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freevo(freshmeat) Freevo Freevo is a Linux application that turns a PC w... DOWNLOAD
pynakotheka(freshmeat) Pynakotheka Pynakotheka is a simple script which generates ... DOWNLOAD
tacticsgame(freshmeat) Tactics Squad Tactics Squad is a real time tactics game in wh... DOWNLOAD
rq-seotools(freshmeat) RankQuest SEO Tools RankQuest SEO Tools aims to help Web masters in... DOWNLOAD
coronet(freshmeat) Coronet The coronet library implements an epoll and cor... DOWNLOAD
shwild_fnmatch(freshmeat) shwild.fnmatch shwild.fnmatch is a small, simple library that ... DOWNLOAD
shotdetect(freshmeat) shotdetect shotdetect is an application which can detect s... DOWNLOAD
wrep(freshmeat) WebReporter WebReporter is a tool to periodically check Web... DOWNLOAD
nwu(freshmeat) Nwu Nwu is a network-wide update system for systems... DOWNLOAD
nzbgui(freshmeat) NzbGui NzbGui provides an easy way to control NzbGet s... DOWNLOAD
fwdoc(freshmeat) FWdoc FWdoc is a vendor-independent standard for stor... DOWNLOAD
orionsmg(freshmeat) Orion Secure Message Gateway OrionSMG is a secure message gateway for transp... DOWNLOAD
speakright(freshmeat) SpeakRight SpeakRight is a Java framework for writing spee... DOWNLOAD
agilesites(freshmeat) AgileSites AgileSites is a framework for Oracle WebCenter ... DOWNLOAD
rubymechanize(freshmeat) Mechanize The Mechanize library is used for automating in... DOWNLOAD
xdtv(freshmeat) XdTV XdTV is a program to watch, record, and stream ... DOWNLOAD
jnc(freshmeat) JavaNativeCompiler JNC (JavaNativeCompiler) is a Java to native co... DOWNLOAD
jbimock(freshmeat) JBI Mock Framework The JBI Mock Framework is a set of classes that... DOWNLOAD
encodingse(freshmeat) Encoding Service Engine The Encoding Service Engine is a JBI component ... DOWNLOAD
sisc(freshmeat) SISC SISC is an extensible Java-based interpreter of... DOWNLOAD
htb2(freshmeat) Hattrick Broadcasting Bot Hattrick Broadcasting Bot is an eggdrop module ... DOWNLOAD
audiotagtool(freshmeat) Audio Tag Tool Audio Tag Tool is a program to manage the infor... DOWNLOAD
cchost(freshmeat) ccHost ccHost is a Web-based infrastructure that may b... DOWNLOAD
vpn-shaper(freshmeat) vpn-shaper vpn-shaper is a dynamic traffic shaper for open... DOWNLOAD
pcm(freshmeat) Pro Clan Manager Pro Clan Manager is an international content ma... DOWNLOAD
pkgtools(freshmeat) Heirloom Packaging Tools The Heirloom Packaging Tools are Linux ports of... DOWNLOAD
elvyx(freshmeat) Elvyx Elvyx is a tool designed to monitor and profile... DOWNLOAD
cavezofphear(freshmeat) CAVEZ of PHEAR CAVEZ of PHEAR is a Boulder Dash / Digger like ... DOWNLOAD
tolp(freshmeat) TOL project Tol is a programming language dedicated to the ... DOWNLOAD
hermesjms(freshmeat) Hermes JMS Browser Hermes JMS Browser is a Java/Swing application ... DOWNLOAD
crosstex(freshmeat) CrossTeX CrossTeX is a bibliography management tool. It ... DOWNLOAD
xlcrack(freshmeat) xlcrack xlcrack recovers lost or forgotten passwords fr... DOWNLOAD
fusemc(freshmeat) Fuse Media Centre Fuse Media Centre is a full featured media appl... DOWNLOAD
