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showoff(freshmeat) Photo ShowOff ShowOff is an HTML photo album generator. It d... DOWNLOAD
phpfilemanager(freshmeat) PHP File Manager phpFileManager is a complete filesystem managem... DOWNLOAD
class_webdav_client(freshmeat) PHP Webdav Client Class PHP Webdav Client Class is a nearly RFC 2518-co... DOWNLOAD
itask(freshmeat) i.Task i.Task is a small and fast process viewer and t... DOWNLOAD
moron(freshmeat) Moron Moron (Method for Object Recognition of Obscure... DOWNLOAD
pythondialog(freshmeat) pythondialog pythondialog is a Python module for console mod... DOWNLOAD
jaxmexs(freshmeat) JaxMeXS JaxMeXS is a parser for XML Schema, written in ... DOWNLOAD
jaxmejs(freshmeat) JaxMeJS The JaxMe JavaSource generation framework (a sp... DOWNLOAD
rtsim(freshmeat) RTSim RTSim is an open source platform for simulatin... DOWNLOAD
rp(freshmeat) Real Poker Real Poker is a poker simulation. New poker gam... DOWNLOAD
materm(freshmeat) multi-aterm multi-aterm is a multi-tab terminal emulator ba... DOWNLOAD
netgo(freshmeat) netGo netGo is an application for changing network se... DOWNLOAD
capictcha(freshmeat) capictcha capictcha generates CAPTCHA images from arbitr... DOWNLOAD
openpfc(freshmeat) OpenPFC OpenPFC is a media device engine capable of nex... DOWNLOAD
tpad(freshmeat) tpad tpad (Tcl pad) is a portable enhanced clone of ... DOWNLOAD
giblib(freshmeat) giblib giblib is a simple library which wraps imlib2. ... DOWNLOAD
webinvoicer(freshmeat) WebInvoicer WebInvoicer is a Web-based "Point-Of-Sale&... DOWNLOAD
eclipse-cvsssh2(freshmeat) CVS-SSH2 Plug-in for Eclipse CVS-SSH2 Plug-in for Eclipse is an Eclipse plug... DOWNLOAD
pvswitch(freshmeat) Program Version Switch pvswitch is a tiny program which makes it possi... DOWNLOAD
lget(freshmeat) lget Lget is a utility for non-interactive downloadi... DOWNLOAD
rsslib4j(freshmeat) RSSLib4J RSSLib4J is a Java API for parsing and retrievi... DOWNLOAD
pred(freshmeat) PrEd PrEd is a Java-based graphical utility to find ... DOWNLOAD
palmresize(freshmeat) palmresize palmresize provides code to allow developers to... DOWNLOAD
pywccp2(freshmeat) WCCP2-Python WCCP2-Python is an implementation of Web-Cache ... DOWNLOAD
nmicrocoder(freshmeat) nMicrocoder nMicrocoder is an ncurses EDA tool to write mic... DOWNLOAD
miki(freshmeat) Miki Miki can be used to simply generate static Web ... DOWNLOAD
xrip(freshmeat) xrip XRIP is a PHP project, similar to Agnax, that a... DOWNLOAD
aeditor(freshmeat) AEditor AEditor is a programmer's editor for Windows, U... DOWNLOAD
durep(freshmeat) durep durep is a perl script used for disk usage repo... DOWNLOAD
zuul(freshmeat) Zuul Zuul was yet another PHP frontend for mldonkey.... DOWNLOAD
interceptty(freshmeat) interceptty interceptty is a program that sits between a se... DOWNLOAD
kgsueme(freshmeat) KGSueMe KGSSueMe aims to provide a sample implementatio... DOWNLOAD
tessellation(freshmeat) Tessellation Tessellation lets you create nice colorful tili... DOWNLOAD
paratools(freshmeat) ParaTools ParaTools is a set of Perl modules for the hand... DOWNLOAD
teve(freshmeat) teve teve [t̪eːveː] is a CLI streamer and downloade... DOWNLOAD
squidfire(freshmeat) SquidFire SquidFire is a PHP script to search Squid logs ... DOWNLOAD
stegdetect(freshmeat) stegdetect Stegdetect is an automated tool for detecting s... DOWNLOAD
rlpr(freshmeat) rlpr The rlpr package makes it possible (or at the v... DOWNLOAD
modlogan(freshmeat) ModLogAn ModLogAn is a modular logfile analyzer that com... DOWNLOAD
httpfileserver(freshmeat) HttpFileServer HttpFileServer is an HTML/HTTP based file serve... DOWNLOAD
lazy8ledger(freshmeat) Lazy8 Ledger Lazy8 Ledger is a very simple yet powerful acco... DOWNLOAD
lfwmail(freshmeat) lfwmail lfwmail is a lightweight webmail program. It wi... DOWNLOAD
wagtail(freshmeat) Wagtail Wagtail is a client/server-based tool for audio... DOWNLOAD
imap4aolservermodule(freshmeat) IMAP4 AOLServer Module The IMAP4 AOLServer Module is an IMAP4 client ... DOWNLOAD
pfflowd(freshmeat) pfflowd pfflowd is a small daemon which converts real-t... DOWNLOAD
pearpc(freshmeat) PearPC PearPC is a platform-independent PowerPC archi... DOWNLOAD
care2002(freshmeat) CARE2X Care2x (formerly Care 2002) is software for hos... DOWNLOAD
mp3rip(freshmeat) mp3Rip mp3Rip is yet another MP3 ripper. This one requ... DOWNLOAD
binary-clock(freshmeat) binary-clock binary-clock prints the current time to STDOUT ... DOWNLOAD
metawm(freshmeat) Meta Window Manager A Meta Window Manager is a means to write windo... DOWNLOAD
