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cvsfs4hurd(freshmeat) cvsfs4hurd cvsfs4hurd is a translator for the GNU Hurd whi... DOWNLOAD
pere(freshmeat) Pere Pere is a set of free multi-language dictionari... DOWNLOAD
ald(freshmeat) Assembly Language Debugger ALD is an assembly language debugger, created a... DOWNLOAD
rexecj(freshmeat) RexecJ RexecJ is a remote command execution client/ser... DOWNLOAD
cap_over(freshmeat) Capability Override LSM The Capability Override LSM is a Linux kernel m... DOWNLOAD
aviascene(freshmeat) Aviascene Aviascene is a virtual environment for remote e... DOWNLOAD
cssc(freshmeat) CSSC CSSC is a GPLed clone for SCCS. It includes mos... DOWNLOAD
jsystem(freshmeat) JSystem JSystem is a testing framework which enhances J... DOWNLOAD
wcntalk(freshmeat) WCN:Talk WCN:Talk (originally called "FutureForum&q... DOWNLOAD
essentialbudget(freshmeat) Essential Budget Essential Budget a personal finanance manager t... DOWNLOAD
slackware-spkg(freshmeat) spkg spkg is a Slackware package management utility.... DOWNLOAD
viewpdf(freshmeat) ViewPDF ViewPDF is an application to view and navigate ... DOWNLOAD
webnailer(freshmeat) Webnailer Webnailer is a CGI script that generates a Web ... DOWNLOAD
avisplice(freshmeat) avisplice avisplice is a command line tool for splicing t... DOWNLOAD
providerfactory(freshmeat) ProviderFactory ProviderFactory is an assembly for the .NET fr... DOWNLOAD
copland(freshmeat) Copland Copland is an Inversion of Control (Dependency ... DOWNLOAD
kafka(freshmeat) Kafka Kafka is an image morphing application. Given ... DOWNLOAD
commons-configuration(freshmeat) Jakarta commons configuration Jakarta commons configuration is a pure Java pr... DOWNLOAD
pkgbuilder(freshmeat) PkgBuilder PkgBuilder is a simple system for automatically... DOWNLOAD
agavi(freshmeat) Agavi Agavi is a framework for building PHP applicati... DOWNLOAD
lwvcl_(freshmeat) Light-Weight Visual Components Library Light-Weight Visual Components Library (LwVCL) ... DOWNLOAD
develkit(freshmeat) DevelopmentKit DevelKit Framework is an GNUstep/Cocoa framewor... DOWNLOAD
cdname_py(freshmeat) names MP3 files and generates M3U pla... DOWNLOAD
midicontrol(freshmeat) MIDI Controller MIDI Controller is a small program that lets yo... DOWNLOAD
newsgabber(freshmeat) NewsGrabber With NewsGrabber you can search newsgroups for ... DOWNLOAD
camram(freshmeat) Campaign for real mail Camram is an anti-spam system that for the firs... DOWNLOAD
timespan(freshmeat) timespan timespan performs date-based time calculations.... DOWNLOAD
statcvs(freshmeat) StatCVS StatCVS retrieves information from a CVS reposi... DOWNLOAD
gomponent(freshmeat) gomponent gomponent is an application for making life wit... DOWNLOAD
tvisorbuilder(freshmeat) tvisorBuilder tvisorBuilder is a small framework that support... DOWNLOAD
scalar(freshmeat) Scalar Scalar is an addictive puzzle game where the go... DOWNLOAD
zbkb(freshmeat) ZBKB ZBKB is a full-featured knowledge base applicat... DOWNLOAD
ipsec_tunnel(freshmeat) ipsec_tunnel ipsec_tunnel is not a complete IPsec implementa... DOWNLOAD
blockio(freshmeat) Block-oriented I/O driver for Haskell The module BlockIO provides a generic driver fo... DOWNLOAD
icxf(freshmeat) icxf icxf is a little Python library and two even sm... DOWNLOAD
obfunae(freshmeat) Obfunae Obfunae is an interpreter for the esoteric prog... DOWNLOAD
pam_cloop(freshmeat) pam_cloop pam_cloop is a Pluggable Authentication Module ... DOWNLOAD
libvisual-nebulus(freshmeat) libvisual-nebulus Libvisual nebulus is the libvisual port of the ... DOWNLOAD
customsrpg(freshmeat) Custom Strategy Role Playing Game Custom Strategy Role Playing Game is an engine ... DOWNLOAD
blah(freshmeat) blah blah allows you to store frequently used text i... DOWNLOAD
caracal(freshmeat) Caracal Caracal is a Web development framework targeted... DOWNLOAD
nedit(freshmeat) NEdit NEdit is a Unix text editor for programmers and... DOWNLOAD
ploneatom(freshmeat) PloneAtom This is a Plone product (that could probably be... DOWNLOAD
rote(freshmeat) ROTE ROTE is a simple C library for VT102 terminal e... DOWNLOAD
securemedia(freshmeat) Neodelight Secure Media System Neodelight Secure Media System allows you to pr... DOWNLOAD
garlic(freshmeat) Garlic Garlic is a Web-based personal bookmark manager... DOWNLOAD
cdbxx(freshmeat) cdbxx cdbxx is a small, STL-style C++ library for the... DOWNLOAD
commonslogging(freshmeat) Jakarta Commons Logging Jakarta Commons Logging is an ultra-thin bridge... DOWNLOAD
perl_metrics(freshmeat) perl_metrics perl-metrics is intended to help perl programme... DOWNLOAD
systraq(freshmeat) systraq Systraq sends you a daily email listing the sta... DOWNLOAD
