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libthai(freshmeat) libthai libthai is a set of Thai language support routi... DOWNLOAD
transitexec(freshmeat) Transit Executive Transit Executive is a real-time strategy simul... DOWNLOAD
treewm(freshmeat) treewm treewm is a window manager that tries to implem... DOWNLOAD
web2database(freshmeat) Web-2-Database The Web-2-Database System is an XML dialect and... DOWNLOAD
virus(freshmeat) VIrus VIrus (VI resembling utility skeleton) was orig... DOWNLOAD
mrtg-ping-probe(freshmeat) mrtg-ping-probe mrtg-ping-probe is a ping probe for MRTG. It is... DOWNLOAD
gdu(freshmeat) gdu GDU is equivalent to the 'du' command-line tool... DOWNLOAD
python3ds(freshmeat) python3ds python3ds is a small set of Python routines for... DOWNLOAD
izen(freshmeat) Izen Izen is a framework for PHP Web applications. DOWNLOAD
interpcom(freshmeat) interpcom interpcom is a command interpreter library in C... DOWNLOAD
kesi(freshmeat) KESI KESI is a tool to easily import CSV files into ... DOWNLOAD
inti-gl(freshmeat) Inti-GL Inti-GL is an Integrated Foundation Classes bin... DOWNLOAD
inti(freshmeat) Inti Inti is a set of integrated C++ foundation clas... DOWNLOAD
gstplayer(freshmeat) Gst-Player Gst-Player is a full-featured media player for ... DOWNLOAD
palmtuner(freshmeat) Palm Tuner The Palm Tuner is a simple guitar/mandolin/viol... DOWNLOAD
popflush(freshmeat) PopFlush PopFlush is a command-line utility that allow ... DOWNLOAD
tzones(freshmeat) TZones TZones is a simple but elegant world clock appl... DOWNLOAD
gendist(freshmeat) GENDIST GENDIST (the Linux Distribution Generator) allo... DOWNLOAD
libpubsub(freshmeat) libpubsub libpubsub provides everything needed to set up ... DOWNLOAD
prosilla(freshmeat) proSilla ProSilla is a program which speeds up file tran... DOWNLOAD
jmlm(freshmeat) Jeff's Mailing List Manager Jeff's Mailing List Manager is a really simple ... DOWNLOAD
icmplibrary(freshmeat) C# ICMP Library This is an ICMP Protocol C# implementation. It ... DOWNLOAD
pwig(freshmeat) pwig pwig is a SWIG extension that allows one to dev... DOWNLOAD
newspromail(freshmeat) newsPro mail newsPro is a Web interface for newsletters/ann... DOWNLOAD
tivo-mplayer(freshmeat) tivo-mplayer tivo-mplayer adds the TiVo MPEG transport layer... DOWNLOAD
mpgfe(freshmeat) mpgfe mpgfe is an ncurses front-end to mpg123 with m... DOWNLOAD
gkrellm-gamma(freshmeat) GKrellM gamma Gkrellm gamma is a Gkrellm plugin which allows ... DOWNLOAD
cuckooo(freshmeat) cuckooo cuckooo is a KDE KPart which allows OpenOffice.... DOWNLOAD
netcpr(freshmeat) NetCPR NetCPR is a tool to get remote network services... DOWNLOAD
admlogger(freshmeat) ADMLogger ADMLogger is a log analyzing engine. Using this... DOWNLOAD
slcview(freshmeat) Shrubberies - Linux Command Line Viewer slcview allows you to fully script creation of ... DOWNLOAD
phppaypalipn(freshmeat) PHP PayPal IPN Class This class fixes the problem where PayPal IPN ... DOWNLOAD
vmail(freshmeat) Vorpal Mail Vorpal Mail is an easily configurable but flexi... DOWNLOAD
xorro(freshmeat) Xorro Xorro is a presentation framework for Web appl... DOWNLOAD
