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xplanner(freshmeat) XPlanner XPlanner is a Web-based project planning and tr... DOWNLOAD
phpformgenerator(freshmeat) phpFormGenerator phpFormGenerator is an easy-to-use tool to crea... DOWNLOAD
pfmd(freshmeat) Polarizable Fluids Molecular Dynamics PFMD is a program that simulates the liquid sta... DOWNLOAD
rubyinline(freshmeat) RubyInline Ruby Inline is an analog to Perl's Inline::C. I... DOWNLOAD
templatier(freshmeat) Templatier Primarily designed for HTML, Templatier is a sc... DOWNLOAD
dbvi(freshmeat) dbvi dbvi is a UNIX terminal-based interface to the ... DOWNLOAD
rasteralchemy(freshmeat) Raster Alchemy Raster Alchemy is a height field generation and... DOWNLOAD
lalacvsmail(freshmeat) lalaCVSMail lalaCVSMail is a notification tool which sends ... DOWNLOAD
j(freshmeat) j J is a multifile, multiwindow programmer's edit... DOWNLOAD
q_audio(freshmeat) Q-Audio Q-Audio is a digital audio interface for Q. The... DOWNLOAD
selcall(freshmeat) Selcall SELCALL is a translation program to translate s... DOWNLOAD
cyfer(freshmeat) Cyfer Cyfer is a portable modular low-level cryptogra... DOWNLOAD
modplugplay(freshmeat) modplugplay modplugplay is a command line player for many m... DOWNLOAD
libtubo(freshmeat) Libtubo Interprocess Communication Libtubo Interprocess Communication is a small a... DOWNLOAD
rdc2e(freshmeat) rdc2e rdc2e is a command line tool that downloads ima... DOWNLOAD
nib2gmodel(freshmeat) nib2gmodel nib2gmodel is a tool developed for GNUstep whic... DOWNLOAD
gracetmpl(freshmeat) GraceTMPL GraceTMPL is a set of C++ classes which allow ... DOWNLOAD
aspectsharp(freshmeat) Aspect# Aspect# is an AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming)... DOWNLOAD
servereclipse(freshmeat) ServerEclipse ServerEclipse is a basic Web-application devel... DOWNLOAD
cpptools(freshmeat) cpptools Cpptools is a set of C/C++ development tools. T... DOWNLOAD
muvon(freshmeat) MuVOn MuVOn is a GUI application for managing files a... DOWNLOAD
basilisk(freshmeat) Basilisk Basilisk is a full-featured middleware library ... DOWNLOAD
spamassassin-mode(freshmeat) SpamAssassin Mode for Emacs This project is a SpamAssassin mode for GNU Ema... DOWNLOAD
editphotos(freshmeat) editphotos editphotos is a program which displays thumbnai... DOWNLOAD
sphinx4(freshmeat) Sphinx-4 Sphinx-4 is a speaker-independent, continuous s... DOWNLOAD
piechart(freshmeat) Piecharts with GNU Plotutils piechart is an experimental C program that can ... DOWNLOAD
txt2regex(freshmeat) ^txt2regex$ txt2regex$ is a Regular Expression "wizard... DOWNLOAD
picostorage(freshmeat) PicoStorage PicoStorage, a lightweight "filesystem in ... DOWNLOAD
perlpop(freshmeat) perlpop A POP3 server featuring RFC1939 compliance, UID... DOWNLOAD
gwinecd(freshmeat) gWineCD gWineCD is an application that sits in the syst... DOWNLOAD
pcrcommander(freshmeat) PCRCommander PCRCommander is a cross-platform timeshifting p... DOWNLOAD
gimageview(freshmeat) GImageView GImageView is a GTK+ based image viewer. It sup... DOWNLOAD
webmin_gehrigal(freshmeat) gehrigal Webmin Theme The gehrigal Webmin Theme project aims to creat... DOWNLOAD
