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superversion(freshmeat) Superversion Superversion is a multi-user distributed versio... DOWNLOAD
phtp(freshmeat) PHTP PHTP is a simple, effective, and highly customi... DOWNLOAD
vimshort(freshmeat) Vim URL Shortener The Vim URL shortener allows the selection, sh... DOWNLOAD
w4d(freshmeat) waitfordevice waitfordevice is a tool that waits for a device... DOWNLOAD
superoptimize(freshmeat) SuperOptimize SuperOptimize is a package to shrink, obfuscate... DOWNLOAD
sniffresponse(freshmeat) SniffResponse SniffResponse is a server-side Web browser snif... DOWNLOAD
scsidev(freshmeat) scsidev scsidev builds a list of devices on your SCSI b... DOWNLOAD
kfxmpp(freshmeat) kfxmpp kfxmpp is a GLib-based XMPP/Jabber library. DOWNLOAD
jnex(freshmeat) JNex jnex is a pure Java MVC framework for J2EE Swin... DOWNLOAD
uml2classes(freshmeat) UML2Classes UML2Classes is a tool to generate PHP classes f... DOWNLOAD
ipguard(freshmeat) ipguard ipguard listens to a network for ARP packets. A... DOWNLOAD
piwva(freshmeat) PIne Web View Attachment PIne Web View Attachment (piwva) uses the Pine ... DOWNLOAD
tagspam(freshmeat) Tagspam Tagspam is suitable for situations where it is ... DOWNLOAD
geshi-phpbb(freshmeat) phpBB Syntax Highlighting MOD phpBB Syntax Highlighting MOD is a MOD for phpB... DOWNLOAD
trackyahooads(freshmeat) trackYahooPaidSearchHits.cgi trackYahooPaidSearchHits.cgi lets you see which... DOWNLOAD
chip-php(freshmeat) CHIP Code Highlighter CHIP (Code Highlighting in PHP) is a simple sou... DOWNLOAD
pyradar(freshmeat) pyRadar pyRadar is retrieves and displays radar images ... DOWNLOAD
defaultrouted(freshmeat) defaultrouted defaultrouted is a tool that automates network ... DOWNLOAD
emailrobot(freshmeat) EMailRobot EMailRobot is a simple object-oriented framewor... DOWNLOAD
docprop(freshmeat) fccu-docprop fccu-docprop is a command line utility that tri... DOWNLOAD
gtmma(freshmeat) gTMMa gTMMa allows you to predict the acoustical effi... DOWNLOAD
xpaint(freshmeat) XPaint XPaint is an easy-to-use image editor which sup... DOWNLOAD
phpbbfetchall(freshmeat) phpBB Fetch All phpBB Fetch All is a plugin for phpBB that disp... DOWNLOAD
ipc(freshmeat) Isotopic Pattern Calculator IPC (Isotopic Pattern Calculator) is a tool for... DOWNLOAD
pylibparted(freshmeat) pylibparted pylibparted provides Python bindings for parted... DOWNLOAD
jtvd(freshmeat) JTVD JTVD is a graphical frontend for popular comman... DOWNLOAD
yancnv(freshmeat) Yet another nV Configurator 42 (YanC42) YanC (Yet another nV Configurator) is a small t... DOWNLOAD
ext3cow(freshmeat) ext3cow ext3cow is a time-shifting filesystem implement... DOWNLOAD
tbems(freshmeat) The Better Eggdrop Management Suite The Better Eggdrop Management Suite (tBEMS) is ... DOWNLOAD
phptextrender(freshmeat) phpTextRender phpTextRender uses the GD library to render ima... DOWNLOAD
gxparse(freshmeat) GXPARSE GXPARSE is not a new XML parser, but is an addi... DOWNLOAD
coold(freshmeat) coold coold is a daemon and a kernel module that keep... DOWNLOAD
criawips(freshmeat) Criawips Criawips is a full-featured presentation applic... DOWNLOAD
filesearchwebinterface(freshmeat) filesearch webinterface filesearch webinterface is an another interface... DOWNLOAD
pyosd(freshmeat) PyOSD PyOSD enables you to display 'On Screen Display... DOWNLOAD
guten(freshmeat) guten Guten is a tool for browsing, retrieving, readi... DOWNLOAD
communik8r(freshmeat) communik8r communik8r (or c8 for short) is an attempt to b... DOWNLOAD
ishtar(freshmeat) Ishtar Ishtar is a set of three C++ libraries that pro... DOWNLOAD
enki(freshmeat) Enki Enki is a fast 2D physics-based robot simulator... DOWNLOAD
teem(freshmeat) Teem Teem is a software framework for conducting ar... DOWNLOAD
echelon(freshmeat) Echelon Echelon is a GNOME panel applet that monitors a... DOWNLOAD
amxmodx(freshmeat) AMX Mod X AMX Mod X is a Metamod plugin which allows you ... DOWNLOAD
htmlpage(freshmeat) HTMLpage HTMLpage is a text-based HTML editor. It can us... DOWNLOAD
webreset(freshmeat) webreset webreset is a framework for handling and perfor... DOWNLOAD
slip(freshmeat) slip slip is a simple P2P program that allows peers ... DOWNLOAD
dotnetopenmail(freshmeat) DotNetOpenMail DotNetOpenMail is a C# library that allows a pr... DOWNLOAD
bins(freshmeat) BINS photo album BINS is a valid HTML 4 photo album generator wi... DOWNLOAD
ogrian(freshmeat) Ogrian Carpet Ogrian Carpet is an outdoor first person shoote... DOWNLOAD
maria(freshmeat) Maria Maria is a reachability analyzer for concurrent... DOWNLOAD
darshanplayer(sfnet) Darshan Media Player The aim of this project is to create a media pl... DOWNLOAD