dbglib(freshmeat) dbg library The dbg library is a set of C++ utilities to f... DOWNLOAD
jrat(freshmeat) JRat JRat is a Java runtime analysis toolkit that en... DOWNLOAD
dnsadmin(freshmeat) dnsadmin dnsadmin is a project to create programs that m... DOWNLOAD
gnomenetselect(freshmeat) GNOME NetSelect Applet The GNOME NetSelect Applet is a GNOME applet fo... DOWNLOAD
astrofitshdrtrans(freshmeat) Astro::FITS::HdrTrans Astro::FITS::HdrTrans translates instrument-spe... DOWNLOAD
coollinuxcd(freshmeat) Cool Linux CD Cool Linux CD is a bootable CD that contains a ... DOWNLOAD
phpcrawl(freshmeat) PHPCrawl PHPCrawl is a class for crawling/spidering Webs... DOWNLOAD
openssg(freshmeat) OpenSSG OpenSSG is an implementation of the Cisco Serv... DOWNLOAD
troll(freshmeat) Traffic tool Troll The Traffic Tool Troll is a traffic monitoring ... DOWNLOAD
verlihub(freshmeat) VerliHub VerliHub is a Direct Connect server (HUB) for L... DOWNLOAD
bugs(freshmeat) Bugs Dynamic Cryptography Bugs Dynamic Cryptography is a private key cryp... DOWNLOAD
desproxy(freshmeat) desproxy Desproxy is tunneling proxy (using the CONNECT ... DOWNLOAD
pdo(freshmeat) PDO PDO (Python Database Objects), is a collection ... DOWNLOAD
gangplank(freshmeat) Gangplank conferencing system Gangplank is a Computer Mediated Communication ... DOWNLOAD
gnueforms(freshmeat) GNU Enterprise Forms GNU Enterprise Forms is a platform and UI-indep... DOWNLOAD
nutexvserver(freshmeat) Nutex VServer Nutex VServer is an ISP system for managing at ... DOWNLOAD
epson_setup(freshmeat) epson_setup epson_setup is a graphical tool for controlling... DOWNLOAD
koncert(freshmeat) Koncert Koncert is a clone of an old C64 arcade game (R... DOWNLOAD
xsh-paranoia(freshmeat) xSH-paranoia patch xSH-Paranoia Patch is an project started for ad... DOWNLOAD
jtv(freshmeat) JTv_finder JTv-finder offers a German-language GUI to watc... DOWNLOAD
rewritefilter(freshmeat) RewriteFilter RewriteFilter is a servlet2.3-compatible filter... DOWNLOAD
viperide(freshmeat) Viper IDE Viper IDE is a client-server based multi-develo... DOWNLOAD
yapab(freshmeat) YAPAB YAPAB is an address entry collection system. It... DOWNLOAD
docsis_server(freshmeat) DOCSIS Server DOCSIS Server is a DHCP/TFTP/TOD/syslog server ... DOWNLOAD
cloxten(freshmeat) Cloxten Cloxten is a digital alarm clock and counter. I... DOWNLOAD
nextaw(freshmeat) neXtaW neXtaw is a modified version of the Athena Widg... DOWNLOAD
phpfmg(freshmeat) PHP FormMail Generator PHP FormMail Generator is a tool to create read... DOWNLOAD
fbviewer(freshmeat) Firebird viewer and exporter Firebird viewer and exporter is a small Web fro... DOWNLOAD
mantra(freshmeat) Mantra Mantra is a centralized, Web-based newsreader. ... DOWNLOAD
eremove(freshmeat) Eremove Eremove is a small GTK-based application with a... DOWNLOAD
foomatic-gui(freshmeat) Foomatic-GUI Foomatic-GUI includes a GNOME-based graphical u... DOWNLOAD
pulsar(freshmeat) Pulsar Pulsar is a POP3 email server with a configurat... DOWNLOAD
qmail-installer(freshmeat) qmail-installer qmail-installer is a shell script that asks the... DOWNLOAD
