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jobscheduler(freshmeat) Job Scheduler The Job Scheduler runs executable files, shell ... DOWNLOAD
openwysiwyg(freshmeat) openWYSIWYG openWYSIWYG is a cross-browser WYSIWYG editor p... DOWNLOAD
opdb(freshmeat) Open Phishing Database The Open Phishing Database project is an effort... DOWNLOAD
kamikaze(freshmeat) Kamikaze Similar to other Bomberman-like games, Kamikaze... DOWNLOAD
morebalance(freshmeat) MoreBalance MoreBalance is a small utility which can forwar... DOWNLOAD
macao(freshmeat) Macao Macao is a framework based on Javascript and DH... DOWNLOAD
hsc(freshmeat) HTML Sucks Completely HSC (HTML Sucks Completely) is a developer tool... DOWNLOAD
arcfax(freshmeat) arcfax Arcfax is a simple archiving script that archiv... DOWNLOAD
xcl(freshmeat) XCL The XCL software suite aims to provide develope... DOWNLOAD
toscanaj(freshmeat) ToscanaJ ToscanaJ is a Java reimplementation of the clas... DOWNLOAD
unit--(freshmeat) unit-- unit-- is a simple, easy-to-use, and portable u... DOWNLOAD
opengate(freshmeat) Opengate Opengate is a remake of the Jumpgate game using... DOWNLOAD
alinda(freshmeat) Alinda Alinda (previously known as Araf) is a multi-la... DOWNLOAD
imcms(freshmeat) imCMS imCMS is a role-based Content Management System... DOWNLOAD
epiphany-browser(freshmeat) Epiphany-browser Epiphany is a GNOME web browser based on the Mo... DOWNLOAD
nautilus(freshmeat) Nautilus file manager and desktop Nautilus is the official file manager for the G... DOWNLOAD
ucarpctl(freshmeat) ucarpctl Ucarpctl allows you to store your configuration... DOWNLOAD
libphish(freshmeat) libphish Libphish is a cross-platform library to interac... DOWNLOAD
arphound(freshmeat) arphound Arphound is a tool that listens to all traffic ... DOWNLOAD
javaamp(freshmeat) JavaAmp JavaAmp is a clone of the well known multimedia... DOWNLOAD
firephish(freshmeat) FirePhish FirePhish is an anti-phishing toolbar for Firef... DOWNLOAD
karpion(freshmeat) Konqueror Anti-Phishing Toolbar Konqueror Anti-Phishing Toolbar is an add-on fo... DOWNLOAD
docco(freshmeat) Docco Docco is a personal document retrieval tool bas... DOWNLOAD
smtprc(freshmeat) SMTP Relay Checker SmtpRC is a fully configurable, multithreaded o... DOWNLOAD
dvd-baker(freshmeat) DVD-Baker DVD-Baker generates a DVD consisting of menus a... DOWNLOAD
spakes(freshmeat) Spakes Spakes is a clone of the famous "Snakes&qu... DOWNLOAD
schwanz3(freshmeat) schwanz3 schwanz3 is a personal system measurement utili... DOWNLOAD
colourshell(freshmeat) Colourshell Colourshell is a shell script that colourises y... DOWNLOAD
nbcom(freshmeat) NanobloggerComments NanobloggerComments is a PHP/MySQL-based commen... DOWNLOAD
prefgenerate(freshmeat) DxsPrefGenerate DxsPrefGenerate is a script to configure user a... DOWNLOAD
uberimaging(freshmeat) UberImaging UberImaging centrally controls the disk imaging... DOWNLOAD
mfgames-sprite(freshmeat) MfGames.Sprite MfGames.Sprite is a library for loading, managi... DOWNLOAD
gw2api(freshmeat) GROU.PS Web 2.0 API This project aims to bring together frequently ... DOWNLOAD
