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jdumpviewer(freshmeat) JDumpViewer JDumpViewer is a tool for analyzing Java thread... DOWNLOAD
dlini(freshmeat) DLini The DLini library provides functions for readin... DOWNLOAD
acasuserfolder(freshmeat) ACASUserFolder ACASUserFolder is a User Folder implementing th... DOWNLOAD
polymer(freshmeat) Infotrope Polymer Infotrope Polymer is a fully roaming online IMA... DOWNLOAD
biloba(freshmeat) Biloba Biloba is a turn-based game for 2 to 4 players.... DOWNLOAD
lkl(freshmeat) LKL LKL is a userspace keylogger that runs under Li... DOWNLOAD
dbiwrapper(freshmeat) DBIWrapper The DBIWrapper is a Perl Module that provides f... DOWNLOAD
flatback(freshmeat) Flatback Flatback is a flat filesystem archiver. It supp... DOWNLOAD
ivatamasks(freshmeat) ivata masks ivata masks is a library of routines developed ... DOWNLOAD
interlogic(freshmeat) InterLOGIC InterLOGIC is based on the old Amiga logic game... DOWNLOAD
logsplitter(freshmeat) LogSplitter LogSplitter is a log handler for Apache that co... DOWNLOAD
thedatalanguage(freshmeat) The Data Language The Data Language (TDL) is an Interactive Data ... DOWNLOAD
lib2dp(freshmeat) 2DPathfinder 2DPathfinder is a very fast C library that perf... DOWNLOAD
xplosion(freshmeat) Xplosion Xplosion is a Web site engine whose purpose is ... DOWNLOAD
worldforgesage(freshmeat) WorldForge::Sage Sage is an OpenGL extensions library that uses ... DOWNLOAD
yakko(freshmeat) yakko project The Yakko project is a home automation system. ... DOWNLOAD
lostnix(freshmeat) LostNix LostNIX is a Linux distribution based on the Sl... DOWNLOAD
mudpit(freshmeat) mudpit Mudpit is an intelligent, modular, and reliable... DOWNLOAD
xsddoc(freshmeat) xsddoc xsddoc is a documentation tool for W3C XML sche... DOWNLOAD
jirleech(freshmeat) jIRleeCh jIRleeCh is a Java IRC client that is mainly us... DOWNLOAD
exmude(freshmeat) Exmude Exmude is a simple musical instrument that you ... DOWNLOAD
secure-messaging(freshmeat) Secure Messaging Secure Messaging is a Web-based, alternative ma... DOWNLOAD
addressbook(freshmeat) My Address Book My Address Book is a Web-based contact list pro... DOWNLOAD
libphpbase(freshmeat) LibPHPBase LibPHPBase is a class library for PHP 4 that wr... DOWNLOAD
fddtools(freshmeat) FDD Tools FDDTools is a multi-platform application develo... DOWNLOAD
backuppcd(freshmeat) BackupPC Daemon BackupPCd is a client for BackupPC. It's writte... DOWNLOAD
uclinuxcoldfire(freshmeat) uClinux/ColdFire uClinux/Coldfire is a port of the Linux Operati... DOWNLOAD
currvita(freshmeat) currvita Currvita is a LaTeX package for typesetting a c... DOWNLOAD
journeysat(freshmeat) JourneySat JourneySat is a library to georeference notes a... DOWNLOAD
kahemba(freshmeat) Kahemba Kahemba is an accounting application. It is mul... DOWNLOAD
xmltwig(freshmeat) XML::Twig XML::Twig is an XML transformation module. It c... DOWNLOAD
japano(freshmeat) Japano Japano is a Web application framework which tri... DOWNLOAD
fxt(freshmeat) FXT FXT is a C++ library containing code for variou... DOWNLOAD
gbrowser(freshmeat) GBrowser Gbrowser is a tabbed file manager and terminal ... DOWNLOAD
narg(freshmeat) NArg NArg is a .NET command-line argument library. I... DOWNLOAD
tpie(freshmeat) Templated Portable I/O Environment TPIE (originally the Transparent Portable I/O E... DOWNLOAD
amygdala(freshmeat) Amygdala Amygdala is a C++ spiking neural network librar... DOWNLOAD
fl-cow(freshmeat) FL-COW The File Link Copy On Write (FL-COW) library is... DOWNLOAD
pro-ject(freshmeat) Pro-jekt Pro-jekt provides project planning for small- a... DOWNLOAD
gspotapplet(freshmeat) Gspot Applet Gspot is a GNOME applet for searching the Web i... DOWNLOAD
fid-core(freshmeat) Fid Core Library Fid Core Library is the core library for the Fr... DOWNLOAD
xephyrus-files(freshmeat) Xephyrus Files Tag Library Xephyrus Files Tag Library is a JSP tag library... DOWNLOAD
claradiagram(freshmeat) Clara Clara is a class viewer tool for Java and C++ t... DOWNLOAD
randommusic(freshmeat) Random Music Random Music plays random MP3 tracks from your ... DOWNLOAD
libqgs(freshmeat) libqgs The Qt wrapper around the Ghostscript shared li... DOWNLOAD
runabout(freshmeat) Runabout The Runabout is an extension of the Java librar... DOWNLOAD
netimapsimple(freshmeat) Net::IMAP::Simple The Net::IMAP::Simple library provides a simple... DOWNLOAD
endpoint(freshmeat) Endpoint Endpoint turns a Linux machine with one or more... DOWNLOAD
habotat(freshmeat) Habotat Habotat is a small, lightweight application ser... DOWNLOAD
libwdcs(freshmeat) Wendzel Distributed Computing System Library WDCS is a library for distributed computing. It... DOWNLOAD