vfsbackup(freshmeat) VfsBackup VfsBackup is a mobile backup and restore soluti... DOWNLOAD
zlib-palmos(freshmeat) zlib-palmos zlib-palmos is a port of zlib 1.1.4 to PalmOS a... DOWNLOAD
quaqut(freshmeat) quaqut Quaqut is a simple program that queries Unreal ... DOWNLOAD
adgali(freshmeat) Advanced game library Adgali is a library designed to develop games. ... DOWNLOAD
mobiledevtools(freshmeat) Mobile Device Tools Mobile Device Tools provides a set of tools to ... DOWNLOAD
praat(freshmeat) Praat Praat is a computer program with which phonetic... DOWNLOAD
nexb(freshmeat) nexB OpenAssets nexB OpenAssets is a tool for inventorying, man... DOWNLOAD
phpagi(freshmeat) phpagi phpagi is a PHP class for writing Asterisk AGI ... DOWNLOAD
vncsnapshot(freshmeat) vncsnapshot VNC Snapshot is a command line utility for VNC ... DOWNLOAD
adminpro(freshmeat) AdminPro AdminPro is a user authentication class based o... DOWNLOAD
mysqlrebol(freshmeat) MySQL Driver for REBOL MySQL Driver for REBOL is a scheme for /Core th... DOWNLOAD
mp3stat(freshmeat) mp3stat mp3stat is a simple MP3/Ogg bitrate analysis to... DOWNLOAD
nnfc(freshmeat) New Netflow Collector New Netflow Collector is a POSIX compliant port... DOWNLOAD
money-go-round(freshmeat) myMoney-go-round myMoney-go-round puts cashflow forecasting and ... DOWNLOAD
specialvalue(freshmeat) SpecialValue SpecialValue is a C++ library that allows spec... DOWNLOAD
zfolder2product(freshmeat) ZFolder2Product ZFolder2Product takes the contents of a Zope fo... DOWNLOAD
the_ucl_compression_library(freshmeat) UCL UCL is a portable lossless data compression lib... DOWNLOAD
flac(freshmeat) FLAC FLAC is a Free Lossless Audio Codec. The FLAC f... DOWNLOAD
pgobject-simple-role(freshmeat) PGObject-Simple-Role PGObject::Simple::Role provides an interface to... DOWNLOAD
fakebust(freshmeat) fakebust fakebust is a program that assists with the rap... DOWNLOAD
pyaddbook(freshmeat) PyAddbook PyAddbook is a simple address book that was mad... DOWNLOAD
webfilt(freshmeat) Web Filter webfilt is not a spam filter, but provides a ge... DOWNLOAD
jpcap(freshmeat) Network Packet Capture Facility for Java Network Packet Capture Facility for Java is a s... DOWNLOAD
prismstumbler(freshmeat) Prismstumbler Prismstumbler is software which finds 802.11 (W... DOWNLOAD
scry(freshmeat) Scry Scry is a simple, secure, fast, Web-based photo... DOWNLOAD
ircleech(freshmeat) IrcLeech IrcLeech is a C# application that allows users ... DOWNLOAD
plogit(freshmeat) Plogit Plogit is a blogging application for PalmOS tha... DOWNLOAD
gnome-core(freshmeat) gnome-core GNOME is the GNU Network Object Model Environme... DOWNLOAD
pdfkreator(freshmeat) PDFKreator PDFKreator is an easy-to-use KDE tool for creat... DOWNLOAD
mozilla_pot(freshmeat) Mozilla Localization with PO Files Mozilla Localization with PO Files provides Moz... DOWNLOAD
q_synth(freshmeat) Q-Synth Q-Synth is a library for interfacing with real-... DOWNLOAD
nuge(freshmeat) Nuke Game Engine The Nuke Game Engine enables content management... DOWNLOAD
wordog(freshmeat) WorDoG WorDoG (World Domination Game) is basically a d... DOWNLOAD
