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rhinoinspring(freshmeat) Rhino in Spring Rhino in Spring is an integration of the Mozill... DOWNLOAD
bion(freshmeat) bion bion is a classical biorhythm program which use... DOWNLOAD
openntpd(freshmeat) OpenNTPd OpenNTPd is a portable implementation of the Ne... DOWNLOAD
src(freshmeat) Simultaneous Remote Command Simultaneous Remote Command sends multiple comm... DOWNLOAD
singapore(freshmeat) singapore singapore is a sleek PHP image gallery that doe... DOWNLOAD
tarlisted(freshmeat) tarlisted Tarlisted takes lines of text as an input and c... DOWNLOAD
baseballnuke(freshmeat) baseballNuke BaseballNuke is a module for PHP-Nuke that allo... DOWNLOAD
osxmoontool(freshmeat) OSXmoontool OSXmoontool displays information about the moon... DOWNLOAD
x11guitest(freshmeat) X11::GUITest X11::GUITest is a Perl package intended to fac... DOWNLOAD
tangerine(freshmeat) Tangerine Tangerine is a music server. It uses DAAP, the... DOWNLOAD
enomalism(freshmeat) Enomalism Virtualized Management Console Enomalism is a pre-packaged virtualization infr... DOWNLOAD
sdl_ttf(freshmeat) SDL_ttf The SDL_ttf library is a wrapper around the Fre... DOWNLOAD
mkcgi(freshmeat) mkcgi mkcgi is a simple command line utility for prod... DOWNLOAD
phpoliat(freshmeat) PHP-O-Lait PHP-O-Lait makes it possible for browser-side J... DOWNLOAD
file2xliff4j(freshmeat) File2XLIFF4j File2XLIFF4j is a modular implementation of a t... DOWNLOAD
opal(freshmeat) OPAL OPAL (Open Physics Abstraction Layer) has two m... DOWNLOAD
podtool(freshmeat) Podtool Podtool is a Python-based utility for managing ... DOWNLOAD
sharpconstruct(freshmeat) SharpConstruct SharpConstruct is an OpenGL graphics applicati... DOWNLOAD
large-c(freshmeat) C C (pronounced large-C) is a pseudo-interpreter ... DOWNLOAD
foundationphys(freshmeat) Foundational Physics Foundational Physics is a 2D physics engine wri... DOWNLOAD
syrep(freshmeat) syrep Syrep is a generic file repository synchroniza... DOWNLOAD
cultbooking(freshmeat) Cultbooking Cultbooking is a hotel booking system. Via a ce... DOWNLOAD
olereader(freshmeat) OLE Reader OLE Reader is an alternative to the Jakarta pro... DOWNLOAD
brabosphere(freshmeat) Brabosphere Brabosphere is a program for the 3D visualizati... DOWNLOAD
camlget(freshmeat) Caml-get Caml-get is a tool to distribute and get Object... DOWNLOAD
jguigen(freshmeat) jguigen jguigen (Java GUI Generator) generates screens ... DOWNLOAD
bbsengine(freshmeat) bbsengine bbsengine is a modular, object-oriented applica... DOWNLOAD
midirecord(freshmeat) Midirecord Midirecord is a simple command-line application... DOWNLOAD
nbench(freshmeat) nbench This release is based on the Unix port of beta ... DOWNLOAD
entityforge(freshmeat) EntityForge EntityForge is a 3D graphical media display, an... DOWNLOAD
wxcl(freshmeat) wxCL wxCL is an industrial strength GUI library for ... DOWNLOAD
mfgraph(freshmeat) mfGraph Library mfGraph is a graph rendering library for intera... DOWNLOAD
logtail(freshmeat) logtail logtail is an AJAX-based logfile download and v... DOWNLOAD
cwirc(freshmeat) CWirc CWirc is a plugin for the X-Chat IRC client to ... DOWNLOAD
libcoroutine(freshmeat) libCoroutine libCoroutine is a simple, stack-based coroutine... DOWNLOAD
libgarbagecollector(freshmeat) libGarbageCollector libGarbageCollector is an incremental garbage c... DOWNLOAD
lesserwiki(freshmeat) LesserWiki LesserWiki is a TiddlyWiki style Wiki engine us... DOWNLOAD
gmailbox(freshmeat) Gmailbox gmailbox allows offline browsing of a gmail fol... DOWNLOAD
build-pkg(freshmeat) build-pkg BuildPKG is a tool to create packages for Slack... DOWNLOAD
freecoins(freshmeat) FreeCoins FreeCoins is an accounting program written in C... DOWNLOAD
dc_qt(freshmeat) dc_qt dc_qt is a Direct Connect client based on DC++.... DOWNLOAD
httpfilemanager(freshmeat) httpFileManager httpFileManager is a file management script tha... DOWNLOAD
zone2host(freshmeat) Zone2Host Zone2Host is a utility that converts ISC BIND s... DOWNLOAD
libjd(freshmeat) LibJAD LibJAD is collection of miscellaneous routines ... DOWNLOAD
pyinotify(freshmeat) pyinotify pyinotify is a Python module for watching files... DOWNLOAD
subether(freshmeat) Sub Ether Sub Ether is a system that includes software to... DOWNLOAD
xbone(freshmeat) X-Bone X-Bone dynamically deploys and manages Internet... DOWNLOAD
sharetodo(freshmeat) ShareToDo ShareToDo is a Web-based todo list application.... DOWNLOAD
jftpd(freshmeat) jftpd jftpd is an FTP server written in Java. DOWNLOAD
xffm(freshmeat) Xffm Code Set Xffm Code Set is a set of applications and libr... DOWNLOAD