codewrestler(freshmeat) CodeWrestler CodeWrestler is a tool to massage a code base i... DOWNLOAD
categoryselect(freshmeat) Gentoo Category Select Gentoo Category Select is a graphical tool for ... DOWNLOAD
xmlrpc-debug(freshmeat) XML-RPC debugger Unlike other debuggers, which focus on the XML-... DOWNLOAD
omnievents(freshmeat) omniEvents omniEvents is a cross-platform server that enab... DOWNLOAD
pm_report_postgres(freshmeat) PM Report for PostgreSQL PM Report for PostgreSQL is a simple report gen... DOWNLOAD
putmail-queue(freshmeat) Putmail Queue Putmail Queue provides a queuing system for put... DOWNLOAD
streamline-server(freshmeat) Streamline Media Server Streamline is a streamline media server that al... DOWNLOAD
jgup(freshmeat) JGUP JGUP is a code generation tool that assists wit... DOWNLOAD
koinpurse(freshmeat) Koinpurse Koinpurse is a lightweight Web-based applicatio... DOWNLOAD
archive(freshmeat) Archive Archive is a fully drag-and-drop multi-format a... DOWNLOAD
zimg(freshmeat) zimg zimg generates PNG images from arbitrary forma... DOWNLOAD
bharmaa(freshmeat) B's Harmaa B's Harmaa is Postfix policy server that implem... DOWNLOAD
xjrt(freshmeat) eXtendible Java Rendering Toolkit XJRT is an open source Java renderer with a ray... DOWNLOAD
flux(freshmeat) Flux Flux consists of utility APIs that apply compre... DOWNLOAD
tentacles(freshmeat) Tentacles Tentacles is a peer-to-peer networking program ... DOWNLOAD
plasmatic(freshmeat) plasmatic Plasmatic is a cross platform multimedia delive... DOWNLOAD
migemo(freshmeat) migemo Migemo is a library for performing incremental ... DOWNLOAD
kmtraceviewer(freshmeat) KMtraceViewer KMtraceViewer is a graphical frontend for KDE d... DOWNLOAD
zw(freshmeat) Zwischenwelt Zwischenwelt is a browser game inspired by Civi... DOWNLOAD
libghli(freshmeat) ghli ghli is GPMI's Highlevel Language Interpreter, ... DOWNLOAD
jabberwocky(freshmeat) Jabberwocky Jabberwocky is a Lisp IDE containing a Lisp-awa... DOWNLOAD
scbib(freshmeat) scbib scbib is a bibliography manager written in Sche... DOWNLOAD
escm(freshmeat) escm escm is a filter program that takes text with e... DOWNLOAD
mezzanine(freshmeat) Mezzanine Mezzanine is a set of tools which simplify the ... DOWNLOAD
smartlist(freshmeat) SmartList SmartList is a mailing list manager. It is buil... DOWNLOAD
snippetory(freshmeat) Snippetory Snippetory is a general Java template engine ba... DOWNLOAD
bwstats(freshmeat) bwstats bwstats(d) collects the actual bandwidth of a g... DOWNLOAD
gpoint(freshmeat) gPoint gPoint is a PHP class to convert longitude and ... DOWNLOAD
twikiedit(freshmeat) TWikiEdit TWikiEdit allows you to use an arbitrary text e... DOWNLOAD
gerd(freshmeat) Gerd Gerd (GTK+ Event Recorder) is a GTK+ module tha... DOWNLOAD
chatty_tty(freshmeat) chatty chatty displays chatty messages in the title ba... DOWNLOAD
teleauth(freshmeat) TeleAuth Client Tools The TeleAuth Client Tools are a set of Unix too... DOWNLOAD
tmv(freshmeat) tmv tmv is a more powerful alternative to the GNU f... DOWNLOAD
contentfeeder(freshmeat) Content Feeder Content Feeder is a library used for assembling... DOWNLOAD
hyperion(freshmeat) hyperion hyperion is the IRC daemon used by the freenode... DOWNLOAD
mjbworld(freshmeat) mjbWorld mjbWorld is a standards based 3D editor, which ... DOWNLOAD
chamoro(freshmeat) Chamoro Chamoro is a fast and simple XML parser which c... DOWNLOAD
counterscript(freshmeat) PHPCounter Script PHPCounter is a script that provides extensive ... DOWNLOAD
tracksehits(freshmeat) trackSearchHits.cgi trackSearchHits.cgi examines the traffic your s... DOWNLOAD
srtool(freshmeat) Status Report Tool The Status Report Tool makes it easy to input a... DOWNLOAD
ggoal(freshmeat) Gnome Goal Gnome Goal is a program for the GNOME Desktop t... DOWNLOAD
chartsd(freshmeat) chartsd chartsd is a daemon that generates flow chart d... DOWNLOAD
v9fs(freshmeat) v9fs v9fs provides a Plan 9 9P2000 resource sharing ... DOWNLOAD
spdf(freshmeat) Scenic PDF Viewer Scenic PDF Viewer is a PDF viewer based on Xpdf... DOWNLOAD
efence(freshmeat) Electric Fence Electric Fence (efence) stops your program on t... DOWNLOAD
arsenal(freshmeat) Arsenal Arsenal is a realtime collaboration (RTC) and c... DOWNLOAD
fedexdc(freshmeat) FedEx Direct Connect The FedEx Direct Connect PHP class has been dev... DOWNLOAD
glguia(freshmeat) GlGuiA GlGuiA is a set of Ada packages for creating gr... DOWNLOAD
kabcclient(freshmeat) KABC Client KABC Client is a command line tool that provide... DOWNLOAD
megatrack(freshmeat) MegaTrack MegaTrack is an application that tracks Atlanti... DOWNLOAD

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