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srmccp(freshmeat) Master Combat Control Program Master Combat Control Program is an improved cl... DOWNLOAD
jsyncmanager(freshmeat) jSyncManager jSyncManager is a Java-based data synchronizat... DOWNLOAD
xplc(freshmeat) XPLC XPLC is a component system that tries to enable... DOWNLOAD
erw(freshmeat) ERW ERW (Entities and Relationships on the Web) is ... DOWNLOAD
p18(freshmeat) P18 Internationalizing Preprocessor P18 is a fast and flexible general purpose file... DOWNLOAD
rivatv(freshmeat) RivaTV The RivaTV project is trying to produce Linux d... DOWNLOAD
daffodilcrm(freshmeat) Daffodil CRM Daffodil CRM is an application that enables sea... DOWNLOAD
pychecksum(freshmeat) PyChecksum PyCheckSum is a simple program for generating a... DOWNLOAD
pwpwikiprocessor(freshmeat) PWP Wiki Processor PWP (PWP Wiki Processor) is a Wiki written in P... DOWNLOAD
linuxtrustees(freshmeat) Linux trustees The main goal of the Linux Trustees project is ... DOWNLOAD
cda123(freshmeat) cda123 cda123 is a command line CD player that looks l... DOWNLOAD
wnews(freshmeat) wnews wnews downloads and displays RSS news feeds fro... DOWNLOAD
apt-history(freshmeat) apt-history apt-history logs the changes to /var/lib/dpkg/s... DOWNLOAD
asapm(freshmeat) asapm asapm is an AfterStep look & feel Advanced ... DOWNLOAD
pyglplot(freshmeat) pyglplot pyglplot is an interactive 3D plotting and visu... DOWNLOAD
jcsc(freshmeat) JCSC JCSC is a powerful tool that checks source code... DOWNLOAD
avrora(freshmeat) Avrora Avrora is a set of tools for programs that run ... DOWNLOAD
nnf(freshmeat) NNF2 NNF2 is a C++ library for feed-forward neural n... DOWNLOAD
diskstat(freshmeat) diskstat Using diskstat, insight can be gained into the ... DOWNLOAD
kiopov(freshmeat) KIO-POV KIO-POV is a KDE IO-Slave for the Persistence o... DOWNLOAD
binaryparser(freshmeat) BinaryParser BinaryParser is a class that serializes and uns... DOWNLOAD
qtoidua(freshmeat) QtOIDUA QtOIDUA is a graphical user interface for OIDUA... DOWNLOAD
s4g(freshmeat) Sandbox for Grids Sandbox for Grids (s4g) is a Linux user-mode sa... DOWNLOAD
palmavr(freshmeat) PalmAVR PalmAVR is an Atmel AVR In-System-Programming s... DOWNLOAD
bts(freshmeat) BTS The BTS (Ben's Task System) is a Web based task... DOWNLOAD
exifprobe(freshmeat) exifprobe Exifprobe reads images produced by digital came... DOWNLOAD
kmldonkey(freshmeat) KMLDonkey KMLDonkey helps integrate the MLDonkey P2P soft... DOWNLOAD
pydspam(freshmeat) Pydspam Pydspam is a Python wrapper for the dspam proje... DOWNLOAD
dfp(freshmeat) dfp Dfp is a decimal floating point math library fo... DOWNLOAD
nlstego(freshmeat) NL Stego NL Stego is a system for text generation and te... DOWNLOAD
boule(freshmeat) Boule Boule is a user chat Web application. It is bas... DOWNLOAD
iptrafficvolume(freshmeat) IP Traffic Volume Logger IP Traffic Volume uses Linux kernel iptables to... DOWNLOAD
openhbci(freshmeat) openHBCI openHBCI is a C++ library for the German HomeBa... DOWNLOAD
iptrope(freshmeat) IPtables ROPE ROPE is an open-ended iptables match module th... DOWNLOAD
breakinguard(freshmeat) breakinguard breakinguard is a syslog watcher that matches c... DOWNLOAD
smarty-gettext(freshmeat) Smarty Gettext Smarty Gettext is a module that provides gettex... DOWNLOAD
2257(freshmeat) 2257 2257 is a database to manage record keeping as ... DOWNLOAD
python-iptables(freshmeat) python-iptables python-iptables is a Python binding for the ipt... DOWNLOAD
prestoweb(freshmeat) Presto Web Presto Web is an utility that provides an easy,... DOWNLOAD
sefir(freshmeat) SEFIR SEFIR (Secure File Burning On a Remote Machine)... DOWNLOAD
vbaexpress(freshmeat) VBA Express VBA Express is a VisualBoyAdvance frontend. It ... DOWNLOAD
megaupload(freshmeat) Mega Upload Mega Upload provides a progress monitor for PHP... DOWNLOAD
csvfile(freshmeat) CSVFile CSVFile is a simple set of Java classes used to... DOWNLOAD
acapd(freshmeat) Infotrope ACAP Server The Infotrope ACAP Server is an implementation ... DOWNLOAD
linice(freshmeat) Linice Linice is a source-level kernel debugger for x8... DOWNLOAD
gtknettraf(freshmeat) GTKNetTraf GTKNetTraf is a GTK2 client for the NetTraf rem... DOWNLOAD
lwneuralnet(freshmeat) Lightweight Neural Network Lightweight Neural Network is a lightweight imp... DOWNLOAD
tunneltools(freshmeat) TunnelTools TunnelTools is a set (currently 2) of Perl scri... DOWNLOAD
cougaar(freshmeat) Cougaar Cougaar is a Java-based architecture for the co... DOWNLOAD
ll-make(freshmeat) ll-make ll-make is a Python-based object oriented make ... DOWNLOAD
