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chart-taglibs(freshmeat) Chart Taglibs Chart Taglibs is a free taglib (JSP 1.1) librar... DOWNLOAD
docbook2odf(freshmeat) docbook2odf Docbook2odf consists of DocBook XSLT stylesheet... DOWNLOAD
pacp(freshmeat) Pattern Classification Program PCP (Pattern Classification Program) is a machi... DOWNLOAD
jtalk(freshmeat) Jtalk Jtalk is a Jabber client that provides an inter... DOWNLOAD
gav(freshmeat) GPL Arcade Volleyball GAV (GPL Arcade Volleyball) is an object-orient... DOWNLOAD
didj(freshmeat) Divine Intervention Divine Intervention consists of two programs. T... DOWNLOAD
htinc(freshmeat) HTML Include HTML Include solves the problem that the Hypert... DOWNLOAD
carina(freshmeat) Carina Carina is an application written in C++ for vie... DOWNLOAD
ruby-corporate-time(freshmeat) Ruby/CorporateTime CorporateTime is a proprietary calendar server ... DOWNLOAD
lintouch(freshmeat) Lintouch Lintouch is an implementation of HMI (Human Mac... DOWNLOAD
cphplib(freshmeat) Cute PHP Library Cute PHP library is a small collection of class... DOWNLOAD
dorm4j(freshmeat) dorm4j DORM4J (Dynamic Object-Relational Mapping for J... DOWNLOAD
hampusdb(freshmeat) HampusDB HDB is a small, flexible, and efficient hybrid ... DOWNLOAD
opensims(freshmeat) OpenSIMS OpenSIMS ties together the open source tools us... DOWNLOAD
rant(freshmeat) Rant Rant is a flexible build tool. The equivalent t... DOWNLOAD
tagosx(freshmeat) Tag Tag is a metadata editor for FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, ... DOWNLOAD
liteman(freshmeat) LiteMan LiteMan is a simple GUI database manager for th... DOWNLOAD
libspawner(freshmeat) libspawner libspawner implements the MTA side of Sendmail'... DOWNLOAD
jnetstack(freshmeat) Java Network Stack Java Network Stack is a library used by the DI... DOWNLOAD
gridarta(freshmeat) Gridarta Gridarta is a map editor for MMORPGs. Gridarta ... DOWNLOAD
pwdrc(freshmeat) Pwdrc Pwdrc executes a set of commands each time you ... DOWNLOAD
twisted_words(freshmeat) Twisted Words Twisted Words provides implementations of a han... DOWNLOAD
twisted_names(freshmeat) Twisted Names Twisted Names is both a domain name server as w... DOWNLOAD
twisted_mail(freshmeat) Twisted Mail Twisted Mail provides client and server impleme... DOWNLOAD
twisted_conch(freshmeat) Twisted Conch Conch is an SSHv2, Telnet, and VT102 implementa... DOWNLOAD
reby(freshmeat) Reby Reby stands for "Ruby-Eggdrop Bridge Yes-... DOWNLOAD
urwvn(freshmeat) urwvn urwvn is a Truetype package of the URW fonts, b... DOWNLOAD
formido(freshmeat) Formido Formido is one of those games where you are loa... DOWNLOAD
twisted_web(freshmeat) Twisted Web Twisted Web includes an HTTP/1.0 protocol imple... DOWNLOAD
sharewords(freshmeat) ShareWords ShareWords is a world wide dictionary and trans... DOWNLOAD
xfigchart_pl(freshmeat) is a quick and easy way to create ... DOWNLOAD
jahshaka(freshmeat) Jahshaka Jahshaka is an audio and video editing and effe... DOWNLOAD
sdesk(freshmeat) SupportDesk SupportDesk is an Internet text chat system des... DOWNLOAD
duplo(freshmeat) Duplo Duplo is a tool to find duplicated code blocks ... DOWNLOAD
bm-milter(freshmeat) BM-Milter BM-Milter is a simple milter that verifies the ... DOWNLOAD
lmme(freshmeat) Linux MSN Messenger Engine Linux MSN Messenger Engine (LMME) is a fully a... DOWNLOAD
easypg(freshmeat) EasyPG EasyPG is a GnuPG interface for Emacs. It cons... DOWNLOAD
riece(freshmeat) Riece Riece is an IRC client for Emacs. It supports m... DOWNLOAD
climblog(freshmeat) ClimbLog ClimbLog is a Java application for writing down... DOWNLOAD
msgcab(freshmeat) msgcab msgcab is an easy-to-use and extensible mailing... DOWNLOAD
freevps(freshmeat) FreeVPS FreeVPS is Linux-based software implementing vi... DOWNLOAD
dbf(freshmeat) dBASE converter dbf is an easy-to-use command line tool to show... DOWNLOAD
avrmon-stk200(freshmeat) avrmon-stk200 avrmon-stk200 is a port of Denis Chertykov's Li... DOWNLOAD
zracer(freshmeat) ZRacer ZRacer is a console car racing game. It has a c... DOWNLOAD
obsdlivecdfw(freshmeat) OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall OpenBSD Live-CD Firewall is an OpenBSD-based pf... DOWNLOAD
gtkam(freshmeat) gtkam gtkam is a GNOME front-end for gphoto, which al... DOWNLOAD
spineless(freshmeat) Spineless Jelly Spineless Jelly is a generic cross-platform 3D ... DOWNLOAD
steptalk(freshmeat) StepTalk StepTalk is the official GNUstep scripting fram... DOWNLOAD
chinook_web(freshmeat) Chinook Chinook is an online tool for interactive conte... DOWNLOAD
avanor(freshmeat) Avanor, the Land of Mystery Avanor is rapidly-growing Rogue-like game with ... DOWNLOAD
