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statmail(freshmeat) statmail statmail is a procmail log analyzer, and a dro... DOWNLOAD
openjpa(freshmeat) OpenJPA OpenJPA is a 100% compliant feature-rich implem... DOWNLOAD
mowitz(freshmeat) Mowitz The Mowitz library contains a large collection ... DOWNLOAD
tcpproxy(freshmeat) tcpproxy tcpproxy is a transparent TCP proxy server. It ... DOWNLOAD
cmdftp(freshmeat) cmdftp cmdftp is a tiny command line FTP client for Un... DOWNLOAD
jlaunchpad(freshmeat) JLaunchPad JLaunchPad is a way of launching Java programs.... DOWNLOAD
lib378(freshmeat) lib378 lib378 is a library for predictive text input. ... DOWNLOAD
secmalloc(freshmeat) Secure Malloc Secure Malloc is a C library for secure memory ... DOWNLOAD
fama(freshmeat) Fama Instant Messenger Fama IM is a project to build an easy to use, p... DOWNLOAD
nutss(freshmeat) NUTSS NUTSS (NAT, URIs, Tunnels, SIP, and STUNT) is a... DOWNLOAD
mumbles(freshmeat) mumbles Mumbles is a plugin-driven, DBus based notifica... DOWNLOAD
littletuxa(freshmeat) LittleTux Networked Audio Player The LittleTux Networked Audio Player is a fast ... DOWNLOAD
myosotis(freshmeat) Myosotis Myosotis allows MySQL and PostgreSQL clients to... DOWNLOAD
stiq(freshmeat) StoryTestIQ StoryTestIQ (a.k.a. "STIQ") is a tool... DOWNLOAD
daisy(freshmeat) Daisy Daisy is an enterprise content management solut... DOWNLOAD
activeshipping(freshmeat) ActiveShipping ActiveShipping is a unified Ruby API (quite use... DOWNLOAD
fritzctl(freshmeat) Fritz!Control Fritz!Control allows you to monitor your FRITZ!... DOWNLOAD
i18nhtml(freshmeat) i18nHTML i18nHTML is a collection of scripts that can be... DOWNLOAD
teamtrac(freshmeat) teamtrac Teamtrac is a tool to correlate different sourc... DOWNLOAD
docbook(freshmeat) DocBook DocBook is an XML vocabulary which enables you ... DOWNLOAD
kml2length(freshmeat) kml2length TED1@vnau1 DOWNLOAD
ripple(freshmeat) Ripple Ripple is a dedicated scripting language for th... DOWNLOAD
firefoxqs(freshmeat) Firefox Quickstarter Firefox Quickstarter is an small utility for KD... DOWNLOAD
jewelerp(freshmeat) jewelERP jewelERP is a base for an ERP system especially... DOWNLOAD
wsas(freshmeat) WSO2 Web Services Application Server WSO2 WSAS is an integrated Web services platfor... DOWNLOAD
iocalendar(freshmeat) ioCalendar ioCalendar is a calendar for Infodomestic Objec... DOWNLOAD
net-status-monitor(freshmeat) net-status-monitor net-status-monitor is a simple console script t... DOWNLOAD
log4cpp(freshmeat) Log for C++ Log for C++ is a library of classes for flexibl... DOWNLOAD
dutchpipe(freshmeat) DutchPIPE DutchPIPE allows Web developers to make virtual... DOWNLOAD
rapidinsight(freshmeat) iFountain RapidInsight RapidInsight is an integration, automation, and... DOWNLOAD
jpws(freshmeat) JPasswords JPasswords is a compact and user-friendly progr... DOWNLOAD
preps(freshmeat) PRepS PRepS is a problem reporting and tracking syste... DOWNLOAD
dbdesigner-fork(freshmeat) DB Designer Fork DB Designer Fork is a visual database design sy... DOWNLOAD
paq(freshmeat) PAQ PAQ is a series of archivers which achieve very... DOWNLOAD
webshare(freshmeat) Webshare WebShare is a Web-based FTP explorer that is ve... DOWNLOAD
momeunit(freshmeat) MoMEUnit MoMEUnit is an instance of the xUnit architectu... DOWNLOAD
arena(freshmeat) Arena Scripting Language Arena is a light-weight scripting language that... DOWNLOAD
jumpstart(freshmeat) jumpstart jumpstart is a performance hack for Linux/x86 t... DOWNLOAD
usbsink(freshmeat) USBSink USBSink is a GNOME program for automatic file s... DOWNLOAD
webreboot-nagios-plugin(freshmeat) WebReboot Nagios Plugin The WebReboot Plugin for Nagios is a suite of c... DOWNLOAD
gwt-pf(freshmeat) GWT Pleso Framework GWT Pleso Framework (gwt-pf) is a high-level fr... DOWNLOAD
browserlauncher2(freshmeat) BrowserLauncher2 BrowserLauncher2 is a library that facilitates ... DOWNLOAD
ipsvd(freshmeat) ipsvd ipsvd is a set of Internet protocol service dae... DOWNLOAD
glst(freshmeat) GLST GLST is an SMTP grey listing implementation tha... DOWNLOAD
csharp-mode(freshmeat) C# for Emacs csharp-mode is a derived mode for cc-mode 5.30.... DOWNLOAD
regcom(freshmeat) Regimental Command Regimental Command is a generic armored combat ... DOWNLOAD
mtar(freshmeat) GNU Tar Autoloader Patch The GNU Tar Autoloader Patch allows you to auto... DOWNLOAD
xmnap(freshmeat) XmNap XmNap is a Motif napster client. It supports ch... DOWNLOAD
websvn(freshmeat) Easy SVN Browser Easy SVN is a subversion browser via the Web. I... DOWNLOAD
phpnav(freshmeat) phpNavigation phpNavigation is a PHP script that allows you t... DOWNLOAD