silence_tcl(freshmeat) Silence.tcl Silence.tcl is a simple tool that detects silen... DOWNLOAD
nudruff(freshmeat) nudruff nudruff is a tool that chooses files almost opt... DOWNLOAD
most4linux(freshmeat) most4linux most4linux provides a Linux kernel driver for ... DOWNLOAD
chestnut-dialer(freshmeat) Chestnut Dialer chestnut-dialer is a PPP dialing program, writt... DOWNLOAD
deepproject(freshmeat) Deep Project Deep Project is a time entry application for co... DOWNLOAD
apphp-formbuilder(freshmeat) ApPHP FormBuilder ApPHP FormBuilder is an easy-to-use HTML form b... DOWNLOAD
travmail(freshmeat) travmail travmail is an IMAP Web mail client that featur... DOWNLOAD
h3270(freshmeat) h3270 h3270 provides access to IBM 3270 hosts from wi... DOWNLOAD
panopticode(freshmeat) Panopticode Panopticode provides a standardized format for ... DOWNLOAD
rubyosa(freshmeat) RubyOSA RubyOSA is a bridge that connects Ruby to the A... DOWNLOAD
libutap(freshmeat) UPPAAL Timed Automata Parser Library The UPPAAL Timed Automata Parser Library (libu... DOWNLOAD
libstrvar(freshmeat) simple variable library libstrvar is a simple variable library intended... DOWNLOAD
ftpusers(freshmeat) Pure FTP Manager Pure FTP Manager allows a user to access multip... DOWNLOAD
dxf(freshmeat) dxf dxf allows you to easily open and edit DXF (Dra... DOWNLOAD
joelib(freshmeat) JOELib/JOELib2 JOELib/JOELib2 is a cheminformatics library whi... DOWNLOAD
s3browser(freshmeat) S3 browser S3 browser is a Web-based application for manag... DOWNLOAD
fbdump(freshmeat) fbdump fbdump is a simple tool to capture snapshots fr... DOWNLOAD
smartcam(freshmeat) SmartCam SmartCam is a smartphone Web camera. It turns a... DOWNLOAD
vmukti(freshmeat) 1VideoConference 1VideoConverence is Web2.0 audio-video conferen... DOWNLOAD
vcs-load-dirs(freshmeat) vcs-load-dirs vcs-load-dirs is a tool for importing of non-ve... DOWNLOAD
mogul(freshmeat) Minimal OpenGL Utility Library Minimal OpenGL Utility Library (MOGUL) is a lib... DOWNLOAD
nopworklog(freshmeat) NOPworklog NOPworklog is simple (PHP 5.1-based) time track... DOWNLOAD
d-store(freshmeat) d_store D_store is an alternative database-like storage... DOWNLOAD
swfdec(freshmeat) swfdec Swfdec is a library for rendering Flash animati... DOWNLOAD
royalcms(freshmeat) RoyalCMS RoyalCMS is a content management system designe... DOWNLOAD
atslog(freshmeat) ATSlog The ATSlog software provides a handy Web-orient... DOWNLOAD
qtdso(freshmeat) QtDSO QtDSO is a simple frontend for the Velleman PCS... DOWNLOAD
mtvg(freshmeat) Maxemum TV-Guide Maxemum TV-Guide is a KDE TV guide. It features... DOWNLOAD
darwin_pkg(freshmeat) Darwin pkg Darwin pkg is a port of FreeBSD's software pack... DOWNLOAD
musicwatcher(freshmeat) MusicWatcher MusicWatcher is a native OS X application writt... DOWNLOAD
firekeeper(freshmeat) Firekeeper Firekeeper is an intrusion detection and preven... DOWNLOAD
qdbm(freshmeat) QDBM: Quick DataBase Manager QDBM is an embedded database library compatible... DOWNLOAD
netacct-netstat(freshmeat) Netacct-NetStat Netacct-NetStat is a PHP Web interface for Neta... DOWNLOAD
jin(freshmeat) Jin Jin is a Java client for various chess servers.... DOWNLOAD
