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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
hddtemp(freshmeat) hddtemp hddtemp shows the temperature of your IDE or SC... DOWNLOAD
multi_bar_graph(freshmeat) PHP multiple dataset bar graph This class creates a PNG image bar graph for in... DOWNLOAD
ripfoo(freshmeat) the ripfoo The ripfoo is an elaborate Python script design... DOWNLOAD
twiggi(freshmeat) Twiggi Web Based Groupware Twiggi Web Based Groupware is a Web based grou... DOWNLOAD
jaxup(freshmeat) Jaxup Jaxup is a Java library that defines an interfa... DOWNLOAD
b-seriestouchscreendriver(freshmeat) Lifebook B-Series Touchscreen Driver for XFree 4.x This is a touchscreen driver for XFree86 4.x an... DOWNLOAD
divetools(freshmeat) Dive tools for Linux Divetools is a set of tools to read out a dive ... DOWNLOAD
galadin(freshmeat) galadin galadin is an application which reads, displays... DOWNLOAD
tresor(freshmeat) tresor tresor is an application for performing full ba... DOWNLOAD
palmapple(freshmeat) PalmApple PalmApple is an Apple //e emulator for PalmOS. ... DOWNLOAD
pysolitaire(freshmeat) PySolitaire PySolitaire is a fork of PySol Solitaire that r... DOWNLOAD
apricots(freshmeat) apricots Apricots is a quick, fun, and delightful 2D pla... DOWNLOAD
egg-fu(freshmeat) Egg-fu Egg-fu is a simulated Artificial Intelligence I... DOWNLOAD
joeq(freshmeat) joeq virtual machine joeq is a Java 2 (JDK 1.3 and 1.4) compatible v... DOWNLOAD
seminole(freshmeat) Seminole Webserver Seminole Webserver is a portable Web server des... DOWNLOAD
ejen(freshmeat) Ejen The Ejen program is a code and text generation ... DOWNLOAD
welofunc-performer(freshmeat) welofunc performer welofunc performer is a load test tool to suppo... DOWNLOAD
sentegoban(freshmeat) Sen:Te Goban Sen:Te Goban is a powerful, simple, fast Go boa... DOWNLOAD
doc_comment(freshmeat) Doc_comment Doc_comment is a simple PHP/MySQL document coll... DOWNLOAD
supertable(freshmeat) SuperTable SuperTable is an object-oriented JavaScript API... DOWNLOAD
luxilla(freshmeat) Luxilla Luxilla is a runtime/browser that presents XUL ... DOWNLOAD
emboss(freshmeat) EMBOSS EMBOSS (European Molecular biology Open Softwar... DOWNLOAD
cwcal(freshmeat) CWcal CWcal is a Web interface for configuring Wcal. ... DOWNLOAD
pwcal(freshmeat) P*Wcal P*Wcal is a process that allows you to synchron... DOWNLOAD
dialog_iduri(freshmeat) Dialog id@uri Dialog contains Java components for worldwide p... DOWNLOAD
wayv(freshmeat) wayV wayV is a project to develop experimental user ... DOWNLOAD
remotetea(freshmeat) Remote Tea Remote Tea is a pure Java implementation of Sun... DOWNLOAD
aibash(freshmeat) AIBash AIBash is a project which aims to make Bash act... DOWNLOAD
txt2graph(freshmeat) is a tool (written in Perl) to vis... DOWNLOAD
zhcon(freshmeat) zhcon zhcon is a fast console CJK environment. It can... DOWNLOAD
downman(freshmeat) Download Manager Download Manager (also known as downman) is a ... DOWNLOAD
fsmgenerator(freshmeat) FSMGenerator FSM Generator allows one to generate FSM implem... DOWNLOAD
phpstreamcast(freshmeat) phpStreamcast phpStreamcast is an advanced Web frontend for s... DOWNLOAD
mp3tm(freshmeat) MP3tm MP3 Tag Manager is a Perl script which helps yo... DOWNLOAD
vacum(freshmeat) VACUM VACUM is framework for video analysis and compa... DOWNLOAD
krefty(freshmeat) Krefty Krefty is an application that runs under KDE. I... DOWNLOAD
puretls(freshmeat) pureTLS PureTLS implements the SSLv3 and TLSv1 protocol... DOWNLOAD
commons-httpclient(freshmeat) Jakarta Commons HTTP Client The Jakarta Commons HTTP Client component suppo... DOWNLOAD
sherpath(freshmeat) Sherpath Groupware Sherpath Groupware is a Web-based (HTML and a f... DOWNLOAD
ruby-lcd(freshmeat) Ruby-LCD Ruby-LCD is a client library (lcd.rb) and a sma... DOWNLOAD
geekcodewizard(freshmeat) Geek Code Wizard Geek Code Wizard helps you generate your geek c... DOWNLOAD
lestat(freshmeat) Lestat Lestat is a simple system which is designed to ... DOWNLOAD
text2rtf(freshmeat) text2rtf text2rtf is a small command line application to... DOWNLOAD
bmagic(freshmeat) BitMagic C++ library BitMagic is C++ library designed and developed ... DOWNLOAD
pam_deny_uc(freshmeat) pam_deny_uc The pam_deny_uc module can be used to force the... DOWNLOAD
gtksms(freshmeat) gtkSMS gtkSMS is a small application which assists in ... DOWNLOAD
ink_level(freshmeat) ink_level ink_level is a kernel module which allows you t... DOWNLOAD
jfm(freshmeat) Java File Manager JFM is an Windows Commander, Krusader, MC, Nort... DOWNLOAD
iiview(freshmeat) IIViewer IIViewer is an application for X, and optionall... DOWNLOAD