prjlibs(freshmeat) prjlibs prjlibs is a set of general-purpose libraries f... DOWNLOAD
spew(freshmeat) spew Spew is used to measure I/O performance of char... DOWNLOAD
autotoolset(freshmeat) Autotoolset The Autotoolset package complements the GNU bui... DOWNLOAD
xmms-infopipe(freshmeat) XMMS InfoPipe XMMS InfoPipe is a plugin that reports XMMS sta... DOWNLOAD
ray++(freshmeat) Ray++ RAY++ is a collection of C++ classes needed for... DOWNLOAD
pureuseradmin(freshmeat) PureUserAdmin PureUserAdmin is a Web-based aplication for eas... DOWNLOAD
jroar(freshmeat) JRoar JRoar is a streaming sever for Ogg in pure Java... DOWNLOAD
options(freshmeat) options options is a small and simple option parsing li... DOWNLOAD
hssyslog(freshmeat) Haskell FFI bindings to syslog(3) This library provide FFI bindings from Haskell ... DOWNLOAD
yawda(freshmeat) Yawda Yawda is an MVC Web development application fra... DOWNLOAD
cache2k(freshmeat) cache2k cache2k is a mature Java in-memory caching solu... DOWNLOAD
catviz(freshmeat) Catviz Catviz is a content manager with a clean, objec... DOWNLOAD
sane-frontends(freshmeat) SANE Frontends This package contains frontends to SANE ("... DOWNLOAD
jfortune(freshmeat) Java Fortune Teller Java Fortune Teller is a Java version of the fa... DOWNLOAD
wsdebug(freshmeat) wsdebug wsdebug is a debugger for the Whitespace progra... DOWNLOAD
artemis(freshmeat) Artemis Artemis is a DNA sequence viewer and annotation... DOWNLOAD
posh(freshmeat) posh posh is a stripped-down version of pdksh with s... DOWNLOAD
fakeroot(freshmeat) fakeroot Fakeroot runs a command in an environment were ... DOWNLOAD
warehouse(freshmeat) Warehouse Warehouse is a puzzle/strategy game that involv... DOWNLOAD
bigbrother_im(freshmeat) BigBrother BigBrother generates statistics and graphs abou... DOWNLOAD
tabletag(freshmeat) TableTag TableTag is JSP tag library intended to build s... DOWNLOAD
a-renet(freshmeat) a-renet a-renet is a distributed chat and multiplayer g... DOWNLOAD
schemeway(freshmeat) SchemeWay SchemeWay is a set of Eclipse plugins for the S... DOWNLOAD
mod_transform(freshmeat) mod_transform mod_transform is an XSLT and XInclude filter mo... DOWNLOAD
guile-xosd(freshmeat) guile-xosd guile-xosd provides Guile bindings for libxosd.... DOWNLOAD
minicrc(freshmeat) minicrc minicrc is an application that helps to calcula... DOWNLOAD
fooripper(freshmeat) FooRipper FooRipper is an easy to use DVD ripper and DivX... DOWNLOAD
xmlsnipe(freshmeat) xmlsnipe xmlsnipe is a simple utility for manipulating X... DOWNLOAD
epto(freshmeat) epto epto is a small library and framework for indus... DOWNLOAD
p4(freshmeat) P4 P4 is a self-organizing, peer-to-peer overlay n... DOWNLOAD
mide(freshmeat) miniIDE miniIDE helps you run make, or similar build to... DOWNLOAD
slop(freshmeat) Server Logging Operations Platform SLOP is an engine for the collection of and rep... DOWNLOAD
libdbgstream(freshmeat) libdbgstream libdbgstream provides debug stream output which... DOWNLOAD
howie(freshmeat) Howie The Chatterbot Howie is an artificial intelligence agent with ... DOWNLOAD
realvnc(freshmeat) RealVNC VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is... DOWNLOAD
msngateway(freshmeat) msn-gateway msn-gateway is an MSN messenger gateway for mob... DOWNLOAD
libcroco(freshmeat) Libcroco Libcroco is a general CSS parsing and manipulat... DOWNLOAD
jexec(freshmeat) JExec JExec is a miniature GUI command-line that can ... DOWNLOAD
news-maniac(freshmeat) News-Maniac News-Maniac provides a news script that is easy... DOWNLOAD
silsm(freshmeat) Simple SQLite Manager Simple SQLite Manager is Web frontend for manag... DOWNLOAD
zinc-if(freshmeat) ZINC interpreter Zinc (the Z-machine Including Network Capabilit... DOWNLOAD
xnetintf(freshmeat) xnetintf Xnetintf is an X Windows application that manag... DOWNLOAD
pingheiro(freshmeat) Pingheiro Pingheiro is a connectivity monitoring system b... DOWNLOAD
backup_mysql(freshmeat) Backup Mysql Backup Mysql is a script that examines a MySQL ... DOWNLOAD
librawgrib(freshmeat) librawgrib librawgrib provides easy access to WMO-standard... DOWNLOAD
benchmark-timer(freshmeat) Benchmark::Timer The Benchmark::Timer class allows you to time p... DOWNLOAD
sharutils(freshmeat) GNU Shar GNU shar makes so-called shell archives out of ... DOWNLOAD
diana(freshmeat) DiaNa DiaNa is a Perl framework designed to process a... DOWNLOAD
tclap(freshmeat) Templatized C++ Command Line Parser Templatized C++ Command Line Parser is a simple... DOWNLOAD
candygram(freshmeat) Candygram Candygram is a Python implementation of Erlang ... DOWNLOAD

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