popa3d(freshmeat) popa3d popa3d is a POP3 daemon which attempts to be ex... DOWNLOAD
iplib(freshmeat) IPlib iplib is a Python module to convert between man... DOWNLOAD
chart-taglibs(freshmeat) Chart Taglibs Chart Taglibs is a free taglib (JSP 1.1) librar... DOWNLOAD
docbook2odf(freshmeat) docbook2odf Docbook2odf consists of DocBook XSLT stylesheet... DOWNLOAD
pacp(freshmeat) Pattern Classification Program PCP (Pattern Classification Program) is a machi... DOWNLOAD
jtalk(freshmeat) Jtalk Jtalk is a Jabber client that provides an inter... DOWNLOAD
gav(freshmeat) GPL Arcade Volleyball GAV (GPL Arcade Volleyball) is an object-orient... DOWNLOAD
didj(freshmeat) Divine Intervention Divine Intervention consists of two programs. T... DOWNLOAD
htinc(freshmeat) HTML Include HTML Include solves the problem that the Hypert... DOWNLOAD
carina(freshmeat) Carina Carina is an application written in C++ for vie... DOWNLOAD
ruby-corporate-time(freshmeat) Ruby/CorporateTime CorporateTime is a proprietary calendar server ... DOWNLOAD
lintouch(freshmeat) Lintouch Lintouch is an implementation of HMI (Human Mac... DOWNLOAD
cphplib(freshmeat) Cute PHP Library Cute PHP library is a small collection of class... DOWNLOAD
dorm4j(freshmeat) dorm4j DORM4J (Dynamic Object-Relational Mapping for J... DOWNLOAD
hampusdb(freshmeat) HampusDB HDB is a small, flexible, and efficient hybrid ... DOWNLOAD
opensims(freshmeat) OpenSIMS OpenSIMS ties together the open source tools us... DOWNLOAD
rant(freshmeat) Rant Rant is a flexible build tool. The equivalent t... DOWNLOAD
tagosx(freshmeat) Tag Tag is a metadata editor for FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, ... DOWNLOAD
liteman(freshmeat) LiteMan LiteMan is a simple GUI database manager for th... DOWNLOAD
libspawner(freshmeat) libspawner libspawner implements the MTA side of Sendmail'... DOWNLOAD
jnetstack(freshmeat) Java Network Stack Java Network Stack is a library used by the DI... DOWNLOAD
gridarta(freshmeat) Gridarta Gridarta is a map editor for MMORPGs. Gridarta ... DOWNLOAD
pwdrc(freshmeat) Pwdrc Pwdrc executes a set of commands each time you ... DOWNLOAD
twisted_words(freshmeat) Twisted Words Twisted Words provides implementations of a han... DOWNLOAD
twisted_names(freshmeat) Twisted Names Twisted Names is both a domain name server as w... DOWNLOAD
twisted_mail(freshmeat) Twisted Mail Twisted Mail provides client and server impleme... DOWNLOAD
twisted_conch(freshmeat) Twisted Conch Conch is an SSHv2, Telnet, and VT102 implementa... DOWNLOAD
reby(freshmeat) Reby Reby stands for "Ruby-Eggdrop Bridge Yes-... DOWNLOAD
urwvn(freshmeat) urwvn urwvn is a Truetype package of the URW fonts, b... DOWNLOAD
formido(freshmeat) Formido Formido is one of those games where you are loa... DOWNLOAD
twisted_web(freshmeat) Twisted Web Twisted Web includes an HTTP/1.0 protocol imple... DOWNLOAD
sharewords(freshmeat) ShareWords ShareWords is a world wide dictionary and trans... DOWNLOAD
xfigchart_pl(freshmeat) is a quick and easy way to create ... DOWNLOAD
jahshaka(freshmeat) Jahshaka Jahshaka is an audio and video editing and effe... DOWNLOAD
sdesk(freshmeat) SupportDesk SupportDesk is an Internet text chat system des... DOWNLOAD
duplo(freshmeat) Duplo Duplo is a tool to find duplicated code blocks ... DOWNLOAD
bm-milter(freshmeat) BM-Milter BM-Milter is a simple milter that verifies the ... DOWNLOAD
lmme(freshmeat) Linux MSN Messenger Engine Linux MSN Messenger Engine (LMME) is a fully a... DOWNLOAD
easypg(freshmeat) EasyPG EasyPG is a GnuPG interface for Emacs. It cons... DOWNLOAD
riece(freshmeat) Riece Riece is an IRC client for Emacs. It supports m... DOWNLOAD
climblog(freshmeat) ClimbLog ClimbLog is a Java application for writing down... DOWNLOAD
msgcab(freshmeat) msgcab msgcab is an easy-to-use and extensible mailing... DOWNLOAD
freevps(freshmeat) FreeVPS FreeVPS is Linux-based software implementing vi... DOWNLOAD
dbf(freshmeat) dBASE converter dbf is an easy-to-use command line tool to show... DOWNLOAD
avrmon-stk200(freshmeat) avrmon-stk200 avrmon-stk200 is a port of Denis Chertykov's Li... DOWNLOAD
zracer(freshmeat) ZRacer ZRacer is a console car racing game. It has a c... DOWNLOAD
obsdlivecdfw(freshmeat) OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall is an OpenBSD-based pf... DOWNLOAD
gtkam(freshmeat) gtkam gtkam is a GNOME front-end for gphoto, which al... DOWNLOAD
spineless(freshmeat) Spineless Jelly Spineless Jelly is a generic cross-platform 3D ... DOWNLOAD
steptalk(freshmeat) StepTalk StepTalk is the official GNUstep scripting fram... DOWNLOAD

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