icns(freshmeat) .icns .icns allows you to use Mac OS X .icns icon fil... DOWNLOAD
ajaxchatbot(freshmeat) Pandorabots Chat Bot Interface Pandorabots Chat Bot Interface is a learning to... DOWNLOAD
helpcore(freshmeat) HelpCORE Helpcore is an enterprise grade help and servic... DOWNLOAD
cimg(freshmeat) The CImg Library The CImg library provides a set of C++ classes ... DOWNLOAD
ydframework(freshmeat) Yellow Duck Framework The Yellow Duck Framework is an object-oriented... DOWNLOAD
jinzora(freshmeat) Jinzora Jinzora is a Web-based media streamer, primaril... DOWNLOAD
mozcalext(freshmeat) Mozilla Seamonkey Calendar Mozilla Seamonkey Calendar is a build of the Ca... DOWNLOAD
hyperestraier(freshmeat) Hyper Estraier Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system. It... DOWNLOAD
emsniff(freshmeat) EmSniff EmSniff is an application that helps you to cap... DOWNLOAD
modem(freshmeat) is a small script that scrapes the Web... DOWNLOAD
dhcpsql(freshmeat) DHCPsql This projects implements the RFC2132 and at lea... DOWNLOAD
crystal-audio(freshmeat) Crystal Audio CrystalAudio is a FVWM-Crystal configuration tu... DOWNLOAD
ipshutter(freshmeat) IPShutter IPShutter lets you firewall off ports such as s... DOWNLOAD
streammonitor(freshmeat) StreamMonitor for GlowWorm FW StreamMonitor is a plugin for GlowWorm FW that ... DOWNLOAD
mohachat(freshmeat) MOHA Chat MOHA Chat is a chat solution which comes with a... DOWNLOAD
filepp(freshmeat) Filepp filepp is a generic file preprocessor designed ... DOWNLOAD
xpress-analyzer(freshmeat) xpress-analyzer xpress-analyzer is a suite of programs for ana... DOWNLOAD
ruty(freshmeat) Ruty Ruty is a Ruby templating engine inspired by t... DOWNLOAD
arpwatch-ng(freshmeat) arpwatch NG The arpwatch NG package contains arpwatch and a... DOWNLOAD
mod_vhs(freshmeat) mod_vhs mod_vhs is an Apache 2.2+ Web server module all... DOWNLOAD
unpaper(freshmeat) unpaper unpaper is a post-processing tool for scanned s... DOWNLOAD
infoglue(freshmeat) Infoglue InfoGlue is an advanced, scalable, and robust ... DOWNLOAD
tarifa(freshmeat) TARIFA TARIFA, which stands for Transactions by Assemb... DOWNLOAD
eeip(freshmeat) Easiest Edit In Place Easiest Edit In Place enables Web (2.0) develop... DOWNLOAD
usbip(freshmeat) The USB/IP Project The USB/IP Project aims to develop a general US... DOWNLOAD
dmwebmail(freshmeat) Decimail Webmail 3 Decimail Webmail 3 is an email application writ... DOWNLOAD
libruin(freshmeat) libRUIN libRUIN (Renderer for User Interfaces in Ncurse... DOWNLOAD
davenport(freshmeat) Davenport Davenport is a Java Servlet-based application p... DOWNLOAD
yeast(freshmeat) Yeast Yeast is a tool that manages dependencies betwe... DOWNLOAD
keyplex(freshmeat) Keyplex Keyplex is a keyboard multiplexer for X11 termi... DOWNLOAD
noty(freshmeat) Noty Noty is a small note-taking application. It all... DOWNLOAD
dvdauthorwizard(freshmeat) KDE DVDAuthor Wizard KDE DVDAuthor Wizard will assist you while crea... DOWNLOAD
scanhill(freshmeat) Scanhill Scanhill is a Microsoft Messenger Protocol Snif... DOWNLOAD

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