jostraca(freshmeat) Jostraca Jostraca is a general purpose code generation t... DOWNLOAD
wavextract(freshmeat) wavextract wavextract is a program for extracting embedded... DOWNLOAD
magicbus(freshmeat) MagicBus The MagicBus is an event framework designed to ... DOWNLOAD
slamsoccer2006(freshmeat) Slam Soccer 2006 Slam Soccer 2006 is a funny 3D comic-style foot... DOWNLOAD
java2excel(freshmeat) Java2Excel Java2Excel is a simple Java library to allow th... DOWNLOAD
basicquery(freshmeat) BasicQuery BasicQuery is a Java-based application used to ... DOWNLOAD
schevo(freshmeat) Schevo Schevo is a next-generation DBMS that focuses o... DOWNLOAD
kmessaging(freshmeat) Kmessaging Kmessaging is a module which implements an inte... DOWNLOAD
sioxjavaapi(freshmeat) SIOX4Java SIOX4Java (Simple Interactive Object Extraction... DOWNLOAD
phpsqldiff(freshmeat) PHP SQLDiff PHP SQLDiff is a Web application that shows th... DOWNLOAD
machoc(freshmeat) C++ Machine Objects The Machine Objects class library allows the cr... DOWNLOAD
rescue(freshmeat) Rescue! Max Rescue! Max is a 2D space, real-time, action/st... DOWNLOAD
nsd(freshmeat) NSD NSD is a complete implementation of an authorit... DOWNLOAD
mnmu(freshmeat) Merry Newton Mobile Utilities The Merry Newton Mobile Utilities are general-p... DOWNLOAD
jbcrypt(freshmeat) jBCrypt jBCrypt is a Java implementation of OpenBSD's B... DOWNLOAD
giraffe(freshmeat) Giraffe Giraffe is a simple logic circuit simulator. It... DOWNLOAD
psmt(freshmeat) Prolog Statistical Machine Translation Prolog Statistical Machine Translation is a fai... DOWNLOAD
kopete(freshmeat) Kopete Kopete is a flexible and extendable multiple pr... DOWNLOAD
ecalc(freshmeat) ECalc ECalc is an Eclipse calculator plug-in for eval... DOWNLOAD
mime(freshmeat) MIME-tool MIME-tool constructs MIME encoded messages with... DOWNLOAD
automenu(freshmeat) Swing AutoMenu AutoMenu is a automatic menu generator that mak... DOWNLOAD
o2_sms_pl(freshmeat) is intended for customers of O2 Germa... DOWNLOAD
mypersonalhomepage(freshmeat) My Personal Home Page My Personal Home Page is a Web application whic... DOWNLOAD
debian-builder(freshmeat) debian-builder Debian-builder is a Perl script that can be use... DOWNLOAD
hydrate(freshmeat) Hydrate Hydrate is a Java mapping tool that lets you la... DOWNLOAD
kbilliards(freshmeat) kbilliards Kbilliards is a pool game entirely written usin... DOWNLOAD
libjdkmidi(freshmeat) libjdkmidi libjdkmidi was originally a collection of utili... DOWNLOAD
triptracker(freshmeat) Trip Tracker Trip Tracker is a position tracking client-serv... DOWNLOAD
py-bcrypt(freshmeat) py-bcrypt py-bcrypt is a Python wrapper of OpenBSD's Blow... DOWNLOAD
skim(freshmeat) skim skim is an input method platform based upon sci... DOWNLOAD
fifoembed(freshmeat) FifoEmbed FifoEmbed provides three abstract data types fo... DOWNLOAD
disktype(freshmeat) disktype The purpose of disktype is to detect the conten... DOWNLOAD
jmp(freshmeat) JMP Java Memory Profiler (JMP) uses the JVMPI inter... DOWNLOAD
lawngnome(freshmeat) Lawngnome Lawngnome is a PHP 5 database model loosely bas... DOWNLOAD
php-openid-server(freshmeat) PHP OpenID Standalone Server PHP OpenID Standalone Server functions as a sta... DOWNLOAD
uradiuslib(freshmeat) uRadiusLib uRadiusLib is a full, small, and easy to use C ... DOWNLOAD
graveman(freshmeat) GRAVEMAN GRAVEMAN is a GUI frontend for CD-R tools (cdre... DOWNLOAD
flop(freshmeat) Fast Logging Project for Snort FLoP is designed to gather alerts with payload ... DOWNLOAD
columba(freshmeat) Columba Columba is an email client written in Java, fea... DOWNLOAD
smf-zombie(freshmeat) Zombie SPAM blocker smf-zombie is a Sendmail filter designed to rej... DOWNLOAD
save(freshmeat) SAVEngine SAVEngine is a cross-platform, object-oriented,... DOWNLOAD
game2(freshmeat) A game The objective of this game is to keep the level... DOWNLOAD
oww_client(freshmeat) Oww Client Oww Client is a graphical client program for On... DOWNLOAD
libt28(freshmeat) T28 library T28 library is a simple library that allows int... DOWNLOAD
ophotlist2html(freshmeat) OperaHotlist2HTML OperaHotlist2HTML is a script that converts Ope... DOWNLOAD
mooseekd(freshmeat) mooseekd mooseekd is a partial fork of Museek+, containi... DOWNLOAD
pam_require(freshmeat) pam_require pam_require is a simple Plugable Authentication... DOWNLOAD
fou4s(freshmeat) Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE Fast OnlineUpdate for SuSE (fou4s) is a bash sc... DOWNLOAD
auctex(freshmeat) AUCTeX AUCTeX is a much-enhanced (La)TeX environment f... DOWNLOAD
rtpss(freshmeat) Real-Time Proactive Secret Sharing Library The Real-Time Proactive Secret Sharing Library ... DOWNLOAD

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