gnusto(freshmeat) Gnusto Gnusto is a Mozilla-based application which let... DOWNLOAD
m3ute2(freshmeat) m3ute2 m3ute2 is a CLI program designed for easily mov... DOWNLOAD
jikes(freshmeat) Jikes Jikes is a fast, simple, source code to byte co... DOWNLOAD
mod_tsunami(freshmeat) mod_tsunami mod_tsunami is a module for Apache 1.3.x that a... DOWNLOAD
pulma(freshmeat) Pulma Pulma is a tiny and agile framework for fast de... DOWNLOAD
webpack(freshmeat) WebPack WebPack is a shell script for automatically pac... DOWNLOAD
supershaper-soho(freshmeat) SuperShaper-SOHO SuperShaper-SOHO is a traffic shaping setup for... DOWNLOAD
phptab(freshmeat) PHPTab PHPTab is a simple Web application that allows... DOWNLOAD
monoreadline(freshmeat) Mono-Readline Mono-Readline is a binding that provides acces... DOWNLOAD
passwordcreator(freshmeat) Password Creator Password Creator is a tool that generates pass... DOWNLOAD
riv2ascii(freshmeat) RIV2ASCII Conversion RIV2ASCII translates codes found on internation... DOWNLOAD
nisldapd(freshmeat) nisldapd nisldapd was developed to allow LDAP user and g... DOWNLOAD
libcff(freshmeat) libcff libcff provides a kind of C++ continued fractio... DOWNLOAD
vibora(freshmeat) Vibora Vibora is a snake game that can be played by a ... DOWNLOAD
texfig(freshmeat) TeXfig TeXfig is a small tool which uses LaTeX for set... DOWNLOAD
udo(freshmeat) UDO UDO is a powerful and multipurpose utility for ... DOWNLOAD
codemetrics(freshmeat) CodeMetrics CodeMetrics is a flexible and extensible Perl p... DOWNLOAD
kelvin(freshmeat) Kelvin Kelvin is a units converter intended for scien... DOWNLOAD
scs(freshmeat) Shared Crypto System Shared Crypto System gives the user option to e... DOWNLOAD
kricketsb(freshmeat) KricketScoreboard KricketScoreboard is a program for keeping scor... DOWNLOAD
openoffice_po(freshmeat) Localization with PO Files localization with PO Files prov... DOWNLOAD
mstor(freshmeat) mstor mstor is a JavaMail provider enabling storage a... DOWNLOAD
anandtechframegetter(freshmeat) Anandtech Frame-Getter Anandtech Frame-Getter is a GPU benchmarking pr... DOWNLOAD
genroms(freshmeat) genroms genroms is a utility meant to aid in generating... DOWNLOAD
kino(freshmeat) Kino Kino is a non-linear DV (digital video) editor ... DOWNLOAD
dynamicrelay(freshmeat) DynamicRelay DynamicRelay prevents your customers from sendi... DOWNLOAD
ircmarkers(freshmeat) IrcMarkers IrcMarkers takes a map in PNG or JEPG format an... DOWNLOAD
cl2html(freshmeat) cl2html cl2html converts a CVS log into chronological H... DOWNLOAD
web-irssi(freshmeat) web-irssi web-irssi is a browser front end for irssi, the... DOWNLOAD
ha-javamail(freshmeat) HA-JavaMail HA-JavaMail is a JavaMail transport proxy that ... DOWNLOAD
z81(freshmeat) z81 z81 is a Sinclair ZX81/ZX80 emulator with versi... DOWNLOAD
openglut(freshmeat) OpenGLUT OpenGLUT is an open source project to evolve th... DOWNLOAD
xml2ddl(freshmeat) XML to DDL XML to DDL is a set of Python programs that con... DOWNLOAD
gcjlib(freshmeat) gcjlib gcjlib is an Ant task for building native share... DOWNLOAD

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