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vthrottle(freshmeat) vthrottle vthrottle is an implementation of an SMTP throt... DOWNLOAD
templat(freshmeat) TemplAT TemplAT is a general-purpose text file template... DOWNLOAD
sqlitedbms(freshmeat) SQLiteDBMS SQLiteDBMS is a database management server for ... DOWNLOAD
gnufilter(freshmeat) GNUFilter GNUFilter is a command-line application that ad... DOWNLOAD
glashctl(freshmeat) GLASHCtl GLASHCtl is a simple applet for controlling the... DOWNLOAD
vicestats(freshmeat) Vice Stats Vice Stats is an advanced Web site statistics g... DOWNLOAD
hrl(freshmeat) HTML Redemption Language HTML Redemption Language (HRL for short) is a l... DOWNLOAD
panelfm(freshmeat) PanelFM PanelFM is a GNOME panel applet that provides q... DOWNLOAD
ethereye(freshmeat) EtherEye Network Host Checker EtherEye is a Web-based network host checking s... DOWNLOAD
phpdance(freshmeat) PHPDance PHPDance is an object-oriented PHP interface to... DOWNLOAD
jcifs(freshmeat) jCIFS jCIFS is a CIFS/SMB and MS-RPC client library w... DOWNLOAD
netwhistler(freshmeat) Mila NetWhistler Netwhistler auto-detects networks and presents ... DOWNLOAD
proxyknife(freshmeat) GNU Proxyknife GNU Proxyknife (formerly known as phc or proxy ... DOWNLOAD
laeqed(freshmeat) Laeqed Laeqed is a Latex equation editor specifically ... DOWNLOAD
moodstats(freshmeat) Mood Stats Mood Stats keeps track of your daily mood. You ... DOWNLOAD
fortune(freshmeat) Fortune Fortune contains the wise sayings from the anci... DOWNLOAD
sleepforpalm(freshmeat) Sleep For Palm Sleep is designed to convert one of your hardwa... DOWNLOAD
opendd(freshmeat) OpenDD OpenDD is a DynDNS client, written in C, and es... DOWNLOAD
gammapage(freshmeat) GAMMApage GAMMApage is a program to adjust a monitor's ga... DOWNLOAD
tagfu(freshmeat) TagFu TagFu is a Python library for tagging entities ... DOWNLOAD
xmacroj(freshmeat) XMacroJ XMacroJ is an XML macro language for building t... DOWNLOAD
mecatutor(freshmeat) mecatutor mecatutor is a curses typing tutor. It shows th... DOWNLOAD
rehersal(freshmeat) Rehersal Rehersal is a testing framework for Scala. It r... DOWNLOAD
instantpicture(freshmeat) Instant Picture Creator Instant Picture Creator is a wrapper to produce... DOWNLOAD
tcv(freshmeat) tc-viewer tc-viewer provides the ability to watch current... DOWNLOAD
aproc(freshmeat) aproc aproc displays some information about all PCM d... DOWNLOAD
mr_ldif(freshmeat) Mr. LDIF Mr. LDIF is a script that builds a seed LDAP au... DOWNLOAD
qgnokii(freshmeat) QGnokii QGnokii is an alternative frontend for Gnokii w... DOWNLOAD
keystroke(freshmeat) Keystroke Keystroke is a tool that aids in the transcript... DOWNLOAD
diadbdesigner(freshmeat) DiaDBDesigner DiaDBDesigner is a standalone module for constr... DOWNLOAD
ossweb(freshmeat) OSSWEB OSSWEB is a Web application development framewo... DOWNLOAD
html2pdf(freshmeat) HTML_ToPDF HTML_ToPDF takes the hassle out of generating a... DOWNLOAD
argoxpt(freshmeat) argox-pt argox-pt is software for providing support for ... DOWNLOAD
utio(freshmeat) Useful Terminal I/O Library The Useful Terminal I/O library is a C++ altern... DOWNLOAD
claroschat(freshmeat) Claros Chat Claros Chat is a Web based instant messaging cl... DOWNLOAD
gputty(freshmeat) GPuTTY GPuTTY is a PuTTY clone using the Gnome environ... DOWNLOAD
libloop(freshmeat) libloop libloop is a small, simple library for manipula... DOWNLOAD
myrescue(freshmeat) myrescue myrescue is a program to rescue the still-reada... DOWNLOAD
webserverinfo-php-class(freshmeat) WebServerInfo PHP class WebServerInfo PHP class is intended for develop... DOWNLOAD
attach_mailer(freshmeat) Attachment Mailer class Attachment Mailer class is a PHP class that can... DOWNLOAD
moodss(freshmeat) moodss Moodss is a modular monitoring application, whi... DOWNLOAD
zybacafe(freshmeat) ZybaCafe ZybaCafe (formerly DireqCafe) is a full feature... DOWNLOAD
icomplete(freshmeat) IComplete IComplete is a generic command line program for... DOWNLOAD
upnplib(freshmeat) UPNPLib UPNPLib is a Java library for the UPNP protocol... DOWNLOAD
g3dviewer(freshmeat) G3DViewer G3DViewer is a program to display and inspect 3... DOWNLOAD
miniat(freshmeat) mini-at mini-at is a small "at" daemon and co... DOWNLOAD
drknock(freshmeat) DrKnock DrKnock is a port knocking solution based on si... DOWNLOAD
stclass(freshmeat) STclass STclass is a unit testing framework comparable ... DOWNLOAD
formitable(freshmeat) Formitable Formitable is a PHP class used to ease the crea... DOWNLOAD
ritmarkfs(freshmeat) RitmarkFS Ritmark FS Engine is a filesystem engine for My... DOWNLOAD
