD
theanomymailsanitizer(freshmeat) the Anomy mail sanitizer The Anomy mail sanitizer is a filter designed t... DOWNLOAD
datascript(freshmeat) DataScript DataScript is a language that can be used to d... DOWNLOAD
toctask(freshmeat) TocTask TocTask is an Ant task for sending instant mes... DOWNLOAD
packagemanager(freshmeat) Package Installation Manager Package Installation Manager is a script that ... DOWNLOAD
xexmail(freshmeat) XEXMAIL XEXMAIL is an SMTP server that combats spam and... DOWNLOAD
elseed(freshmeat) elseed elseed is a simple caller ID program for the T... DOWNLOAD
phpwsbb(freshmeat) phpwsBB phpwsBB is a native bulletin board module for ... DOWNLOAD
mb(freshmeat) JACK Meterbridge JACK Meterbridge is a software meterbridge for ... DOWNLOAD
pybackup(freshmeat) pybackup pybackup is a Python program that performs bac... DOWNLOAD
cyberbrau(freshmeat) CyberBrau Cyberbrau is a Web-based program to help the ho... DOWNLOAD
mynewsgroups(freshmeat) MyNewsGroups :) MyNewsGroups :) is a USENET news client with a ... DOWNLOAD
2vcard(freshmeat) 2vcard 2vcard is a Perl script to convert an addressbo... DOWNLOAD
findmac(freshmeat) findmac findmac is a utility written in Perl that helps... DOWNLOAD
openmosixview(freshmeat) openMosixview openMosixview is a cluster-management GUI for o... DOWNLOAD
wavprg(freshmeat) WAV-PRG WAV-PRG converts Commodore 64 tapes to PC emula... DOWNLOAD
libgexecutor(freshmeat) libGExecutor libGExecutor is a small library that simplifies... DOWNLOAD
gcipher(freshmeat) GCipher GCipher is a simple encryption tool to work wit... DOWNLOAD
audiotap(freshmeat) Audiotap Audiotap is a program for conversion between .T... DOWNLOAD
devinette(freshmeat) Devinette Devinette is a game in constant evolution. DOWNLOAD
dosrestore(freshmeat) dosrestore dosrestore unpacks backups made with the old DO... DOWNLOAD
geblog(freshmeat) GeBlog GeBlog is a modular Weblog (blog) system writte... DOWNLOAD
tornado2x(freshmeat) tornado2x tornado2x is a Web framework based on the model... DOWNLOAD
accwhizz(freshmeat) AccWhizz AccWhizz is a multilingual accounting applicati... DOWNLOAD
gtagger(freshmeat) GTagger GTagger is an ID3 tag editor designed for easy ... DOWNLOAD
scrot(freshmeat) scrot scrot (SCReen shOT) is a simple commandline scr... DOWNLOAD
vrml-scm(freshmeat) vrml-scm vrml-scm is a VRML (Virtual Reality Modelling L... DOWNLOAD
xsiteable(freshmeat) xSiteable xSiteable is a complete all-you-need package fo... DOWNLOAD
cloxx(freshmeat) clo++ clo++ is a command line option parser generato... DOWNLOAD
gconfigure(freshmeat) Gconfigure Gconfigure allows for easier building of progra... DOWNLOAD
hp2xx(freshmeat) hp2xx hp2xx is a versatile tool to convert vector-ori... DOWNLOAD
urluminator(freshmeat) urluminator Urluminator uses urlsnarf to capture URLs that ... DOWNLOAD
neteclipse(freshmeat) NetEclipse NetEclipse is a suite of tools created for test... DOWNLOAD
sulk(freshmeat) Sulk Sulk aims to duplicate the gameplay of the firs... DOWNLOAD
clog(freshmeat) cLog cLog is a cross-platform C logging library. It... DOWNLOAD
hot-profile(freshmeat) Linux hot-profile hack The Linux hot-profile hack is a hack for the Li... DOWNLOAD
wmcliphist(freshmeat) wmcliphist wmcliphist is dockable clipboard history applic... DOWNLOAD
tanne(freshmeat) Tanne tanne is a small, secure session-management sol... DOWNLOAD
ficl(freshmeat) ficl Ficl (Forth inspired command language) is an AN... DOWNLOAD
javadiff(freshmeat) JDiff JDiff is a JavaDoc doclet that produces an HTML... DOWNLOAD
pyc4(freshmeat) Py Connect Four Py Connect Four is an implementation of the cla... DOWNLOAD
daudio(freshmeat) daudio daudio is a set of programs for fully synchroni... DOWNLOAD
brian(freshmeat) Brian Brian is a jump-and-run platform game that uses... DOWNLOAD
spamcruncher(freshmeat) SpamCruncher SpamCruncher uses the SpamAssassin engine to id... DOWNLOAD
redhat-config-network(freshmeat) redhat-config-network redhat-config-network is a GUI/TUI/CLI of the n... DOWNLOAD
squidalyser(freshmeat) Squidalyser Squidalyser is a Squid log file analyzer that i... DOWNLOAD
postmach(freshmeat) Postmach Postmach is a virtual implementation of E. L. ... DOWNLOAD
petittrack(freshmeat) PetitTrack PetitTrack is satellite tracker software for th... DOWNLOAD
anarchdb(freshmeat) Anarch Revolt Deck Builder The Anarch Revolt Deck Builder is a cross-platf... DOWNLOAD
libstroke(freshmeat) LibStroke LibStroke is a stroke and gesture recognition l... DOWNLOAD
pytego(freshmeat) Pytego Pytego is a two-player, cross-platform networke... DOWNLOAD

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