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thingamablog(freshmeat) ThingamaBlog ThingamaBlog is a cross-platform, standalone bl... DOWNLOAD
smartmenu(freshmeat) Smartmenu Smartmenu is a menuing application for Lirc. It... DOWNLOAD
mypurgelogs(freshmeat) MyPurgeLogs MyPurgeLogs is a script that can delete files o... DOWNLOAD
plotmm(freshmeat) PlotMM PlotMM is an extension to GTKmm (>= 2.0) whi... DOWNLOAD
xrmap(freshmeat) xrmap Xrmap is a program running under X that can int... DOWNLOAD
libut(freshmeat) libut libut is a C library for writing Unix servers o... DOWNLOAD
tonality(freshmeat) tonality Tonality is a GUI-driven utility that streamlin... DOWNLOAD
gerbmerge(freshmeat) GerbMerge GerbMerge is a panelizing program for printed ... DOWNLOAD
femail(freshmeat) femail femail provides a sendmail-compatible commandli... DOWNLOAD
coyotl(freshmeat) Coyotl Coyotl collects several C++ tools that have pro... DOWNLOAD
strbio(freshmeat) StrBio StrBio is a set of Java classes useful for deve... DOWNLOAD
messiggy(freshmeat) Messiggy Messiggy is a database of celestial objects, as... DOWNLOAD
yodl(freshmeat) yodl yodl implements a pre-document language and too... DOWNLOAD
jcalendar4swing(freshmeat) JCalendar for Swing JCalendar is a Swing component for selecting a ... DOWNLOAD
vdbmaster(freshmeat) vdbmaster vdbmaster is a simple program to ease the proce... DOWNLOAD
audio-convert(freshmeat) audio convert audio convert is a script that converts betwee... DOWNLOAD
bidwatcher(freshmeat) bidwatcher Bidwatcher is a tool for eBay users that tracks... DOWNLOAD
supertux(freshmeat) SuperTux SuperTux is a side-scrolling platform game. The... DOWNLOAD
minimalgallery(freshmeat) minimal Gallery minimal Gallery is an elegant picture gallery s... DOWNLOAD
vlan(freshmeat) VLAN VLAN is an implementation of the 802.1Q VLAN pr... DOWNLOAD
integcheck(freshmeat) Integcheck Integcheck is a system integrity checker. It c... DOWNLOAD
jinamp(freshmeat) Jinamp Is Not An Mp3 Player Jinamp is primarily a music shuffler for comman... DOWNLOAD
irrxml(freshmeat) irrXML IrrXML is a high speed and easy-to-use XML pars... DOWNLOAD
ifile(freshmeat) ifile ifile was one of the first implementations of a... DOWNLOAD
sconschicken(freshmeat) scons-chicken scons-chicken is an add-on for SCons, a buildin... DOWNLOAD
qgps(freshmeat) QGPS QGPS is a small GPS status program that is desi... DOWNLOAD
acovea(freshmeat) Acovea Acovea implements a genetic algorithm for findi... DOWNLOAD
acovea-gtk(freshmeat) Acovea/GTK Acovea/GTK is a GTK-based graphical front end f... DOWNLOAD
simplexml(freshmeat) SimpleXML SimpleXML is a commandline application and libr... DOWNLOAD
bootchart(freshmeat) Bootchart Bootchart is a tool for performance analysis an... DOWNLOAD
nace(freshmeat) Nagios Automated Configuration Engine NACE is a generic query engine used to automati... DOWNLOAD
cvspermissions(freshmeat) CVSPermissions CVSPermissions is a toolkit that will allow CVS... DOWNLOAD
msconsole(freshmeat) MapServer Console MapServer Console is a program that will allow ... DOWNLOAD
slimserver(freshmeat) SlimServer SlimServer provides an elegant and easy to use ... DOWNLOAD
eas(freshmeat) E/AS Automation Solutions E/AS (E/AS Automation Solutions) is a software ... DOWNLOAD
givetake(freshmeat) givetake The givetake package provides two small program... DOWNLOAD
qstode(freshmeat) QStode QStode is a Web application which allows regist... DOWNLOAD
moosic-applet(freshmeat) MoosicApplet MoosicApplet is a GNOME panel applet which disp... DOWNLOAD
phpvoice(freshmeat) PHP Voice PHP Voice (formerly known as PHP VXML) contain ... DOWNLOAD
xoad(freshmeat) XOAD XOAD, formerly known as NAJAX, is a AJAX/XAP ob... DOWNLOAD
jdistro(freshmeat) JDistro JDistro is a project to build a Java distributi... DOWNLOAD
evojava(freshmeat) EvoJava EvoJava is a program for interactively explorin... DOWNLOAD
kbear(freshmeat) kbear KBear is a graphical ftp client for KDE with ab... DOWNLOAD
freebsd-boot-rescue(freshmeat) FreeBSD-boot-rescue FreeBSD-boot-rescue is a small FreeBSD CD syste... DOWNLOAD
pyse(freshmeat) Python Stencil Environment Python Stencil Environment (PySE) is a framewor... DOWNLOAD
rubysteak(freshmeat) rubySteak rubySteak provides a GTK+ 2 interface for acces... DOWNLOAD
libpcg(freshmeat) libpcg libpcg is a small library for procedural conten... DOWNLOAD
giv(freshmeat) giv giv, the G(reat|tk|NU) Image Viewer, is an imag... DOWNLOAD
mrtgselect(freshmeat) mrtg-select mrtg-select allows the flexible display of MRTG... DOWNLOAD
ltilib(freshmeat) LTI-Lib The LTI-Lib is an object oriented library with ... DOWNLOAD
