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cabextract(freshmeat) cabextract cabextract will extract the contents of Microso... DOWNLOAD
dbixtimeout(freshmeat) DBIx::Timeout DBIx::Timeout is a Perl module that provides a ... DOWNLOAD
eduknoppix(freshmeat) eduknoppix eduKnoppix is a Linux live CD to be used in edu... DOWNLOAD
freeplot(freshmeat) Freeplot FreePlot is a simple mathematical program that ... DOWNLOAD
jnfa(freshmeat) JNFA JNFA is a netflow analyzer. It uses a MySQL dat... DOWNLOAD
jooreports(freshmeat) JOOReports JooReports is a solution for generating dynamic... DOWNLOAD
cimbiote(freshmeat) Cimbiote Cimbiote allows writing and running CIM provide... DOWNLOAD
libcdorganizer(freshmeat) libcdorganizer libcdorganizer is a user space library used to ... DOWNLOAD
memoras(freshmeat) Memoras Memoras is a Web based system to easily run the... DOWNLOAD
aegis-virus-scanner(freshmeat) Aegis Virus Scanner Aegis Virus Scanner is a virus scanner with a s... DOWNLOAD
transfercm(freshmeat) TransferCM TransferCM is a design-friendly Web content man... DOWNLOAD
rasmusdsp(freshmeat) RasmusDSP RasmusDSP is an embeddable audio/MIDI processor... DOWNLOAD
sawdog(freshmeat) sawdog Sawdog (Simple Active Watch-DOG) is a suite of ... DOWNLOAD
nsat(freshmeat) Network Security Analysis Tool nsat is a fast, stable bulk security scanner de... DOWNLOAD
sipbomber(freshmeat) Sipbomber Sipbomber is a tool for testing SIP protocol (R... DOWNLOAD
tahchee(freshmeat) Tahchee Tahchee is a tool for developers and Web design... DOWNLOAD
openhpisubagent(freshmeat) OpenHPI SNMP Subagent Open HPI SNMP Subagent is a Net-SNMP based sub... DOWNLOAD
pf(freshmeat) Pf Pf implements the manual crypto system "Pl... DOWNLOAD
scponly(sfnet) scponly restricted shell scponly is an alternative 'shell' (of sorts) fo... DOWNLOAD
nuapp(freshmeat) Nuapp Nuapp is a GTK+ 2 application that uses libnucl... DOWNLOAD
fluxus(freshmeat) fluxus Fluxus is a graphical live coding environment f... DOWNLOAD
gnome-python(freshmeat) gnome-python gnome-python is a set of interfaces to gnome-li... DOWNLOAD
current(freshmeat) Current Current is a server for Red Hat's up2date tools... DOWNLOAD
gksu(freshmeat) GKsu GKsu is a GTK+ frontend to the su and sudo prog... DOWNLOAD
speed(freshmeat) speed Speed is a simple program to add a transfer met... DOWNLOAD
pygtk(freshmeat) PyGTK PyGTK is a set of Python bindings for the GTK w... DOWNLOAD
spugspam(freshmeat) SpugSpam SpugSpam is a script that runs a confirmation- ... DOWNLOAD
brinance(freshmeat) brinance Brinance is a commandline financial planning an... DOWNLOAD
htmlparser(freshmeat) HTML Parser HTML Parser is a Java library used to parse HTM... DOWNLOAD
mobs(freshmeat) My Own Building System (MOBS) MOBS is a building system a la autoconf, but a ... DOWNLOAD
cppxdr(freshmeat) Marshall Marshall is a fast xdr serialization library fo... DOWNLOAD
spring-richclient(freshmeat) spring-richclient Spring-richclient's mission is to provide an el... DOWNLOAD
vcinit(freshmeat) Virtual Console init Virtual Console init is an /sbin/init clone for... DOWNLOAD
librfid(freshmeat) librfid librfid is a RFID protocol stack for RFID reade... DOWNLOAD
libmrtd(freshmeat) libmrtd libmrtd is a library to read and verify informa... DOWNLOAD
jp2a(freshmeat) jp2a jp2a will convert JPEG images to ASCII output, ... DOWNLOAD
rbyaml(freshmeat) RbYAML RbYAML is a YAML 1.1 library written in pure Ru... DOWNLOAD
vmoviedb(freshmeat) vMovieDB vMovieDB is a movie collections manager for the... DOWNLOAD
openpcd(freshmeat) OpenPCD firmware OpenPCD is a free and open RFID reader referenc... DOWNLOAD
libmat(freshmeat) MAT Template Library MAT is a C++ mathematical template class librar... DOWNLOAD
libgeo(freshmeat) GEO -- C++ Geometric Class Library GEO is a C++ geometric template class library. ... DOWNLOAD
gmysqlcc(freshmeat) Gtk+ MySQL Command Center Gtk+ MySQL Command Center is a GUI client for M... DOWNLOAD
cppmud(freshmeat) C++ MudBase C++ MudBase is a barebones MUD codebase with a ... DOWNLOAD
greg(freshmeat) greg Greg is a framework for testing other programs ... DOWNLOAD
lm-monitor(freshmeat) lm-monitor lm-monitor is a daemon that run sensors at a de... DOWNLOAD
simba(freshmeat) Simba Simba is file mirroring tool that allows a grea... DOWNLOAD
redlisp(freshmeat) REDLisp REDLisp is currently only an interpreter of a n... DOWNLOAD
guile-dbi(freshmeat) guile-dbi guile-dbi is a generic database interface for ... DOWNLOAD
guile-dbd-mysql(freshmeat) guile-dbd-mysql guile-dbd-mysql is a MySQL database driver for ... DOWNLOAD
subnetting(freshmeat) is a simple IPv4 subnetting cal... DOWNLOAD
