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maxent_toolkit(freshmeat) Maximum Entropy Modeling Toolkit The Maximum Entropy Toolkit provides a set of t... DOWNLOAD
scripter(freshmeat) Scripting Plugin for Scribus This project adds Python scripting capabilities... DOWNLOAD
zengine(freshmeat) ZEngine ZEngine is a cross-platform 2D API which uses a... DOWNLOAD
pycdk(freshmeat) pyCDK pyCDK is a set of Python bindings (using Pyrex)... DOWNLOAD
dol(freshmeat) DObject Library C++ The DObject Library C++ is a Java-like library ... DOWNLOAD
combinecd(freshmeat) combine-cd combine-cd will search through a directory of f... DOWNLOAD
vomitsystem(freshmeat) Video Management System Vomit is a Web-based management system for vide... DOWNLOAD
hlfl(freshmeat) High Level Firewall Language High Level Firewall Language permits writing fi... DOWNLOAD
greencard(freshmeat) Greencard Green Card is a foreign function interface prep... DOWNLOAD
annif(freshmeat) Annif Annif is a minimalistic Web-based birthday (cal... DOWNLOAD
supportapp(freshmeat) AITOC support ticketing system AITOC support ticketing system is a simple supp... DOWNLOAD
gnomeattacks(freshmeat) Gnome Attacks Gnome Attacks is a GNOME 2 game which involves ... DOWNLOAD
xdflengine(freshmeat) XDFLengine XDFLengine is a multi-platform, multi-purpose C... DOWNLOAD
hgl(freshmeat) HGL HGL is a graphics library for Haskell. It gives... DOWNLOAD
jackbot(freshmeat) JackBot IRC Bot JackBot is an IRC bot that provides a flexible,... DOWNLOAD
e2salvage(freshmeat) Ext2 Salvage e2salvage is a utility which tries to recover a... DOWNLOAD
openvip(freshmeat) OpenVIP OpenVIP is a flexible video-processing tool for... DOWNLOAD
firepass(freshmeat) Firepass Firepass is a tunneling tool allowing users byp... DOWNLOAD
class_requirement(freshmeat) class_requirement class_requirement is a PHP class that checks th... DOWNLOAD
linkgrammarwn(freshmeat) LinkGrammar-WN LinkGrammar-WN is a lexicon expansion for the L... DOWNLOAD
sql_inject(freshmeat) class_sql_inject class_sql_inject is a PHP class that searches y... DOWNLOAD
axislinks(freshmeat) AxisLinks AxisLinks is a bookmark manager based on Bookma... DOWNLOAD
getattach_pl(freshmeat) is a Perl script for retrieving e... DOWNLOAD
xmldiff(freshmeat) Xmldiff Xmldiff is a Python tool that finds the differ... DOWNLOAD
scilla(freshmeat) scilla Scilla answers media file requests and takes co... DOWNLOAD
vcard4j(freshmeat) vCard4J vCard4J is a complete toolkit to manipulate vCa... DOWNLOAD
ffsqldb(freshmeat) FlatFileSqlDatabase FlatFileSqlDatabase is an implementation in PHP... DOWNLOAD
issue-tracker(freshmeat) Issue-Tracker Issue-Tracker is a support issue tracking syste... DOWNLOAD
bibkeeper(freshmeat) Bibkeeper Bibkeeper is a Java graphical interface for wor... DOWNLOAD
cvsbrancher(freshmeat) Cvs-Brancher Cvs-Brancher establishes a tagged branch in a C... DOWNLOAD
real_random(freshmeat) XMMS Real Random Plugin The XMMS Real Random plugin overrides the built... DOWNLOAD
mimir(freshmeat) Mimir Mimir is an overkill, threaded, antiflood plugi... DOWNLOAD
