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trmake(freshmeat) TrMake TrMake ("transparent make") is a modu... DOWNLOAD
ical4j(freshmeat) iCal4j iCal4j is a Java API incorporating an iCalendar... DOWNLOAD
nestedsetsdbtree(freshmeat) Nested Sets DB Tree Nested Sets DB Tree is a class that can be used... DOWNLOAD
coid(freshmeat) COID COID is an object-oriented networking library w... DOWNLOAD
soft_ans_mach(freshmeat) Softmodem answering machine Softmodem answering machine is a program that c... DOWNLOAD
hrjobs(freshmeat) HRJobs HRJobs is a tool that aims to be a simple tool,... DOWNLOAD
yazoo(freshmeat) Yazoo Yazoo is an interpreted command-line scripting ... DOWNLOAD
snd123(freshmeat) snd123 snd123 is a simple command line audio player th... DOWNLOAD
anonorm(freshmeat) Canterris AnonORM Canterris AnonORM is a small, lightweight PHP c... DOWNLOAD
stack-calculator(freshmeat) Easy Stack Calculator Easy Stack Calculator is a simple console-based... DOWNLOAD
libgmail(freshmeat) libgmail Libgmail is a pure Python binding to provide ac... DOWNLOAD
rbspread(freshmeat) rb_spread rb_spread is a set of Ruby bindings for the Spr... DOWNLOAD
openi(freshmeat) OpenI OpenI is a Web-based business intelligence appl... DOWNLOAD
celtx(freshmeat) Celtx Celtx is a comprehensive software package desig... DOWNLOAD
odl(freshmeat) Open Dice Language Open Dice Language is a language for describing... DOWNLOAD
eumex(freshmeat) DeTeWe ISDN device driver DeTeWe ISDN device driver provides a Linux driv... DOWNLOAD
logtomysql(freshmeat) LogToMysql LogToMysql contains two simple programs for log... DOWNLOAD
mxml2man(freshmeat) mxml2man mxml2man is a modified version of Apple's xml2m... DOWNLOAD
lnms(freshmeat) Local Network Management System LNMS is a management system for local networks.... DOWNLOAD
proxytrack(freshmeat) ProxyTrack ProxyTrack is a simple proxy server that delive... DOWNLOAD
splax(freshmeat) splax splax is a program for designing and controllin... DOWNLOAD
gfj(freshmeat) gfj gfj is a GUI for jpgind. DOWNLOAD
teastats(freshmeat) Tea Stats Tea Stats is a Web log analysis program. It's w... DOWNLOAD
pitchtune(freshmeat) pitchtune Pitchtune (Precise Instrument Tweaking for Cris... DOWNLOAD
os3grid(freshmeat) OS3Grid OS3Grid is a Javascript component that allows u... DOWNLOAD
cdrchive2(freshmeat) CD-Rchive2 CD-Rchive2 is a complete revamp of the popular ... DOWNLOAD
xaes(freshmeat) Xaes Xaes is a Cocoa implementation of AES. You can ... DOWNLOAD
rtime(freshmeat) remote time rtime is a simple command to get the date and t... DOWNLOAD
m3ufs(freshmeat) m3ufs m3ufs is a FUSE-based filesystem designed to mo... DOWNLOAD
yapb(freshmeat) YAPB YAPB is an easy way to create a fully functiona... DOWNLOAD
pcds(freshmeat) Process Change Detection System Process Change Detection System is a script to ... DOWNLOAD
phraze(freshmeat) phraze Phraze takes a telephone number and produces a ... DOWNLOAD
quartz(freshmeat) Quartz Enterprise Job Scheduler Quartz is an enterprise-class job scheduler for... DOWNLOAD
cvsweb(freshmeat) cvsweb cvsweb is a visual (WWW) interface for explorin... DOWNLOAD
caicai(freshmeat) CaiCai CaiCai is a network and services monitoring sys... DOWNLOAD
fireant(freshmeat) FireAnt FireAnt is an Eclipse plugin for modeling compl... DOWNLOAD
seedblogs(freshmeat) seedBlogs seedBlogs is a modular building block that lets... DOWNLOAD
lms(freshmeat) LAN Management System LAN Management System (LMS) is a set of databas... DOWNLOAD
gedeon(freshmeat) GEDEON GEDEON (GEstion de DEmandes par OrdiNateur) is ... DOWNLOAD
spamcopuri(freshmeat) Mail::SpamAssassin::SpamCopURI Mail::SpamAssassin::SpamCopURI is a plugin to M... DOWNLOAD
ova(freshmeat) ova ova is a convenient console frontend for rippin... DOWNLOAD
maven-javanet-plugin(freshmeat) maven-javanet-plugin maven-javanet-plugin is built on top of the jav... DOWNLOAD
dmzbackup(freshmeat) dmzBackup dmzBackup is a program for backing up data in a... DOWNLOAD
shallows(freshmeat) shallows Shallows is a C++ library designed to make GPGP... DOWNLOAD
lyricedit(freshmeat) The Lyric Editor The Lyric Editor aims to be a full featured edi... DOWNLOAD
ansel(freshmeat) Ansel Ansel is a picture gallery for web sites. It is... DOWNLOAD
apropos2(freshmeat) apropos2 Apropos2 is a replacement for the GNU apropos c... DOWNLOAD
fiasco(freshmeat) Fiasco microkernel Fiasco is a microkernel with real-time capabili... DOWNLOAD
p-umlaut(freshmeat) P-UMLaut The P-UMLaut tool allows the user to transform ... DOWNLOAD
prelaunch(freshmeat) Prelaunch Prelaunch is a utility for the Linux desktop wh... DOWNLOAD
