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denat(freshmeat) DeNAT DeNAT is a script that detects computers using ... DOWNLOAD
nlog(freshmeat) NLog NLog is a .NET logging library designed with si... DOWNLOAD
gitmail(freshmeat) Ghost In The Mail Ghost In The Mail (also known as gitmail) is a ... DOWNLOAD
dvdrtools(freshmeat) dvdrtools dvdrtools is a suite of software based on cdrto... DOWNLOAD
glock(freshmeat) Glock Glock is a simple analog clock program. Along w... DOWNLOAD
color-bandwidth-meter(freshmeat) Color Bandwidth Meter The Color Bandwidth Meter (cbm) is a small prog... DOWNLOAD
gifdis(freshmeat) Gif Disassembler Gif Disassembler is a Web script that lets you ... DOWNLOAD
bswc(freshmeat) Weight Calculator The Weight Calculator calculates the number of ... DOWNLOAD
pymadea(freshmeat) Pymadea Pymadea (PYthon MAil DElivery Agent) is a simpl... DOWNLOAD
qubit(freshmeat) Qubit Qubit (Qmail Ultimate Backend Integration Tool)... DOWNLOAD
aspectjs(freshmeat) AspectJS AspectJS is a simple and practical aspect-orien... DOWNLOAD
aylet(freshmeat) aylet aylet is a player for music files in the "... DOWNLOAD
animmaker(freshmeat) animmaker animmaker is a utility for producing a raw AVI ... DOWNLOAD
minihuff(freshmeat) minihuff minihuff is a data compression library that ena... DOWNLOAD
xmltv2html(freshmeat) xmltv2html xmltv2html is a script that transforms the XML ... DOWNLOAD
kosmos(freshmeat) Kosmos Kosmos is a collection of JSR-168-compliant por... DOWNLOAD
whoisdomcheck(freshmeat) Whoisdomaincheckup Whoisdomaincheckup is a Web-based (PHP) applica... DOWNLOAD
lotrtrivia(freshmeat) lotr-trivia lotr-trivia is a simple trivia application. You... DOWNLOAD
hydrogen(freshmeat) Hydrogen Hydrogen is a simple real-time Drum machine/seq... DOWNLOAD
centericq-expl(freshmeat) centericq-expl centericq-expl is a script to extract some info... DOWNLOAD
tinystats(freshmeat) tinystats tinystats is a filter that reads tinydns logs a... DOWNLOAD
activecalendar(freshmeat) Active Calendar Active Calendar is a PHP class that generates c... DOWNLOAD
xzero(freshmeat) XZero XZero is a simple board game. The winner of the... DOWNLOAD
mtasc(freshmeat) MTASC MTASC (Motion-Twin ActionScript2 Compiler) is a... DOWNLOAD
ivupy(freshmeat) IVuPy IVuPy (I-View-Py) is a Python extension module ... DOWNLOAD
boxbackup(freshmeat) Box Backup Box Backup is an online backup system for Unix.... DOWNLOAD
openstar(freshmeat) OpenStar OpenStar is a value-added PostNuke distribution... DOWNLOAD
splittar(freshmeat) splittar splittar allows you to create one or more tar f... DOWNLOAD
photomolo(freshmeat) pHoToMoLo pHoToMoLo is a toolset for managing JPEG images... DOWNLOAD
libmime(freshmeat) libmime libmime is a MIME parser in the same vein as Ex... DOWNLOAD
macts(freshmeat) MACTS MACTS is a traffic shaper which uses MAC addres... DOWNLOAD
ljsimple(freshmeat) LJ::Simple LJ::Simple is a Perl module to provide a simple... DOWNLOAD
hp3900-series(freshmeat) HP ScanJet 3900 series backend This is a backend to control HP Scanjet 3900 se... DOWNLOAD
gandi(freshmeat) GANDI GANDI (Gathering of Additional Ncurses Developm... DOWNLOAD
tile-world(freshmeat) Tile World Tile World is an emulator of "Chip's Chall... DOWNLOAD
tableextract(freshmeat) HTML::TableExtract HTML::TableExtract is a Perl module that simpli... DOWNLOAD
soundtracker(freshmeat) SoundTracker SoundTracker is a pattern-oriented music editor... DOWNLOAD
playground(freshmeat) playground playground is a simple GNOME panel applet that ... DOWNLOAD
flowd(freshmeat) flowd flowd is a small, fast, secure, and featureful ... DOWNLOAD
flashboot(freshmeat) flashboot for OpenBSD flashboot for OpenBSD is a set of makefiles, sc... DOWNLOAD
xtla(freshmeat) Xtla Xtla is the Emacs front-end to the GNU Arch rev... DOWNLOAD
errhdl(freshmeat) errhdl liberrhdl is a small C library that offers erro... DOWNLOAD
seeyoulater(freshmeat) SeeYouLater SeeYouLater's purpose is to fetch a list of IPs... DOWNLOAD
modpsldap(freshmeat) mod_psldap mod_psldap is an Apache module that performs au... DOWNLOAD
freemind(freshmeat) FreeMind FreeMind is Mind-Mapping tool and an intuitive ... DOWNLOAD
contactsmanager(freshmeat) easy contactsManager easy contactsManager [eCM] is a Web application... DOWNLOAD
pngtoico(freshmeat) pngtoico pngtoico is a small utility to convert a set of... DOWNLOAD
pbfielddesigner(freshmeat) Field Designer The Field Designer is a program for designing s... DOWNLOAD
dyna_form(freshmeat) Dynamic form class lib Dynamic form class lib is a PHP class library t... DOWNLOAD
phpmvc(freshmeat) php.MVC Web Application Framework php.MVC is an open source framework for PHP Web... DOWNLOAD
