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Unix Group Name Group Name Description Download
phpom(freshmeat) PHP Open Monitor PHP Open Monitor is a Web-based network monitor... DOWNLOAD
wodan(freshmeat) Wodan Caching Proxy Wodan is an Apache module for reverse proxying ... DOWNLOAD
gst-editor(freshmeat) GStreamer Editor GStreamer Editor is a graphical editor for asse... DOWNLOAD
pixies(freshmeat) Pixies Pixies is a formatter that convert XSL-FO docum... DOWNLOAD
ppcdiag(freshmeat) PPC Diagnostics The PPC Diagnostics project provides hardware d... DOWNLOAD
my_yaca(freshmeat) my.yaca Yet Another Component Assembler is between Pico... DOWNLOAD
xlsql(freshmeat) xlSQL xlSQL is a JDBC Driver for Excel, CSV, and othe... DOWNLOAD
kplaylistcreator(freshmeat) KPlaylistCreator KPlaylistCreator is a jukebox for KDE. It scans... DOWNLOAD
protosquared(freshmeat) protosquared protosquared is a "data server prototype&q... DOWNLOAD
stableupdate(freshmeat) stableUpdate stableUpdate is an autoupdate tool for creating... DOWNLOAD
hidentd(freshmeat) hidentd hidentd is a simple and secure ident (RFC1413) ... DOWNLOAD
ltcc(freshmeat) Local Tcp Control Center Local Tcp Control Center is a tool that limits ... DOWNLOAD
qtswaret(freshmeat) Qtswaret QtSwaret is a Swaret frontend. DOWNLOAD
smmapdfw(freshmeat) Sendmail SocketMap Daemon Framework Sendmail SocketMap Daemon Framework provides to... DOWNLOAD
htmlscrub(freshmeat) html_scrub html_scrub filters HTML to eliminate or warn yo... DOWNLOAD
shadowsrising(freshmeat) Shadows Rising RPG Shadows Rising is an RPG game engine. The engin... DOWNLOAD
abcde(freshmeat) abcde abcde is a frontend to cdparanoia, wget, cd-dis... DOWNLOAD
vanilla(freshmeat) Vanilla Vanilla is a WikiClone written in REBOL. It is ... DOWNLOAD
pmwiki(freshmeat) PmWiki PmWiki is a WikiWikiWeb clone that is primarily... DOWNLOAD
ara(freshmeat) ara Ara is a command-line utility for querying the ... DOWNLOAD
mktestdata(freshmeat) creates quasi-real-world test dat... DOWNLOAD
unixtree(freshmeat) UnixTree UnixTree is a powerful and versatile console-mo... DOWNLOAD
pygtkforms(freshmeat) Python GTK Forms Python GTK Forms is a form generator. From a gi... DOWNLOAD
ksetiwatch(freshmeat) Ksetiwatch Ksetiwatch is a monitoring tool for the SETI@ho... DOWNLOAD
uiwithstyle(freshmeat) UI With Style Style is the ongoing C++ port of IBM's SWT for ... DOWNLOAD
explore2fs(freshmeat) Explore2fs Explore2fs is a Windows program that provides r... DOWNLOAD
musicdb(freshmeat) MusicDB MusicDB is a system for putting MP3 files into ... DOWNLOAD
lispreader(freshmeat) lispreader lispreader is a small library for reading expre... DOWNLOAD
preview-latex(freshmeat) preview-latex The purpose of the preview-latex package is to ... DOWNLOAD
postfix_memcached(freshmeat) Memcached patch for Postfix postfix_memcached is a patch to Postfix (2.1 an... DOWNLOAD
imc(freshmeat) imc imc is a Perl script that accepts a file with g... DOWNLOAD
sitecing(freshmeat) site-C-ing site-C-ing is a Web development engine that use... DOWNLOAD
fdsapi(freshmeat) FormattedDataSet API The FormattedDataSet API is an easy way to gen... DOWNLOAD
imposter(freshmeat) Imposter Imposter is a standalone viewer for the present... DOWNLOAD
exe2swf(freshmeat) exe2swf exe2swf is a tool that extracts SWF files from ... DOWNLOAD
kmenc15(freshmeat) kmenc15 kmenc15 is an MEncoder frontend, generally desi... DOWNLOAD
jim(freshmeat) The Jim Interpreter Jim is a small footprint implementation of the ... DOWNLOAD
kontent(freshmeat) kontent kontent is a local content management system. M... DOWNLOAD
jcraft(freshmeat) JCraft JCraft is a tile-based real-time strategy game ... DOWNLOAD
perlstat(freshmeat) PerlStat PerlStat is a Web app which displays useful i... DOWNLOAD
gyachenhanced(freshmeat) GYach Enhanced GYach Enhanced is a feature-rich, improved vers... DOWNLOAD
xmms-announcer(freshmeat) XMMS Announcer XMMS Announcer is a simple utility that neatly ... DOWNLOAD
ttraq(freshmeat) TTraq TTraq is a time tracking (timesheet) system tha... DOWNLOAD
recoverjpeg(freshmeat) recoverjpeg recoverjpeg tries to recover JFIF (JPEG) pictur... DOWNLOAD
cdp-tools(freshmeat) cdp-tools cdp-tools can be used to announce regular Unix ... DOWNLOAD
ccgo(freshmeat) ccgo ccgo is a client program for the IGS Go server,... DOWNLOAD
icmaildir(freshmeat) maildir maildir writes a message from standard input in... DOWNLOAD
icipa(freshmeat) IP Accounting IP accounting collects network usage accounting... DOWNLOAD
pwho(freshmeat) pwho pwho allows you to perform whois lookups in par... DOWNLOAD
seekable(freshmeat) seekable seekable allows scripts and programs that need ... DOWNLOAD
