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closebracket(freshmeat) Closebracket Closebracket lets you define multiple shell act... DOWNLOAD
watermark(freshmeat) WaterMark WaterMark is an image manipulation tool that al... DOWNLOAD
xpdfintl(freshmeat) xpdf-intl xpdf-intl is a patched version of Xpdf with sup... DOWNLOAD
jeti(freshmeat) Jeti Jeti is a Java Jabber client that supports most... DOWNLOAD
blobtrix(freshmeat) Blobtrix Blobtrix is a two player variant of Tetris wher... DOWNLOAD
lightfman(freshmeat) Light FMan PHP Light FMan PHP (lfman) is an advanced file mana... DOWNLOAD
blobtrixd(freshmeat) Blobtrixd Blobtrixd is a standalone server for the Blobtr... DOWNLOAD
tidorbj(freshmeat) TIDorb Java TIDorb Java is a CORBA 2.6 ORB with a high leve... DOWNLOAD
xmms-crossfade(freshmeat) xmms-crossfade xmms-crossfade is an output plugin for XMMS. It... DOWNLOAD
opentick-ruby(freshmeat) opentick-ruby opentick-ruby is an implementation of the Opent... DOWNLOAD
tradingrobotdsl(freshmeat) Trading robot DSL Trading robot DSL is a domain specific language... DOWNLOAD
showcase(freshmeat) Firefox Showcase Showcase is a Mozilla Firefox plugin that allow... DOWNLOAD
antiright(freshmeat) GUIShell The GUIShell project is a collection of utiliti... DOWNLOAD
statsserv(freshmeat) StatsServ StatsServ is a little program which emulates an... DOWNLOAD
libdlna(freshmeat) libdlna libdlna aims at being a reference implementatio... DOWNLOAD
jack-rack(freshmeat) JACK Rack JACK Rack is a LADSPA effects rack for the JACK... DOWNLOAD
clanfx(freshmeat) ClanFX ClanFX is an Javascript game engine for single-... DOWNLOAD
dnsbl-milter(freshmeat) dnsbl-milter dnsbl-milter is a lightweight and flexible Send... DOWNLOAD
pytrackprofiler(freshmeat) PyTrackProfiler PyTrackProfiler allows you to create high quali... DOWNLOAD
appfuse(freshmeat) AppFuse AppFuse is an application for "kickstartin... DOWNLOAD
modell(freshmeat) Modell Modell (Modular Extension Lisp Language) is an... DOWNLOAD
hydro(freshmeat) Hydro Hydro is an independent implementation of ICE, ... DOWNLOAD
xarope(freshmeat) Xarope Xarope is an easy-to-use Zope/Plone hosting sol... DOWNLOAD
gerbv(freshmeat) Gerber Viewer Gerber Viewer is a viewer for Gerber files, als... DOWNLOAD
picgrid(freshmeat) Picture Grid Picture Grid allows you to stitch pictures into... DOWNLOAD
ezxdisp(freshmeat) ezxdisp ezxdisp is a simple graphics library for 2D/3D ... DOWNLOAD
openbeagle(freshmeat) Open BEAGLE Open BEAGLE is a C++ evolutionary computation f... DOWNLOAD
gpgutils(freshmeat) gpgutils gpgutils is a set of utilities for GNUPG. It in... DOWNLOAD
snort2pf(freshmeat) Snort2PF With Snort2Pf, you can turn your local Snort in... DOWNLOAD
xmlmatcher(freshmeat) XML Matcher XML Matcher is a Java library for matching XML ... DOWNLOAD
hextk(freshmeat) Polygon Puzzle Polygon Puzzle is a tessellation puzzle inspire... DOWNLOAD
bigdaddy(freshmeat) BigDaddy BigDaddy is a program for monitoring servers. I... DOWNLOAD
pam_redirector(freshmeat) pam_redirector pam_redirector is a pluggable authentication mo... DOWNLOAD