vapes(freshmeat) V.A.P.E.S. V.A.P.E.S. (Virtual admin for Postfix email ser... DOWNLOAD
javascript-tools(freshmeat) Javascript plug-in modules Javascript plug-in modules is a set of object-o... DOWNLOAD
cvs-tools(freshmeat) CVS tools CVS tools is a collection of CVS-related utilit... DOWNLOAD
inotail(freshmeat) inotail inotail is a replacement for the 'tail' program... DOWNLOAD
prestan(freshmeat) Prestan Prestan is a WebDAV server performance test sui... DOWNLOAD
devtodo(freshmeat) Developer Todo Developer Todo is a program to assist developer... DOWNLOAD
tuplesoup(freshmeat) Tuplesoup Tuplesoup is a small easy to use Java-based fra... DOWNLOAD
im-filter(freshmeat) IM-Filter IM-Filter is a daemon that runs on a firewall a... DOWNLOAD
kasai(freshmeat) Kasai Kasai is a Java-based authentication and author... DOWNLOAD
quickfunctor(freshmeat) QuickFunctor QuickFunctor is a C++ functor library with many... DOWNLOAD
xdock(freshmeat) xdock xdock is a program that emulates the Window Mak... DOWNLOAD
pardux(freshmeat) Pardux Pardux is a Pardus Linux based lightweight Linu... DOWNLOAD
pureadmin(freshmeat) PureAdmin PureAdmin is a graphical tool used to make the ... DOWNLOAD
gedxchange(freshmeat) GEDXchange GEDXchange is a collection of genealogy tools t... DOWNLOAD
titli(freshmeat) TiTLi TiTLi is a Google-like search tool for relation... DOWNLOAD
jcfind(freshmeat) jcfind jcfind will help you find packages, files, and ... DOWNLOAD
gpaint(freshmeat) GNU Paint Gpaint is a small, easy-to-use paint program fo... DOWNLOAD
diit(freshmeat) Digital Invisible Ink Toolkit DIIT provides a simple tool that can hide a mes... DOWNLOAD
perl-text2html(freshmeat) Perl text to html converter Perl text2html is an HTML 4.01/CSS2 project tha... DOWNLOAD
php-agenda(freshmeat) Simple PHP agenda Simple PHP agenda is a small, versatile tool to... DOWNLOAD
ltk(freshmeat) LLRP Toolkit LLRP Toolkit provides tools for communicating i... DOWNLOAD
model-tags(freshmeat) model_tags model_tags is a Radiant CMS extension inspired ... DOWNLOAD
sk98lin(freshmeat) sk98lin sk98lin is a Marvell Yukon/SysKonnect Linux dri... DOWNLOAD
bub-n-bros(freshmeat) The Bub's Brothers This is a multiplayer clone of the classical Bu... DOWNLOAD
archery(freshmeat) Archery Archery is a script to extract archives intelli... DOWNLOAD
twistedlife(freshmeat) Twisted Life Twisted Life is a video game that uses a varian... DOWNLOAD
jdfw(sfnet) JDFW A framework for java desktop applications. Incl... DOWNLOAD
c-nc(freshmeat) C-NC C-NC is a Mastermind (Enigma, Guess, etc.) styl... DOWNLOAD
kwest(freshmeat) Kwest Kwest is an interpreter for Infocom and other Z... DOWNLOAD
falt4(freshmeat) Falt4 Falt4 is a business approved content management... DOWNLOAD
dlogin(freshmeat) dlogin dlogin is a replacement login which allows auto... DOWNLOAD
ea-geier(freshmeat) ea-Geier The ea-Geier is a tool that handles accounting ... DOWNLOAD
jasperetl(freshmeat) JasperETL JasperETL is a data integration platform provid... DOWNLOAD
mod_ssl(freshmeat) mod_ssl mod_ssl provides provides strong cryptography f... DOWNLOAD
phpchecklst(freshmeat) CheckList for sysadmins CheckList is a program for managing checklists ... DOWNLOAD
rfsdelta(freshmeat) rfsdelta rfsdelta is a kernel module for the Linux 2.6 s... DOWNLOAD
cppt(freshmeat) Tero's C++ Scripting Tero's C++ Scripting lets you write your C++ pr... DOWNLOAD
lampcheck(freshmeat) LAMPcheck LAMPcheck is a pre-installation test script for... DOWNLOAD
stepbystep(freshmeat) Step-by-Step Step-by-Step is a simple logic game where you h... DOWNLOAD
xerces2(freshmeat) Xerces2 Xerces2 is the next generation Apache Xerces-J ... DOWNLOAD
xinuext(freshmeat) Xinu EXT Xinu EXT is a SEO Toolkit to quickly check your... DOWNLOAD
pppblog(freshmeat) pppBLOG pppBLOG is a simple Weblog package. It uses pla... DOWNLOAD
sywico(freshmeat) SyWiCo SyWiCo is a tool for managing concurrent modifi... DOWNLOAD
orpie(freshmeat) Orpie Orpie is a fullscreen RPN calculator for the co... DOWNLOAD
polymeraze(freshmeat) polymeraze polymeraze manages system configuration files b... DOWNLOAD
pam_usb(freshmeat) pam_usb pam_usb is a PAM module that enables either two... DOWNLOAD
objectmanager(freshmeat) objectManager objectManager is a simple to use PHP object/MyS... DOWNLOAD
kneemail(freshmeat) Kneemail Kneemail is a simple prayer journal software. Y... DOWNLOAD
imbaluri(freshmeat) imbaluri Imabluri takes a message from your SMTP server,... DOWNLOAD
stdinmix(freshmeat) stdin mixer stdin mixer is a small program that allows the ... DOWNLOAD

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