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python-inotify(freshmeat) python-inotify python-inotify is a Python interface to the ino... DOWNLOAD
smart-dj(freshmeat) Smart DJ Smart DJ lets you find tracks based on how simi... DOWNLOAD
ups-monitor(freshmeat) UPS monitor UPS monitor is a graphical monitoring applicati... DOWNLOAD
python-observable(freshmeat) python-Observable python-observable lets Python developers build ... DOWNLOAD
docsis(freshmeat) DOCSIS config file encoder The DOCSIS config file encoder converts a human... DOWNLOAD
base64img(freshmeat) base64img.php base64img.php base64-encodes images and generat... DOWNLOAD
controlfw4php(freshmeat) Control Framework for PHP The purpose of the Control Framework for PHP (C... DOWNLOAD
svnreporter(freshmeat) SvnReporter SvnReporter generates various reports in respon... DOWNLOAD
bzip2smp(freshmeat) bzip2smp bzip2smp parallelizes the bzip2 compression pro... DOWNLOAD
advancemenu(freshmeat) AdvanceMENU AdvanceMENU is a frontend for AdvanceMAME, MAM... DOWNLOAD
moosicwebgui(freshmeat) moosicWebGUI moosicWebGUI is a stand alone client program fo... DOWNLOAD
mod_auth_useragent2(freshmeat) mod_auth_useragent2 mod_auth_useragent2 is an Apache module that ca... DOWNLOAD
webpython(freshmeat) WebPython WebPython is a Web-application development tool... DOWNLOAD
userexitd(freshmeat) Userexitd for TSM Userexitd for TSM is a configurable handler for... DOWNLOAD
perlwebmail(freshmeat) Perl Webmail Perl Webmail is a CGI/mod_perl application that... DOWNLOAD
auto-recompile(freshmeat) auto-recompile Auto-recompile is a small emacs add-on that all... DOWNLOAD
propertiesphp5(freshmeat) Properties.php Properties.php implements a PHP5 class that is ... DOWNLOAD
sims(freshmeat) sims sims (sims is more than sig2dot) parses the out... DOWNLOAD
emi_1_5(freshmeat) Ecasound Mastering Interface EMI (The Ecasound Mastering Interface) is a Pyt... DOWNLOAD
cxxsp(freshmeat) C++ Server Pages C++ Server Pages is a partial Java server pages... DOWNLOAD
crcvsup(freshmeat) Create CVSup Create CVSup is a script that will create a cvs... DOWNLOAD
csheets(freshmeat) CleanSheets CleanSheets is a spreadsheet application that i... DOWNLOAD
xmahjongg(freshmeat) Xmahjongg Real Mah Jongg is a social game that originated... DOWNLOAD
limewire(freshmeat) LimeWire LimeWire is a multi-platform Gnutella client wi... DOWNLOAD
gltron(freshmeat) glTron glTron is a tron-like lightcycle game with a ni... DOWNLOAD
ferite(freshmeat) ferite ferite is a lighweight, portable, threadsafe sc... DOWNLOAD
wavdumper(freshmeat) Wavdumper Wavdumper prints detailed information about the... DOWNLOAD
mlton(freshmeat) MLton MLton is a whole-program optimizing Standard ML... DOWNLOAD
gastracker(freshmeat) AustinSmoke GasTracker GasTracker will allow you to keep track of your... DOWNLOAD
fslang(freshmeat) File Selection Language File Selection Language is a descriptive langua... DOWNLOAD
history_links(freshmeat) History links This class can be used to keep track of the pag... DOWNLOAD
pvpgn(freshmeat) Player vs. Player Gaming Network Player vs. Player Gaming Network is a bnetd-bas... DOWNLOAD