liblzf(freshmeat) LibLZF LibLZF is a very small, self-contained library ... DOWNLOAD
psi(freshmeat) PHP Simple Informer PSI (PHP Simple Informer) is a very simple netw... DOWNLOAD
pam_krb5_migrate(freshmeat) pam_krb5_migrate pam_krb5_migrate is a stackable authentication ... DOWNLOAD
clker_com(freshmeat) openoffice addon openoffice addon is an add-on extensi... DOWNLOAD
algernon(freshmeat) Algernon: A Subsumption Architecture Algernon is a subsumption architecture built on... DOWNLOAD
subdiversvn(freshmeat) SubdiverSVN SubdiverSVN is a convenient Subversion client. DOWNLOAD
gnome-sshman(freshmeat) Gnome-sshman Gnome-sshman is an SSH session manager for GNOM... DOWNLOAD
j4me(freshmeat) J4ME J4ME is a library to help with J2ME development... DOWNLOAD
dbdesigner2cake(freshmeat) DBDesigner 4 Scaffold Tools for CakePHP DBDesigner 4 Scaffold Tools for CakePHP, or sim... DOWNLOAD
ci-linux(freshmeat) Cluster Infrastructure for Linux Cluster Infrastructure (CI) for Linux is a comm... DOWNLOAD
swiftdove(freshmeat) Swiftdove Swiftdove is an optimized build of the Mozilla ... DOWNLOAD
bash_startup(freshmeat) Bash Startup Library Bash Startup Library replaces your .bashrc and ... DOWNLOAD
punbb(freshmeat) PunBB PunBB is a fast and lightweight discussion boar... DOWNLOAD
goopackage(freshmeat) GooPackage GooPackage is a package manager for Google appl... DOWNLOAD
smtpthread(freshmeat) libSmtpThread libSmtpThread is a multi-threaded C++ library f... DOWNLOAD
evad(freshmeat) Evad Evad is a curses-based text client for the MPD ... DOWNLOAD
mplayerplug-in(freshmeat) mplayerplug-in mplayerplug-in is a plugin for Mozilla to play ... DOWNLOAD
podbrowser(freshmeat) PodBrowser PodBrowser is a documentation browser for Perl.... DOWNLOAD
oops-proxy(freshmeat) Oops Proxy Oops is an HTTP/FTP proxy server with a modular... DOWNLOAD
vtwm(freshmeat) VTWM The Virtual Tab Window Manager (VTWM) is a virt... DOWNLOAD
miniim(freshmeat) MiniIM MiniIM is multi-protocol instant messaging clie... DOWNLOAD
myinit(freshmeat) myinit myinit is a simple "init" program wit... DOWNLOAD
backuppc(freshmeat) BackupPC BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grad... DOWNLOAD
davadmin(freshmeat) DAVAdmin DAVAdmin is a Web-based frontend for the admini... DOWNLOAD
libdisasm(freshmeat) libdisasm The libdisasm project provides C (and SWIG Pyth... DOWNLOAD
mousetrap(freshmeat) mousetrap Mousetrap is an old-fashioned arcade type game... DOWNLOAD
cpqarrayd(freshmeat) CompaqArray Daemon The CompaqArray Daemon polls and checks a Smart... DOWNLOAD
babynames(freshmeat) Baby Names Portal Website Script Baby Names Portal Website Script is a script fo... DOWNLOAD
xomol(freshmeat) Xomol Xomol is a CMS with a modular and independent a... DOWNLOAD
xmasdb(freshmeat) XMasDB XMasDB is a Christmas gift database which can r... DOWNLOAD
nvdock(freshmeat) NVIDIA Dock NVIDIA Dock is a tray icon for easy management ... DOWNLOAD
gnugos60(freshmeat) GNU Go for S60 GNUGoS60 is a port of GNU Go (gnugo v3.6) to S6... DOWNLOAD
openosek(freshmeat) openOSEK openOSEK is a cross-platform operating system. ... DOWNLOAD