cherrypy(freshmeat) CherryPy CherryPy is an object-oriented Web development ... DOWNLOAD
echelog(freshmeat) Echelog Echelog is a modular monitoring system. Agents,... DOWNLOAD
mailvisa(freshmeat) Mailvisa Mailvisa is a spam filter along the lines of Pa... DOWNLOAD
pysilc(freshmeat) pysilc Pysilc is a Python binding for the SILC toolkit... DOWNLOAD
ncast(freshmeat) NCast NCast uses the CURL library to retrieve genres ... DOWNLOAD
intel-wings(freshmeat) intel-wings Driver intel-wings Driver is a Linux driver for the In... DOWNLOAD
gournal(freshmeat) Gournal Gournal is a notepad application for Tablet PCs. DOWNLOAD
asteriko(freshmeat) Asteriko Asteriko is a Web-based front-end to access Ast... DOWNLOAD
jshuffle(freshmeat) jShuffle jShuffle is a Java application which allows you... DOWNLOAD
realtimebattle(freshmeat) RealTimeBattle RealTimeBattle is a programming game, in which ... DOWNLOAD
slup(freshmeat) SlackUpdate SlackUpdate is a bash script that can be used t... DOWNLOAD
esec(freshmeat) Email Secretary Email Secretary is a Challenge/Response system ... DOWNLOAD
sequoiaerp(freshmeat) Sequoia Open Source ERP Sequoia Open Source ERP is an ERP suite that of... DOWNLOAD
vncselector(freshmeat) VncSelector VncSelector offers a way to manage a user's run... DOWNLOAD
wxfontview(freshmeat) wxFontView wxFontView is a simple font viewing utility. It... DOWNLOAD
kasound(freshmeat) kasound Kasound is a simple tool for the configuration ... DOWNLOAD
dbow(freshmeat) DBOW DBOW is a database compiler-compiler or front-e... DOWNLOAD
rawprintserver(freshmeat) Raw Print Server Raw Print Server is a "raw" print ser... DOWNLOAD
blockrage(freshmeat) Block Rage Block Rage is a falling blocks arcade game with... DOWNLOAD
xmlenc(freshmeat) xmlenc xmlenc is a light-weight XML encoding library f... DOWNLOAD
phpdbi(freshmeat) PHP Database Interface PHP Database Interface is an easy to use PHP da... DOWNLOAD
gns(freshmeat) GNS GNS, or Game Name Search, is a cross-platform C... DOWNLOAD
jrex(freshmeat) JRex JRex is a Java Web browser component with a set... DOWNLOAD
fortress(freshmeat) fortress Fortress is a simple script driven framework fo... DOWNLOAD
slimscrobbler(freshmeat) SlimScrobbler SlimScrobbler is an slimserver plugin that buil... DOWNLOAD
rcss(freshmeat) Rcss Rcss implements CSS-SSC (CSS Server-Side Consta... DOWNLOAD
sigit(freshmeat) Sigit Sigit is a customisable signature creator that ... DOWNLOAD
antispyd(freshmeat) antispyd Antispyd is an HTTP/HTTPS threat filtering prox... DOWNLOAD
idvr(freshmeat) iDVR Video Surveillance System iDVR (formerly Devolution Security System) is a... DOWNLOAD
sitebar(freshmeat) SiteBar SiteBar is a multi-user, multi-group bookmark s... DOWNLOAD
fid-listbuffer(freshmeat) fid-listbuffer fid-listbuffer is a buffer implementation for t... DOWNLOAD
fid-emacs(freshmeat) Fid Emacs Fid Emacs is an Emacs-like text editor integrat... DOWNLOAD
fid-graphics(freshmeat) fid-graphics fid-graphics is a simplistic toolkit for the Fr... DOWNLOAD
iosemu(freshmeat) IOSEMU IOSEMU is a Cisco 7200 emulator that uses JIT t... DOWNLOAD
millerquest(freshmeat) Miller's Quest! Miller's Quest! is a fire-and-forget RPG, or mo... DOWNLOAD
pajaj(freshmeat) PAJAJ PAJAJ (PHP Asynchronous Javascript and JSON) is... DOWNLOAD
data2xml(freshmeat) Data2XML Data2XML is a quick JAXB-based tool for parsing... DOWNLOAD
wildmenus(freshmeat) WildMenus WildMenus allows GNUstep applications to have h... DOWNLOAD
mobi(freshmeat) Mobi Bluetooth RC Mobi is general purpose Bluetooth remote contro... DOWNLOAD
dkfilter(freshmeat) Dkfilter Dkfilter is a DomainKeys implementation for the... DOWNLOAD
dsplus(freshmeat) Download Sentinel++ Download Sentinel ++ is a program to protect yo... DOWNLOAD
gozirra(freshmeat) Gozirra Gozirra (previously SERStomp) is a lightweight ... DOWNLOAD
poldek(freshmeat) poldek The poldek is an RPM package management tool wh... DOWNLOAD
morse-2(freshmeat) Morse Morse is a commandline Morse code translator. ... DOWNLOAD
xtdesk(freshmeat) XtDesktop XtDesktop is an X Windows (Linux/FreeBSD) deskt... DOWNLOAD
movmenu(freshmeat) MakeMovingMenus MakeMovingMenus is a DVD thumbnail generator fo... DOWNLOAD
cryptoserver(freshmeat) CryptoServer Community CryptoServer is server-side cryptogra... DOWNLOAD
asceticsmtp_py(freshmeat) is a very minimal "ascetic&... DOWNLOAD
eventwatcher(freshmeat) EventWatcher EventWatcher is a KDE application which notifie... DOWNLOAD
lisp-blosxom(freshmeat) Lisp Blosxom Lisp Blosxom is a port of the Perl Blosxom blog... DOWNLOAD

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