pwhiteboard(freshmeat) pWhiteboard pWhiteboard can be thought of as a single-page ... DOWNLOAD
curator(freshmeat) curator Curator is a powerful script that allows one to... DOWNLOAD
ivjlogger(freshmeat) IVJ Logger IVJ Logger is a simple, easy to use logger with... DOWNLOAD
fifos(freshmeat) FIFOs FIFOs is a program that can be inserted into a ... DOWNLOAD
skipjack(freshmeat) Skipjack Payment Skipjack Payment is a class to facilitate onlin... DOWNLOAD
quickswitch(freshmeat) QuickSwitch QuickSwitch lets you switch network profiles on... DOWNLOAD
cgi-shell(freshmeat) CGI-Shell CGI-Shell provides a shell using CGI, so everyo... DOWNLOAD
i8krellm(freshmeat) GKrellM Dell Plugin i8krellm is a GKrellM plugin to control the fan... DOWNLOAD
maildirtree(freshmeat) Maildirtree Maildirtree is a small program which is able to... DOWNLOAD
classicollect(freshmeat) ClassiCollect ClassiCollect is an SQL schema and data entry f... DOWNLOAD
bosdl(freshmeat) bosdl bosdl is a client for Boss Ogg based on the SDL... DOWNLOAD
lwvcl(freshmeat) Zaval Light-Weight Visual Components Library Zaval Light-Weight Visual Components Library (L... DOWNLOAD
propertyset(freshmeat) OpenSymphony PropertySet PropertySets provide an abstracted way to dyna... DOWNLOAD
bashnavigator(freshmeat) Bash Navigator The Bash Navigator is a file system browsing u... DOWNLOAD
tcm2sql(freshmeat) tcm2sql tcm2sql is a tool for generating SQL "CREA... DOWNLOAD
klassmodeler(freshmeat) KlassModeler The KlassModeler is a tool for visually creatin... DOWNLOAD
tdhkit(freshmeat) TDHkit TDHkit is a set of programs and filters which a... DOWNLOAD
phpmybackend(freshmeat) phpMyBackend phpMyBackend is a backend generator for MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
phpbutton(freshmeat) PHP Button Generator PHP Button Generator is a dynamic button gener... DOWNLOAD
jbet(freshmeat) Java Binary Enhancement Tool The Java Binary Enhancement Tool (JBET) is a ge... DOWNLOAD
xmms-lumi(freshmeat) XMMS-Lumi XMMS-Lumi is an XMMS plugin that automatically ... DOWNLOAD
biomail(freshmeat) BioMail BioMail is a Web-based application for medical ... DOWNLOAD
ctserver(freshmeat) CT Server CT Server is a Perl module that interfaces with... DOWNLOAD
xportscan(freshmeat) XPortScan XPortScan is a multi-threaded, cross-platform, ... DOWNLOAD
fontify(freshmeat) Fontify Bundle for GNUMail Fontify Bundle for GNUMail is a very simple bu... DOWNLOAD
izsite(freshmeat) IzSite IzSite is a very simple Web site content manag... DOWNLOAD
filtamp(freshmeat) MCS PGA 64 Filter Amp Controller MCS PGA 64 Filter Amp Controller is a small pro... DOWNLOAD
musix(freshmeat) Musix Musix is a mini Linux distribution for playing ... DOWNLOAD
cprof(freshmeat) cprof Cprof is an enhanced performance profiler tool.... DOWNLOAD
dimpy(freshmeat) Dimpy Dimpy is a digital image management program. Th... DOWNLOAD
jrxtoolkit(freshmeat) JRxToolkit JRxToolkit is a GUI written in Java to test and... DOWNLOAD
morphix(freshmeat) Morphix Morphix is a modular LiveCD distribution. It i... DOWNLOAD
openobex(freshmeat) Openobex The Openobex project aims to make an open sourc... DOWNLOAD

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