tbfirewall(freshmeat) TBFirewall TBFirewall is a front-end created to control fi... DOWNLOAD
dctcd(freshmeat) dctcd dctcd is a background-running wrapper for DCTC... DOWNLOAD
dfbcar(freshmeat) DFBCar DFBCar is a GUI multimedia frontend for xine- l... DOWNLOAD
cpuburn(freshmeat) cpuburn cpuburn is is a set of programs that load x86 ... DOWNLOAD
tfmx-play(freshmeat) tfmx-play tfmx-play is a player for TFMX (The Final Music... DOWNLOAD
sakuraplayer(freshmeat) Sakuraplayer Sakuraplayer is a Qt/KDE-based frontend for the... DOWNLOAD
tdbsql(freshmeat) tdbSQL tdbSQL is a complete implementation of an EASY ... DOWNLOAD
sdd(freshmeat) sdd sdd is a replacement for a program called 'dd'.... DOWNLOAD
internetdocumentandreportserve(freshmeat) Internet Document and Report Server The Internet Document And Report Server (IDRS) ... DOWNLOAD
fix-mime-charset(freshmeat) fix-mime-charset Fix-mime-charset automatically detects characte... DOWNLOAD
bluewonder(freshmeat) BlueWonder BlueWonder is a framework for building all kind... DOWNLOAD
bl0rp(freshmeat) bl0rp This is a reincarnated version of Justin Franke... DOWNLOAD
webtribute(freshmeat) WebTribute WebTribute is a Web-based alternative to Macrom... DOWNLOAD
fpgrowth-tiny(freshmeat) FP-Growth-Tiny FP-Growth-Tiny introduces a space optimization ... DOWNLOAD
domc(freshmeat) DOMC DOMC is a lightweight implementation of the Doc... DOWNLOAD
jh2n(freshmeat) Jh2n JH2N (Java host to named conversion program) co... DOWNLOAD
tylers_file_cmd(freshmeat) Tyler's File Commands Tyler's File Commands is a set of enhanced file... DOWNLOAD
hashish(freshmeat) Hashish Hashish is a file or string hashing utility wit... DOWNLOAD
peptool(freshmeat) The PEP tool PEP is a modeling and verification framework fo... DOWNLOAD
cwxml(freshmeat) CWXML CWXML is an high-performance, open-source C-la... DOWNLOAD
skunkweb(freshmeat) SkunkWeb SkunkWeb is a scalable, extensible, and easy-to... DOWNLOAD
mail2rss(freshmeat) mail2rss mail2rss converts an mbox to a RSS syndication ... DOWNLOAD
realmforge(freshmeat) RealmForge RealmForge is a .NET 3D game engine predecessor... DOWNLOAD
profitpy(freshmeat) ProfitPy ProfitPy is a collection of Python packages, m... DOWNLOAD
matrixss(freshmeat) matrixss matrixss is a package for the GAP system (gap-s... DOWNLOAD
webadmin(freshmeat) webadmin.php webadmin.php is a simple Web-based file manager... DOWNLOAD
amberlist(freshmeat) amber-list Amber sits in the tcpserver chain for qmail and... DOWNLOAD
knode(freshmeat) KNode KNode is a newsreader for the K Desktop Environ... DOWNLOAD
simpleform(freshmeat) Simple Form Simple Form is a form processor written in Perl... DOWNLOAD
gallery(freshmeat) Apache::Gallery Apache::Gallery is a mod_perl handler that sits... DOWNLOAD
sdlvexed(freshmeat) SDL Vexed SDL Vexed is a puzzle game written in Perl-SDL.... DOWNLOAD
kalternatives(freshmeat) Kalternatives Kalternatives is a KDE GUI application to easil... DOWNLOAD
prometeo(freshmeat) prometeo Prometeo is a modular, extensible proxy. It com... DOWNLOAD
paloma(freshmeat) Paloma Paloma is a program to manage an SQL database o... DOWNLOAD
pyalog(freshmeat) Pyalog Pyalog aims to be a complete object-oriented im... DOWNLOAD
xds(freshmeat) OSSP xds The OSSP xds library is generic and extensible ... DOWNLOAD
josso(freshmeat) JOSSO JOSSO (Java Open Single Sign-On) is J2EE-based ... DOWNLOAD
generalpurposehashfunctionlibr(freshmeat) General Purpose Hash Function Library The General Purpose Hash Function Algorithm lib... DOWNLOAD
sunjammer(freshmeat) Sunjammer Sunjammer is a KDE CD Player supporting CDDB, p... DOWNLOAD
mtop(freshmeat) mtop mtop (MySQL top) monitors a MySQL database show... DOWNLOAD
klipoquery(freshmeat) KlipOQuery The KlipOQuery panel applet for KDE is meant to... DOWNLOAD
mmtl(freshmeat) MMTL MMTL (Multilayer Multiconductor Transmission L... DOWNLOAD
fundamental(freshmeat) fundamental fundamental uses reverse polish notation and ca... DOWNLOAD
jboss(freshmeat) JBoss JBoss is an Open Source, standards-compliant, E... DOWNLOAD
soya3d(freshmeat) Soya 3D Soya 3D is a high-level 3D engine for Python, d... DOWNLOAD
binder(freshmeat) Binder Binder is a program that provides a Web-based c... DOWNLOAD
ebotula(freshmeat) Ebotula Ebotula is an IRC bot for administration tasks ... DOWNLOAD
ralfchat(freshmeat) Ralf's Chat Ralf's Chat is a CGI chat script which supports... DOWNLOAD
fastgeo(freshmeat) FastGEO FastGEO is a computational geometry library fo... DOWNLOAD
projman(freshmeat) Tcl/Tk Project Manager Tcl/Tk Project Manager is a full IDE for progra... DOWNLOAD

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