sa-hits(freshmeat) sa-hits sa-hits will take an email message processed by... DOWNLOAD
mkautosmb(freshmeat) mkautosmb mkautosmb autodiscovers the local SMB (Windows)... DOWNLOAD
wysihtml(freshmeat) wysihtml wysihtml (What you see is HTML) is an almost-re... DOWNLOAD
pasteit(freshmeat) PasteIt PasteIt is a utility for the Linux desktop that... DOWNLOAD
sprog(freshmeat) Sprog Sprog is a graphical tool that anyone can use t... DOWNLOAD
ianout(freshmeat) ianout ianout is a next generation 2D engine that is i... DOWNLOAD
guatu(freshmeat) GUatu GUatu is a fast (hardware accelerated) GTK/Open... DOWNLOAD
trackspiders(freshmeat) trackSpiders.cgi You can use trackSpiders.cgi to track spiders f... DOWNLOAD
libk8000(freshmeat) libk8000 libk8000 is a C/C++ library to interface with a... DOWNLOAD
k8ktest(freshmeat) k8ktest k8ktest is a program that can be used to test a... DOWNLOAD
usbinfo(freshmeat) USBInfo USBInfo is a program that provides a graphical ... DOWNLOAD
ydweblog(freshmeat) Yellow Duck Weblog Yellow Duck Weblog is a full blown Weblog appli... DOWNLOAD
rpy(freshmeat) RPy RPy is a very simple, yet robust, Python interf... DOWNLOAD
cframe(freshmeat) C-Frame C-frame is a specialized 2D IDE for cross-platf... DOWNLOAD
uitags(freshmeat) uitags uitags is a JSP custom tag library (taglib) tha... DOWNLOAD
stepbill(freshmeat) StepBill StepBill is a clone of XBill for GNUstep. DOWNLOAD
mbuni(freshmeat) Mbuni Mbuni is a Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) g... DOWNLOAD
pymoserver(freshmeat) Via Libre PyMO Server Via Libre PyMO Sever is a preconfigured server ... DOWNLOAD
srcb(freshmeat) SourceBrowser SourceBrowser is a documentation meta-programmi... DOWNLOAD
mailconfiguru(freshmeat) Mail ConfiGuru Mail ConfiGuru is a standalone cross-platform t... DOWNLOAD
crosstool(freshmeat) crosstool crosstool is a set of scripts that make it easy... DOWNLOAD
onefinger(freshmeat) OneFinger OneFinger is a general-purpose GUI for composin... DOWNLOAD
mp3act(freshmeat) mp3act mp3act is an AJAX-based Web interface to a user... DOWNLOAD
wxmusik(freshmeat) wxMusik wxMusik is a fast and lean music library player... DOWNLOAD
daemonize(freshmeat) Daemonize Daemonize is a Ruby module derived from Perl's ... DOWNLOAD
guifications(freshmeat) Guifications Guifications is a Gaim plugin that adds notific... DOWNLOAD
jsholdem(freshmeat) JavaScript Texas Hold 'em JavaScript Texas Hold 'em is a game that runs i... DOWNLOAD
ceemedia(freshmeat) CeeMedia CeeMedia is a program for cataloguing your movi... DOWNLOAD
redcent(freshmeat) RedCent RedCent is a simple FastCGI server to issue ePo... DOWNLOAD
mmu(freshmeat) MikMod Utilities MikMod Utilities is collection of command line ... DOWNLOAD
bib_uploadfile(freshmeat) bib_uploadfile bib_uploadfile is a PHP class that can be used ... DOWNLOAD
pop3eye(freshmeat) Pop3eye Pop3eye is a POP3 email notifier. It can be pla... DOWNLOAD
cryptosync(freshmeat) cryptosync Cryptosync is tool that makes compressed and en... DOWNLOAD
ltfx(freshmeat) Linux Test For X LTFX (Linux Test For X) is a "script"... DOWNLOAD
cytv(freshmeat) CyTV CyTV is a streaming solution for elgato's EyeTV... DOWNLOAD
pylize(freshmeat) pylize pylize is a Python script that makes the creati... DOWNLOAD
d-mail(freshmeat) Dolda Webmail Dolda Webmail (or d-mail for short) is a Webmai... DOWNLOAD
sendymail(freshmeat) SendYmail SendYmail allows you to send email through Yah... DOWNLOAD
abeni(freshmeat) Abeni Abeni is a Gentoo Linux ebuild GUI editor writt... DOWNLOAD
minij(freshmeat) MiniJournal MiniJournal is a lightweight journal or diary t... DOWNLOAD
jlo(freshmeat) jlo jLo is a logging framework for Java offering so... DOWNLOAD
editorlist(freshmeat) Eclipse EditorList Plug-in The EditorList plug-in is an editor manager for... DOWNLOAD
novosecbcext(freshmeat) Novosec Bouncy Castle Extensions Novosec Bouncy Castle Extensions provides some... DOWNLOAD
mono-g2(freshmeat) mono bindings for g2 mono bindings for g2 allows you to access the g... DOWNLOAD
voqdm(freshmeat) Virtual Observatory Quantity Data Model The Virtual Observatory Quantity Data Model (VO... DOWNLOAD
klingofox(freshmeat) Klingofox wapMail Klingofox wapMail is a WAP-based IMAP email cl... DOWNLOAD
csvobjects(freshmeat) CSVObjects CSVObjects is a Java library and extensible fra... DOWNLOAD
pocketpos(freshmeat) PocketPOS PocketPOS is a point of sale terminal that is m... DOWNLOAD
tinyide(freshmeat) TinyIDE TinyIDE is an IDE for C++ projects that is inte... DOWNLOAD
cgilua(freshmeat) CGILua CGILua is a tool for developing dynamic HTML pa... DOWNLOAD

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