svndumpalter(freshmeat) svndumpalter svndumpalter is a utility to alter Subversion r... DOWNLOAD
jmimetypelib(freshmeat) jMimetypeLib jMimetypeLib is a Java library for determining ... DOWNLOAD
unimaginatively-named-calendar(freshmeat) Unimaginatively-named Calendar Unimaginatively-named Calendar is a Web calenda... DOWNLOAD
prsync(freshmeat) prsync prsync provides a solution for backups that is ... DOWNLOAD
gsculpt(freshmeat) gSculpt gSculpt is a procedural 3D modelling applicatio... DOWNLOAD
minidvassembler(freshmeat) MiniDV Assembler MiniDV Assembler allows you to append multiple ... DOWNLOAD
diqt(freshmeat) Diqt Diqt is a Web-based multilingual dictionary ref... DOWNLOAD
kxdocker(freshmeat) KXDocker KXDocker is an innovative docker for KDE. It is... DOWNLOAD
svnmailer(freshmeat) svnmailer The svnmailer is a tool that is usually called ... DOWNLOAD
xianc(freshmeat) Xianc Xianc monitors data acquired from a data source... DOWNLOAD
php-js(freshmeat) php-js php-js is an experimental PHP extension which e... DOWNLOAD
php-json-ext(freshmeat) php-json php-json is a PHP extension that provides suppo... DOWNLOAD
cts(freshmeat) CTWM Themes System CTS is a set of scripts and configuration files... DOWNLOAD
qxmp(freshmeat) Qxmp Qxmp is a light media player (based on Mplayer)... DOWNLOAD
military-gps(freshmeat) Military Global Positioning System Military Global Positioning System is an applic... DOWNLOAD
vos(freshmeat) Virtual Object System The Interreality project is a collection of Ope... DOWNLOAD
serlvers(freshmeat) Serlvers Serlvers is a set of Erlang modules designed to... DOWNLOAD
ulc(freshmeat) Ultimate Commander Ultimate Commander is a two-pane file manager d... DOWNLOAD
svgslice(freshmeat) SVG Slice SVGSlice is a simple tool which generates chopp... DOWNLOAD
mov(freshmeat) Merchant of Venice Merchant of Venice is a stock market trading pr... DOWNLOAD
opencv(freshmeat) Open Source Computer Vision Library The Open Computer Vision Library is a collectio... DOWNLOAD
koppermine(freshmeat) Koppermine Koppermine is a KDE client for Coppermine Photo... DOWNLOAD
slotsig(freshmeat) The SlotSig library The SlotSig library tries to provide a solution... DOWNLOAD
japi(freshmeat) JAPI JAPI is a Java API that was designed to extend ... DOWNLOAD
nagios_config(freshmeat) Nagios Config Nagios Config is a Web-based front end for conf... DOWNLOAD
poly(freshmeat) polygon polygon is a set of PHP classes that can be use... DOWNLOAD
im-ja(freshmeat) im-ja im-ja aims to be a generic Japanese input modul... DOWNLOAD
kpersiancalendar(freshmeat) kPersianCalendar kPersianCalendar is a Persian (jalali) and Greg... DOWNLOAD
concepts(freshmeat) Concepts Concepts is a C++ class library for solving ell... DOWNLOAD
mille-xterm(freshmeat) MILLE-XTERM The MILLE-XTERM project's goal is to provide a ... DOWNLOAD
windowgrouper(freshmeat) Windowgrouper Windowgrouper is a GNOME 2 panel applet that al... DOWNLOAD
pmdb(freshmeat) PHP Personal Movie Database PMDB (PHP Personal Movie Database) lets you org... DOWNLOAD
freetalk(freshmeat) Freetalk Freetalk is a console-based Jabber client. It f... DOWNLOAD
ndiswrapper(freshmeat) ndiswrapper Some vendors refuses to release specs or even a... DOWNLOAD