kpad(freshmeat) KAKE PAD KAKE PAD is a GUI text/file editor written enti... DOWNLOAD
tapestrypalette(freshmeat) Tapestry Palette Tapestry Palette is a plugin for Eclipse that b... DOWNLOAD
sampleinventory(freshmeat) Sample Inventory Program The Sample Inventory Program (SIP) is a laborat... DOWNLOAD
cflat(freshmeat) cflat cflat transforms C source code into a tabular f... DOWNLOAD
psiconv(freshmeat) psiconv Psiconv is a file conversion utility that conve... DOWNLOAD
radclass(freshmeat) radclass radclass is a PHP4 class that handles the admin... DOWNLOAD
scircd(freshmeat) IRCd IRCd is a fork of Undernet's IRC... DOWNLOAD
ldapsh(freshmeat) LDAP Shell LDAP Shell is an interactive LDAP shell written... DOWNLOAD
gojax(freshmeat) gojax Gojax is a Web-based GO board using PHP, Javasc... DOWNLOAD
rfc(freshmeat) RFC RFC (Remote Filesystem Checker) is a set of scr... DOWNLOAD
unnoc(freshmeat) Unnoc Unnoc is a NOC application designed to integrat... DOWNLOAD
aardmail(freshmeat) aardmail aardmail is a package with useful tools for dif... DOWNLOAD
ptsconsolehu(freshmeat) pts-console-hu pts-console-hu is a collection of fonts, keyboa... DOWNLOAD
helpdeco(freshmeat) HelpDeco HelpDeco dissects HLP help files (WinHelp) of W... DOWNLOAD
gpremacy(freshmeat) Gpremacy Gpremacy is a Mono/GTK# adaptation of the 80s b... DOWNLOAD
pkg-tools(freshmeat) Solaris packaging tools PkgTools are a set of utilities which are used ... DOWNLOAD
caudex(freshmeat) caudex Caudex is a distributed document/reference man... DOWNLOAD
esniff(freshmeat) esniff esniff (formerly dbsniff) is a very basic set o... DOWNLOAD
fuzzyclock(freshmeat) Fuzzy Clock Fuzzy Clock is a Python class and command line ... DOWNLOAD
eq2png(freshmeat) eq2png eq2png is a short Perl script to easily convert... DOWNLOAD
yazdforum(freshmeat) Yazd Yazd is discussion forum software that can be e... DOWNLOAD
mppwma(freshmeat) WMA support for the mpowerplayer SDK WMA support for the mpowerplayer SDK is a versi... DOWNLOAD
wterm(freshmeat) wterm Wterm is a color VT102 terminal emulator for th... DOWNLOAD
gsb(freshmeat) Freerock GNOME and GNOME.SlackBuild Freerock GNOME (FRG) is a complete GNOME deskto... DOWNLOAD
nss-myhostname(freshmeat) nss-myhostname nss-myhostname is a GNU libc NSS module that st... DOWNLOAD
blueflops(freshmeat) blueflops blueflops is a two-floppy Linux distribution wi... DOWNLOAD
arx(freshmeat) ArX ArX is a flexible, high performance, distribute... DOWNLOAD
ytnef_smtpd_py(freshmeat) is a SMTP proxy written in Pytho... DOWNLOAD
winbackup_pl(freshmeat) utilizes rsync and smbmount to cre... DOWNLOAD
martinifm(freshmeat) Martini Martini is a powerful file manager. It was writ... DOWNLOAD
jpegpixi(freshmeat) jpegpixi "Jpegpixi" is short for "JPEG pi... DOWNLOAD
feed-me-links(freshmeat) Feed Me Links Feed Me Links is a Web application for managing... DOWNLOAD
pocketpccrossgcc(freshmeat) pocketpc crosscompiler from x86 linux pocketpc crosscompiler from x86 linux is a bina... DOWNLOAD
shra(freshmeat) suspend-hibernate read ahead suspend-hibernate read ahead (SHRA) increases t... DOWNLOAD
atli(freshmeat) atli Atli is a scripting language interpreter origin... DOWNLOAD
kflickrmt(freshmeat) Kflickr MT Kflickr MT is a patchset against Kflickr, a sta... DOWNLOAD
spambouncer(freshmeat) The SpamBouncer The SpamBouncer is a set of procmail instructio... DOWNLOAD
modu(freshmeat) My Own Dialup Utils MODU is a Linux-oriented textual dialup toolkit... DOWNLOAD
jabberlang(freshmeat) Jabberlang Jabberlang is a client XMPP/Jabber library for ... DOWNLOAD
cammgr(freshmeat) cammgr Cammgr manages a collection of web cameras. It... DOWNLOAD
ping2mrtg(freshmeat) ping2mrtg ping2mrtg is a script which uses ping or hping ... DOWNLOAD
pipes(freshmeat) TCP/IP pipes Pipes gives a simple set of utilites with examp... DOWNLOAD
l-a-s(freshmeat) Library Accounting System LAS (Library Accounting System) is a media cata... DOWNLOAD
ychat(freshmeat) yChat yChat is an experimental, XML-configurable, HTM... DOWNLOAD
j2bin(freshmeat) j2Bin j2Bin is an application that helps Java develop... DOWNLOAD
recording-level-monitor(freshmeat) Recording level monitor Recording level monitor records analog audio fr... DOWNLOAD
macflightgear(freshmeat) FlightGear Mac OS X The FlightGear for Mac OS X project aims to mak... DOWNLOAD
klopsterutils(freshmeat) KLopsterUtils KLopsterUtils is a useful tool for Lopster to v... DOWNLOAD
freepository(freshmeat) Freepository Freepository is a Web-based revision control sy... DOWNLOAD
pygpsweb(freshmeat) PyGpsWeb PyGpsWeb is an online GPS (Global Positionning ... DOWNLOAD

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