grafixml(freshmeat) GrafiXML GrafiXML is a graphical tool to draw user inter... DOWNLOAD
logmine(freshmeat) parses a Common Log Format (CLF) log... DOWNLOAD
eics(freshmeat) Easy Integrity Check System Easy integrity check system is an easy-to-insta... DOWNLOAD
visualstruts(freshmeat) VisualStruts VisualStruts is a tool that shows the Worklflo... DOWNLOAD
ipchat(freshmeat) IPChat IPChat is a small ncurses-based chat program wh... DOWNLOAD
siefs(freshmeat) SieFS SieFS is a virtual filesystem for accessing the... DOWNLOAD
wagapps(freshmeat) WAG Applications WAG Applications is a collection of Web applica... DOWNLOAD
u2nl(freshmeat) u2nl u2nl (u-tunnel, universal tunnel) is a small ap... DOWNLOAD
ana-mp(freshmeat) ANA-MP ANA-MP is a player for music files (modules) in... DOWNLOAD
tasklogdaemon(freshmeat) tasklog The tasklog daemon logs all tasks ever started ... DOWNLOAD
ifinfo(freshmeat) ifinfo ifinfo is a simple command line network inquiry... DOWNLOAD
jxla(freshmeat) Java Log analyzer JXLA is a http log analyzer written in Java. Re... DOWNLOAD
descartes(freshmeat) descartes descartes is an easy-to-learn interactive 2D pl... DOWNLOAD
multihomed(freshmeat) multihomed high availability multihomed is a script that can detect when you... DOWNLOAD
ng-utils(freshmeat) ng-utils ng-utils is a collection of small tools for acc... DOWNLOAD
cwd(freshmeat) Crossword Formatter Crossword Fromatter is a simple script that gen... DOWNLOAD
vavoom(freshmeat) Vavoom Vavoom is a DOOM source port incorporating Doom... DOWNLOAD
zweatherapplet(freshmeat) Zope Weather applet The Zope Weather applet allows people to displa... DOWNLOAD
b5i2iso(freshmeat) B5I2ISO B5I2ISO is a very simple utility to convert a B... DOWNLOAD
evolution-data-server(freshmeat) Evolution Data Server The Evolution Data Server provides a single dat... DOWNLOAD
texi2latex(freshmeat) texi2latex texi2latex transforms Texinfo documentation to ... DOWNLOAD
samogon(freshmeat) samogon SAMOGON is a utility for monitoring different s... DOWNLOAD
walrus(freshmeat) Walrus Walrus is a Java application for interactively ... DOWNLOAD
gnusticker(freshmeat) GNUsTicker GNUsTicker a GNOME panel applet RSS aggregator.... DOWNLOAD
rookery(freshmeat) The Rookery Build System The Rookery Build System is a collection of scr... DOWNLOAD
creole(freshmeat) Creole Creole is a database abstraction layer for PHP5... DOWNLOAD
propel(freshmeat) Propel Propel is an object persistence layer for PHP5 ... DOWNLOAD
lit(freshmeat) Lost in Translation Lost in Translation is a steganographic encoder... DOWNLOAD
ibookshelf(freshmeat) iBookshelf iBookshelf is an application for cataloging you... DOWNLOAD
jrouter(freshmeat) jRouter jRouter is a Web-based Linux router management ... DOWNLOAD
wcomp(freshmeat) WebComp WebComp is a tool for using scripting to compos... DOWNLOAD
kimono(freshmeat) kimono kimono is a network service monitor similar to ... DOWNLOAD
podsafe(freshmeat) PodSafe PodSafe is a podcast aggregator client. It allo... DOWNLOAD
blacksheep(freshmeat) BlackSheep Black Sheep is an easy to understand and use Ja... DOWNLOAD
yeoldepong(freshmeat) Ye Olde Pong Ye Olde Pong is a clone of the Pong game for th... DOWNLOAD
indearcalc(freshmeat) indearcalc indearcalc calculates codes for unlocking Nokia... DOWNLOAD
shoutstats(freshmeat) Shoutstats Shoutstats is a fast, free Shoutcast server sta... DOWNLOAD
fcknuke(freshmeat) FCKNuke FCKNuke is a WYSIWYG HTML editor for PHP-Nuke t... DOWNLOAD
seealso(freshmeat) Mansect / Seealso Mansect / Seealso is a script that helps to sea... DOWNLOAD
querybuilder(freshmeat) FreeQueryBuilder FreeQueryBuilder is a Java tool that allow you ... DOWNLOAD
hu-go(freshmeat) Hu-Go! Hu-Go! is a PC Engine Emulator for Linux/i386 u... DOWNLOAD
excc(freshmeat) Exceptions in C Exceptions in C implements powerful and customi... DOWNLOAD
jga(freshmeat) Generic Algorithms for Java JGA is a functors library useful for exploring ... DOWNLOAD
chroot_safe(freshmeat) chroot_safe chroot_safe is a alternative method for chrooti... DOWNLOAD
babyftpd(freshmeat) BabyFTPd BabyFTPd is a lightweight threaded FTP daemon. ... DOWNLOAD
zebra(freshmeat) Zebra GNU Zebra manages IPv4 and IPv6 routing protoco... DOWNLOAD
quantumstar(freshmeat) Quantum Star SE Quantum Star SE is a browser-based space strate... DOWNLOAD
dpkg(freshmeat) dpkg The "dpkg" suite contains the program... DOWNLOAD
albumshaper(freshmeat) Album Shaper Album Shaper is a graphical application used to... DOWNLOAD
ldap_prefs(freshmeat) SquirrelMail LDAP Preferences SquirrelMail LDAP Preferences is a SquirrelMail... DOWNLOAD

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