llamaxml(freshmeat) LlamaXML compact XML parsing library LlamaXML is a C++ XML parsing and formatting li... DOWNLOAD
pj(freshmeat) Piccolo toolkit Piccolo is a truly revolutionary way to create ... DOWNLOAD
casereport(freshmeat) CaseRePort CaseRePort is a tool to find filename case inco... DOWNLOAD
op(freshmeat) op op allows fine-grained control of access to sup... DOWNLOAD
wrapmin(freshmeat) wrapmin wrapmin is a wrapper that makes it possible to ... DOWNLOAD
nlog4j(freshmeat) NLOG4J NLOG4J is a production-quality log4j-replacemen... DOWNLOAD
shellraptor(freshmeat) ShellRaptor ShellRaptor is a simple command-line SQL utilit... DOWNLOAD
giwconfig(freshmeat) giwconfig giwconfig is graphical version of "iwconfi... DOWNLOAD
eddiebrowser(freshmeat) eddiebrowser eddiebrowser is a CGI program that provides an ... DOWNLOAD
openbsdbinpatch(freshmeat) binpatch for OpenBSD binpatch is a framework for creating binary pat... DOWNLOAD
catsrunner(freshmeat) CATSRunner C Automated Testing System (CATS) and its assoc... DOWNLOAD
imap_calendar_proxy(freshmeat) IMAP Calendar Proxy IMAP Calendar Proxy implements an HTTP proxy th... DOWNLOAD
jetspeed-2(freshmeat) Apache Jetspeed-2 Jetspeed-2 is a full implementation of the Java... DOWNLOAD
flsudoku(freshmeat) FLTK Sudoku FLTK Sudoku is an implementation of the popular... DOWNLOAD
cymbeline(freshmeat) Cymbeline Cymbeline is an Python application server fram... DOWNLOAD
rippy(freshmeat) Rippy the Aggregator Rippy the Aggregator is a lightweight RSS aggre... DOWNLOAD
sptk(freshmeat) Simply Powerful ToolKit The Simply Powerful ToolKit (SPTK) is a powerfu... DOWNLOAD
instil(freshmeat) Instil Instil is a Web-based installer creation system... DOWNLOAD
hdup(freshmeat) hdup hdup is used to back up a filesystem. Features ... DOWNLOAD
kryptor(freshmeat) Kryptor Kryptor is a graphical tool to encrypt files us... DOWNLOAD
rss2imap(freshmeat) rss2imap rss2imap is a tool which gets RSS (RDF Site Sum... DOWNLOAD
metafs(freshmeat) MetaFS MetaFS allows users to access information abou... DOWNLOAD
globmoest(freshmeat) GlobMoeSt GlobMoeSt (Global Motion eStimation) tries to c... DOWNLOAD
boombasster(freshmeat) BoomBasster BoomBasster is a music player that runs under D... DOWNLOAD
fuseftp(freshmeat) fuseftp fuseftp is a userspace FTP filesystem for FUSE. DOWNLOAD
wyjec(freshmeat) Wyjec Wyjec is an implementation of a simple expressi... DOWNLOAD
birchphotoblog(freshmeat) Birch Photoblog Birch is a package of Perl scripts that runs a ... DOWNLOAD
rokugen(freshmeat) Rokugen Rokugen is a Legend of the Five Rings RPG chara... DOWNLOAD
autovaca(freshmeat) autovaca autovaca is a probabilities simulator for contr... DOWNLOAD
nau(freshmeat) Norton Automatic Updater Norton Automatic Updater searches for new defin... DOWNLOAD
transcraftbook(freshmeat) Transcraft My Accountant Transcraft My Accountant is a powerful, extenda... DOWNLOAD
directoryassistant(freshmeat) Directory Assistant Directory Assistant is an application for manag... DOWNLOAD
rssgen(freshmeat) rssgen rssgen is a PHP RSS generator. It does not requ... DOWNLOAD
phpmmorpg(freshmeat) phpMMORPG phpMMORPG is a Web interface that can be used t... DOWNLOAD