rails-informix(freshmeat) Rails/Informix Rails/Informix is an ActiveRecord adapter to br... DOWNLOAD
ua(freshmeat) ua ua is a simple command line tool that finds set... DOWNLOAD
kcd(freshmeat) kcd kcd is a directory change utility similar to NC... DOWNLOAD
apache-privsep(freshmeat) Privilege Separation for Apache The Privilege Separation patches for Apache HTT... DOWNLOAD
datavision(freshmeat) DataVision DataVision is a reporting tool similar to Cryst... DOWNLOAD
muchmorethanparsing(freshmeat) Much More Than Parsing Much More Than Parsing is a parser generator fo... DOWNLOAD
veritar(freshmeat) VeriTAR VeriTAR [Veri(fy)TAR] is a command-line utility... DOWNLOAD
doodle(freshmeat) Doodle Doodle is a desktop search engine for Linux. I... DOWNLOAD
vulpive(freshmeat) Vulpive Vulpive is webcomic archive software with all o... DOWNLOAD
portagent(freshmeat) portagent portagent is a POSIX transparent proxy routing ... DOWNLOAD
ebox(freshmeat) Zentyal Zentyal Server aims at offering small and mediu... DOWNLOAD
geoviz(freshmeat) The GeoViz Toolkit The GeoViz Toolkit is set of tools developed fo... DOWNLOAD
xpsql(freshmeat) xpSQL xpSQL is a Mozilla/Firefox database back end. T... DOWNLOAD
libid3v1(freshmeat) libid3v1 libid3v1 is a C library for parsing ID3v1 and I... DOWNLOAD
minpair(freshmeat) minpair Minpair consists of two programs, a C command-l... DOWNLOAD
mpdppp(freshmeat) MPD MPD is a netgraph-based PPP implementation for ... DOWNLOAD
bky(freshmeat) Bky Bky is a minimalistic, distributed Version Cont... DOWNLOAD
sambascan2(freshmeat) Sambascan2 Sambascan2 allows you to search an entire netwo... DOWNLOAD
ggmud(freshmeat) GGMud GGMud is a multi-platform graphical MUD client.... DOWNLOAD
qink(freshmeat) QInk QInk is a simple printer ink level monitor base... DOWNLOAD
correo(freshmeat) Correo Correo is a mail client that blends technology ... DOWNLOAD
sciyag(freshmeat) SciYAG Scientists have to deal with a great amount of ... DOWNLOAD
autocrc(freshmeat) autocrc autocrc uses 32-bit CRC-sums to verify the inte... DOWNLOAD
kiskis(freshmeat) Keep It Secret! Keep It Safe! KisKis (Keep It Secret! Keep It Safe!) is an ea... DOWNLOAD
ipreg(freshmeat) IP Reg IP Reg is a Web-based tool to keep track of ass... DOWNLOAD
jbootstrap(freshmeat) jbootstrap jbootstrap is a tool that bootstraps your Java ... DOWNLOAD
pngpp(freshmeat) png++ png++ aims to provide simple yet powerful C++ i... DOWNLOAD
eclipsems(freshmeat) Generic Eclipse Modeling System The Generic Eclipse Modeling System (GEMS) is a... DOWNLOAD
appia(freshmeat) Appia Appia is a framework for network protocol compo... DOWNLOAD
jhomenet(freshmeat) jHomenet jHomenet is a home automation application. jHom... DOWNLOAD
flexirecord(freshmeat) FlexiRecord FlexiRecord is a Ruby library for object-orient... DOWNLOAD
libuninum(freshmeat) libuninum libuninum is a library for converting Unicode s... DOWNLOAD
mkinitramfs-justboot(freshmeat) mkinitramfs mkinitramfs is intended to create the ultimate ... DOWNLOAD
ushare(freshmeat) uShare uShare is a DLNA and UPnP A/V Media Server for ... DOWNLOAD

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