neitris(freshmeat) Neitris Neitris is a competitive, network multiplayer v... DOWNLOAD
wigs(freshmeat) WIGS WIGS is both an API to talk to a GPS receiver o... DOWNLOAD
crackup(freshmeat) Crackup Crackup is a pretty simple, pretty secure remot... DOWNLOAD
phpreports(freshmeat) phpreports phpreports is a PHP report generator that uses ... DOWNLOAD
pgpmoose(freshmeat) pgpmoose pgpmoose is a program that cancels invald messa... DOWNLOAD
gliv(freshmeat) GLiv GLiv is an OpenGL image viewer. Image loading i... DOWNLOAD
sch_log(freshmeat) sch_log sch_log is a patch for Linux kernel that allows... DOWNLOAD
xisp(freshmeat) X-ISP X-ISP is a visual, X11/XForms based, user-frien... DOWNLOAD
labtimer(freshmeat) labTimer labTimer is a set of timer suited to black and ... DOWNLOAD
gantry(freshmeat) Gantry Gantry is a robust Perl-based Web application f... DOWNLOAD
conn(freshmeat) Conn Conn is a small C library used to easily build ... DOWNLOAD
cgiforum(freshmeat) CGIForum CGIForum is a highly configurable template-base... DOWNLOAD
avl-array(freshmeat) AVL Array AVL Array is an STL-like container for C++ that... DOWNLOAD
mod_securid(freshmeat) mod_securid The mod_securid Apache module implements RSA Se... DOWNLOAD
batchrename(freshmeat) massrename massrename is a general-purpose utility for ba... DOWNLOAD
chuckieeggj2me(freshmeat) Chuckie Egg J2Me Chuckie Egg J2Me is a J2ME implementation of th... DOWNLOAD
halcc(freshmeat) libhal++ libhal++ is a C++ wrapper library for libhal an... DOWNLOAD
jsxe(freshmeat) jsXe jsXe is the Java Simple XML Editor. Its aim is ... DOWNLOAD
blame(freshmeat) Blame Blame displays the last modification for each l... DOWNLOAD
jimage-analyst(freshmeat) JImage-Analyst JImage-Analyst is a Java-based library for extr... DOWNLOAD
jascom(freshmeat) jAscom jAscom is a wrapper around the JACOB (JAva-COM ... DOWNLOAD
shn2make(freshmeat) shn2make shn2make works with sets of SHN or FLAC audio f... DOWNLOAD
pyastra(freshmeat) Pyastra Pyastra is a Python to assembler translator tha... DOWNLOAD
regexpparser(freshmeat) regular expression parser regular expression parser is a C++ regexp parse... DOWNLOAD
streams(freshmeat) Streams Streams is an I/O library designed to eventuall... DOWNLOAD
euconnect(freshmeat) e-U Connect e-U Connect is a bash+dialog based user interfa... DOWNLOAD
visualwebgui(freshmeat) Visual WebGui Visual WebGui lets you develop in a WinForms-li... DOWNLOAD
wsnap(freshmeat) webcam snaps webcam snaps is a Webcam utility for taking sna... DOWNLOAD
grhino(freshmeat) GRhino GRhino is a GUI Othello/Reversi game for the GN... DOWNLOAD
dim-instantmessenger(freshmeat) DIM DIM (Dirty Instant Messenger) is an instant mes... DOWNLOAD
setpwc(freshmeat) setpwc setpwc allows users to set all settings of a Ph... DOWNLOAD
net-amazon-s3(freshmeat) Net::Amazon::S3 Net::Amazon::S3 is a simple, easy to use, pure ... DOWNLOAD
jstest(freshmeat) jsTest jsTest is a unit testing tool for JavaScript, f... DOWNLOAD
hjb(freshmeat) HJB HJB is a library that provides access to JMS re... DOWNLOAD
tagfilter(freshmeat) Tagfilter Tagfilter accepts a list of audio files from ei... DOWNLOAD
myintcl(freshmeat) myintcl Myintcl is an interface for using MySQL in Tcl ... DOWNLOAD
plog4u(freshmeat) Eclipse Wikipedia Editor Plugin The Eclipse Wikipedia Editor Plugin is an Eclip... DOWNLOAD
istrice(freshmeat) istrice istrice allows a client to assign the compilati... DOWNLOAD
urlmarkr(freshmeat) url.markr url.markr is a personal bookmark manager writte... DOWNLOAD
galbum(freshmeat) GAlbum GAlbum is a small photo album application for G... DOWNLOAD
joker-php-client(freshmeat) PHP client PHP client is a Web-based, OS indepen... DOWNLOAD
webtty(freshmeat) WebTTY The WebTTY package allows any Linux terminal pr... DOWNLOAD
jstesteclipse(freshmeat) jsTest Eclipse jsTest is a plugin for Eclipse that performs co... DOWNLOAD
kallery(freshmeat) Kallery Kallery is a highly configurable image gallery ... DOWNLOAD
goggles(freshmeat) Goggles Goggles is a frontend for the Ogle DVD player. ... DOWNLOAD
codavaj(freshmeat) codavaj codavaj is Javadoc in reverse: a seemingly usel... DOWNLOAD
spoonrpc(freshmeat) SpoonRPC SpoonRPC is a library providing a distributed m... DOWNLOAD
fxdesktop(freshmeat) FOX Desktop FOX Desktop is a lightweight desktop environmen... DOWNLOAD
xfmedia(freshmeat) Xfmedia Xfmedia is a simple audio and video player base... DOWNLOAD
bugzproxy(freshmeat) Bugzproxy Bugzproxy is a C# client library for the upcomi... DOWNLOAD

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