libcfgparse(freshmeat) libcfgparse Libcfgparse is a small set of routines that par... DOWNLOAD
powerbox-for-gtk(freshmeat) Powerbox for Gtk A powerbox is just like a normal file chooser d... DOWNLOAD
db2dot(freshmeat) db2dot db2dot reverse engineers an existing database a... DOWNLOAD
craftsman-spy(freshmeat) Craftsman Spy Craftsman Spy is a framework for JDBC logging. ... DOWNLOAD
logserv(freshmeat) LogServ LogServ is a module for NeoStats IRC Services t... DOWNLOAD
opsb(freshmeat) Open Proxy Scanning Bot open proxy scanning bot (formerly NeoBOPM) is a... DOWNLOAD
secureserv(freshmeat) SecureServ SecureServ is an IRC trojan detector. It's muc... DOWNLOAD
blsb(freshmeat) Black List Scanning Bot Black List Scanning Bot (BLSB for short) checks... DOWNLOAD
floodserv(freshmeat) FloodServ FloodServ protects your IRC network from common... DOWNLOAD
gcx(freshmeat) gcx GCX provides a complete set of data-reduction f... DOWNLOAD
usepackage(freshmeat) Usepackage Environment Manager Usepackage is a tool for managing the Unix envi... DOWNLOAD
jamit(freshmeat) Jamit Jamit (Java Access Modifiers Inference Tool) al... DOWNLOAD
enemylines4(freshmeat) enemy lines 4 enemy lines 4 is a simple futuristic racing gam... DOWNLOAD
kacheck(freshmeat) Kacheck/J Kacheck/J is an encapsulation checker for Java.... DOWNLOAD
flyway(freshmeat) FlyWay FlyWay is a navigational route planner for pilo... DOWNLOAD
module-init-tools(freshmeat) module init tools The Module-Init-Tools package contains programs... DOWNLOAD
vidprofile(freshmeat) vidprofile vidprofile is a collection of a few components ... DOWNLOAD
cosign(freshmeat) cosign cosign is a Web single sign on system that all... DOWNLOAD
modometer(freshmeat) mod_ometer mod_ometer is a Web counter implemented as an A... DOWNLOAD
dispatch(freshmeat) dispatch dispatch is a multi-tier architecture object-or... DOWNLOAD
sorserv(freshmeat) SorceryNet IRC Services Sorcerynet IRC Services is a program that prov... DOWNLOAD
clearsilver(freshmeat) ClearSilver CGI Kit ClearSilver is a high-performance, powerful, an... DOWNLOAD
pretrace(freshmeat) pretrace pretrace is a preload library that allows speci... DOWNLOAD
penrose(freshmeat) Penrose Penrose is a Java-based virtual directory serve... DOWNLOAD
metaboss(freshmeat) MetaBoss MetaBoss is an integrated suite of tools for t... DOWNLOAD
wmfire(freshmeat) wmfire Wmfire is a dockable application that displays ... DOWNLOAD
wmufo(freshmeat) wmufo Wmufo is a dockable application that monitors a... DOWNLOAD
quickypix(freshmeat) QuickyPix QuickyPix is thumbnail Web photo gallery softwa... DOWNLOAD
goodprofornot(freshmeat) GoodProfOrNot GoodProfOrNot is a database and Web system for ... DOWNLOAD
mfgames-opendocument(freshmeat) MfGames.OpenDocument MfGames.OpenDocument is a CIL (C#) library for ... DOWNLOAD
libview(freshmeat) libview libview is VMware's Incredibly Exciting Widgets... DOWNLOAD
npsyndication(freshmeat) NP Syndication NP Syndication is a Wordpress plugin that shows... DOWNLOAD
jauus(freshmeat) JAUUS Jauus is a software patching program that works... DOWNLOAD
unipkg(freshmeat) UniPKG UniPKG (Universal PaCkaGe manager) is a modular... DOWNLOAD

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