mrvoice(freshmeat) Mr. Voice Mr. Voice is a specific-purpose Perl/Tk front-e... DOWNLOAD
yacal(freshmeat) Yet Another Calendar Yet Another Calendar is a malleable, clear, con... DOWNLOAD
htmltemplateexpre(freshmeat) HTML::Template::Expr The HTML::Template::Expr module provides an ext... DOWNLOAD
qmailldapadmin(freshmeat) QmailLdapAdmin QmailLdapAdmin is a tool designed to handle qma... DOWNLOAD
quick3dapplet(freshmeat) Quick3dApplet Quick3dApplet is a fast 3D engine that allows t... DOWNLOAD
lazybackup(freshmeat) Lazy Backup Lazybackup is a backup system that is intended ... DOWNLOAD
procyon(freshmeat) Procyon Procyon is a cross platform Sirius Satellite Ra... DOWNLOAD
libsirius(freshmeat) libsirius libsirius is a C++ library that interfaces to S... DOWNLOAD
dnalinux(freshmeat) DNALinux DNALinux is a live Linux distribution with bioi... DOWNLOAD
shtool(freshmeat) GNU shtool GNU shtool is a compilation of small but very s... DOWNLOAD
zde(freshmeat) Zeta Desktop Environment Zeta Desktop Environment (ZDE) is an X11 window... DOWNLOAD
kdoodle(freshmeat) KDoodle KDoodle is a graphical frontend to doodle. It p... DOWNLOAD
mbridge(freshmeat) mbridge 'mbridge' provides a bridge between LANs for mu... DOWNLOAD
pywbem(freshmeat) PyWBEM PyWBEM is a Python library for making CIM oper... DOWNLOAD
questkrbapps(freshmeat) Quest Kerberized Apps Kerberized Apps consists of TELNET, FTP, and ... DOWNLOAD
dvipost(freshmeat) Dvipost Dvipost is a post-processor for DVI files crea... DOWNLOAD
ecli(freshmeat) ECLI ECLI is an Eiffel wrapper around the X/Open ISO... DOWNLOAD
expose-php-template-engine(freshmeat) Expose PHP template engine Expose is a PHP template engine. It supports se... DOWNLOAD
smoot(freshmeat) Smoot Smoot is a Web-based tool for creating diagrams... DOWNLOAD
jcrossclient(freshmeat) jcrossclient jcrossclient is a client for the Crossfire RPG/... DOWNLOAD
amaltheia(freshmeat) Amaltheia Amaltheia is a cross-platform game programming ... DOWNLOAD
nativecall(freshmeat) NativeCall NativeCall is a Java toolkit that lets you call... DOWNLOAD
media4moin(freshmeat) media4moin media4moin is a parser plugin for the MoinMoin ... DOWNLOAD
rorox(freshmeat) ROROX ROROX (Ruby On Rails On XAMPP) is a package tha... DOWNLOAD
aqmail(freshmeat) AqMail AqMail fetches mails from remote mailboxes (POP... DOWNLOAD
dos33(freshmeat) DOS33 DOS33 is a collection of utilities that will ex... DOWNLOAD
mapcal(freshmeat) MapCal MapCal is a mapping event calendar. It has the ... DOWNLOAD
bib_smiles(freshmeat) bibivu smiles bibivu smilies is a class that can be used to m... DOWNLOAD
eyefi-imgfilter(freshmeat) Eyefi ImageModifier The Eyefi ImageModifier library is a high-level... DOWNLOAD
noteedit(freshmeat) Note Editor Note Editor is an editor for music notation tha... DOWNLOAD
yprolog(freshmeat) YProlog YProlog is a pocket Prolog engine written in 10... DOWNLOAD
cerberun(freshmeat) CerbeRun cerbeRun is a software runner. The applications... DOWNLOAD
openvpnadmin(freshmeat) OpenVPN-Admin OpenVPN-Admin is a GUI for OpenVPN. A Certifica... DOWNLOAD

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