webcockpit(freshmeat) Webcockpit Webcockpit is a Web application generator for ... DOWNLOAD
cycleatlas(freshmeat) CycleAtlas CycleAtlas is a cycling diary based on a custom... DOWNLOAD
svatek(freshmeat) Svátek Svátek is a program for searching Czech name-da... DOWNLOAD
ajason(freshmeat) AJASON AJASON is a PHP 5 library and JavaScript client... DOWNLOAD
thintux(freshmeat) ThinTUX ThinTUX is a small Linux distribution for thin ... DOWNLOAD
audio_conv(freshmeat) converts between several differen... DOWNLOAD
coloryze(freshmeat) Coloryze Coloryze is an application for generating color... DOWNLOAD
karmamvc(freshmeat) karma mvc java framework karma is a lightweight and simple to use J2EE a... DOWNLOAD
usermanager_pureftpd(freshmeat) User manager for PureFTPd User manager for PureFTPd allows administrators... DOWNLOAD
bluezip(freshmeat) BlueZip BlueZip is a cross-platform compression utility... DOWNLOAD
serverstats(freshmeat) Serverstats Serverstats is a lightwight tool for creating g... DOWNLOAD
spong(freshmeat) Spong Spong is a simple system-monitoring package. It... DOWNLOAD
jice(freshmeat) JICE JICE is an XML-based application construction a... DOWNLOAD
etherdam(freshmeat) EtherDam etherdam is an IPTables firewall configuration ... DOWNLOAD
firmwareagent(freshmeat) Firmwareagent Firmwareagent adds a function to the FreeBSD ke... DOWNLOAD
pshaw(freshmeat) PSHAW PSHAW is a pseudo command prompt for accessing ... DOWNLOAD
libserial(freshmeat) libserial libserial is a collection of C++ classes that a... DOWNLOAD
systvision(freshmeat) SystVision SystVision is a real-time vision system used to... DOWNLOAD
pwsafe(freshmeat) pwsafe pwsafe is a command line password database prog... DOWNLOAD
autoq3d(freshmeat) AutoQ3D AutoQ3d is a QT quick 3D model editor program. DOWNLOAD
vcalone(freshmeat) VCalOne VCalOne converts iCalendar (vCalendar version 2... DOWNLOAD
aewan(freshmeat) Aewan Aewan is a curses-based program that allows for... DOWNLOAD
t5100-utils(freshmeat) t5100-utils t5100-utils is a command line script that makes... DOWNLOAD
ksudoku(freshmeat) ksudoku ksudoku is a Sudoku puzzle generator and solver... DOWNLOAD
text2phonome(freshmeat) text2phonome text2phonome is a class can be used to convert ... DOWNLOAD
clamav-sharp(freshmeat) ClamAv# ClamAv# is a Mono language binding for the Clam... DOWNLOAD
nbcheckstyle(freshmeat) nbCheckstyle nbCheckstyle is a Netbeans module to integrate ... DOWNLOAD
cryptowizard(freshmeat) Cryptowizard Cryptowizard is a script to create a partition ... DOWNLOAD
drools(freshmeat) Drools Drools is a Rete-based rules engine written in ... DOWNLOAD
phpwebfilemanager(freshmeat) phpWebFileManager phpWebFileManager is file management tool, writ... DOWNLOAD
oss2jack(freshmeat) oss2jack oss2jack creates an OSS device which redirects ... DOWNLOAD
15062004(freshmeat) jsfirewall jsfirewall is a firewall system for desktops PC... DOWNLOAD
mazesmith(freshmeat) Mazesmith Mazesmith generates mazes that may be played th... DOWNLOAD
var(freshmeat) OSSP var OSSP var is a flexible, full-featured, and fast... DOWNLOAD
mobile-bookshelf(freshmeat) Mobile Bookshelf Mobile Bookshelf converts text file(s) to a MID... DOWNLOAD
vcg_metro(freshmeat) VCG Metro Metro is a tool designed to evaluate the differ... DOWNLOAD
cday(freshmeat) CDAY Calendar Almanac The CDAY Calendar Almanac displays historical a... DOWNLOAD
phpobject(freshmeat) PHPObject PHPObject is an open source alternative to Flas... DOWNLOAD
val(freshmeat) OSSP val OSSP val is a flexible name-to-value mapping li... DOWNLOAD
imaptools(freshmeat) imap_tools imap_tools consists of three programs: imap_sea... DOWNLOAD
xmlclean(freshmeat) XML Cleaner XML Cleaner is an XML filter and validator, sim... DOWNLOAD
gweled(freshmeat) Gweled Gweled is a GNOME version of a popular game (fo... DOWNLOAD
kiside(freshmeat) KIside KIside is a graphical tool for computing and di... DOWNLOAD
cz2cz(freshmeat) cz2cz tools cz2cz tools is software for converting texts be... DOWNLOAD
atmission(freshmeat) ATMission ATMission is a Linux live CD distribution that ... DOWNLOAD
bhl(freshmeat) BHL BHL is an Emacs mode which enables you to conve... DOWNLOAD
siteinvoice(freshmeat) SiteInvoice Account Manager SiteInvoice helps you manage your customer invo... DOWNLOAD
flit(freshmeat) (F)PhotoLITography optics simulation application (F)PhotoLITography optics simulation applicatio... DOWNLOAD
phpwebsheet(freshmeat) phpWebSheet phpWebSheet is a Web-based spreadsheet applicat... DOWNLOAD
podfetch(freshmeat) PodFetch PodFetch utilizes the iPod's ability to store a... DOWNLOAD

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