netfico(freshmeat) netfico netfico is a complete Linux/netfilter (iptables... DOWNLOAD
dslinux(freshmeat) DSLinux DSLinux is a port of Linux to the Nintendo DS g... DOWNLOAD
rssticker(freshmeat) Backstage RSS Ticker The BBC Backstage RSS Ticker is a platform inde... DOWNLOAD
dijjer(freshmeat) Dijjer Dijjer is a peer-to-peer HTTP cache, designed t... DOWNLOAD
strangewiki(freshmeat) StrangeWiki StrangeWiki uses Web 2.0 concepts to integrate ... DOWNLOAD
plugboard(freshmeat) PlugBoard PlugBoard is an Application framework made in P... DOWNLOAD
adcfw-log(freshmeat) adcfw-log adcfw-log is a tool for analyzing firewall logs... DOWNLOAD
xarchive(freshmeat) XArchive XArchive is a GUI frontend for command-line arc... DOWNLOAD
credence(freshmeat) Credence Credence is a tool for combating spam and pollu... DOWNLOAD
l4ip(freshmeat) L4ip l4ip is a daemon that extends IPFilter's simple... DOWNLOAD
yaorb(freshmeat) Yet Another Object Request Broker Yet Another Object Request Broker is an impleme... DOWNLOAD
vcalendar(freshmeat) VCalendar VCalendar (Virtual Calendar) is a Web calendar ... DOWNLOAD
qtodo(freshmeat) QTodo QTodo is a todo-list manager that was designed ... DOWNLOAD
xamber(freshmeat) Amber for Parrot Amber for Parrot is an object-oriented scriptin... DOWNLOAD
dtcltiny(freshmeat) dtcltiny dtcltiny is a small SRCP client using SRCP prot... DOWNLOAD
coasim(freshmeat) CoaSim CoaSim is a tool for simulating the coalescent ... DOWNLOAD
ootts(freshmeat) OO Text To Speech OO-TTS is a text-to speech macro for OpenOffice... DOWNLOAD
gedi(freshmeat) GeDI GeDI, the GEneric Diskless Installer, is a set ... DOWNLOAD
rpmdc(freshmeat) RPM Delta Compression Virtual Update Repository RPM Delta Compression Virtual Update Repository... DOWNLOAD
resynthesizer(freshmeat) Resynthesizer Resynthesizer is a Gimp plug-in that when given... DOWNLOAD
rhapsody(freshmeat) Rhapsody IRC Rhapsody is a text console IRC client for Unix ... DOWNLOAD
minix3(freshmeat) MINIX 3 MINIX 3 is an operating system designed to be h... DOWNLOAD
prebuild(freshmeat) Prebuild Prebuild is a cross-platform XML-driven pre-bui... DOWNLOAD
scmxx(freshmeat) SCMxx SCMxx is a console program that allows you to e... DOWNLOAD
libstree(freshmeat) libstree libstree is a generic suffix tree implementatio... DOWNLOAD
magpy(freshmeat) magpy magpy is a Python wrapper for the mg full-text ... DOWNLOAD
lomoco(freshmeat) lomoco lomoco can configure vendor-specific options on... DOWNLOAD
aspirenn(freshmeat) ASpiReNN ASpiReNN is a little C library (with Python bin... DOWNLOAD
pysubmind(freshmeat) PySubMind PySubMind is a personal notes manager with orga... DOWNLOAD
codstats(freshmeat) codstats.tcl codstats.tcl is an eggdrop Tcl script that comm... DOWNLOAD
greent(freshmeat) GreenT GreenT is a Linux terminal emulator written in ... DOWNLOAD
gnu-mode(freshmeat) GNU-mode GNU-mode is a collection of games for i-mode mo... DOWNLOAD
gtkatlantic(freshmeat) GtkAtlantic GtkAtlantic is a client for playing Monopoly-li... DOWNLOAD
pcitygen(freshmeat) PCity PCity is a procedural city generator. It uses a... DOWNLOAD
pigeonreader(freshmeat) PigeonReader PigeonReader is the Web mail client of the Pige... DOWNLOAD
pigeonadmin(freshmeat) PigeonAdmin PigeonAdmin is the mail administration interfac... DOWNLOAD
pigeondeliver(freshmeat) PigeonDeliver PigeonDeliver is the delivery agent of the Pige... DOWNLOAD
quantian(freshmeat) The Quantian Scientific Computing Environment Quantian is a directly bootable and self-config... DOWNLOAD
logrep(freshmeat) Logrep Logrep is a secure multi-platform tool for the ... DOWNLOAD
cyberduck(freshmeat) Cyberduck Cyberduck is an SFTP (SSH Secure File Transfer)... DOWNLOAD
ssddiff(freshmeat) SSDDiff SSDDiff is a diff application similar to GNU d... DOWNLOAD
ruby-password(freshmeat) Ruby/Password Ruby/Password is a set of useful methods for cr... DOWNLOAD
imggeoref(freshmeat) is an application that allows geo... DOWNLOAD
adqt(freshmeat) adqt adqt is a GUI database query tool that lets us... DOWNLOAD
referrercop(freshmeat) ReferrerCop ReferrerCop parses Apache log files and AWStats... DOWNLOAD
worminator(freshmeat) Worminator Worminator 3 is akin to many Apogee Software an... DOWNLOAD
tagmogrify(freshmeat) The TagMogrifier library for PHP The purpose of the Tagmogrifier library is to l... DOWNLOAD
klibido(freshmeat) KDE Linux Binaries Downloader KLibido is a Usenet (NNTP) file grabber for KDE... DOWNLOAD
tclperl(freshmeat) tclperl Tclperl allows the execution of Perl code from ... DOWNLOAD
dnsflood(freshmeat) DNS Flood Detector DNS Flood Detector was developed to detect abus... DOWNLOAD

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