sunangle(freshmeat) SunAngle SunAngle displays data about the Sun's rise tim... DOWNLOAD
percival(freshmeat) Percival Network Monitoring System Percival is a network monitoring and capacity p... DOWNLOAD
librsync(freshmeat) librsync librsync makes the network-delta functions of t... DOWNLOAD
universala(freshmeat) Universala Universala is a real world and standards-compli... DOWNLOAD
seeborg(freshmeat) SeeBorg SeeBorg is a random phrase bot that will sit in... DOWNLOAD
libfgz(freshmeat) libfgz libfgz is a small Fortran library to read gzipp... DOWNLOAD
rhldc(freshmeat) RH Linux Domain Controller Project The Domain Server is designed to fulfill the ro... DOWNLOAD
mash(freshmeat) Mash Mash is a software implementation of the pencil... DOWNLOAD
luacheia(freshmeat) LuaCheia Lua is a great programming language that prides... DOWNLOAD
bebocd(freshmeat) beboCD BeboCD is a libcdaudio-based CD player with an ... DOWNLOAD
abissposter(freshmeat) ABISS_poster ABISS_poster is a LaTeX class for creating A0 p... DOWNLOAD
mtrack(freshmeat) MTrack MTrack is a satellite tracking program. It was ... DOWNLOAD
dogfood(freshmeat) Dogfood Dogfood is an groupware and CRM system based on... DOWNLOAD
predict(freshmeat) PREDICT PREDICT is a multi-user satellite tracking and ... DOWNLOAD
zenengine(freshmeat) ZenEngine ZenEngine is a lightweight PHP CMS framework, m... DOWNLOAD
improvisation(freshmeat) Pymprovisator Pymprovisator is a program for jazz musicians. ... DOWNLOAD
imlogger(freshmeat) IMLogger IMLogger provides a usable program to enable ne... DOWNLOAD
linpopup(freshmeat) LinPopup LinPopUp is a GTK port of Winpopup, running ove... DOWNLOAD
alceafastbugtrack(freshmeat) Alcea Fast BugTrack Alcea Fast BugTrack includes problem tracking w... DOWNLOAD
pyge(freshmeat) Python Gutenberg E-text Project The PyGE project aims to provide free cross-pla... DOWNLOAD
martianmemory(freshmeat) Martian Memory Martian Memory is a simple memory game oriented... DOWNLOAD
jhexdump(freshmeat) JHexDump JHexDump is a command-line driven hex dump prog... DOWNLOAD
viindex(freshmeat) ViIndex ViIndex is an indexer program with a flexible a... DOWNLOAD
ruby-json(freshmeat) JSON for Ruby JSON for Ruby is an implementation of the JavaS... DOWNLOAD
ocaml-json(freshmeat) JSON for Objective Caml JSON for Objective Caml is an implementation of... DOWNLOAD
modzipread(freshmeat) Mod ZipRead Mod ZipRead is an Apache 2 module to browse Zip... DOWNLOAD
ezfm(freshmeat) Effort: Zero Franchise Manager The Effort: Zero Franchise Manager (EZFM) is a ... DOWNLOAD
medoosa(freshmeat) Medoosa Medoosa is a documentation tool for C++ that ca... DOWNLOAD
binify(freshmeat) Binify Binify is a small utility which produces binary... DOWNLOAD
fusd(freshmeat) Framework for User-Space Devices Framework for User-Space Devices (FUSD) is a L... DOWNLOAD
cbl(freshmeat) PortableCBL PortableCBL is an open C implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
cake(freshmeat) CAKE CAKE (Key Addressed Crypto Encapsulation) is a ... DOWNLOAD
netjuke(freshmeat) Netjuke Artekopia Netjuke is a cross-platform Web-based... DOWNLOAD
xfpd(freshmeat) xfpd xfpd is an OpenGL-based molecule viewer for F... DOWNLOAD
omail-webmail(freshmeat) oMail-Webmail oMail-webmail is a Webmail solution for mail se... DOWNLOAD
pendesktop(freshmeat) Penzilla Desktop Penzilla Desktop aims to be the ultimate in des... DOWNLOAD
mrtg-rrd(freshmeat) mrtg-rrd mrtg-rrd is a CGI/FastCGI script for displaying... DOWNLOAD
wmdf(freshmeat) wmdf wmdf is a dockable app to monitor disk usage an... DOWNLOAD
jnumeric(freshmeat) JNumeric JNumeric is a port of Numerical Python to Jytho... DOWNLOAD
caraxy(freshmeat) Caraxy Caraxy is a proxy that allows the Caramail chat... DOWNLOAD
pf2x(freshmeat) pf2x pf2x is a PHP script that will take the output ... DOWNLOAD
late(freshmeat) Late Late is a little game in which you must elimina... DOWNLOAD
xfs(freshmeat) XFS XFS is a high-performance journaling file syste... DOWNLOAD
webforum(freshmeat) WebForum Webforum is Java Web posting boards for forums.... DOWNLOAD
furthurnet(freshmeat) FurthurNET Furthur is a peer-to-peer cataloging and music ... DOWNLOAD
ibgs(freshmeat) IBGS IBGS is a game server for board games such as ... DOWNLOAD
songanizer(freshmeat) songanizer songanizer is a script to organize a directory ... DOWNLOAD
alpaca(freshmeat) Alpaca Alpaca is a multitasking operating system for Z... DOWNLOAD
conv_ara_html(freshmeat) conv_ara_html conv_ara_html is a tool for converting numeric ... DOWNLOAD
spacewar(freshmeat) Spacewar Spacewar is an arcade game in which two player... DOWNLOAD
hovergen(freshmeat) Hovergen Hovergen is a utility for automated generation ... DOWNLOAD

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