mypfxadmin(freshmeat) MyPFXAdmin MyPFXAdmin is a set of Web-based PHP scripts th... DOWNLOAD
repune(freshmeat) Repune Repune is a multiplayer snake game like Dune. I... DOWNLOAD
initscriptsvpn(freshmeat) initscripts-vpn initscripts-vpn is a "plugin" for Red... DOWNLOAD
dcmd(freshmeat) dcmd dcmd is a distributed shell with supporting scr... DOWNLOAD
opencoe(freshmeat) OpenCOE The OpenCOE project provides an implementation ... DOWNLOAD
ssc(freshmeat) SSC SSC is a fast paced arcade space shoot'em-up fe... DOWNLOAD
edeity(freshmeat) EDeity EDeity is a GTK and Curses frontend to APT. DOWNLOAD
adit(freshmeat) Adit Adit is another database interface tool built w... DOWNLOAD
mail2clf(freshmeat) mail2clf mail2clf generates a Common Logfile Format (CLF... DOWNLOAD
cigol(freshmeat) Cigol Cigol is a scripting language designed to solve... DOWNLOAD
rackview(freshmeat) rackview rackview is a tool for visualizing the layout o... DOWNLOAD
ni(freshmeat) NetInstaller NetInstaller lets you create setup wizards for ... DOWNLOAD
s2k2smi(freshmeat) S2k2smi S2k2smi is a conversion utility from s2k (inter... DOWNLOAD
pvpnd(freshmeat) pvpnd pvpnd is a simple daemon which greatly simplifi... DOWNLOAD
jtag-tools(freshmeat) JTAG Tools JTAG Tools is a software package which enables ... DOWNLOAD
morpyon(freshmeat) morpyon Morpyon (also known as "morpion" in F... DOWNLOAD
flexbackup(freshmeat) flexbackup flexbackup is a configurable and easy to use Pe... DOWNLOAD
doomlegacy(freshmeat) DooM Legacy DooM Legacy is an enhanced port of Doom, the cl... DOWNLOAD
freesweep(freshmeat) freesweep freesweep is a console minesweeper-style game w... DOWNLOAD
tagreader(freshmeat) HTML::Tagreader HTML::TagReader is a Perl module which allows y... DOWNLOAD
speedycgi(freshmeat) SpeedyCGI SpeedyCGI (aka PersistentPerl) is a way to run ... DOWNLOAD
jasplogging(freshmeat) JASPlogging JASPlogging provides a couple of logging handle... DOWNLOAD
databean(freshmeat) DataBean The DataBean package is a Java library that pro... DOWNLOAD
fribidi(freshmeat) FriBidi FriBidi is a free implementation of the Unicode... DOWNLOAD
ree(freshmeat) ROM extension extractor ROM extension extractor (ree) is a tool which e... DOWNLOAD
qmail-auditor(freshmeat) Qmail Auditor QMail Auditor provides simple a method for aud... DOWNLOAD
helpgui(freshmeat) HelpGUI HelpGUI is a simple Java-based help viewer com... DOWNLOAD
kfilter(freshmeat) KFilter KFilter is an application to design acoustic hi... DOWNLOAD
qpe-gaim(freshmeat) Gaim for Qtopia Gaim for Qtopia is an official port of the Gaim... DOWNLOAD
sdlsound(freshmeat) SDL_sound SDL_sound is a library that handles the decodin... DOWNLOAD
php_lib_login(freshmeat) php_lib_login php_lib_login is a library for PHP, designed to... DOWNLOAD
libbitvector(freshmeat) libBitvector LibBitvector implements arbitrary-sized vectors... DOWNLOAD
tktextviewer(freshmeat) Tk::Text::Viewer Tk::Text::Viewer is a text widget that can disp... DOWNLOAD
mozplayerxp(freshmeat) mozplayerxp mozplayerxp is a scriptable Mozilla mplayer plu... DOWNLOAD
rglclock(freshmeat) RGLClock RGLClock is a simple GTK+/X11/OpenGL program th... DOWNLOAD