xsstl(freshmeat) XML Schema Standard Type Library XML Schema Standard Type Library (XSSTL) is a c... DOWNLOAD
macfilelight(freshmeat) Mac Filelight MacFilelight is a clone of the KDE Filelight ut... DOWNLOAD
bmfo(freshmeat) Bulk Meter Flow and Operations The Bulk Meter Flow and Operations project prov... DOWNLOAD
arce(freshmeat) Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Elements Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Elements (ARCE)... DOWNLOAD
osmose(freshmeat) Osmose Osmose is a tool to prepare multimedia presenta... DOWNLOAD
zope(freshmeat) Zope Zope is an application server specializing in c... DOWNLOAD
olive-gtk(freshmeat) Olive GUI for Bazaar Olive is a GUI for the Bazaar version control s... DOWNLOAD
wapua(freshmeat) wApua wApua is a WAP WML browser written in Perl with... DOWNLOAD
camorama(freshmeat) camorama camorama is a GNOME 2 Webcam application featur... DOWNLOAD
curlyml(freshmeat) CurlyML CurlyML is a simple, concise format for storing... DOWNLOAD
ibo(freshmeat) ibo ibo is a tool for developing Web-based interfac... DOWNLOAD
gwhere(freshmeat) GWhere GWhere allows you to manage a database of your ... DOWNLOAD
eikazo(freshmeat) Eikazo Eikazo is a frontend to SANE, an application pr... DOWNLOAD
ethane(freshmeat) Ethane Ethan generates packages for ad hoc network aut... DOWNLOAD
rdvis(freshmeat) RDVIS The RDVIS tool helps programmers pin-point the ... DOWNLOAD
kds(freshmeat) kds kds (krico's distributed storage) is a distribu... DOWNLOAD
oregano(freshmeat) Oregano Oregano is an application for schematic capture... DOWNLOAD
cshout(freshmeat) CShout CShout is a customizable shoutbox. It features ... DOWNLOAD
xajaxgrid(freshmeat) XajaxGrid XajaxGrid is a cross-browser JavaScript grid co... DOWNLOAD
xgngeo(freshmeat) XGngeo XGngeo is a GUI frontend for Gngeo, a powerful ... DOWNLOAD
pan(freshmeat) Pan Pan is a newsreader which attempts to be pleasi... DOWNLOAD
slmodem(freshmeat) slmodem slmodem is a SmartLink soft modem for Linux. It... DOWNLOAD
opentranscribe(freshmeat) OpenTranscribe OpenTranscribe is software to aid musicians in ... DOWNLOAD
suhosin(freshmeat) Suhosin Suhosin is an advanced protection system for PH... DOWNLOAD
pagelayout(freshmeat) pagelayout PageLayout is a layout lanager for Java Swing/A... DOWNLOAD
4sports(freshmeat) 4Sports 4Sports is an exercise management application. ... DOWNLOAD
fnumfilt(freshmeat) fnumfilt fnumfilt helps you process sets of digital came... DOWNLOAD
postaci(freshmeat) Postaci Webmail Postaci (Turkish for Postman) is multiplatform ... DOWNLOAD
modifyheaders(freshmeat) Modify Headers Modify Headers is a tool to add, modify, and fi... DOWNLOAD
jel(freshmeat) JEL JEL (Java Expressions Library) is a library for... DOWNLOAD
gnomearp(freshmeat) Gnome ARP GARP (Gnome ARP) is an ARP monitoring program w... DOWNLOAD
fuzzengine(freshmeat) Fuzz Engine Fuzz is an SDL/Mono-based 2D game engine that l... DOWNLOAD
freeadsp(freshmeat) FreeADSP FreeADSP is audio-oriented, real-time, cross-pl... DOWNLOAD
smtp_wrapper(freshmeat) smtp_wrapper smtp_wrapper is a daemon program that acts as a... DOWNLOAD
udfmediareader(freshmeat) UDF Media Reader UDF Media Reader reads disks created by packet-... DOWNLOAD
checkwebsite(freshmeat) Check Website Check Website is a performance monitoring and u... DOWNLOAD
are_you_human(freshmeat) Are You Human? Are You Human? is a script that uses a graphica... DOWNLOAD
taskjitsu(freshmeat) Taskjitsu Taskjitsu is a professional services automation... DOWNLOAD
yateadmin(freshmeat) YateAdmin YateAdmin is a Web interface which helps set up... DOWNLOAD
minnow(freshmeat) Minnow Minnow is a Web-based PDF discussion engine for... DOWNLOAD
jsaes(freshmeat) jsaes jsaes is a compact JavaScript implementation o... DOWNLOAD
ajaxvtt(freshmeat) AjaxVTT AjaxVTT is a "Virtual Table Top" util... DOWNLOAD
squid-graph(freshmeat) Squid Graph Squid Graph is a powerful logfile analysis tool... DOWNLOAD
qemu-server(freshmeat) QEMU Server Tools QEMU Server Tools is a set of simple command-li... DOWNLOAD
swixat(freshmeat) Swing XML Authoring Tool SwiXAT is a Swing-based authoring tool for the ... DOWNLOAD
wbs(freshmeat) wbs wbs is a client that downloads and... DOWNLOAD
librtctimer(freshmeat) libRTCTimer libRTCTimer is a C++ timer class similar to the... DOWNLOAD
gocache(freshmeat) gocache gocache is a tool that caches compiler output t... DOWNLOAD
tacacsclibrary(freshmeat) libtacplus libtacplus is a client and server tatacs+ libra... DOWNLOAD
pycosmos(freshmeat) PyCosmos PyCosmos is a script that allows the user to se... DOWNLOAD

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