pidget(freshmeat) Pidget Pidget is an object oriented toolkit for render... DOWNLOAD
sesame-wifi(freshmeat) sesame-wifi Sesame-wifi is a hot-spot management tool using... DOWNLOAD
news-overview(freshmeat) News::Overview News::Overview is a Perl object that manages co... DOWNLOAD
news-web(freshmeat) News::Web News::Web implements a full news-to-Web gateway... DOWNLOAD
jtlt(freshmeat) JTLT JTLT is a general text based templating system ... DOWNLOAD
fetchrss(freshmeat) fetchrss fetchrss polls Weblogs (RSS feeds) and emails t... DOWNLOAD
axis-wsse(freshmeat) axis-wsse axis-wsse is an external library for the Apache... DOWNLOAD
sybadmin(freshmeat) sybadmin Sybadmin is a set of bash scripts which could b... DOWNLOAD
jose(freshmeat) jose jose is a graphical chess tool. You can use it... DOWNLOAD
myphpnuke(freshmeat) myphpnuke myPHPNuke is a PHP and MySQL-based automated ... DOWNLOAD
usbtcpbridge(freshmeat) USB-TCP Bridge USB-TCP Bridge bridges communications between a... DOWNLOAD
dnsya(freshmeat) Dnsya Dnsya is a little program to look up and presen... DOWNLOAD
spreadxmlrpclib(freshmeat) spreadxmlrpclib spreadxmlrpclib is a Python module to make XMLR... DOWNLOAD
liblohs(freshmeat) LibLOHS LibLOHS is a library to control LOHS family of ... DOWNLOAD
unicycle(freshmeat) Unicycle Unicycle is a PalmOS app for recording a woman'... DOWNLOAD
dialogcd(freshmeat) Dialog CD DialogCD is a dialog based frontend to cdrtools... DOWNLOAD
pygmalion-apovraymodeller(freshmeat) Pygmalion - a POVRAY modeller Pygmalion is a modeler for POVRAY which runs on... DOWNLOAD
sced(freshmeat) Sced Sced is a modelling program that makes use of g... DOWNLOAD
phpope(freshmeat) PHPope PHPope is a Web-based content management applic... DOWNLOAD
cognix(freshmeat) CogniX The CogniX framework is a tool for creating, mo... DOWNLOAD
steghide(freshmeat) steghide Steghide is a steganography program that is abl... DOWNLOAD
cawh(freshmeat) CA Web Helper CA Web Helper is a helper Web application write... DOWNLOAD
nisca(freshmeat) NISCA NISCA (Network Interface Statistics Collection ... DOWNLOAD
mailezmlm(freshmeat) Mail::Ezmlm Perl Module Mail::Ezmlm is a Perl module that allows the us... DOWNLOAD
kernel_sym_manip(freshmeat) Kernel Symbol Manipulator Usually, Linux kernel exported symbols have suf... DOWNLOAD
poseidon1(freshmeat) Poseidon Poseidon is yet another PHP weblog, although it... DOWNLOAD
unh-iscsi(freshmeat) UNH-iSCSI The UNH-iSCSI project consists of vendor-indepe... DOWNLOAD
ticket_applet-2(freshmeat) Ticket Applet 2 Ticket Applet 2 is a GNOME 2 version of Ticket ... DOWNLOAD
popbeforesmtp(freshmeat) pop-before-smtp in C pop-before-smtp in C is a daemon for use with P... DOWNLOAD
blcheck(freshmeat) blcheck blcheck is a simple Perl script designed to not... DOWNLOAD
dhttpd(freshmeat) Dublet's HTTP Daemon Dublet's HTTP Daemon is a fully functional Web ... DOWNLOAD
stalmp3box(freshmeat) sTaLMP3Box sTaLMP3Box is a complete control program for a ... DOWNLOAD
buflib(freshmeat) Buffer Library BufLib is a C wrapper around mallocs, callocs, ... DOWNLOAD

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